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op ed review 9/12


Republican primary turnout for statewide offices is outpacing Democratic turnout for the first time since 1930.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Likely Voters would vote for their district's Republican congressional candidate, while 36% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent.

Two months before the 2010 midterm elections, voters now favor the Republican over the Democratic candidate in their congressional district by 53-40 percent, the widest GOP margin on record in ABC News/Washington Post polls since 1981.

If the trend holds, a Republican will win Joe Biden’s former Senate seat.

Republican candidates have jumped out to double-digit leads in both the Ohio governor's and Senate races.

But Big Labor is pulling out the stops. A new analysis of PAC expenditures finds that six of the top 10 PAC groups are associated with Big Labor.

Imagine the outcry if McDonalds executives demanded that franchise owners collect "voluntary" contributions totaling $25,000 for the company's Political Action Committee (PAC) from employees at every restaurant. Replace "McDonalds" with "SEIU" in that description and you've got a pretty good idea of Big Labor's latest political fundraising strategy. To meet their ambitious fundraising targets, SEIU bosses are now threatening to fine any local affiliate that doesn't meet its PAC contribution requirements.

Climate advocates stung by defeat in the Senate are folding one of their big umbrella lobbying groups. Clean Energy Works, a coalition of 80 environmental, religious, veteran and labor groups, will phase out its operations this fall as Democratic congressional leaders abandon plans for a sweeping bill to cap greenhouse gas emissions. At its peak, the coalition had 200 field organizers in key states and more than 45 staffers based out of a “war room” in downtown Washington.

41 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes -- and they're not alone

In the first 19 months of the Obama administration, the federal debt held by the public increased by $2.5260 trillion, which is more than the cumulative total of the national debt held by the public that was amassed by all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan.

Obama’s America: the numbers in poverty are setting new records, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960s levels.

“In a matter of two months Dino Rossi's chances of defeating Patty Murray have gone up so much he's now a favorite for the Senate seat.”

The chief executive of Europe's largest airline says global warming is "horse&!*#".

A federal judge has declared the ban on openly gay military service members unconstitutional. Judge Phillips was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1999.

No problem is too small to be managed by Obama. The White House has just appointed an “Asian carp czar.”

Congress caused America’s last lightbulb factory to close this month and 200 jobs to go overseas. The new replacement bulbs are made mostly in China.

A senior aide for Sen. Barbara Boxer was arrested Tuesday for attempting to bring marijuana into the Hart Senate Office Building.

As of Sept. 5, the Department of Homeland Security had a backlog of fugitive illegal aliens totaling 506,232 people. Fugitive illegal aliens are individuals who were apprehended and then released ahead of their court proceedings.

I-1098 is an effort to “soak the rich” in Washington State by imposing the state’s first income tax.

George Bartell, chairman and CEO of Bartell Drug, says I-1098 may destroy their business or force them to sell to an out-of-state chain. “..this would have a huge impact on us. It may be the most serious threat we've ever faced."

Fidel Castro told a visiting American journalist that Cuba's communist economic model doesn't work.

The U.S. has slipped down the ranks of competitive economies, falling behind Sweden and Singapore due to huge deficits and pessimism about government,

In the heat of the Ground Zero mosque debate, New York public high schools are pushing a test that slams the history of Christianity while exalting the spread of Islam.



The Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 9/5/2010 “Everything, literally, depends on this election”

EIGHT weeks from now, we will be voting in an election unique in American history. We will be choosing whether to stand up and fight for the America of liberty and law conceived by our founders, or to stand down and allow our “shining city upon a hill” to be demolished.

We will decide whether to preserve and strengthen the American Dream for our children and grandchildren or to abandon our descendants to unexceptional lives in a gray socialist welfare state.

We will decide whether to take back Congress for those who believe in the rule of law, or to hand it over to those who would allow laws and liberty to be overridden by the whims of the men in power.

Those are the choices on Nov. 2, Election Day, when voting for U.S. House and Senate.

As a candidate, Barack Obama promised to “transform America” and too few voters questioned the precise nature of that transformation. Today, many Americans see that Obama and his Congressional enablers are pushing our nation down a disastrous path in both domestic and foreign matters. Election Day will be time to push back hard and stop them.

Voters are sensing the danger ahead. The Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows disapproval of Obama’s performance nearly doubling, from 30 percent at the start of his presidency to 56 percent now.

A reader chastised me saying that just because I disagree with Obama’s policies that was no reason to say in my Aug. 15 column that he was the “most un-American of all presidents.” Well, his actions as president are most un-American. No other American president has equaled Obama’s apology tour, or debased the presidency by bowing to foreign leaders, including an odious Saudi king.

Obama’s administration just filed a report with the United Nations talking about the United States as a human rights violator. That wrongly smears the U.S. and hands anti-American ammunition to the world’s real violators of human rights.

This president of the United States joined the president of Mexico in criticizing Arizona’s immigration law, which mirrors federal law that Obama won’t enforce and which Mexico lets its departing citizens flaunt because they prop up its economy with the U.S. dollars they send home. Obama’s administration harasses Arizona in court when the state tries to handle its immigration problem, and then notes the Arizona law as a problem he’s working on in the human rights violations report to the U.N.

In his recent televised Oval Office speech on ending combat operations in Iraq, Obama also talked of the need to “turn the page” and “rebuild our nation here at home.” He lamented that over the last decade “We spent a trillion dollars at war, often financed by borrowing from overseas.” And yet, The Washington Examiner pointed out, one analysis shows that Obama’s stimulus spending will top the cost of the entire Iraq War by $100 billion. That ruinous level of federal spending hasn’t produced the desired healing effect on the economy, as unemployment remains stubbornly high at 9.6 percent as Labor Day 2010 arrives. In the city of Lorain, the jobless rate stood at 11.7 in July, the most recent available figures. And yet, Obama and Congressional Democrats plan to let the Bush tax cuts expire after this year, piling a job-killing new tax load on the nation.

In town for Labor Day festivities will be Democratic U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton, who brought us Cash for Clunkers last year. As a “stimulus” program it struck us as a costly waste of taxpayer money with no lasting effect. In fact, this year, August has reportedly been the worst for U.S. car sales in 28 years.

Atop all these disappointments and failings from Obama and Congressional Democrats, the biggest, most budget-busting and, for individual Americans, potentially deadly, legislative and policy disaster has been the immense health care “reform” bill jammed down Americans’ throats like a fat and bitter pill whose full effects won’t be known until it is literally too late to save the patient, that’s us.

Eight weeks until Election Day. Unless Americans vote out the Democrats who are backing Obama’s agenda in the House and Senate, we’ll be stuck in the disastrous mess they are making of our nation. Worse, we’ll likely be unable to stop the damage before the ruin of the United States is complete.

Another good read:

“Dec. 7 and Sept. 11 are iconic American anniversaries. Both days represent our greatest failures to understand the true nature of evil. And while each day will be treated with a similar veneration reserved for national tragedies, there is one aspect that truly divides them: resolution. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. Four years later, they surrendered unconditionally. If one posits that the war against radical Islam began in 2001 (at least for us), we are in the midst of a nine-year-old conflict that shows no signs of resolution. How is this possible?.......Because we've "sanitized" warfare. The same nation that detonated two atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki no longer believes in victory, if such victory requires too much "collateral damage," a k a civilian casualties.



"President Obama calls his latest attempt to revive the economy a 'Plan to Renew and Expand America's Roads, Railways and Runways.' I'm calling it 'The Mother of all Big Dig Boondoggles.' Like the infamous 'Big Dig' highway spending project in Boston, this latest White House infrastructure spending binge guarantees only two results: Taxpayers lose; unions win."

-Michelle Malkin

"What would probably get the economy recovering fastest and most completely would be for the President of the United States and Congressional leaders to shut up and stop meddling with the economy. But it is virtually impossible that they will do that."

-Thomas Sowell

"Once you take it as a given that the government has an important say in what you do with your property or put in your body, a whole universe of appalling actions and apologia becomes possible. ... We can and will talk about what rights need to be reasserted, what programs need to be cut, what sectors of this American life need to be left ... alone. But until we make a dent in the widespread notion that there always has to be some type of government structure or some taxpayer-financed watchdog to police every imaginable peaceable transaction, any contemplated fix to the mess we're in will be temporary at best."

-Matt Welch

"Politically divided, committed to two wars, in a deep recession, insolvent and still stunned by the financial meltdown of 2008, our government seems paralyzed. As European socialism implodes, for some reason a new statist U.S. government wants to copy failure by taking over ever more of the economy and borrowing trillions more dollars to provide additional entitlements. As panicky old allies look for American protection, we talk of slashing our defense budget. In apologetic fashion, we spend more time appeasing confident enemies than buttressing worried friends."

-Victor Davis Hanson

"Other presidents have been wrong. Other presidents have been misguided. Other presidents have been weak and pusillanimous and pathetic. Only one truly disdains America. His name is Barack Obama. ... Obama has no soft spot for America. The unpresidential condescension he feels for our country and its religion- and gun-clinging citizens oozes from his pores and spills out of them in unguarded moments. And that disrespect -- the kind that comes only from those who are clueless about leadership -- gives both aid and comfort to our enemies and leaves those who wish to share in the bounty of our freedom and liberty in the dark."

-Carol Taber

"The only evidence for Obama's Christianity is that he faithfully attended the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years. Yes, the guy bellowing 'God damn America!' is the one vouching for Obama's Christianity. That's like saying you got sober with the help of your A.A. sponsor Lindsay Lohan."

-Ann Coulter



Last week, the ACLU filed suit to enjoin the Obama administration from targeting a radical Muslim cleric in Yemen with air strikes. He's a leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and was in contact with Maj. Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter. He praised Hasan as a hero for performing his "Islamic duty".

“A liberal is someone who won’t take his own side in a fight.”

-Robert Frost



“Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama” by David Limbaugh. “Like the good attorney he is, Limbaugh presents a wealth of irrefutable evidence for his thesis quoting several liberals along the way. His meticulously researched indictment of Barack Obama and his Administration lays out fact after fact that will educate even political junkies who mistakenly thought they knew it all. I follow politics closely, but I didn't know the extent to which those currently in power are dismantling our liberties and security until I read this book.”

“The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America” by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Says David Horowitz, “Barack Obama is the most radical individual ever to occupy the White House. This excellent book by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer explains exactly what that means and why its implications are fraught with such dangers for this great Republic.”

More from Pam Geller: “Obama’s War on Arizona

The larger-than-life story of President Ronald Reagan is being turned into a big budget biopic. The $30 million motion picture is expected to hit theaters next year. Adapted from two best-selling biographies of the late president, “The Crusader” and “God and Ronald Reagan,” both by Paul Kengor, the film will take audiences from Reagan’s childhood in Dixon, Illinois, through his Hollywood film career and his presidency.

After Michael Moore screened his anti-Bush documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” for Hollywood’s assembled royalty at the headquarters of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences six years ago, the crowd broke out in a noisy ovation that it did not want to stop. It has been lonelier for Ray Griggs. According to Mr. Griggs, some prospective crew members on his new documentary, “I Want Your Money,” which takes aim at President Obama’s economic policies, said they would accept jobs on the condition that their names be left off the credits.



It is a tragedy, a horror, a crime against humanity. The details of the murders – of the women beheaded, burned to death, stoned to death, stabbed, electrocuted, strangled and buried alive for the "honour" of their families – are as barbaric as they are shameful. Many women's groups in the Middle East and South-west Asia suspect the victims are at least four times the United Nations' latest world figure of around 5,000 deaths a year. Most of the victims are young, many are teenagers, slaughtered under a vile tradition that goes back hundreds of years but which now spans but half the globe.

An Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, has also been sentenced to 99 lashes for a photo published of her without a headscarf.

A female human rights activist and journalist went on trial in Iran on charges including "warring against God," which is punishable by death.

A senior Iranian cleric dismissed the Nazi Holocaust of Jews during World War II as a new "superstition" for the West.

President Obama sent his best wishes to Muslims worldwide as they celebrate the holiday marking the end of Ramadan. In a statement, he said we should “..(focus) on values that Muslims and people of all faiths share.”

A highly disturbing phenomenon is rising in our public school system today with hardly a peep of protest from parents and from our society at large: students are being force-fed a curious and bizarre narrative that presents Islam in a glowing — and historically mangled — light, while Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian tradition are demonized and smeared. The latest example can be found in New York’s statewide high school Regents exam where students will find points deducted from their grade if they don’t obediently regurgitate the Party-Line given to them.

The Hartford CT City Council announced that it had invited local imams to perform Islamic invocations at the beginning of the Council meetings in September. The council called it "an act of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters."

Whoops! After getting an earful from Hartford citizens, they’re quickly reconsidering.



The US Chamber of commerce has created a list of 5 questions to ask your representatives and if you fill out the online form, they’ll help you ask them.

“The Goal: Unite the various grass roots groups across Washington State, bring them together under one roof and issue a clarion call to what they must do between now and the November election. The Target Audience: Tea party activists, Campaign for Liberty, 912, 2nd Amendment, Property Rights, Constitutionalist, Young People, Pastors, any frustrated US Citizen worried about unemployment, burdensome taxes, abuse of eminent domain, illegal immigration, protecting the integrity of our voting rights, or about our success or failure as a Sovereign NATION!” Attend the Freedom Summit Challenge, Sept 25, 6am to 10pm at the Tacoma Convention and Trade Center Speakers, David Horowitz, Kirby Wilbur, Rev. Wayne Perryman, and others.

Dino could use your help between now and Nov. 2nd.

Consider a donation to this candidate: Michael Faulkner is running to replace Rep Charlie Rangel (D-NY). A former All-American, NY Jet, Reverend, PhD, father, husband of 27 yrs, and dyed-in-the-wool Republican.

Charles Krauthammer will speak at this year's Washington Policy Center annual dinner, October 6 in Bellevue.



Despite all the optimism about GOP gains, conservative icon Gary Bauer says that while examining key competitive races in just one state -- Pennsylvania -- he found the Republican challengers are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to money. "The Democratic incumbent congressman had $1.2 [million] to $1.3 million in the bank, and the Republican challenger had around $100,000 or so," he laments, bluntly adding: "It is almost always the case that the candidate with the most money wins the election." "I'm watching the big labor unions putting in $20 or $30 or $40 million," he describes. "The Soros money is going to go in -- [money from] the pro-abortion movement, the gay rights movement, the radical environmentalist movement....I believe we will be outspent by incredible margins." Bauer says if grassroots conservatives choose not to work hard, they could wake up the morning after the election and be crushed by the fact that all their efforts fell far short of what people were expecting.

JR Dunn: “We must move to change the culture, to establish once and for all the truth that conservatism is a core element of American life, that it is no oddity, no perversion, no dead end. That the modernist political debate is over, with the failure of leftist progressivism manifest and undeniable, and that the game must now be played on American terms. We will have no better opportunity than this. That most American of political phenomena, the Tea Parties, has established once and for all that conservatism is American and that America is a conservative nation. If we can build upon this, our road will be a lot smoother than it has been.”

Dinesh D’Souza: “What then is Obama's dream? We don't have to speculate because the President tells us himself in his autobiography…According to Obama, his dream is his father's dream…..Obama Sr. was an economist, and in 1965 he published an important article in the East Africa Journal called "Problems Facing Our Socialism."……The senior Obama proposed that the state confiscate private land and raise taxes with no upper limit. In fact, he insisted that "theoretically there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed." Remarkably, President Obama, who knows his father's history very well, has never mentioned his father's article. Even more remarkably, there has been virtually no reporting on a document that seems directly relevant to what the junior Obama is doing in the White House.”

Liberal Richard Cohen: Behold something we never thought we'd see with Obama: The Incredible Shrinking Presidency. This is an amazing and, to me, somewhat frightening, turn of events….”

Why would the former chairman of the Republican National Committee — he ran the GOP for six years during Reagan’s presidency — endorse Democrat Harry Reid in a dead-heat election? Because that GOP bigwig is from the K Street Wing of the Republican Party. Frank Fahrenkopf is now head of the American Gaming Association, the gambling industry’s lobby. This cycle, like last cycle, Fahrenkopf has funded Reid’s reelection.

“Former president George W Bush and the Republican party hierarchy have been denounced for betraying conservative principles by a new generation of congressmen bidding to convince voters that the Right can offer real change. Calling themselves the Young Guns, three members of America's House of Representatives are about to publish a template for new era of Republican domination in Congress.”

Labor Day -- once meant to extol an honorable movement, affirm worker solidarity and celebrate gains won through collective bargaining -- is an ideal time to look at what has become of the labor movement in recent years. Alas, that doesn't merit celebration. Take a few of the latest developments. In Congress, union giveaways -- like the ever-upward minimum wage -- have helped feed a painfully high jobless rate, now stuck near 10 percent. Union-driven pensions, health-care programs, overtime and other work rules have nearly bankrupted industries (Detroit), threatened the fiscal integrity of state governments (California, New Jersey, New York) and wreaked havoc on entire nations (Greece). In New York, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. actually teamed up with the unions to kill 2,200 jobs at a planned Kingsbridge Armory mall last winter. Arguing, bizarrely, that no jobs were better than "low paying" jobs, Diaz demanded retailers at the proposed mall guarantee pay and benefits of at least 60 percent above the minimum wage. Understandably, the developer balked, the mall died -- and the jobs evaporated. Terrific.



9/11 Tribute: “There She Stands” Kleenex alert!

Tea Party Across America: “Can You Hear Us Now?” Gathering under the St. Louis arch Sunday 9/12

It’s time to demoralize liberals with a conservative bumper sticker on your car. How about “Honk if the Word Trillion Scares You” Or “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted Against Socialism”

The Taiwanese NMA News animation videos are coming out with increasing regularity. Based on Pres. Obama’s speech in Cleveland, NMA News reveals what he really wanted to say.

25 Reasons to Send the Democrats Packing in November

“The political song that lampoons the progressive agenda of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid administration, and encourages us to set things straight in November!”

Soda water dogs:

Performing garbage trucks:



Jay Leno: U.S. commanders in Afghanistan are ending their zero-tolerance policy on corruption and allowing local officials who are on our side to be “moderately” corrupt. It’s the same policy we have in Congress…President Obama will be laying out a new economic plan. Apparently, we had an old economic plan….



"One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived."


"The more is given the less the people will work for themselves, and the less they work the more their poverty will increase."

-Leo Tolstoy

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