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op ed review 12/27

Outside the Beltway, the right is livid with new Speaker Paul Ryan’s trillion-dollar spending deal with Democrats.

Longtime conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly unloaded on Republicans in Congress for passing the $1.1 trillion omnibus bill last week: “This is a betrayal of the grassroots and of the Republican Party…….We thought we were electing a different crowd to stand up for America, and they didn’t…..Nancy Pelosi couldn’t have engineered it any better. I think the people are going to react by electing Donald Trump.”
On cue, Nancy Pelosi brags that speaker Ryan and the GOP  “gave away the store” to democrats in spending bill.

Evangelist Franklin Graham has announced he is abandoning the Republican Party in disgust over the move by the GOP-led Congress last week to pass the spending bill.

Imagine if they had done this to Obama. Washington Post pulls online cartoon late Tuesday that depicted Ted Cruz's young daughters as trained monkeys.

It probably does here too:  UK Central Bank Report confirms Immigration Leads To Lower Wages For Nearly 1/4 Of Britons

Watchdog Names Hillary 'Worst Ethics Violator' Of 2015,  “In a League of her own..”

Planned Parenthood is perfectly fine with HIV-positive people who want to hide their status from their sexual partners, declaring it a “human right”.  It’s all spelled out in International Planned Parenthood Federation’s booklet for HIV-positive youth, “Healthy, Happy and Hot.”

Whoops.  Hillary Clinton claimed during a primary debate on Saturday that Donald Trump's heated anti-Muslim rhetoric had become a recruiting tool for the Middle Eastern terrorists.  Fact checkers have shown that he’s not.  But a propaganda video the ISIS terror army released last month in several languages used the image of former U.S. President Bill Clinton as a rallying point, calling him a 'fornicator'.  The four-minute video, titled 'No Respite,' urges male Muslims to take up the cause of the ISIS 'caliphate' and counter the influence of America and its ‘fornicators’.

Obama administration Support of Gay Rights in Africa May Have Done More Harm Than Good…..”Fierce opposition has come from African governments and private organizations, which accuse the United States of cultural imperialism. Pressing gay rights on an unwilling continent, they say, is the latest attempt by Western nations to impose their values on Africa.”

Judge rules in favor of Seattle’s gun tax.


David Horowitz:  “(Note: This article is not an endorsement of Donald Trump or any candidate. It is a plea to conservatives to disband their circular firing squad and direct their attacks at the appeasers among us, and the saboteurs of the war against radical Islamic terrorists.) ……The only serious fire coming from the Republican side is directed at Donald Trump.  (Think about it – all the Democrats need is a damaged Trump. Then they can condemn Republicans for merely associating with him.) If Republicans want to join Democrats and match their viciousness in taking down the Republican front-runner, Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president…..How much innocent blood do Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have on their hands? How much innocent blood will be spilled in the next four years if Clinton is elected? These are the questions Republicans should be asking, not whether Donald Trump is a bigot. He obviously is not.  Impolitic yes. Racist no. Donald Trump has many faults but lack of political courage is not one of them. He seems motivated by concern for the pit into which this country has fallen under an administration with catastrophic priorities and uncertain loyalties. That is what Republicans need to think about when framing their next attacks. Otherwise the future is dim indeed.”

Glenn Beck:  “Trump is not a true conservative….I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, and I won’t vote for Donald Trump. I just won’t.”
Sean Hannity “defends Trump from Glenn Beck pouncing, explains 'the Donald's' huge appeal, cautions against being so 'dismissive'”

Limbaugh:  I tell you, folks, for all of you people who have complained and whined about the media over the years, and how unfair they are to Republicans and how unfair that makes the whole process and, ‘What are we gonna do?’ You need to be studying Donald Trump….he is playing the media like a Stradivarius”

George Will:  “If Trump wins the nomination, prepare for the end of the conservative party…….Beating Hillary Less Important Than Stopping Trump”

Charles Krauthammer:  “Trump’s recklessness threatens the GOP…..Republicans have an unusually talented field with a good chance of winning back the presidency. Do they really want to be dragged into the swamps — right now, on immigration — that will make that prospect electorally impossible?”

Michael Medved:  “Trump’s imperial ego makes Obama’s surly intransigence look as accommodating as Mr. Rogers’ neighborliness.”

Michael Savage:  Trump is the “Winston Churchill of our time.”

R. Emmet Tyrrell Jr.: 
I shall vote for whomever the Republicans nominate…..If Donald Trump wins the nomination I shall vote for him, invest in the stock market, and bid adieu to ISIS and to illegal immigrants from our shores.”

Quinnipiac poll says half of U.S. voters say they would be embarrassed to have Donald Trump as president (If you read a little farther, 35 % would be embarrassed to have Hillary)

But “Polls may actually underestimate Trump's support, study finds”

Long-time conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly believes that the only person who can save America from the precipice of disaster is Donald J. Trump. In a weekend interview with WND, Schlafly said of the GOP front-runner, “He does look like he’s the last hope [for America]. We don’t hear anybody saying what he’s saying. In fact, most of the people who ought to be lining up with him are attacking him.”

PJ Media’s Roger Simon:  “Whether Trump realizes it or not, and I think he does, the situation in the USA has outgrown the finer points of political theory -- left, right and center or anywhere in between.  It's far graver than that. Barack Obama has murdered America's magnificent sense of optimism -- the very thing that made this country unique,  that propelled this country, and therefore much of the world, forward in a generally positive way through Republican and Democratic administrations. Now it's the reverse. America, the global leader, is a despondent, pessimistic country, leaving a void to be filled by the worst imaginable actors like ISIS.   Donald Trump wants to make her great again. Bravo for him.  That is something we should all be applauding this Christmas.  In fact, it is the most important thing of all. So if Donald does get the nomination, that's what I'll be focusing on. Indeed, I'll be focusing on that too if it goes to someone else.  First, we need our country back.  We can worry about the ideological implications later. Merry Xmas.”

"You know, we don't even need a Republican Party if they're gonna do this (the spending deal)…..You know, just elect Democrats, disband the Republican Party, and let the Democrats run it, because that's what's happening anyway."
         -Rush Limbaugh

“At least two-thirds of (the federal budget) can be described as Congress taking the earnings of one American to give to another. I personally believe in helping one’s fellow man in need. Doing so by reaching into one’s own pockets is laudable and praiseworthy. Doing so by reaching into another’s pockets is evil and worthy of condemnation.”
        -Walter Williams

After a decade on the advance, the left in South America is in retreat. Just in the past month, voters in Argentina elected a conservative businessman president over the chosen successor of Cristina Fernandez and Brazil's congress launched an impeachment probe against President Dilma Rousseff, whose approval ratings have been languishing in single digits.

Three Global Warming Stories the Media Don´t Want You To See

A stunning new development is creating waves across the global warming community of activists with a report from NASA that burning carbon fuels actually lowers the temperatures in local environments. According to a new report in the Express, the result throws “into doubt” many of the major theories about what causes temperatures to rise.

Drudge is touting the “record heat” forecast for Christmas Eve, even though most of the country will be below normal temperature.  Christmas Eve 1955 was much warmer.

An Islamic State mortar attack on a school for girls has killed nine students and injured another 20 in an attack in north east Syria.

Beauty queen crowned the first Miss Iraq since 1972 'is warned she will be abducted if she does not join ISIS in chilling phonecall' 

God Bless the USA Christmas Lights

“To disprove the rumor that the DNC hopes no one sees the Dem debates, Debbie Wasserman Schultz immediately scheduled another for Dec. 32.”
                   -Twitter satirist

“I never consider a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”
                  -Thomas Jefferson

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