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Big Brother Barack is watching you:  The National Security Agency has obtained direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants, according to a top secret document obtained by the Guardian. The NSA access is part of a previously undisclosed program called PRISM, which allows officials to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, the document says.
In fact, the NSA can now secretly access real-time data provided by as many as 50 American companies, ranging from credit rating agencies to internet service providers.
“PRISM, the latest surveillance program leaked to the press, makes the collection of metadata from the three major phone companies seem quaintly old-fashioned. Its Big Brother implications are stunning from the standpoints of both technology and audacity.”
And phone surveillance: The Obama administration is secretly carrying out a domestic surveillance program under which it is collecting millions of business communications records daily.  Verizon is ordered to turn over “on an ongoing daily basis” to the National Security Agency all call logs…..
The Obama administration is expected to open a criminal investigation to find out who revealed the secret surveillance of Americans' telephone and email traffic.
And the Justice Department filed a court motion to keep secret a court opinion that determined that the government had engaged in unconstitutional spying. (Even some on the Left are appalled)

President Obama defended the surveillance as a just a “modest encroachment” on privacy of Americans.

Obama in 2005:  "If someone wants to know why their own government has decided to go on a fishing expedition through every personal record or private document.... This is just plain wrong."
Obama in 2008:  “[Bush] acts like violating civil liberties is the way to enhance our security... The first thing I will do, when I am president, is... review every executive order issued by George Bush to determine which of those have undermined civil liberties, which are unconstitutional, and I will reverse them with a stroke of a pen."

A Washington IRS attorney named Carter Hull closely oversaw the targeting of conservative nonprofit groups and suggested questions that IRS employees could ask of conservative and Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt nonprofit status.
The controversy over IRS targeting of conservative groups took a new turn this weekend when right-leaning websites drew a connection between the agency´s former head and his wife´s employment at a liberal group.

A Texas high school silenced its Valedictorian’s microphone during his speech when he diverted from his pre-approved remarks and instead spoke about the Constitution. 

“Mainstream Media Fail to Break Even One of Four Obama Scandals”

Almost a year-and-a-half out from the 2014 midterm elections, when 35 seats — 21 now held by Democrats and 14 by Republicans — will be up for grabs, a GOP road map for picking up the six seats needed to retake control of the Senate is taking shape.

“Rubio 'Trying to Get Out of the Gang of Eight'”

 “Koch Confirms Interest in Buying Newspapers”

Most of Planned Parenthood´s 750 health and abortion clinics around the nation will be covered under Obamacare, imposing a new demand on insurers who want to participate in Obamacare  health care exchanges.

If you’re a ten-year-old girl, the Obama Administration thinks you’re old enough to discuss anal sex, mutual masturbation, birth control, and “emergency contraceptives” that can cause early abortions. A Department of Health and Human Services website,, offers all this information to girls from the ages of 10 to 16 in its “Body” tab.

Sarah Palin showed she never forgets her roots, saying she was honored to address high school graduates in Republic, Washington, the town that helped her father 49 years ago when his station wagon broke down on his way to Alaska. She movingly spoke about her father who grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Former Miss America runs for Congress from Illinois as a Republican.

American Petroleum Institute Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Howard Feldman warned that new ozone regulations currently under review by the Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency could put “nearly the entire country” out of business

Dr. Keith Ablow

I believe that the Obama administration is conducting psychological warfare on conservative Americans. Not only that but it is also waging this war on all Americans who previously viewed themselves, their country, their Constitution and their overwhelming belief in God as a force for good in the world. The psychological warfare began with an apology tour in which President Obama publicly “confessed,” presuming to speak for all of us, for the shortcomings of America and our supposed contributions to tyranny and all manner of evils around the world.   This confession planted in the American mind the notion that our values and beliefs might not be in line with freedom and truth.  

The president, with the help of his administration, is attempting to conduct psychological warfare on Americans who value autonomy and free will. It was reinforced by the first lady stating during the 2008 presidential campaign that she had never felt pride in our country.  These statements were seemingly shrugged off by Americans who, collectively, seemed to be telling themselves that they were hearing discontent channeled from disenfranchised groups in our nation who, nonetheless, loved the country—and all of us, too.  

But, deep inside the American psyche, something more malignant could have been planted—the seeds of self-hatred and self-doubt.  And I no longer believe that those seeds were planted unintentionally by people as smart and capable as the president and first lady. Psychological warfare has been described as a set of techniques aimed at influencing a target audience’s value systems or beliefs and inducing confessions of wrongdoing or attitudes favorable to the group proffering the techniques.   The techniques are often combined with black ops strategy, in which covert initiatives seek to dispirit, disempower and confuse adversaries.

The psychological warfare has continued, I believe, with other opportunities the president has had to make American’s question their individual freedoms and autonomy.  This has included misrepresenting horrific crimes, such as the one which unfolded in Newtown, Connecticut, as evidence of the need for gun control measures, when they clearly evidenced a need for revamping our mental health care system. Gun rights are inextricably entwined in the American psyche with freedom to defend oneself.  Attacking gun rights, I believe, is an element of the psychological warfare on the American belief that force is justifiable when confronting evil.
My belief that psychological warfare is being deployed on Americans by this American president and his administration has been solidified as news has come out of the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS. This black ops targeting doesn’t just have the effect of slowing the financial momentum of these groups. It has the goal of dispiriting them and making them feel helpless to achieve their goals……

Seen through the lens of psychological warfare, the failure to defend our embassy in Benghazi need not be understood simply as a screw-up. It could reflect an actual strategy on the part of the administration to reinforce the notion that homicidal violence born of hatred toward America is understandable—even condonable—because we have generated it ourselves and are reaping the harvest of ill will we have sown.  In other words, we should take our punishment.

The president said as much when he blamed the murder of our Ambassador to Libya on a film that criticized Islam.   This misstatement may disclose not just incompetence and may not just be evidence of a cover-up, but may be evidence of exactly what I am theorizing here: that the president, with the help of his administration, is attempting to conduct psychological warfare on Americans who value autonomy and free will and free markets and small government, by convincing them that they are wrong-minded, prejudiced and pathological and should deeply question their beliefs—including some ensconced in the Constitution. The wiretapping of journalists would be, then, just another black ops technique in an ongoing war against our freedoms.

There will be those that say that many American leaders have sought to target groups hostile to their views. Some will point to President Nixon or Senator McCarthy or J. Edgar Hoover.  And that debate can be had.  
But I assert that this administration is engaged in a coordinated attempt to dispirit, disarm and disenfranchise large portions of the American population and to weaken our founding principles through what is best understood as psychological warfare.  

And with that statement in the public domain, let us, at least, be aware and notice how many events unfold in-keeping with it, over the next months and years. The enemy of psychological warfare is the knowledge of what is really happening to us and remembering who we really are.

Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team.

Another good read:  “Those crazy American conspiracy theorists who live up in trees with guns and drink their own pee don’t seem quite so crazy anymore……..totaling every scandal up – IRS, AP phone records, Fox journalists being targeted, the Benghazi mess – this has to be the most furtively authoritarian White House since Nixon’s. We don't yet have a "smoking email" from Obama ordering all of this, but it can’t be said often enough that there is a correlation between Obama’s “progressive” domestic agenda and the misbehavior of the other agencies governed by his administration – forcing people to buy healthcare even when they can’t afford it, bailing out the banks, war in Libya and the use of drone strikes to kill US citizens. This is exactly what the Tea Party was founded to expose and oppose. All the laughter once directed at the “paranoid” Right now rings hollow.

Appearing on MSNBC, singer and former civil rights icon Harry Belafonte told President Barack Obama how he should take control of the political debate. His answer? Jail opponents.

Meet the journalism professor who says NRA members are treasonous and should be executed.

New Jersey Doctor With Occupy Wall Street Ties Indicted on Explosives Related Charge

Up to now the Obama Administration has faced three big scandals—the IRS, the bugging of AP and Fox, and Benghazi. And now here is scandal Number 4: For the last four years the Obama Administration has conducted a major “outreach” program to Islamic groups in the United States and in the Middle East. Patrick Poole has been investigating this project and in a comprehensive article now presents the full scoop and scope of what’s been going on. His article: “Blind to Terror: The U.S. Government’s Disastrous Muslim Outreach Efforts”

The House voted to stop the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from entering into new contracts to buy millions of rounds of ammunition.
“To follow up on the recent story about a five-year-old boy suspended for showing a cap gun to his friend on a school bus, Investor´s Business Daily relates a charming collection of similar anecdotes regarding such child abuse at U.S. re-education camps -- oops, I mean public schools. Each tale involves a very young child receiving severe punishment for the offense of imagining he had a gun…… in the current moral grammar of progressivism, it is an offense against society to think about guns without hating or fearing them.”

When it comes to scandals, the IRS targeting conservatives seems to resonate with the public because no one likes the IRS.

A new postmortem on the November elections from the nation’s leading voice for college Republicans offers a searing indictment of the GOP “brand” and the major challenges the party faces in wooing young voters.. The College Republican National Committee will make public a detailed report — the result of extensive polling and focus groups — dissecting what went wrong for Republicans with young voters in the 2012 elections and how the party can improve its showing with that key demographic in the future. It’s not a pretty picture.
“It is fitting that I should introduce the uninitiated reader to a basic overview of the Gay Left and the simultaneous totalitarianism and anomie that have shaped it since the famous Stonewall rebellion of 1969. In light of the fluffy report issued this week by the College Republican National Committee urging the right, in part, to abandon opposition to gay marriage, the message I am about to deliver is triply urgent: don't fall for the con!”
?????? Gov. Chris Christie is cashing in donations from top Democratic fundraisers and other traditionally liberal donors across the country, even nabbing the support of a handful of rainmakers aligned with President Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Star-Ledger review of state and federal records shows. The checks are flying into the Republican governor’s war chest from all sorts of unlikely places — the hedge fund run by liberal billionaire George Soros, for example, and the politically progressive halls of the University of California, Berkeley. The nascent support from Democratic donors is an early sign of

Herb Meyer:  The Smoking Gun in Plain Sight

David Bossie:  As the IRS scandal continues to take shape and the massive overreach of one of the most powerful agencies in Big Government becomes even more apparent, it becomes frightening to think this same agency will soon be heavily involved in your personal healthcare situation.

Mark Alexander:  The 'Gay Pride' Merit Badge:  Gender Disorientation Pathology and the Boy Scouts

“There are simply too many surveys that show homosexuals and bisexuals as disproportionately CSA victims to consider this a coincidence.  The overlap between the symptoms of CSA and behaviors that are very common in the gay community should be causing some serious questions to be asked.  Yet "I was born this way" has now become dogma.  The progressive movement has made this into a cause -- and the facts do not much matter anymore. ____________________________________________________________________________

Here Are Some of the Questions the IRS Asked Conservative Groups

Ten key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown

Greatest Limbaugh quotes:

Must see.  When freedom came ashore:   Stunning shots of Allied troops storming Omaha Beach in Normandy by war photographer Robert Capa and how they were almost lost forever

Philadelphia Orchestra members surprise airplane passengers with impromptu concert 

"Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions."
                    -James Madison

Leno:    A new report shows that the Obama administration has been collecting the telephone records of millions of customers of Verizon under a top-secret court order. Here's the sad part. It turns out that 90 percent of the phone calls Americans make are to order a pizza……When I was growing up, we were afraid of Big Brother watching us. Now with Obama, we actually HAVE a brother watching us……….The mystery is over. After a month of waiting, it turns out that an 84-year-old woman in Florida has won the $590 million Powerball lottery. As for how much tax she’s going to have to pay, the IRS said it’s too early to tell because they don’t know whether she’s a Republican or Democrat………A new study says 20 percent of women in their 40s would describe themselves as very happy. However, only 1 percent of women in their 40s would describe themselves as a woman in her 40s.

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