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Obama administration officials are illegally delaying enforcement of a central provision in Obamacare in a desperate attempt to manipulate the 2014 midterm elections and swell the ranks of those who look to government for healthcare. The White House is beginning to sense that when Americans realize the price of “free” healthcare, they’re likely to take swift vengeance on those responsible.
Democrats are trying to suppress the confusion and hide the cost of ObamaCare
WSJ:  “These columns fought the Affordable Care Act from start to passage, and we'd now like to apologize to our readers. It turns out we weren't nearly critical enough. The law's implementation is turning into a fiasco for the ages, and this week's version is the lawless White House decision to delay the law's insurance mandate for businesses, though not for individuals.”
The final version of Obamacare’s “preventive services” regulation discriminates against faithful members of the Roman Catholic Church by effectively barring them from owning and operating health-insurance companies

First it was Aetna, now it’s UnitedHealth to exit individual insurance market in California

Rassmussen:  60% Say Federal Government Does Not Have the Consent of the Governed
71% Favor Proof of Citizenship Before Allowing Voter Registration
41% Believe Supreme Court Too Hostile Towards Religion, 15% Too Friendly

Gallup’s latest poll confirms that American conservatives are significantly more patriotic than American liberals.

In his first encyclical letter, Pope Francis has reiterated that marriage is a union of one man and one woman for the procreation and nurturing of children.

Seattle gay pride participants viciously beat Christian street preacher

A Sonoma State University student was ordered to remove her cross necklace because it might offend other students.

What was our Secretary of State doing as the Egyptian President was ousted from power?  Here are the pictures.

“US government declares hacking an act of war, then hacks allies”

Hillary Clinton’s State Department spent $630,000 to get more Facebook "likes," prompting employees to complain to a government watchdog that the bureau was "buying fans" in social media.

A third pair of female Marine lieutenants has failed to complete the Corps’ Infantry Officer Course at Quantico, Va. The Marine Corps Times embedded a reporter with the latest class of candidates. It reported Wednesday that one of the women was pulled for falling behind schedule. The other made it to the course’s end but did not meet its standards, as did six men, the newspaper said. Corps commanders have said they will not lower standards to ensure that women can qualify for direct ground combat units.

In the middle of a taxpayer funded $149M trip through Africa, First Lady Michelle Obama described living in the White House as like being in a “really nice prison.”

Marco Rubio’s push for immigration reform has yet to boost him much in the eyes of the nation’s Hispanic voters. A poll of likely Hispanic voters in the 2016 presidential race shows Rubio trailing potential Democratic nominees Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden 66-28 percent and 60-28 percent respectively.

Republicans are getting “skunked” by Democrats, according to talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Former Rep. Allen West thinks Lady Gaga needs some instruction on the importance of the National Anthem. The fiery Florida Republican is also demanding that she apologize to America’s active and retired veterans. Lady Gaga drew West’s fire after she changed the words of the National Anthem to “home of the gay” instead of “home of the brave” during a performance at the June 28 New York City Gay Pride parade.


Investor’s Business Daily   6/18
The Senate on Tuesday voted against tough border security measures that it promised to put in place years ago. Tell us again why we should trust them to secure the borders later after granting amnesty first.

In a pair of votes, the Senate turned down a border fence it promised to build seven years ago and a biometric entry-exit system it promised to put in place 17 years ago. The history of these previous efforts to secure the nation's borders is illuminating.

In 2006, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act, requiring 700 miles of double-tiered fencing get built along the Mexican border. Though the fence would only cover a fraction of that border, President Bush told Americans: "This bill will help protect the American people. This bill will make our borders more secure. It is an important step toward immigration reform."  "We have a responsibility to secure our borders," he added. "We take this responsibility seriously."

Seriously? A year later, Congress quietly passed a law that largely neutered the fence requirement, and today, only 36 miles of it have been built. Yet when Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., introduced a bill requiring that just half the original 700-mile fence get built before illegals gain amnesty, and the other 350 before they can gain citizenship, it went down in flames, with Sen. Marco Rubio and a few other Republicans voting against it.
Shortly after rejecting Thune's fence, the Senate turned down an amendment introduced by David Vitter, R-La., that would have required a biometric entry-exit system at every land, sea and airport of entry before today's illegals get green cards.

Congress promised to create this system way back in 1996 — part of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act — to better track those entering and leaving the country. But it too never was built.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., gave the game away in explaining his opposition to this prudent idea. "I want biometrics as far as the eye can see, in as many ways as possible, post-9/11, to protect this nation," he said. "But to make it a trigger, in light of how much it costs and how long it takes, I just think goes too far."

So there you have it: Since the Senate is desperate to get amnesty done as soon as possible, it can't let little inconveniences like securing the border or tracking people coming into the country get in the way. As we've said many times in this space, border security has to come before any effort is made to grant legal status to today's 11 million illegals. For good reason: Failure to do so will only encourage more to cross the border, in the justifiable belief that once here they, too, will get citizenship without having to wait in line. We're already seeing illegal crossings increase even before the law is passed.

Plus, putting border security first would give those here illegally now an incentive to see security done quickly, creating a lobbying force that would be impossible to ignore. History already proves that putting the carrot ahead of the stick doesn't work. The 1986 immigration law also promised to close gaps in the border in exchange for amnesty. But as soon as soon as Democrats got amnesty on the books, they started putting roadblocks in the way of enforcement. The result was that just three years after the bill's passage, illegal border crossings had actually increased, and today the number in the country illegally has climbed fourfold.

A few days ago, Rubio said immigration reform had to ensure "that we will never have another wave of illegal immigration again." But with the Senate turning down every meaningful border security measure, that's the only thing we can guarantee will happen again if this bill becomes law.
Another good read:  “The spectacle of a 29-year-old computer geek armed with a laptop and a credit card racing across the hemispheres, eluding the FBI, the CIA, the TSA, the IRS and the rest of the alphabet soup available to the president, taunting the entire U.S. Government to catch him if it can, has much of the rest of the world applauding, cheering and laughing. This is the entertainment nobody has seen since Bonnie and Clyde redefined the job of bank examiner on the front pages of 80 years ago. This is also something new in our history, the world laughing at the ineptitude of the United States. Only Mr. Obama, who set out years ago to cut America down to a size to suit the third world, can be pleased.  Mr. Obama himself reassures us that everybody means well, it was all about mistakes, with no intent to do bad, just the honest incompetence of careless people. Some reassurance.” ________________________________________________________________________

"Even a secular person should be required to answer a question before removing such an important cultural underpinning as traditional marriage: If marriage is no longer to be reserved for one man and one woman, as it has for millennia in many different cultures and religions, what is the new standard and on what is it based? Should we change America's motto to 'in polls we trust'? ... Polygamist groups have made it known they wish to be next in line to enjoy full constitutional protection for their lifestyle. ... There are people who favor sex and marriage between adults and children. On what basis should they be denied their 'right to happiness'? Today's 'that goes too far' easily becomes tomorrow's 'right' with a morally vacuous media leading the charge and a morally exhausted people who are afraid to say 'stop,' for fear they'll be labeled 'bigots.'"
                       -Cal Thomas

"No crisis should go to waste, an eternal truth highlighted in bold by a purported climate change apocalypse that is now the target of actions newly proposed by President Obama. This so-called 'crisis' will flood not various coastlines, but instead the front pages, replacing other, less flattering political headlines for the administration. ... Whatever the weakness of the evidence on greenhouse gases (GHG) and climate effects, the real goal of carbon policy is a regional redistribution of wealth.”
                       -Benjamin Zycher

The paid protesters opposing the late-term abortion ban in Texas are doing more than rallying outside the legislature against the pro-life bill. They’re threatening pro-life state legislators and their staffers. Death threats, harassing emails and phone calls and calls for their daughters to be raped are among the hate targeted at pro-life lawmakers from the small contingent of abortion activists upset that Texas would consider banning abortions on babies at viability.

When teenage thugs are called "troubled youth" by people on the political left, that tells us more about the mindset of the left than about these young hoodlums……At least as far back as the 18th century, the left has struggled to avoid facing the plain fact of evil -- that some people simply choose to do things that they know to be wrong when they do them. Every kind of excuse, from poverty to an unhappy childhood, is used by the left to explain and excuse evil.

Very scary article:  “The Obama administration has been collecting enormous amounts of communications and other data on Americans…….an overlooked motive will play a pivotal role in 2014: this data-mining effort, in significant part, is a vehicle for getting votes…….All incumbents want to retain power. But these anything goes, Alinsky acolytes now have access to data, and its electoral ramifications, which Nixon couldn’t begin to dream of. And this administration can’t be trusted not to use it. There are questionable concerns being voiced about the Feds acquiring domestic SWAT vehicles or stocking up on ammunition. Folks with those worries are missing something more compelling – and sinister.  The Left is attempting a bloodless coup.”

News item:  “U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement”

Electric cars, despite their supposed green credentials, are among the environmentally dirtiest transportation options, a U.S. researcher suggests. Writing in the journal IEEE Spectrum, researcher Ozzie Zehner says electric cars lead to hidden environmental and health damages and are likely more harmful than gasoline cars and other transportation options. Electric cars merely shift negative impacts from one place to another, he wrote, and "most electric-car assessments analyze only the charging of the car.

?? Two professional sports teams have endorsed President Obama’s global warming proposals. Executives from the Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners and the National Basketball Association’s Portland Trailblazers issued statements after Obama announced new environmental regulations last week.

“Keynes Hayek: The Clash that Defined Modern Economics”  John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), godfather of the “stimulus” and the “multiplier,” and Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992), who argued that government intervention in the economy breeds prosperity-killing economic distortions, weren’t just polar opposites in economic theory. They were real-life sparring partners.

Here are seven reasons (more will pop up in the days to come) why Obamacare is a huge setback for Democrats on the ballot in 2014. 

“As George Zimmerman Prosecution Implodes, A Media Invested In His Guilt Grows More Shrill”

Colon:  Is it possible that Snowden is a hero?

“Marriage cannot be redefined. Its meaning cannot be changed. And the real meaning of marriage matters to everyone, especially children.”

Is Obama a Victim of Self-Esteem Education?

Pictorial history of Fourth of July celebrations:

Funny ad

"The wise and correct course to follow in taxation is not to destroy those who have already secured success, but to create conditions under which everyone will have a better chance to be successful."
                      -Calvin Coolidge

"But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime."
                       -Frederic Bastiat

Leno:  Yesterday, the Supreme Court opened the door for same-sex marriage to resume in California. Apparently, the judges were really swayed by that Liberace movie…… The Girl Scouts announced that their pension plan has a $347 million deficit. The Girl Scouts are $347 million in debt so in addition to teaching girls about camping it also is preparing them for careers in government…… In an interview, Pat Buchanan predicted that the inflow of Hispanics from the immigration bill will break the U.S. into two countries with different cultures and different languages. Of course, as a resident of Los Angeles, I can't imagine what that would be like. 

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