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op ed review 5/27

Americans are more than twice as likely to identify themselves as conservative rather than liberal on economic issues, 46% to 20%. The gap is narrower on social issues, but conservatives still outnumber liberals, 38% to 28%.

Forty-three Catholic dioceses and organizations across the country have announced religious liberty lawsuits against the federal government to challenge the Obama administration’s contraception mandate.
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the archbishop of Washington, D.C., said in an open letter that the Obama administration would not have considered the work of Mother Teresa as "religious" and thus would not have exempted her charitable organizations from a new federal regulation, issued under Obamacare, that will force Catholics to act against their faith. "Under the mandate, even the work of Mother Teresa wouldn't be qualified as religious," said Cardinal Wuerl in a video.
There seems to be a media blackout:  ABC World News and NBC Nightly News have given the lawsuit no coverage, and CBS Evening news had 19 seconds of coverage

Their agenda: spend millions on expensive alternative biofuels. Invest even more in undeveloped “green” technology. Prepare for the melting of the polar ice caps brought on by climate change. Some aggressive and well-funded environmentalist group? Nope. It’s the U.S. military.
Federal Priorities: A new report shows we have spent $70 billion on climate change since 2008 while our strapped military is ordered to become energy-efficient. Imagine weapons that don't harm the environment. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., took to the Senate floor Thursday to decry the green agenda being imposed on the military by the Obama administration at the same time the defense budget is being sacrificed on the altar of runaway deficit spending.

Americans are nearly twice as likely to say they've gotten financially worse off as better off since Obama became president, according to a new poll.

Mitt Romney will be joined in Las Vegas next week by two of his backers: former candidate Newt Gingrich and reality television star Donald Trump.

Somewhere Osama is smiling: A New York City elementary school will require that students study Arabic.

Barack Obama's literary agents were still listing the U.S President's birthplace as Kenya in their online author bios two months after he first announced his run for president in 2007. Viewed on the April 3rd 2007 listing from Acton & Dystel for Mr Obama still touts the then-Democratic junior senator from Illinois as 'born in Kenya'.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has dispatched his lead Cold Case Posse investigator and a deputy detective to Hawaii. The mission to Obama’s purported birthplace comes as the Hawaii Department of Health continues to resist efforts by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett to verify that the Honolulu agency has a valid birth certificate on file for Obama

Bishop Harry Jackson, senior pastor at Hope Christian Church, is leading a coalition of 176 religious leaders against President Barack Obama’s declared support for gay marriage and the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

In the last three weeks, she has sparred on national television with Democrats over Republican policies toward women, been called a "lying mouthpiece" by a liberal blog, and chided former House speaker Nancy Pelosi.  In recent months Republican Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers has become one of her party's chief counter-punchers to criticism from Democrats.

An education advocacy group that typically supports Democrats endorsed Republican Rob McKenna for governor on Friday, saying he has concrete proposals that would improve outcomes for students. Stand for Children Washington said McKenna was aligned with the group's policy goals. He drew the support of board member Jennifer Vranek, a lifelong Democrat who acknowledged struggling with the decision to back McKenna.

When bald eagles confront danger, most normal Americans would leap to preserve, protect and defend America’s national symbol. But Team Obama’s response is different: It wants to give wind-power companies long-term permits to butcher bald eagles on the altar of green energy….“Lethal take” is Washington-speak for “federally approved eagle slaughter”

Stella Paul  5/21

The other day, I called a friend and interrupted her mid-cry. She'd just returned from putting her only son on a plane to China, where he was moving after giving up on getting a job here. The next day in the supermarket, I bumped into another friend, looking downcast. She told me her only son was planning his move to Hong Kong, after a fruitless year-long search for a job in the financial sector. "Obama's destroying the economy," she told me; then she looked nervously around at our hyper-Blue State neighbors.  "I feel like I have to whisper, or they're going to come and arrest me."

Welcome to Obama's America 2012, a joy-free zone in which the best and brightest youth are flocking to a Communist dictatorship, because they see more hope of economic opportunity there.

With 1 out of 2 recent college graduates out of work, the future leaders of the nation are hanging out in Mom's basement, enjoying their parents' health insurance coverage, while nodding off in a government-induced haze.
But many of the most driven, entrepreneurial types -- the kind of unstoppable hustlers who built America -- are bolting and may never return. Why should they when they might land a fine job with that quintessential American company, Procter & Gamble? Its beauty unit is slamming the door on Ohio, and moving its headquarters to Singapore.

Or maybe they'll get a piece of Eduardo Saverin's next venture. He's the billionaire co-founder of Facebook who just tore up his U.S. citizenship. Back in the halcyon pre-Obama days, Saverin emigrated here from Brazil, looking for opportunity.  Well, he found it -- and now he's following it to Singapore.

Ah yes, it's the glorious age of Hope and Change -- when Americans are renouncing their citizenship faster than Obama can grab cash at a George Clooney fundraiser. In 2011, a record 1,789 Americans gave up their US citizenship, exceeding the totals from 2007, 2008 and 2009 combined. But even though America is bleeding jobs and draining brains, talent, and opportunity, don't let Obama hear you complain. The man gets very mad when you don't genuflect to his hokum. And if you make a big donation to Romney, expect O's wrath to pour down upon your cranium good and hard.

The Wall Street Journal tells us that Obama's campaign website publicly names and shames eight private citizens who gave to Romney.  The president's website accuses these new public enemies of living "on the wrong side of the law," where they reap illicit profits at "the expense of so many Americans, " thereby earning "less-than-reputable records." After Obama denounced Romney donor Frank VanderSloot of Idaho Falls, Idaho, something rather curious happened. Michael Wolf, a former Democratic law clerk from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, began trolling through VanderSloot's divorce records. What a coincidence!
Yes, for the crime of donating to Obama's opponent, Frank VanderSloot is getting the full Roto-Rooter treatment, just like Joe the Plumber. Remember Joe?

When candidate Obama inconveniently told Joe that he wanted to "spread the wealth," Joe quickly became a target. Helen Jones-Kelley, head of Ohio's Department of Jobs and Family Services, authorized searches of confidential state databases, looking for Joe's child support and unemployment records. Obey Obama, comrades, or pay the price!

But don't worry. I'm writing this very softly so Obama can't hear. Because just between you and me, I want to ask:  If Obama is pushing out our best and brightest entrepreneurs to distant shores, who's he pulling in? Well, here's an interesting fact: a new survey reveals that the number of Muslims in the U.S. has soared 67% since the 9/11 attacks.  Thanks to our State Department's massive importation of Muslim immigrants, Islam is now the fastest growing religion in America, up from 1 million in 2000 to 2.6 million today.

What could possibly go wrong? Don't you trust the State Department to sift out wretched refuse like the Times Square bomber, and the convicted plotters against Fort Dix, the New York subway system, and JFK airport? Driving out wealth creators and importing potential destroyers may seem like national suicide, but it's a winning formula for mansion-dwelling, Marxist politicians.   Just ask François ("3 Homes on the Riviera") Hollande, who catapulted into the French presidency by garnishing 93% of the Muslim vote. 

Now France's successful citizens are stampeding out the door, desperate to get to England, Israel, or anywhere outside his sticky clutches.  And that means more votes for François next time around! Meanwhile, back in the former land of the free, Obama plays the same cynical game, intimidating and threatening opponents, so that even a frightened mother in the supermarket feels like she has to whisper.

But a million whispers sounds like a roar. Let's roar.


"Well, that didn't take long. No sooner had the idea surfaced in the house organ of the Obama reelection campaign -- that would be the New York Times -- that a Romney super PAC funded by conservative billionaire Joe Ricketts was contemplating attack ads centered on the president's now-you-see-it, now-you-don't relationship with his 'controversial' pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he of 'God d--- America' fame, than it got shot down in one news cycle by both Romney and Ricketts, with an obligatory cameo appearance by John McCain. Even by Stupid Party standards, it was an impressive display of preemptive surrender. I can see why Romney 'repudiated' the effort; so far, so boilerplate for a cautious candidate like Mitt, who's clearly going to run on an above-the-fray, 'I can fix this mess' campaign, and leave the gut-punching to others. But it doesn't help to allay the fears of conservatives who were appalled by the 'honorable campaign' of 2008 that Romney doesn't yet realize the mortal threat Obamaism poses, not simply to the economy but to the nature of the nation. The malevolent phoniness of 'hope and change' was evident to some of us from the moment it began, and McCain's campaign's blanket proscription against calling it by name was the real reason he lost so badly. ... If the Right accepts the liberals' definition of 'negative campaigning' as simply telling the truth about them, we might as well go home."
                         -Michael Walsh

Islamists say the Koran is destined to rule America. In fact, the Muslim takeover of the White House is not just an unfolding action plan but a directive from Muhammad himself. In an interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” British radical Muslim activist Anjem Choudary made clear what he and his Islamist brothers have planned for the West. “We do believe, as Muslims, the East and the West will one day be governed by the Shariah,” he said. “Indeed, we believe that one day, the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.” Last week, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the leading proponent of global Shariah law, held a conference on “Islam and Muslims in America” in cooperation with the American Islamic College in Chicago. OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu called on Muslims in the United States to become involved in all aspects of American life, including local and national politics.

A Pakistani surgeon and senior medical administrator, Dr. Shakil Afridi, who apparently helped the CIA in finding Bin Laden, has been sentenced by a Pakistani tribal court to 33 years imprisonment for this crime, and fined 320,000 rupees…..It is a statement so obvious as to be hardly worth making that playing a part in bringing one of the worst mass-murderers in history to justice, if true, should be a matter of reward, rather than a Draconian punishment which if it is carried out must mean a completely ruined life.

New book on Obama’s high school days:  “Barry was quite the accomplished marijuana enthusiast back in high school and college. Excerpts from David Maraniss' “Barack Obama: The Story” dealing with the elaborate drug culture surrounding the president when he attended Punahou School in Honolulu and Occidental College in Los Angeles. He inhaled. A lot.

Chilling Story:  “The night I could have been killed because of my blogging” The man behind this terrorism:  a leftist convicted felon named Brett Kimberlin, whose non-profit group is funded by George Soros, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, Barbra Streisand.

Like a Seurat painting or a pixilated photograph coming into focus, there are now enough tiny dots of independent data to begin to form a preliminary picture of Barack Obama’s re-election effort — and the emerging image is bleak. Tuesday night, two more Democratic primaries brought bad news to the sitting Democratic president. More than four of every 10 Democrats who went to the polls in Arkansas and Kentucky voted against him. Obama was able to secure only 58 percent of the primary vote in each state. This follows the 41 percent showing in the West Virginia primary

Republican freshmen thrive in primaries

In football, they sometimes refer to the cheerleading and noise from the fans as the “twelfth man” on the (normally eleven-man) team. The media are revving themselves up to be Obama’s twelfth man, and the time is coming for Romney to call them on it, with passion.

Show of hands: Who here still thinks Vice President Joseph R. Biden will be on the 2012 ticket? Really? All of you? So wrong. The Great One, Sir Barack Hussein Obama, will replace the bumbling, buffoonish Mr. Biden with Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, maybe at the Democratic convention, maybe just before, in a last-ditch effort to win re-election. The wild and crazy move is all the talk outside the Beltway. One state Democratic leader even tells me the bumper stickers are already printed, sitting in a warehouse in (where else?) Little Rock, Ark. Another party bigwig says she is “99.9 percent sure” the increasingly desperate president planned the whole thing from the beginning. (“C’mon, Hill, be Secretary of State for one term and I’ll make you veep the next!”)

The welfare state has little or no bearing on how children turn out, an international research project has found. Strong families are the key to producing well adjusted and successful youngsters, it adds. In fact, say the researchers, the children of married parents are likely to do better than those from broken or single-parent families – no matter how much state support the family is given. The study singled out the British welfare state as an example of the failure of state support to make a difference to the lives and success of children.

Buchanan:   The unraveling myth of Watergate

Yes, that really is Barack Obama wearing a regimental coat and carrying a tricorn hat in his hand. And that flag behind him really is a Gadsden flag, with its serpent and its "Don't Tread On Me" slogan. You may want to let all of this sink in a bit, especially if you're a Tea Party-bashing progressive. ...

The administration begins the push for ratification of a 1982 treaty that would end America's sovereignty on the high seas, limit our freedoms on land and speed up the global redistribution of wealth and power. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Sen. John Kerry's Senate Foreign Relations Committee last Wednesday that the freedom of the sea once guaranteed by the British Royal Navy and then the U.S. Navy should be in the hands of United Nations bureaucrats in Montego Bay, Jamaica, enforcers of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) he said we must ratify.

Why the Bishops Are Suing the U.S. Government

Powerful video, send to your friends:  “Test of Fire: Election 2012”

Top 10 reasons President Obama won't be reelected

Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are Republicans

Queen Elizabeth has launched a website documenting her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria's life in her own words. The site contains 40,000 pages of the surviving volumes of Victoria's journals, along with sketches and paintings she drew to illustrate them.

Leno:    The Center for Responsive Politics reports that President Obama has become the first politician in history to raise $1 billion in his political career. Imagine how much more he could have raised if people hadn't lost it all in his economic plan?.......New research shows that eating organic foods can make people more arrogant and judgmental. In fact, eating just one handful of organic bean sprouts has the same effect as driving 1,000 miles in a Prius…… Just two weeks after a felon in jail got 41 percent of the democratic vote in West Virginia, President Obama got embarrassed again in Arkansas yesterday when an unknown lawyer got 42 percent. See, that proves once and for all that there's only a 1 percent difference between a lawyer and a convicted felon.
"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse. A man who has nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance at being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."
                       -John Stuart Mill

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