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op ed review 10/4


America's elderly are finally realizing that Obama's healthcare changes are largely financed by cuts in Medicare and are rallying against his proposals in increasing numbers. The latest poll by Scott Rasmussen not only shows national opposition to Obamacare rising — now it is 41-56 against — but also shows the elderly moving against it even more strongly, by 33-59, or almost 2:1.

A group of Republican governors are working together in a coordinated attack on Sen. Baucus’s healthcare reform legislation. At least 14 of the nation’s 22 Republican governors have sent, or will soon send, letters to their respective congressional delegations showing how the Democrats’ healthcare bills would bankrupt their states.

In the latest healthcare bill, if you don’t buy insurance you could ultimately face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty.

The Senate awarded $2.8 million in stimulus money for forest fire management to that hotbed of wildfires, the District of Columbia. Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) noted that Washington hasn't had to worry about a catastrophic fire since "the British burned down the White House in 1814," but that didn't stop the ridiculous earmark from making the cut.

“Sen. Reid blocks ACORN probe; tracking abuse by political allies could be 'distracting'”

On Wednesday, the Empire State Building glowed red and yellow to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of Communist China. This dreadful event celebrated the final victory of the Communist Chinese army over that of the Nationalist Chinese, who later fled to Taiwan and built a free capitalist society. “The Empire State Building is often lit up in different colors to honor holidays and other milestones, such as St. Valentine's Day and the death of Frank Sinatra. But shining for a regime that holds the worst record of human rights violations in the world is unconscionable.”,2933,557823,00.html

Senate Finance Committee Democrats rejected a proposed requirement that immigrants prove their identity with photo identification when signing up for federal healthcare programs. The amendment was beaten back 10-13 on a party-line vote.

The same committee, by the same vote, defeated an attempt Wednesday to add restrictions on abortion coverage to the same health-care reform bill.

Popular support for abortion rights has dropped seven points in the past year due in part to the election of a pro-choice Democratic president, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life said Thursday. In the largest shift in sentiment since pollsters began asking about the topic in 1995, support dropped from 54 to 47 percent in one year.

An unsettling string of arrests for terrorist plots within the U.S. occurred last week. In Springfield, Illinois, Talib Islam was arrested for allegedly trying to detonate explosives in a van outside a federal courthouse; in North Carolina, Daniel Patrick Boyd and Hysen Sherifi were indicted for planning to attack the Quantico Marine Corps base; in Dallas, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi was arrested in an FBI sting when he parked an SUV packed with what he thought were explosives outside a Dallas skyscraper and attempted to detonate it; and finally, in New York City, an Afghan immigrant, Najibullah Zazi, was arrested for planning to attack commuter trains on the anniversary of 9/11. ABC news assures us this is just the “extreme fringe”.

The arrest and indictment of Zazi was made possible by the "roving wiretaps" allowed by the Patriot Act, which was signed into law in 2001 by President George W. Bush. "All the layers of defense President Bush set up after Sept. 11 are working”

Even though the Border Patrol now reports that almost 1,300 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border is not under effective control, and the Department of Justice says that vast stretches of the border are “easily breached,” the administration is nonetheless planning to decrease the Border Patrol by 384 agents on the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal 2010, which begins on October 1.

In a sea of 7,000 fans, TV and radio talk-show host Glenn Beck took his crusade to Safeco Field, saying he is the voice of reason in a divided America. "I am a flawed human being," said Beck, 45. "But I'm in a position to ring the bell of warning."

Two days after the release date of Sarah Palin’s book was announced, it's already become the top seller at both and A publishing industry source told POLITICO that they "cannot remember a non-fiction book taking off like this in the pre-order market. It became number one only a couple of hours after nothing more than a date announcement. It is truly unprecedented."

You know the title; now see the cover of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue."

Despite a torrent of criticism from the media, Democrats and even some in her own party, Sarah Palin remains the hottest brand name in politics…she remains extremely popular with the GOP grass roots, and most Republican Party leaders would jump at the chance to have her headline one of their events. That’s the picture that emerges from interviews with dozens of GOP state and local leaders from across the country.

“Even the Democrats in Minnesota now realize their new US Sen. Al Franken was elected with the help of ACORN chicanery. The disgraced, pimp-friendly community organizing group claims it registered 43,000 new Minnesota voters. If just 1 percent were fraudulent but survived the recount process, that's 430 votes, almost all cast for Franken, who won by just 312 votes.

Another power grab coming, the second biggest so far, after health care: Welcome to infrastructure socialism, 21st century style. Net neutrality: formal rules Internet service providers (ISPs) would violate at their peril.

“If this man tries to regulate the internet, there will be war. Obama is not about to reign him in - he wants total control over the country's information, because if he gets that, he gets everything else he wants..”

The Supreme Court set the stage for a historic ruling on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment by agreeing to hear a challenge to Chicago's ban on handguns. At issue is whether state and local gun-control ordinances can be struck down as violating the "right to keep and bear arms" in the 2nd Amendment.,0,5955852.story

So far this month, 38 American troops have been killed in Afghanistan. For all of 2009, the number is 220 -- more than any other single year and more than died in 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 combined. But “without Bush, media lose interest in war caskets.”

The contempt with which the president of France regards the president of the United States was displayed in public last week.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she’ll press ahead with tax cuts and labor-market deregulation after winning re-election with enough support to govern with the pro-business Free Democrats.



Stop Allowing The Left To Set The Rules

By Lloyd Marcus

I am so sick of the Left being allowed to make the rules. Imagine the absurdity of a competition in which one side is allowed to set the rules against their opponent. The Left tells us what is racist. The Left tells us what we can and cannot say. The Left published a cartoon depicting former black Secretary of State Condolezza Rice as an Aunt Jemima; another depicted Rice as a huge-lipped parrot for her Massa Bush. Neither were considered racist by their creators or publishers, or even widely condemned on the Left.

In opposition to black Republican Michael Steele's campaign to run for U.S. Senate, a liberal blogger published a doctored photo of Steele in black face and big red lips made to look like a minstrel. The caption read, "Simple Sambo wants to move to the big house". Not one Democrat denounced these racist portrayals of black conservatives.

And yet, a sign seen at a tea party depicting Obama as a witch doctor is considered by the Left to be beyond the pale and obviously racist. Why is the Left, given their track record of bias, granted final authority to determine the intent of the sign? Why do we conservatives so quickly and easily allow ourselves to be put on the defensive?

The rules set by the Left are extremely clear. Racist images of black conservatives and negative images of Bush are fair game. Even a play about murdering President Bush was called "harmless art". Meanwhile, all unflattering images of Obama are racist, and constitute dangerous, potentially violent hate speech.

……I am a black conservative singer, songwriter, entertainer and columnist. Liberals have posted comments all over YouTube and C-SPAN freely using and calling me the "N" word. Because they are libs and I am an uppity, off the liberal plantation, run-away black, all tactics to restore me to my owners are acceptable.

Here is another example of the Left setting the rules. "Take Back America!" is now on their list of racist terms we protesters are not allowed to use. Again using their psychic powers, the Left claims the protesters are really saying, "Because the president is black, lets take America back"! This is totally absurd. "Take Back America" refers to the hijacking of our freedoms, liberty and culture by an out of control administration.

I was asked to perform at a tea party event. The organizer informed me, "I want to get away from calling the rally a "Tea Party" because the liberal media have made the term negative". I said, "Does this mean you do not want me to sing my "American Tea Party Anthem"? Then, why am I here?" Politeness to my host prevented me from saying, "News flash, pal! The media is going to trash us regardless of what we call our rallies. It's what they do. They are not on our side. Should we keep changing what we call the rallies in hope of finding a name which will cause the media to give us fair coverage"? A million people showed up in Washington DC for the September 12th Taxpayers Rally. The media reported 70,000.

I was interviewed on CNN. During the pre-interview by the young black producer over the phone, he asked me, "Is there any part of Obama's health care plan you like"? I replied, "No". He was stunned. With great shock and disbelief in his voice, the producer repeated my reply with a loud "NO?". Then he abruptly said, "I'll call you back".

News1News posted my CNN interview on YouTube with the following caption, "African American Right Wing (Obama Hating) Singing Tea Bagger, Lloyd Marcus". Folks, I am a Christian and hate no one. But, this is what the media does to those who disagree. All who oppose Obama's agenda are either racist, redneck or stupid.

Folks, the stakes are far too high to allow the Left to continue setting the rules of engagement. The far Left and Obama administration have a vision for America different than our Constitution. As patriots, it is our duty to just say, NO!

My black 82 year old dad told me he has seen the reports on TV how a lot of people at the rallies want Obama dead. I said, "I bet you saw that on CNN". Dad said, "Yes". It infuriates me that CNN is selling the lie that the Tea Party Movement is all about racism and hatred for a black president. While my dad never said anything out loud, I thought, "What must he think of me? Why is his first born siding with these evil white folks against a fine fellow black man?" I replied, "Dad, try watching Fox".

Lloyd Marcus, Black Un-hyphenated American!

Edited from a longer article, read it here:

More bigotry from the Left: Apparently NBC “Dateline” producer Jane Stone or someone else who has access to her Blackberry has a problem with groups that oppose ACORN and with an ethnocultural minority. When Stone received an email urging Congress to defund ACORN from Alex Rosenwald, director of media outreach for Americans for Limited Government, the following sentence came back to Rosenwald from Stone’s account: “Bite me, Jew Boy!”



“Our old comrade David Frum wrote a piece called "Whose Side Is Glenn Beck On?" Well, in the space of a week Beck claimed the scalps of Van Jones, ACORN and that Yosi Sergant guy at the NEA, none of whom should ever have been anywhere near the corridors of power but who'd still be there if it weren't for Beck. So whoever's side he is on, it seems pretty clear he's not on the Obama administration's…..The media would like the American Right to be represented by the likes of Bob Dole and John McCain, decent old sticks who know how to give dignified concession speeches. Last time round, we went along with their recommendation. If you want to get rave reviews for losing gracefully, that's the way to go. If you want to win, look at whom the Democrats and their media chums are so frantic to destroy: That's the better guide to what they're really worried about.”

-Mark Steyn

"Obama is, we are told, the smartest man to sit in the Oval in many a year. And yet he is capable of truly flabbergasting fatuities like this: 'In this hall, we come from many places, but we share a common future." You don't say? That's right up there with Warren Harding's declaration that 'the future lies before us.'"

-Mona Charen

"With President Obama presiding over 'the historic session,' the U.N. Security Council approved unanimously an American resolution committing all nations to work for -- please sit up straight for this -- a world free of nuclear weapons. Somewhere in the fine print was a clause praising small babies, little puppies and chocolate candy. The resolution was so harmless that even Russia, China and several 'developing' nations (the usual euphemism for the socialist satraps) voted for the resolution."

-Wesley Pruden

"America is 233 years old. Some think that there are ample accomplishments speaking to our character and cause that predate Obama's ascension to the presidency. Feh, Obama seems to be saying. Look instead to our new greatness, for we have elected a man like him! Having anointed himself America's vindicator and redeemer, Obama's real purpose seems to be to become the leader not of the free world but, simply, the world."

-Jonah Goldberg

"Liberalism holds that there is no human problem that government can't fix if only the right people are put in charge."

-Sarah Palin

"The White House said swine flu vaccines will be in doctors' offices Monday. Many parents are refusing to have their kids vaccinated. They're afraid the kids will walk out of the doctor's office clapping their hands and chanting Barack Hussein Obama."

-Argus Hamilton



“On Saturday, October 10th, conservatives from across Washington will gather at the Bellevue Westin to learn the latest on the key issues we face, plan the best solutions, and set a strategy on how to best win back our state in 2010. As conservatives, now is the time we must stand and defend our heritage of liberty or it will be lost. Only a strong, broad-based, grassroots effort will win this battle and protect our freedoms for us and future Washingtonians. Join us at the Evergreen Leadership Conference: Advocating Liberty and Limited Government and help win back Washington! You’ll meet and hear conservative leaders and issue experts including Seattle’s Steve Beren, Talk Radio host John Carlson, Initiative expert Tim Eyman, national gun rights advocate Alan Gottlieb, King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn, Pierce County Councilmember Dick Muri, TEA Party activist Liberty Belle, Joe Fuiten, Lew Moore, Hon. Steve Hammond, experts from groups including the Evergreen Freedom Foundation and Washington Policy Center, and more.”

Congressman John Fleming (Louisiana physician) has proposed an amendment that would require congressmen and senators to take the same healthcare plan they force on us (under proposed legislation they are curiously exempt). Congressman Fleming is encouraging people to go on his Website and sign his petition.



How the global warming industry is based on one MASSIVE lie: Have a look at the graph at Climate Audit (which broke the story and has been so inundated with hits that its server was almost overwhelmed) and see for yourself.

The scary red line shooting upwards is the one Al Gore, Michael Mann, Keith Briffa and their climate-fear-promotion chums would like you to believe in. The black one, heading downwards, represents scientific reality.

A scientific scandal is casting a shadow over a number of recent peer-reviewed climate papers. At least eight papers purporting to reconstruct the historical temperature record times may need to be revisited, with significant implications for contemporary climate studies, the basis of the IPCC's assessments... In every case, peer review failed to pick up the errors.

Green police: In the UK, a town council has hired neighborhood spies to rummage through trash bins and see what is being thrown away.

In the early 1800s, when railroads first began to spread across Great Britain, the Duke of Wellington reportedly sneered that this innovation would "only encourage the common people to move about needlessly." For last week's World Car-Free Day, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, channeled the Duke of Wellington, complaining about the "domination of the car" and called for a new type of society "in which we are not dependent on it to such a great extent for our daily needs." The Prince reportedly owns two Audis, two Jaguars, a Range Rover and an Aston Martin. The Duke of Wellington undoubtedly had other means of getting around the British countryside, but despite being separated in time by two centuries, these two aristocrats had something in common--a distaste for commoners enjoying the mobility to which they themselves were born.



One of President Obama's health care "horror stories" is about a woman who, he says, lost her health insurance on the verge of breast cancer surgery because she didn't disclose a case of acne to the insurer. That's not what happened.

Fact checking Obama: “It is a good thing that other congressmen did not follow Rep. Joe Wilson’s lead. If they yelled out every time President Obama said something untrue about health care, they would quickly find themselves growing hoarse. By our count, the president made more than 20 inaccurate claims in his speech to Congress.”

Great moments in socialized medicine: “Sometimes, patriotism can be awkward. Especially when it means admitting to an international TV audience that (the UK’s) broken health care system forced you onto welfare, into adult diapers, and hobbling with a walker…..nearly three more years passed before she made it to the top of a waiting list for spinal fusion surgery. Even then, she recalls, one surgeon refused to operate because she “hadn’t suffered enough.”

"I just can't understand how the leading voice for America's seniors would support a bill that cuts $156 billion from millions of their members' health benefits," said Rep Dave Reichert.(R-WA) "Are they being honest with their members? Is there a hidden motive behind their support for these reforms that would cut member benefits? These are questions I posed to AARP directly earlier this year and now in writing. I expect a timely answer on behalf of our mutual constituents.”



Suicide bombers have found a new place to conceal the bomb: as a suppository. "The ass-assin, Abdullah Asieri, stashed a pound of explosives and a detonator inside his body." “security measures here in America may have to be entirely reevaluated. (Warning: crude humor)

Visitors to Washington D.C. got to hear what residents in Hamtramck and Dearborn, Michigan, as well as areas of London, Amsterdam and other Western cities already endure five times a day: The sound of amplified Muslim prayers lifted to Allah. This time, the prayers reverberated over America’s front lawn as some 2,000 Muslims gathered for the Jummah Prayer on Capitol Hill: A Day of Islamic Unity.



Enraged over Republican opposition to ObamaCare, on The Ed Show on MSNBC, host Ed Schultz screamed at viewers: "The Republicans lie! They want to see you dead! They’d rather make money off your dead corpse!"

"If you get sick, America, the Republican healthcare plan is this: die quickly. That's right. The Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. ... I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven't voted sooner to end this holocaust in America."

-Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) on the health care takeover

A long list of liberal slanders from the past: “don’t forget that VDH and I are giving you nothing like an unabridged list — we are just scratching the surface: Howard Dean…“I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for. This is a struggle of good and evil. And we’re the good.” Former senator John Glenn said of Republican campaign rhetoric, “It’s the old Hitler business.” Julian Bond, as chairman of the NAACP, said of the Bush administration, “Their idea of equal rights is the American flag and the Confederate swastika flying side by side.” Rep. Keith Ellison, Democrat of Minnesota, compared 9/11 to the Reichstag fire.”

Documentary film director Michael Moore, who has become a millionaire thanks to the profits from his movies, told that “capitalism did nothing” for him.

As he comes to a crashing, triumphant crescendo, the merry prankster of modern moviemaking says he wants to get rid of capitalism and replace it with a better, fairer, more just system — democracy! Democracy? It's a head scratcher. One doesn't replace an economic system with a political system. Saying you want to replace "capitalism" with "democracy" is like saying you want to replace "public transit" with "puppy dogs." It's not quite right. It's obvious why he chose such a malapropism: "Socialism" is what Mr. Moore is really after, but that's a far more disturbing word to the average American….A brilliant propagandist, Mr. Moore succeeds once again at being provocative while failing to improve anyone's station in life. Other than his own, of course.



The editors of two of the country's most powerful publications, conducting a gloat-fest over the corpse of Reaganism last week, described their idea of true conservatives: Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton……Meacham and Tanenhaus provided a glimpse of the strange planet on which America's dominant journalists live……..(they want) conservatives to serve as chauffeurs to liberals, tapping the brakes occasionally as the nation speeds towards socialism….

Israel is looking like the new leader of the Free World. The previous leader, the United States, resigned this role last week at the United Nations to take the position of global community organizer.

The global recession and financial crisis have refocused attention on government stimulus packages. These packages typically emphasize spending, predicated on the view that the expenditure "multipliers" are greater than one….The bottom line is this: The available empirical evidence does not support the idea that spending multipliers typically exceed one, and thus spending stimulus programs will likely raise GDP by less than the increase in government spending.

Liz Cheney looks nothing like her father, but it is clear who he is. She was introduced as “our favorite vice president’s daughter” at a recent gathering of conservative women here…... Liz Cheney is “a red state rock star,” declared Rebecca Wales, one of the organizers of this event, the “Smart Girls Summit.” Clips of Ms. Cheney’s on-air smack-downs with liberal adversaries have become viral sensations among conservative bloggers — most recently, an interruption-fest with Sam Donaldson over the C.I.A.’s interrogation methods on ABC’s “This Week.”

Larry Elder: "Close your eyes, and pretend it's still the George W. Bush administration. In Afghanistan, more American service members died in August than in any month since the war began. His top military commander says that without more troops, we run the risk of losing the war. Iran admits operating a second previously undisclosed nuclear facility. Unemployment stands at 9.7 percent, with consumer confidence lower last month after a brief uptick. An important domestic initiative -- one he campaigned on -- faces a likely make-or-break month in Congress….What does the President do? He flies to Copenhagen to personally lobby the International Olympic Committee to bring the Olympics to Crawford, Texas." Substitute Barack Obama for George W. Bush and Chicago for Crawford and you have the news this week: Obama flew to Copenhagen to lobby the IOC to award the 2016 Olympics to his "home town" of Chicago. The First Lady flew separately to make her own pitch. Just think of the carbon footprint that generated.”



This is bizarre. Can anyone explain this?

Report by the Tax Foundation on state by state business climates: 2010 State Business Tax Climate Index

Onion News: “White House reveals that President Obama is Bipolar, Has Entered the Depressive stage”



"The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it."

-H. L. Mencken

"Absolute power corrupts even when exercised for humane purposes. The benevolent despot who sees himself as a shepherd of the people still demands from others the submissiveness of sheep. The taint inherent in absolute power is not its inhumanity but its anti-humanity."

-Eric Hoffer

"An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy."

-John Marshall

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