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op ed review 10/28

A CIA team just a mile away from the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was twice told to "stand down" rather than go to the aid of Ambassador Chris Stephens and his team on the night of Sept. 11, a new report reveals.
CIA chief David Petraeus "No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”
An AC-130U Gunship was On-Scene in Benghazi, Obama Admin Refused to Let It Fire
President Obama was directly asked twice whether pleas for help on the ground in Libya were denied during the attack. Both times, he refused to answer.

In the third debate:  Mitt Romney’s aim was to present himself with the demeanor and grasp of foreign and national security issues of a president of the United States. He succeeded. President Obama sought to make Romney appear unqualified to be president and commander in chief. He failed.”

Less than two weeks out from Election Day, Mitt Romney has erased President Obama's 16-point advantage among women.
“Romney Has Best Gallup Tracking Poll Numbers Since 1968….Mr. Romney’s total is greater than Richard Nixon’s 44% at this point in the race in 1968.”
President Obama's lead in battleground states Colorado and Virginia have vanished in the past month.
Is Obama's 'firewall' crumbling? Romney draws level with President in 'safe state' of Wisconsin 
Detroit News endorses Romney
Florida Sun Sentinel endorses Romney
Columbus Dispatch:  “After nearly four years of economic stagnation, massive unemployment, record-setting debt and government intrusions into the economy that have paralyzed the private sector, the United States needs a new direction.”

The Obama campaign has released an “astoundingly tasteless ad” comparing voting for the first time to losing your virginity. The celebrity in the ad recommends that if you’re going to have sex – er, vote – for the first time, you should really do it with President Barack Obama.
New York Times is reduced to making fun of Romney’s use of “gosh” and “darn it”.   “For Democratic strategists, Mr. Romney’s throwback vocabulary feeds into their portrayal of a man ill-equipped for the mores and challenges of the modern age.” i.e. because he doesn’t like profanity and vulgarity.

After a lifetime of voting for and supporting Democrats, Lee Iacocca Thursday endorsed Republican Mitt Romney.

President Obama has spent the campaign season trying to disqualify and tear down Mitt Romney, but a new study has found Obama's commercials actually energize voters to vote against the President, not his opponent.

Norma McCorvey, the ‘Jane Roe’ in the Roe v. Wade abortion decision, released a new anti-Obama ad in Florida.

Clint Eastwood is back cutting a new ad urging voters to support Mitt Romney. The ad, entitled "At Stake", is a 30-second spot from the super PAC American Crossroads.  "In the last few years, America's been knocked down," Eastwood's distinctive raspy voice says over images of an abandoned factory and unemployed workers. "When someone doesn't get the job done, you've gotta hold them accountable," Eastwood continues. "We need someone who can turn it around fast and that man is Mitt Romney.” 
Send Clint’s message to your undecided friends:

The United States spends over $60,000 to support welfare programs per each household that is in poverty.

In a decade, federal payments on the interest on America's debt will exceed the defense budget.
The debt that the U.S. government owes to foreign interests now equals $47,495 for each US household.  The portion of the debt your household owes to interests in Mainland China is about $10,090.

A year-long investigation has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials. Many of these visitors belong to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic militant organizations.
Guess where this occurred:  “As the sun burned in the soft blue sky, 20,000 Muslims poured into the stadium early Friday and filled the morning with the sounds of prayer as they celebrated Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice, the most important holiday of the Islamic calendar.”   Cairo?  Tehran?  No, this was yesterday in Los Angeles.
The Obama Administration has sent a secret message through the Swiss Embassy to the Iranian regime “recognizing their nuclear rights.”

From Moscow to Caracas to Havana, dictators with long records of enmity toward the U.S. are endorsing Obama for president.

“Attention voters! We have begun to witness locally and at least in 14 other Florida counties, efforts to suppress Republican votes in the upcoming election. Suspicious letters questioning voters' legal status and citizenship began arriving in Florida over the past four days with a postmark from Seattle, Wash., accompanying a $.45 stamp… is clearly well-funded and widespread as evidenced by the sheer number of counties and individuals involved, as well as the use of stamps…”

A remarkable story about Mitt Romney’s humility from a longtime D.C. political operative of just how personally moved Mitt Romney was following a campaign stop in Red Rocks Colorado where over 10,000 enthusiastic supporters greeted the man they hope will be the next President of the United States.

Obama’s lack of humility, referring to “This nation. Me.” at the third debate.

A poll released Monday says Washington's race for governor is tied.

North Carolina voters roll shows that the state has 2,214 voters that are 110-years-old. Most of these voters are democrats and most seem to live in four democrat-controlled counties. Some of these aged voters have already voted absentee.

Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts has banned a Christian group from campus because the group requires student leaders to adhere to "basic biblical truths of Christianity."

Thomas Sowell  10/23

It was a little much when President Barack Obama said that he was "offended" by the suggestion that his administration would try to deceive the public about what happened in Benghazi. What has this man not deceived the public about?

Remember his pledge to cut the deficit in half in his first term in office? This was followed by the first trillion dollar deficit ever, under any President of the United States -- followed by trillion dollar deficits in every year of the Obama administration.

Remember his pledge to have a "transparent" government that would post its legislative proposals on the Internet several days before Congress was to vote on them, so that everybody would know what was happening? This was followed by an Obamacare bill so huge and passed so fast that even members of Congress did not have time to read it.

Remember his claims that previous administrations had arrogantly interfered in the internal affairs of other nations -- and then his demands that Israel stop building settlements and give away land outside its 1967 borders, as a precondition to peace talks with the Palestinians, on whom there were no preconditions?
As for what happened in Libya, the Obama administration says that there is an "investigation" under way. An "on-going investigation" sounds so much better than "stonewalling" to get past election day. But you can bet the rent money that this "investigation" will not be completed before election day. And whatever the investigation says after the election will be irrelevant.

The events unfolding in Benghazi on the tragic night of September 11th were being relayed to the State Department as the attacks were going on, "in real time," as they say. So the idea that the Obama administration now has to carry out a time-consuming "investigation" to find out what those events were, when the information was immediately available at the time, is a little much. The full story of what happened in Libya, down to the last detail, may never be known. But, as someone once said, you don't need to eat a whole egg to know that it is rotten. And you don't need to know every detail of the events before, during and after the attacks to know that the story put out by the Obama administration was a fraud.

The administration's initial story that what happened in Benghazi began as a protest against an anti-Islamic video in America was a very convenient theory. The most obvious alternative explanation would have been devastating to Barack Obama's much heralded attempts to mollify and pacify Islamic nations in the Middle East. To have helped overthrow pro-Western governments in Egypt and Libya, only to bring anti-Western Islamic extremists to power would have been revealed as a foreign policy disaster of the first magnitude. To have been celebrating President Obama's supposedly heroic role in the killing of Osama bin Laden, with the implication that Al Qaeda was crippled, would have been revealed as a farce.

Osama bin Laden was by no means the first man to plan a surprise attack on America and later be killed. Japan's Admiral Yamamoto planned the attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War II, and he was later tracked down and shot down in a plane that was carrying him.

Nobody tried to depict President Franklin D. Roosevelt as some kind of hero for having simply authorized the killing of Yamamoto. In that case, the only hero who was publicized was the man who shot down the plane that Yamamoto was in. Yet the killing of Osama bin Laden has been depicted as some kind of act of courage by President Obama. After bin Laden was located, why would any President not give the go-ahead to get him?
That took no courage at all. It would have been far more dangerous politically for Obama not to have given the go-ahead. Moreover, Obama hedged his bets by authorizing the admiral in charge of the operation to proceed only under various conditions.

This meant that success would be credited to Obama and failure could be blamed on the admiral -- who would join George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton and other scapegoats for Obama's failures.


"[F]rom the very beginning, the president, in his campaign some four years ago, said he'd meet with all the world's worst actors in his first year. ... And then the president began what I've called an apology tour of going to -- to various nations in the Middle East and -- and criticizing America. I think they looked at that and saw weakness. ... Mr. President, America has not dictated to other nations. We have freed other nations from dictators."
                -Mitt Romney

"This nation is the hope of the earth. We've been blessed by having a nation that's free and prosperous thanks to the contributions of the Greatest Generation. They've held a torch for the world to see, the torch of freedom and hope and opportunity. Now it's our turn to take that torch. I'm convinced we'll do it."
                 -Mitt Romney

“Barring a really major blunder – such as revealing that he was born in Lower Volta or endorsing inter-species marriage (the next big civil-rights issue) – this election is beginning to look like it’s Mitt Romney’s to lose. Five of the eight major polls averaged Monday by show Mr. Romney up by margins ranging from 2 to 6 points. The polls in the important swing states, particularly Ohio, are drawing close as well.”
                 -Wes Pruden

"[S]peaking as the son of a Marine Corps officer and the brother of a Navy officer, I think Obama's 'horses and bayonets' wisecrack wasn't his biggest miscalculation. All that did was lose him the military vote in the Norfolk area and thus, most likely, the state of Virginia. Rather, it was the weird way he kept conflating the war-fighting purpose of the military with 'taking care' of the veterans after they come home. Military personnel deeply resent the implication, so earnestly peddled by the bed-wetting civilians at the New York Times, among others, that returning vets are just a PTSD psycho hair-trigger away from going postal. They're soldiers, Mr. President, not crybabies."
                -Michael Walsh

 “Some years ago, the then–French defense minister, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, complained that the Americans were committed to “the organized cretinization of our people.” I’ve never accepted the thesis, but I have to say that, in the final weeks of his reelection campaign, the first man in history to spend $6 trillion and leave no trace is doing a magnificent job of cretinizing his own base.”
               -Mark Steyn

"The Affordable Care Act established a federally funded risk pool -- the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan -- that allows individuals with such disqualifying conditions to buy a policy for the same premium a healthy person would pay. About 82,000 people have signed up as of July 31…….That is not a misprint. Out of a population of more than 300 million, some 82,000 have the problem that was cited as the principal reason for spending $1.8 trillion over the next 10 years and in the process turning the entire health-care system upside down./…”
                  -John C. Goodman

With the Presidential election just three weeks away, prominent Hollywood Democrat Barbra Streisand has sent an “emergency” email to the entire Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) mailing list, urging all recipients to dig deep into their pockets for last minute Obama campaign donations,

Obama supporters continue their threats to riot and assassinate Mitt Romney if Obama loses in the aftermath of last night’s presidential debate…..Twitter has been flooded recently with violent comments from Obama supporters.

The remarkable, unfathomable ignorance of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The new documentary Hating Breitbart is simultaneously euphoric and painful.For the many fans of Andrew Breitbart who miss him terribly, director Andrew Marcus’s new film offers what we’ve craved since his sudden death March 1: another 85 minutes in his frenetic presence — the jolly laughter, the furious denunciations of corruption and collusion, the over-caffeinated top-speed-at-all-times energy that drove the man during his all-too-brief time in the spotlight.

Earlier this year, the legislature passed and the Governor signed SB 6239 to redefine marriage for all Washingtonians, stripping the roles of men and women from marriage and making it a genderless institution.
Preserve Marriage Washington, a coalition of pastors, community and faith groups, and citizens, has qualified a referendum to allow voters to decide if they want this legislation to take effect. Washingtonians have the opportunity to "Reject" R-74 in order to preserve marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

For the future of America:

President Obama indignantly denied Mitt Romney's charge in Monday's final debate that his foreign policy amounts to "an apology tour" around the world. "This has been probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign," Obama protested. "And every fact-checker and every reporter who's looked at it, governor, has said this is not true." In fact, the president has followed a "doctrine of mea culpa" crafted by a handful of radical advisers who have urged him to, in so many words, apologize for America's war on terror and nuclear superiority.  Here’s the rogue’s gallery……..(1) Samantha Power. "Instituting a doctrine of mea culpa would enhance our credibility by showing that American decision-makers do not endorse the sins of their predecessors..”  “Power has suggested the president literally bow to foreign leaders, as atonement for Americans' "sins" — and that's exactly what he's done.."

With inside two weeks until the presidential election and Mitt Romney's campaign awash in momentum, the left's accomplices in the mainstream media and in the ivory towers of academia have ramped up their efforts to mix race into the fray, trying to guilt whites into again voting for Obama or else make them feel as though they are racists.

“Mitt Romney. Not one of us.” That’s the tag line to a tough new ad the Obama campaign is airing in Ohio. But it is one that, ironically, echoes a slogan that has been used as a racial code over the last half century or more…..the fact that Obama would use such loaded language in the hard-fought race to win Ohio shows how much he has changed from the politician whose famous “one America” speech at the 2004 Democratic convention denounced “those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of anything goes.”

 “Supreme Court is the biggest issue in this election”    “The changes in the nation that could result….are breathtaking……a court in which Chief Justice John Roberts is the median voter would be enormously different from one in which, say, Elena Kagan is in the middle.”

One of the intriguing aspects of this election is how the Democrats' shameless and clueless appeal to women is ending with the vaporization of the historic "gender gap" among voters. From the prancing Code Pink vulvas outside the convention venue to the choice of speakers, there was no doubt that the Democrat Convention was aimed at securing the women's vote. Indeed, Balkanizing women and minority voters was then as significant a part of the Obama strategy as securing the electoral votes of Ohio is now to them.

Deconstructionist culture warriors of the left continue their relentless assault on western civilization. It’s impossible to cover it all in a weekly, 800-word column, so here are just a few tidbits…….We conservatives may defeat Barack Obama next month, but the judges and other officials he appointed will remain for decades. So it has been in Canada, Spain, and elsewhere in the western world as the bricks and mortar of western civilization continue to crumble.

Gaffney:  The evidence suggests that the Obama administration has not simply been engaging, legitimating, enriching and emboldening Islamists who have taken over or are ascendant in much of the Middle East.

Twenty Questions

With the unprecedented budget explosion of means-tested, welfare-related entitlements, does Team Obama think it can buy the election?

EFF voters guide:

American family Association Voters Guide

Top ten reasons to vote Obama out of office.

A look at who’s funded the election

"Every time that we try to lift a problem from our own shoulders, and shift that problem to the hands of the government, to the same extent we are sacrificing the liberties of our people."
                     -John F. Kennedy

Leno:  ……President Obama flew to a rally in Las Vegas last night. However, he did not visit any of the casinos. You know why? When you're $16 trillion in debt, they don't let you in….. Experts say the entire 2012 election could come down to just eight states. The states are: confusion, dismay, depression, apathy, shock, disbelief, despair, and anxiety. Those are the eight states…….One of President Obama's winning points last night was about how sanctions against Iran are crippling their economy. And believe me, if anyone knows how to cripple an economy, it's President Obama……So far for Halloween, sales of Obama masks are 30 percent higher than the sales of Mitt Romney masks. That makes sense. I mean, what's scarier than four more years of this economy?

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