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op ed review 10/7

“Mitt Romney Crushes Barack Obama in First Presidential Debate”

“Halfway through, they should have stopped the fight.”

“Obama the debater: Making Jimmy Carter look awesome”

James Carville: ‘Mitt Romney came with a chainsaw’

“Bewildered and lost without his teleprompter, President Obama flailed all around the debate stage last night. He was stuttering, nervous and petulant. It was like he had been called in front of the principal after goofing around for four years and blowing off all his homework. Not since Jimmy Carter faced Ronald Reagan has the U.S. presidency been so embarrassingly represented in public. Actually, that’s an insult to Jimmy Carter…”

Cover story in next week’s New Yorker: ‘Clint was right: the chair is empty.’

Romney pulls ahead in Virginia.
Romney pulls ahead in Florida.

A new survey shows Romney with a commanding lead over Obama among doctors, with Obamacare helping to sway their votes.
Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway endorses Romney.
NRA endorses Romney as ‘only hope’ for firearms freedom

Meanwhile, Obama gets the endorsement of Venezuela's socialist president Hugo Chavez.

Obama family costs American taxpayers $1.4 billion per year' (that's 20 times more expensive than the British Royal Family)

Gas rationing in California, prices have hit almost $6/gal.
The Mount Morris Township Beacon & Bridge gas station had traffic backed up nearly a half mile when it announced that it would host a gas rollback event for the Americans for Prosperity-The group said that the $1.84 per gallon price reflects the cost of gas in 2008, before President Barack Obama took office.

The GOP has closed the huge gap in absentee ballot requests used by early voters that favored the Democrats and the president in 2008, setting up what one state analyst said could be a Mitt Romney blowout on Election Day.

Former Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell called the media’s deliberate downplaying of certain stories that could damage Barack Obama’s electoral prospects as “corruption of the first order.” “We’re entering territory we have never entered before,” said Caddell. “We’ve never had a situation where the press has purposefully decided to pick up a narrative from the White House to not tell people things…..”

The AFL-CIO says it has registered more than 450,000 new voters from union households in a bid to help President Obama win reelection.

The federal government added $93,245,605,914.16 to its debt on Oct. 1, the first day of fiscal 2013. That was more than all the debt the federal government accumulated between July 4, 1776 and sometime in October 1942.

We now have the US government dictating who is and who is not sufficiently religious to escape the ObamaCare abortifacient mandate. The Obama administration is claiming that a Christian publisher of Bibles and ministry material is insufficiently religious to qualify for an exemption to the contraception mandate in the president’s health-care overhaul.

Requests from military voters for absentee ballots have dropped significantly since 2008, according to newly released statistics, prompting claims that the Department of Defense is dragging its feet in enacting a law meant to boost military voting.

On Sunday night, Spanish-language station Univision— one of the only networks to provide critical coverage of President Obama’s failures in office instead of cream-puff interviews — broke open the Fast and Furious investigation, revealing new evidence of weapons smuggling and displaying shocking new images of the bloody aftermath of the government-supported gun-smuggling program. The Univision report undermines the integrity of the recently released DOJ inspector general report on Operation Fast and Furious, already heavily criticized as an attempt to whitewash criminal activity within the Obama administration.

Get ready to hold onto your wallets. If an international “green” plan goes forward, another US industry will lose out to international competition and the price that American consumers pay for items like paper, pencils and building materials could start rising.

Coming to America with Obamacare::  “Cost-cutting in the UK assigns just one family doctor in the evening to districts that stretch over hundreds of square miles. “In Cornwall, some nights have seen one general practitioner looking after 535,000 patients.”

The Seattle Times endorses Koster over DelBene for Washington's 1st Congressional District.

Charles Krauthammer  10/5

It was the biggest rout since Agincourt. If you insist, since the Carter-Reagan debate. With a remarkable display of confidence, knowledge and nerve, Mitt Romney won the first 2012 debate going away.

Romney didn't just demonstrate authoritative command of a myriad of domestic issues. He was nervy about it, taking the president on frontally, not just relentlessly attacking, but answering every charge leveled against him — with a three-point rebuttal.

And he pulled off a tactical coup by coming right out of the box to undo millions of dollars' worth of negative ads that painted him, personally, as Gordon Gekko — rapacious vulture capitalist who doesn't just lay off steelworkers but kills their wives — and, politically, as intent on raising taxes on the middle class while lowering them for the rich.

The Romney campaign had let these ads go largely unanswered. But a "kill Romney" strategy can only work until people get to see Romney themselves.

On Wednesday night, they did. Regarding the character assassination, all Romney really had to do was walk out with no horns on his head. Confident, smiling and nonthreatening, he didn't look like a man who enjoys killing the wives of laid-off steelworkers.

Not a very high bar, I admit. But remember: It's President Obama who set the bar. And succeeded. Romney suffers from unprecedentedly high negatives (50%), the highest unfavorability rating at this late date for any challenger in the last three decades.

As to the policy, Romney finally got to explain to the 60 million Americans watching that he intends to lower taxes across the board, particularly for the middle class. As for the rich, he got to explain the difference between lowering tax rates and reducing tax payments. He repeated at least twice that the rich would continue to pay the same percentage of the tax burden, while lower rates would spur economic growth.

His success in doing this against a flummoxed Obama does more than rally the conservative base. It may affect waverers — disappointed 2008 Obama supporters waiting for a reason to jump. They watch Romney in this debate and ask:  Is this the clueless, selfish, out-of-touch guy we've been hearing about from the ads and from the mainstream media?

And then they see Obama — detached, meandering, unsure. Can this be the hip, cool, in-control guy his acolytes and the media have been telling us about?


“It takes a certain panache to clobber not just your opponent but also the moderator. Yet that's what the killer Mormon did when he declared that he wasn't going to borrow money from China to pay for Jim Lehrer and Big Bird on PBS. It was a terrific alpha-male moment, not just in that it rattled Lehrer, who seemed too preoccupied contemplating a future reading the hog prices on the WZZZ Farm Report to regain his grip on the usual absurd format, but in the sense that it indicated a man entirely at ease with himself – in contrast to wosisname, the listless sourpuss staring at his shoes.”
                      -Mark Steyn

“The media has given Obama a false sense of entitlement and has so glorified his very presence that what is being witnessed now is the total lack of humility and the unrefined intellect of a spoiled child.  Obama simply has not thought through any of his platforms, because he has never needed to.  He has never thought through the depths to which insanely expensive ObamaCare devastates the middle class, because he has not needed to.  Obama has no answer for investing $90 billion in losers like Solyndra and green jobs, because Obama has not had to answer to anyone in the last eight years -- not as a candidate, and certainly not as president.”
                       -Lisa Fritsch

"[A]BC, CBS and NBC have yet to report the Spanish-language network's findings. ... The blackout on ABC's broadcasts is particularly confounding since they have an excerpt from Univision's September 30 report on ABC's official Web site. The refusal by ABC, CBS or NBC to report the findings is remarkable since the Univision report not only contains politically explosive information to a sitting administration at the height of the election season but also compelling human tragedy. ... The lack of coverage by the Big Three ... networks continues their trend of mostly ignoring major events in the scandal that has led to calls for Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation."
                        -Geoffrey Dickens

“George Washington called government 'a dangerous servant and a fearful master.' Thomas Paine called it 'a necessary evil.' For Obama, government is the thing we all belong to, the thing that 'made this country great.' Four more years of Obama will not make this country great, but it will ensure that we belong to government to an unimaginable extent. Obama's message is: 'You and everything you own belong to me.'"
                        -Jeffrey Folks

"The average national unemployment rate in the previous administration was 5.2 percent. The average in Mr. Obama's presidency is 9 percent. The budget deficit totaled $1.18 trillion over the last four years of George W. Bush's presidency. Mr. Obama's four deficits have added $5 trillion to the national debt. When Mr. Obama was sworn into office on Inauguration Day 2009, regular gas was selling for about $1.90 a gallon. Today, under Mr. Obama's energy policies, it is approaching $4 a gallon. Mr. Obama says that 'we're making progress.' This is the 'new normal.' We're moving forward, not backward. Just what kind of Orwellian compass is he using?
                   -Donald Lambro

A California couple has endured death threats and vandalism after they posted a Romney sign in their yard. Leftists even threatened the couple with a Molotov cocktail.

Make or break time:  reach into your pocket:

Hundreds of Muslims in Bangladesh burned at least four Buddhist temples and 15 homes of Buddhists on Sunday after complaining that a Buddhist man had insulted Islam

During the perfect storm of '08, Barack Obama enjoyed a 7% advantage over John McCain when it came to party turnout…This also means Democrats were more excited and enthused to vote in almost record numbers. According to a new CNN poll, Obama is going to beat that! According to CNN, Democrats are even MORE enthused and excited than they were in 2008! According to CNN, Republicans are just as demoralized and willing to stay home as they were in 2008.

A month to go before President Barack Obama faces re-election finds the president dealing with five major scandals. Any one of these scandals would sink a mere mortal, but Barack Obama as we all know is no mere mortal. He is a lightworker, author of hope and change, the man whose election should have been the moment that our ailing planet itself was healed. So none of these scandals are much of a threat to him. In political terms Barack Obama is a god, immortal and untouchable. Barack Obama is politically immortal because our media is hopelessly immoral. Also, corrupt down to its miserable, rotten core. But should there be one member of the mainstream media who still cares about truth…should there be Woodward or Bernstein out there who just wants to make a name for themselves, I have put a little guide together outlining the five scandals that ought to sink Barack Obama’s political career.

“The Obama campaign asks women to vote with their 'lady parts'. Can liberals get any cruder? If the politics of the left get more crude, by 2016, the presidential debates will probably be conducted in the nude.”

President Obama, speaking in Virginia, said, "We don't believe anybody is entitled to success in this country."

“So here’s Obama proudly advertising his relationship with Reverend Wright, and even imitating Wright’s divisive rhetoric on Katrina. Is anyone surprised? Essentially, every excuse Obama used to explain away his relationship with Reverend Wright during campaign 2008 was a lie. But we already knew that. We also see here that Obama doesn’t want to build more highways out in the suburbs. That’s news to most, and there’s a lot more going on in that line than racial code. Obama’s hostility to suburbs stands behind some of his most transformative, yet least well-known, policy initiatives.”

Scary:  Is Obama Introducing National Socialism to the United States?”

We may never know how many deaths, kidnappings and other criminal activities were facilitated by more than 2,000 weapons that were allowed to "walk" into Mexico under the Obama administration's Fast and Furious program, but a Univision special aired Sunday exposes more of the carnage

New Romney ad:  “A New Plan”

For dog lovers:

Amazing story.

"A few short weeks will determine the political fate of America for the present generation, and probably produce no small influence on the happiness of society through a long succession of ages to come."
                      -George Washington (1788)

Leno:…..The consensus is that Mitt Romney won the presidential debate last night. The only people who thought Obama won were the replacement refs……They’re saying close to 60 million people may have watched the debate. In fact, the only person who didn’t tune in was President Obama.   To make matters worse, last night was President Obama's wedding anniversary. Let me tell you something. The only way his anniversary could've been worse is if he'd forgotten it.

Kimmel:  The only thing that could have salvaged the president's performance would have been if the body of bin Laden fell from the ceiling onto the stage. 

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