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op ed review 11/27

Call it the Trump bull market: stocks smash record highs for all four indexes.

Donald Trump’s popularity is rising in the days since his election.
A majority of people in the U.S. said they believe that President-elect Donald Trump will do a very or fairly good job as president, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday.
A just-released poll shows that Donald Trump’s campaign-trail immigration and labor policies have overwhelming public support, and strong opposition from only one-sixth of voters.

President-elect Trump added three well-known D.C. outsiders to major posts in his growing administration: Gov. Nikki Haley, ambassador to the United Nations, Michigan´s Betsy DeVos — a strong proponent of school choice — as his secretary of education. And former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, possibly Secretary of HUD.
National Review:  Donald Trump has chosen conservative reformer Betsy DeVos to be his education secretary. A better choice would be hard to find.
´Out of touch´: Teachers unions slam Trump´s education secretary
Teacher unions smarting after many members vote for Trump
“Obama Team In Despair Over Flynn Pick”

Fidel Castro is dead.  Cuban-Americans fill Miami streets to cheer Fidel Castro’s death.

Arkansas Dem switches parties, hands GOP a supermajority in state house of representatives.

Migrants surge north, hoping to reach USA before Trump inauguration...
Illegals flood in before Trump closes border:  1500 per day.
Haitian illegal immigrants are pouring into the U.S. at a rate of some 3,000 a month, blazing new paths and exploiting special policies and lax Obama administration enforcement to gain a foothold in the country, according to a secret government intelligence assessment.
Sessions may prosecute 'sanctuary cities'...

President Elect Donald Trump Working to Retain Carrier Jobs in Indiana…

Resentful liberals across the country are thankful that Thanksgiving is an opportunity to insult relatives who may have voted for President-elect Donald Trump. A slew of liberals in the news and entertainment world offer guides for like-minded lefties on what to do when forced to break bread with their supposedly “racist,” “bigoted,” and “misogynistic” relatives.
NY Times columnist: Trump presidency is ´obscene´
Politico editor resigns after publishing home addresses of alt-right icon Richard Spencer, and advocating ‘Baseball Bat’ attacks.
Democrats are having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they lost the presidential election. Now they are threatening to kill Republican electors unless they switch allegiance and vote for Hillary Clinton when the electoral college meets on December 19.

“Trump Slams Media Elite, Face to Face.”    The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing-down. . . . Trump kept saying, ‘We’re in a room of liars, the deceitful, dishonest media who got it all wrong.’ ”
Example:   a CNN scrolling banner on Monday:  “Alt-Right Founder Questions if Jews are People'...”

“Before There Was Bork, There Was Sessions”  It all began with Jeff Sessions from Alabama. Even before they coined a term for it — Borking — they did it to Jeff Sessions, a decent man with a stellar legal reputation as a fearless and tough but fair federal prosecutor down South

Cops fear copycat attacks across the U.S. after a FIFTH officer is shot in three days

French Thatcherite Upends 2017 Race Pledging to Shrink the State...

Why would one of the Marine Corps' biggest heroes be uninvited from the Marine Corps Ball in Afghanistan?  Because he’s been vocally critical of the Obama administration on a number of issues.

Gen. Keane on Defeating ISIS: Obama Never Asked Military for a Plan to Get That Done


9 Things to be Thankful For About the Election
Laura Hollis  11/24
As unconventional, contentious and divisive as this election as been, there are nevertheless things one can find to be thankful for. Here a just a few.
1. Much of the national press has been exposed for the frauds that they are. Yes, that is actually something to be grateful for. We depend upon the press in a free society to keep those in power honest. It is deeply dangerous, therefore, to have a press that covers up for the government. And it is even more dangerous when that is the case and few know it. Thanks to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, what many of us suspected was revealed to be true: Certain members of the press have been de facto activists for the Democratic Party for years. With their credibility in tatters, they are joining the call for a crackdown on "fake news." They can start with themselves.
2. We're having conversations about the Constitution. It's hard to overstate the importance of this as an opportunity for small-government conservatives. Now that President Obama is leaving office and President-elect Trump is taking the reins, Democrats are questioning the wisdom of the Executive Branch trampling on the legislative prerogative of Congress. Good. This is an issue that needs to be front and center.
3. Remember "diversity"? Yeah, that. Things are turned on their ear at the moment. The left is furious that 62 million people don't agree with them. And despite all their efforts to paint this as an election about disaffected, rural, white, uneducated males, the truth is much more complicated. The fact is that there is a great deal of disagreement about the direction of the country, and many people, regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion or race wanted something other than what the Democrats were offering. That's also why the two third-party candidates got as much national attention as they did. This, too, is called "diversity." Relatedly ...
4. This is what a big tent looks like. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump proved that big chunks of the American electorate are legitimately up for grabs. "Reagan Democrats" are still a thing. Women don't necessarily vote for other women. African Americans are not a monolithic voting bloc. Hispanic Americans are not terrified by enforcement of our immigration laws. The candidate that actually goes and speaks to Americans, instead of assuming their loyalty or denouncing them as cretins might have a chance to win their support. This, again, is a powerful opportunity for conservative candidates.
5. We still live in a free society, where political disagreements are resolved peacefully at the ballot box. Yes, the post-election fallout has been bitter and rancorous, but these are wars of words, not guns. In fact, it is precisely when feelings and opinions are as strong as they have been that the resilience and endurance of the national institutions are tested. Ours give us good reason to be proud. (And should give us pause about changing them.)
6. We also live in one of the world's most prosperous societies. It doesn't have to be a holiday; walk into your local grocery store and look at the bounty that thousands of farms and businesses, large and small, provide for us every single day. We are truly blessed, and we need to thank all those who make this possible. And that means recognizing that ...
7. The overwhelming majority of Americans are good people. Including those who voted for the other candidate. We depend upon each other for education, medicine, transportation, food, clothing, shelter and more. Does the political perspective of your paramedic really matter? Look  at all the places across the world where disagreements routinely devolve into violence, or even all-out war. Now, consider someone you know whose political viewpoints drive you craziest, and ask yourself: Would you pull that person out of a burning building? Would you pull their children out of a burning building? Of course you would. So keep your perspective.
8. It's over. That means we don't have to deal with another presidential election for four more years. Thank God.
And most importantly ...
9. Chances are there is at least one person in your life who loves you. Find them, call them, text them, email them, go visit them or invite them to visit you. Put disagreements aside. Life is too short. Let them know you're thankful that they're in your life. Happy Thanksgiving!


“One family canceled Thanksgiving dinner so they wouldn’t have to be with pro-Trump relatives. Another family canceled a Christmas reunion for the same reason. One couple changed the date of their wedding so that a pro-Trump relative wouldn’t be able to attend. Another couple chose to get married in Italy — a place too distant for their relatives to travel to. These are just a few of the ruptures that have followed the election of Donald Trump, as reported by The New York Times. Are we a deeply divided nation? Maybe. But if we are divided the cause of that division comes squarely from the left, not the right. In virtually every case, the people who are canceling reunions and refusing to talk to their friends and family members are Hillary supporters. The Times reported not a single instance of a Trump voter shun. What’s the cause of all this? I think it is identity politics. … Identity politics works on some voters. I have heard stories of women who break down crying at the mere mention of the election results. Are they crying because NAFTA may be renegotiated? Or the pipeline may be built? Of course not. If elections are about identity, then elections are about you in a very personal way. If the other candidate wins, you have been personally rejected. I would probably cry too if I were naïve enough to believe all that.”
           -John Goodman

Scott and Shackleton logbooks prove Antarctic sea ice is not shrinking 100 years after expeditions

Tokyo has first November snow in 54 years...

New York Times “Seems To” Utilize Professional Alinsky Rule – Division, Isolation and Marginalization… if you are in opposition to now President-Elect Trump, the target for your approach is to conquer by dividing that base of support(ers). Enter the Alinsky professional model with Trump’s visit and today’s New York Times headline: “Donald Trump Seems to Retreat on Some Promises“.
The Left wants to drive wedges between Trump and his base by spinning anything he says as “retreating from campaign promises.” But expressing nuance and avoiding confrontation with determined foes who buy ink by the barrel is not retreating..”

The left really hates Breitbart:  “Breitbart isn’t ‘just a publication.’ It’s a pestilence.”

Students at the prestigious University of Massachusetts, Amherst, are participating in a week-long “sh*t-in” demonstration, occupying restrooms in an administrative building to demand more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.

Students at Loyola University Maryland were recently pressured to abort plans for an “America”-themed party over concerns they might “oppress” others.

Pope Francis grieves, prays for atheist revolutionary Castro.

“The jailed architect of 9/11 revealed that al Qaeda´s plan to kill the United States was not through military attacks but immigration and "outbreeding nonmuslims" who would use the legal system to install Sharia law, according to a blockbuster new book.”
The left is trying to come to grips with its utter rejection, and its response to Donald Trump will be to fall back on an endless series of freakoutrages – hyperbolic, unhinged, hack media-fueled spasms of faux moral panic every time he dares do anything. Appoint someone to a job? Freak out – it’s an outrage! Go to dinner? Freak out – it’s an outrage! Actually keep promises made to the voters? Freak out – it’s an outrage! But it isn’t going to work.

New York Times is trying to prep anti-Trump activists with effective tools.  Conservatives can learn from these tips too:  “Here’s Why You Should Call, Not Email, Your Legislators”
Clever set of tools for effective activist organization, let’s steal this:

List of 32 times the establishment media and pollsters assured America that Donald Trump can’t win.

Creepy new website shows how you can be monitored.

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