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op ed review 9/9

U.S. weekly jobless claims drop to near 49-year low
Trump’s Tight Labor Market Wins U.S. Construction Workers Higher Wages
President Trump says he could use the military to build his wall if Congress won't fund it through Homeland Security's budget.
Trump deputies toss Obama’s “Catch-and-Release” loophole.

Obama tries to take credit for Trump economy/

New York Times runs anonymous op-ed:  “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration…..I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”
Washington Post brags about “sleeper cells” in the Trump administration.

Democrats Deploy Alinsky Tactics – Create Chaos, Crisis During Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings – children have to be escorted from chambers under armed guard…
Capitol Police Arrest 143 Protesters in the First Two Days of the Kavanaugh Hearings. Protestors seen getting paid from bags of cash, probably Soros money.

“I’m Burning My Nikes” – Americans launch boycott against Nike after Colin Kaepernick named as poster boy for Nike 30th Anniversary.
“Nike Becomes Face of Social Justice Despite History of Outsourcing and Employing Slave Labor”
Massive Collapse in Brand Image for Nike Following New Colin Kaepernick Branding Campaign…
“Honor Chris Kyle and Pat Tillman, Not Colin Kaepernick”

Clinton campaign colluded with 'nearly every' top official at the DOJ and FBI

A study shows that more than 90 percent of political donations by Google employees went to Democrats.

Democrats, eyeing a House majority, prepare an investigative onslaught.
So far in 2018, Democratic House candidates have raised $620 million, $150 million more than Republican House candidates have raised.
“Democrats hold widest advantage in midterm election vote preferences since 2006, when they seized control of both houses of Congress.”
“Republican Party officials begin deciding which GOP lawmakers to save and which ones to cut loose. ‘Tough decisions have to be made’
Optimistic view: “Why the GOP will likely maintain control of Congress”
Pessimistic view:  “Signs grow for Dem wave in House race”
Chuck Schumer on Impeaching Trump: ‘The Sooner the Better’
What you can do: make a contribution to the NRCC.
Seahawks owner Paul Allen gives $100,000 to help Republicans keep control of U.S. House
In-N-Out Hamburger chain donates to Republicans, Dem party chief calls for boycott.

Investigation: Potentially 39M Cases of Identity Theft by Illegal Aliens in Last Four Years
Democrat Congressman threatens ICE officials: ‘When the Worm Turns You Will Not Be Safe’

The Scandal of Left-Wing Journalists Covering a Left-Wing Pope

Does Mueller Have an October Surprise?
Steve McCann

The investigation that was ostensibly initiated to ascertain if the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to affect the 2016 election has been ongoing for twenty-seven months.  Seventeen months of which have been in the hands of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his Democrat phalanx of investigators and prosecutors spending in excess of $1.4 million a month.  This prolonged inquisition has produced no evidence or indictments supporting the collusion allegation.  Yet the investigation marches on with no end in sight.

But is there, in fact, an end game?  Is that end game waiting until late October to impact an election in order to switch control of Congress to the Democrats?  Is it to make certain Trump cannot run for re-election in 2020?  Or is it both? 

The upcoming mid-term election is perhaps the most consequential since 1932 when the Democrats won 97 House and 12 Senate seats, setting in motion the big-government agenda of Franklin D. Roosevelt as well as nearly 62 years of Democrat dominance of Congress.  Were the current iteration of the Democratic Party to regain control of Congress, the impeachment of Donald Trump would be inevitable.  Further, there would be a cessation, perhaps permanently, of any effort to undo the damage inflicted on the nation by Barack Obama and todays unabashedly socialist Democratic Party now steeped in cultural Marxism.

In 1992 a special prosecutor also investigating alleged collusion with a foreign nation by another presidential administration took it upon himself to deliberately impact an election in the last week of a campaign thus assuring the election of Bill Clinton.

The so-called scandal was the Iran-Contra Affair and the President originally in the cross-hairs was Ronald Reagan.  The charge: the Reagan Administration colluded with Israel and Iran to sell arms to Iran in an effort to obtain the release of American hostages and divert the proceeds to fund an insurgency in communist Nicaragua in an alleged violation of an arcane amendment to a spending bill.  The unwritten objective in the investigation was to permanently damage Reagan’s popularity and legacy as well as undermine his potential Republican successor in the election of 1988. Lawrence Walsh, appointed in 1986 as Independent Counsel, spent six years and $75 Million (adjusted for inflation) leaving no stone unturned in his attempt to ensnare Reagan but he failed to discover any evidence of criminality on the part of the White House….Given six years and an unlimited budget, Walsh, in the manner of the monomaniacal Inspector Javert in Les Misérables, indicted six former Reagan officials on dubious perjury and obstruction charges-- none served any prison time and all were later pardoned.  Two others, Oliver North and John Poindexter, were convicted on a number of counts, but both had all convictions overturned on appeal…..

Fast forward to today. Based on his insistence that Trump testify in what is obviously a perjury trap, the innumerable leaks emanating from Mueller’s office, the conviction of Paul Manafort on unrelated charges and the coerced guilty plea by Michael Cohen again on unrelated charges, Robert Mueller appears to have a much greater animus toward Donald Trump than Lawrence Walsh toward Ronald Reagan or George Bush. 

While Reagan was disliked by the Washington Establishment (Bush less so), Trump is loathed not only by the Washington Establishment but by almost the entirety of the media/entertainment complex.  During the Bush presidency the mainstream media leaned overwhelmingly Democratic, however, 40% of the coverage of George Bush was generally favorable as compared to just 10% with Donald Trump.

Therefore, Mueller has at his disposal a veritable army of like-minded foot soldiers prepared, on a strategically timed basis, to promote leaks, false stories and innuendos as well as the fine print in any indictment or plea bargain.  

Two week or less before November 6, 2018, Mueller can do what Walsh did and imbed an implication of wrongdoing by Trump in an indictment or, as has already happened, a plea bargain, such as the Michael Cohen coerced guilty plea vis-a-vis legal campaign contributions.  Which was done solely to implicate and embarrass Donald Trump.

Further, Mueller’s henchmen could, in collusion with the many willing accomplices in the Democratic Party and the media, plant a series of dubious leaks and incriminatory insinuations about Trump or his campaign.  There would not be enough time for the Trump administration to successfully refute the incessant media drumbeat of scandal as every Republican candidate for Congress would be forced to answer for the charges. Thereby shifting the advantage to their Democrat opponents.

The fact that Mueller did not wrap up the investigation prior to Labor Day of 2018 and displays no intention of doing so in the near future insinuates the very real possibility that he or his dyed-in-the-wool Democratic prosecutors may well make a play in October to rid the nation of Donald Trump and the Republican Congress.  There is little doubt that this strategy has been thought of and is being contemplated by the diehard anti-Trump cabal within the Ruling Class.

Therefore, if the Mueller team has not issued a final report on alleged Russian collusion by the middle of September, Donald Trump, the individual Republican candidates as well as the Republican National Committee must go on an unbridled offensive relentlessly alerting the citizenry to the very real possibility of sabotage and collusion by pointing to history and the behavior to date of the Mueller inquisitors.

“If Nike is ashamed of America, we are ashamed of them. We also believe that those who know what sacrifice is all about are more likely to be wearing a military uniform than an athletic uniform.”
               -College of the Ozarks President Jerry C. Davis,

“Perhaps Colin Kaepernick and the ad executives at Nike should pay a visit to Walter Reed or Arlington Cemetery. They might have an opportunity to learn what it means to ‘sacrifice everything.’”
               -Catherine Smith, mother of a severely wounded veteran

“The notion that the bureaucratic class in Washington should dictate which policies presidents are allowed to advocate simply by ignoring their wishes sounds a lot more like a soft coup than a constitutionally principled resistance.”
                -David Harsanyi

Iran admits: Regime working with Soros organization

Texas school board says Do NOT call the defenders of the Alamo HEROIC because the word is too “'value-charged”.

7 points on the anonymous New York Times 'resistance' op-ed 1) It concedes Trump's accomplishments are big. 2) Its complaints are small. 3) It suggests there is a government conspiracy to thwart the president. 4) A "senior official" could be a lot of people. 5) Anonymity is good marketing. 6) It looks like a Woodward tie-in. Perhaps the author has been planning the piece for months.  7) We'll know more soon enough.
“Who Ghostwrote the Times Op-ed?”

The Kitchen Sink and John McCain

This is one of the reasons Florida leans Republican: fastest-growing U.S. city for the second year in a row, 115,000 retirees, “a huge, vibrant, Trump-friendly retirement community north of Orlando.”

A Comparison of Two Presidents: President Trump versus President Obama – Their First 600 Days

The most outlandish bout of political theater on abortion this week occurred while Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was lecturing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: “In the 1950s and ‘60s, the two decades before Roe, deaths from illegal abortions in this country ran between 200,000 and 1.2 million. … So, a lot of women died.” Whoops, the actual number was in the hundreds.

Video:  25 straight minutes of illegal aliens crossing a ranch in Arizona.
Border Agent Explains Why ‘Walls Do Work’

Hillsdale College history professor Paul A. Rahe has written an extremely important analysis of the Catholic Church’s current — and self-inflicted — dilemma. His conclusion? One of the world’s foremost religious institutions is headed for civil war.

Funny satire site; example:  Pope to Purge Priests Who Drink from Plastic Straws”

Good news stories only, example:  “Nurse Discovers New Doctor Is Premature Baby She Cared For 28 Years Ago”

“Judges, therefore, should be always men of learning and experience in the laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness, coolness, and attention. Their minds should not be distracted with jarring interests; they should not be dependent upon any man, or body of men.”
                -John Adams (1776)

“This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good disposition.”
              -Thomas Jefferson (1785)

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