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The Supreme Court has ruled that white firefighters in New Haven, Conn., were unfairly denied promotions because of their race, reversing a decision that high court nominee Sonia Sotomayor endorsed as an appeals court judge.

The Supreme Court’s ruling this morning is a reminder of the vital role a sane majority on the high court plays in protecting the rights of citizens against the dictates of liberal ideology.

The ruling has diminished her public support. The latest Rasmussen survey finds that 37% now believe Sotomayor should be confirmed while 39% disagree.

The Rasmussen Tracking Poll shows that 31% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-three percent (33%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -2. That matches the lowest level yet recorded

A Gallup Poll finds a statistically significant increase since last year in the percentage of Americans who describe the Democratic Party's views as being "too liberal," from 39% to 46%. This is the largest percentage saying so since November 1994, after the party's losses in that year's midterm elections.

President Obama says that Americans still cling to what he calls "worn arguments and old attitudes." about marriage and homosexuality.

On Wednesday the Washington Post offered lobbyists and association executives “off-the-record, nonconfrontational access to "those powerful few": administration officials, members of Congress, and the paper’s own reporters and editors. “The offer — which essentially turns a news organization into a facilitator for private lobbyist-official encounters — is a new sign of the lengths to which news organizations will go to find revenue at a time when most newspapers are struggling for survival.” By Friday, the offer was withdrawn: “Marketing ploy backfires on Post”

Everything’s big in Texas: the Southfork Ranch, the symbol of Dallas, is the stage Saturday for the largest tea party in the nation, aimed at attracting 50,000 folks for fireworks, both in the air and from the microphone. Organizers also had hoped to make America's Tea Party the most lucrative by using the event as a fundraiser to fuel the tax protest movement in North Texas and beyond.

How can this be in a country that bans gun ownership?: Britain's violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, and has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa - widely considered one of the world's most dangerous countries.

Corporate America's cheerleading for more government involvement in health care now includes Wal-Mart, that liberal paragon of social irresponsibility.

Spending by lawmakers on taxpayer-financed trips abroad has risen sharply in recent years, involving everything from war-zone visits to trips to exotic spots such as the Galápagos Islands…..a 50% jump since Democrats took control of Congress two years ago.

President Obama has appointed yet another czar….The list of Czars keeps growing: There's a drug czar, a U.S. border czar, an urban czar, a regulatory czar, a stimulus accountability czar, an Iran czar, a Middle East czar, and a czar for both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now there’s a domestic violence czar.

“Tinpot Dictator Taken Down In Honduras-- Chavez Slams Coup... Obama Meddles”

The “coup” in the Central American nation of Honduras is the first major blow to the Marxist expansion sponsored by Hugo Chavez, but the American people are to a great extent being kept in the dark by the centralized news media. The Associated Press, upon which most news outlets in the United States depend, appears to be slanting its reporting to support the pro-Chavez version of events in Honduras.

”The Obama administration worked in recent days to prevent President Manuel Zelaya's ouster”

The same state that gave us Governor Jesse Ventura, has now elected vulgar leftie comic Al Franken to a Senate seat in Minnesota, clearing the way for President Barack Obama's party to secure a critical 60-seat majority in the Senate. Ending one of the longest Senate races ever, the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously rejected each of Republican Norm Coleman's five legal arguments that an earlier recount of the November 4 vote had been unfair. Coleman quickly conceded.

Republicans in the U.S. Congress, who warn that climate change legislation is the "biggest job-killing bill" ever, see a bright side: Some people who lose their jobs could be Democrat lawmakers who vote for the bill. Republican leaders think that Democrats might be writing a prescription for a Republican comeback in 2010 by passing a bill instead of curing an energy and environmental problem.

The RNCC is planning to air TV and radio commercials and unleash robocalls against Democrats who hail from districts that could be adversely affected by the narrowly passed legislation,



Phyllis Schlafly 6/2

The younger generation probably doesn't realize that the word socialism means and connotes a system that is profoundly un-American. Socialism has virtually disappeared from our national lexicon since the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) collapsed because of Ronald Reagan's policies and the National Socialist (Nazi) Party was destroyed by the United States in World War II.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines socialism as a system of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods are owned by a centralized government that plans and controls the economy. Both Webster and Random House identify socialism as a "Marxist theory." Socialism requires a totalitarian system -- that gives the ruling gang the power to distribute the fruits of other people's labor to its political pals. That is what is happening to the United States as President Obama proceeds with his goal of "remaking America."

Although the pro-Obama media have been propping up non-Republicans to lecture us about which topics Republicans are permitted to discuss, we are reminded of the old story about the candidate who challenged his opponent: "Let's have a clean campaign; if you don't tell any lies about me, I won't tell the truth about you." Obama acolytes and their media sycophants have been telling lies about Republicans (starting with Gitmo and the CIA), so it's time for Republicans to tell the truth about Obama's dangerous and malicious Marxist policies to spread the wealth of taxpayers to non-taxpayers.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), which for years had been a stuffy establishment appendage, started to tell the truth on May 20 when it passed a resolution nailing the Obama administration for "proposing, passing and implementing socialist programs through federal legislation" and pushing our country "towards European-style socialism and government control." Nine "Whereases" spell out the political indictment in detail. The RNC charges the Democratic Party with passing "trillions of dollars in new government spending, all with strings attached in order to control nearly every aspect of American life," "plans to nationalize the banking, financial and healthcare industries," "massive government bailouts for the mortgage and auto industries" and "paying states to increase their welfare caseloads" by reducing work requirements and increasing handouts.

Another "Whereas" accuses the Democratic Party of "direct income redistribution" by taking taxes from one group of people and giving "direct cash transfers to another group of people who pay no federal income taxes." The RNC accurately accuses the Democratic Party of taking us in a "European direction," a path the American people have no desire to travel.

The RNC, which is the governing body of the Republican Party, has helpfully spelled out the differences between the two political parties. The "clear and obvious purpose" of the Democratic majority in Congress is to implement "socialist programs through federal legislation" and to restructure American society "along socialist ideals."

Do the Republicans have an alternate vision of America's future? You bet they do. The Republicans recognize that free markets and free men, hard work and free enterprise, are the bedrock of American success and the only way to restore prosperity. Unable to defend the march toward socialism, Treasury Secretary Geithner just told The Washington Post that the RNC resolution is "ridiculous."

Obama's takeover of the American auto industry is so breathtaking in scope and power that it proves all the RNC's accusations about socialism. The takeover was followed by orders to close 789 local Chrysler dealers, notices to 1,100 General Motors franchises that they will be shut down by next year and estimates that total dealer shutdowns will rise to 3,000. Some of these local dealerships have been family-owned for generations. The Chrysler and GM dealership closings are estimated to eliminate 187,000 jobs, which is more than the number of people who work for the two automakers.

Now we can see the icing on the cake for the politicians who use economic dictatorship to punish those who resist socialist planners. Nearly every one of the closed local dealerships had donated to Republican candidates, almost none was an Obama contributor, and some dealerships owned by Democrats are not getting the ax.

These closings come after Obama's extraordinary cash and stock favoritism to one of his principal campaign supporters, the United Auto Workers union. The car czar, Steve Rattner, was a top Democratic fundraiser (surprise, surprise!). Obama seems to be captivated by the un-American notion of running the country through Russian-style czars empowered to issue czarist-style ukases. He has already named about 20 czars (more than the Russians had over four centuries), and his latest is a cyber czar.

This year's deficit will be $1.841 trillion -- $89 billion more than previously estimated. It's so difficult to explain to the American people the gigantic dimensions of what Obama is doing that we are suffering from what has been labeled "insensitivity to scope." We hope the RNC resolution will clarify Obama's goals and actions.

Edited from a longer column, read it here:



"This climate bill has nothing to do with saving the planet or the polar bears. The problems that this legislation claims to address do not exist. Regulating our behavior and limiting our freedom will not have any effect on the climate. It is a pure power and money grab..."

-Rush Limbaugh

"So why does President Obama so often get history wrong, so often call for utopian schemes he would hardly adopt for himself, and so often distort by misinformation and incomplete disclosure? Partly the culprit is administrative inexperience, partly historical ignorance. But mostly the disconnect comes because Barack Obama believes he is a philosopher-king, whose exalted ends more than justify his mendacious means."

-Victor Davis Hanson

"There is a tendency for newly installed presidents, like adolescents suddenly liberated from adult supervision, to do the exact opposite of what their predecessors did. ...[S]ome of it, and especially in the case of Barack Obama, seems to come from an adolescent-like confidence that everything done by those who came before is (insert your own generation's expletive here). ... As parents know, it takes time for an adolescent to grow up.”

-Michael Barone



Michelle Malkin reports on the rogue’s gallery of leftie lobbyists at 1825 K Street in Washington. “Who’s funding the Obamacare campaign?”

Remember the good old days—when dissent was patriotic? Fuggedaboutit. Dissent isn't merely unpatriotic now. It's downright treasonous. Just ask Paul Krugman. If, like virtually all House Republicans and a handful of Dems, you don't agree with the likes of Henry Waxman on the need to take radical measures on the climate, you're guilty of . . . ''a form of treason.' Treason against the planet, to be precise.



Pakistan's top Taliban leader is buying children as young as 7 to serve as suicide bombers…..the going price for child bombers was $7,000 to $14,000 - huge sums in Pakistan, where per-capita income is about $2,600 a year. "[Mehsud] has turned suicide bombing into a production output, not unlike [the way] Toyota outputs cars," a U.S. Defense Department official told reporters.



One of the defining films of the decade says the Daily News

“Catastrophe” by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann . “It's time to take back our country. Now. It's that simple. The author’s say that we must act before President Barack Obama fully implements his radical political agenda. Because after Obama has won his war on prosperity and canceled the war on terror, it will be too late to regain our liberty or our security. At a time when we needed a pragmatic centrist to lead us out of recession, we got a doctrinaire socialist who wants to use the crisis to put the government in charge of the economy and enact European socialism here in the United States. Cars, banks-what's next? He will keep at it until Washington governs every major business in America and sets all our salaries.”

A powerful new film, The Stoning of Soraya M., is calling public attention to the Islamic practice of stoning adulterers….. while at least eight women await death by stoning in Iran today, none of their cases have drawn any significant protests from human rights organizations. With a genocidally inclined nuclear Iran looming on the international stage, the victimization of women by Islamic laws may seem to be the least of our worries.



Alan Carlin, the senior EPA research analyst who authored a study critical of global warming that was suppressed by agency officials, has broken his silence and spoken on Fox News about his situation. Carlin told ''Fox & Friends'' that his most important conclusion in the study was that the U.S. should not rely upon recommendations of the UN in making policy decisions regarding global warming.

The Waxman-Markey climate change bill is more about redistributing wealth from traditional energy companies to new “Green” and yes, Democrat-friendly energy companies. President Obama is the first politician in the history of the United States that is judged not on job growth, but the unquantifiable jobs created or saved. I guess climate change will be the same.



Why are Todd Purdum and Vanity Fair pulling out all the stops for a hit piece on Sarah Palin 10 months after the election? Is it because they fear she's still viable as a national political figure, or simply that a 9,800 word hit job on Palin is the kind of delicious red meat VF's readers can't resist? Either way, there's the very real possibility that this kind of piling on Palin by the elitist MSM will actually improve her image outside the New York/DC corridor and make people in flyover country like her more, not less.

“Palin Derangement Syndrome continues to manifest itself throughout America's press.”

Jonah nails Sarah’s strengths and weaknesses: “A Letter to Sarah, by Jonah Goldberg”

The Volvo-driving liberal and the redneck in a Chevy pickup are long-held stereotypes. But a map of car ownership reveals the surprising extent to which how we vote corresponds with what we drive. Blue-staters on each coast, from Los Angeles to Seattle and from Boston to the District, are the most likely to drive foreign cars. Domestic brands have their highest levels of market share in the mostly conservative interior of the country.

Obama's Top Five Health Care Lies

The Obama-Kennedy health plan is modeled after the Massachusetts plan, which, when adopted, many applauded as innovative and destined for success. In fact, the Massachusetts plan has been a massive failure and is a model for what not to do. It has increased costs. It has wasted taxpayer dollars. It has limited patients' choice. It has hurt small business. It has failed to achieve its goal of universal coverage. Most objectionable, it has created shortages

“Here’s how to get a dubious bill into law, or at least past the U.S. House of Representatives, which last week deserved to be called the lower chamber: First, make the bill long. Very long. So long no one may actually read it, supporters or opponents. Make even a key amendment 310 pages long. Introduce this horse-choker of an amendment at 3 in the morning of the day of the roll-call vote…Make sure the bill itself..surpasseth all understanding… No sense risking a reasoned debate. Just round up enough party-line votes and give the majority its orders. Insert all kinds of exceptions into the bill so that those special interests who stand to benefit by it-whether regional, economic or ideological-can use their muscle to rush it into law. Coat the bill and the campaign for it with high-sounding sloganspeak. Warn that The End Is Near unless this bill is passed, at least if you consider the year 2100 near. Next, accuse the opposition of treason to the planet. Project debatable trends as if they were dead certainties, especially if they project Absolute Doom…If necessary, change the subject at the last minute. Say, from climate change to creating jobs. And, hesto presto, though the vote may be close (219 to 212), a confusing bill can be on its way to becoming even more confusing law. Which is just what happened last week in the U.S. House of Representatives. No wonder it's the Senate that's called the deliberative body. There's still hope it will stop this rush to misjudgment. Once again thank the founding fathers for a bicameral legislature.”

And one more trick for moving legislation: When House Democratic leaders were rounding up votes, they paid special attention to their colleagues from Ohio who remained stubbornly undecided. They finally secured the vote of one Ohioan the old-fashioned way. They gave her what she wanted - a new federal power authority, similar to Washington state's Bonneville Power Administration, stocked with up to $3.5 billion in taxpayer money.

Walter Williams: “Why a Bill of Rights?” “Why did the founders of our nation give us the Bill of Rights? The answer is easy. They knew Congress could not be trusted with our God-given rights……..The Ninth and Tenth Amendments mean absolutely nothing today as Americans have developed a level of naive trust for Congress, the White House and the U.S. Supreme Court that would have astonished the founders, a trust that will lead to our undoing as a great nation.”



One of the best posters I’ve ever seen.

Find a tea party:

The American Principles Project is an organization dedicated to preserving and propagating the fundamental principles on which our country was founded

The US Marine Corps Marching Band in the Rose Parade

The Hubble Space Telescope picture album:

New Firefox ready for download:



"No greater wrong can ever be done than to put a good man at the mercy of a bad, while telling him not to defend himself or his fellows; in no way can the success of evil be made surer or quicker."

-Theodore Roosevelt

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy."

-Ernest Benn

"The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office."

-H. L. Mencken

"The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground…….The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

-Thomas Jefferson


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