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op ed review 12/11

Who else could it be? Time Magazine 2016 Person of the Year: Donald Trump

Making America great again:  US STEEL COULD REHIRE 10,000...

Trump ignores Gore’s advice, instead picks skeptic to head EPA & dismantle climate agenda:  'Trump listened to what Gore had to say at their New York City meeting and then he exercised his good judgement and did the exact opposite.'
“Liberals and the environmental left have gone into a tizzy over the selection of Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt as Donald Trump's pick to head of the Environmental Protection Agency. President-elect also Trump chooses former campaign rival Ben Carson to be housing secretary”
Then on Saturday, liberal heads really exploded: “Donald Trump is expected to nominate ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state..”
New York Times horrified:  “Trump’s Likely Labor (Secretary) Pick Is Critic of Minimum Wage Increases.” Gasp…..
President-elect Trump has made his pick for the top U.S. security position: retired Marine General John Kelly.
Washington Post:  “Too much military influence”
But wait! They were OK when Obama had three generals on his team.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion for her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, according to the latest records.
Big Labor pumped $530 million of workers’ dues into mostly Democratic Party groups and liberal causes over a four-year period — with dismal results, according to a new analysis.

Kaepernick sets record on his knees— San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick broke a 50 year-old NFL record on Sunday by ending the game with 4 yards passing and 5 sacks.

Dick Cheney To CNN Reporter: Trump Took Us To Point Where We Don’t Need You Guys Anymore

Boeing Co. executives told officials on President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team that the cost of a new version of Air Force One could be lowered if the government agrees to reduce its requirements for the plane, people familiar with the discussions said. The company’s executives reached out to Trump’s staff after the Republican said on Twitter on Tuesday that plans for a new Air Force One should be canceled because of "ridiculous" costs.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), just elected to an eighth term as House Democratic leader despite the defection of 63 fellow Democrats, was asked on Sunday what she tells Democrats who want a new direction. "Well, I don´t think that people want a new direction.”

Obama is ´most frustrated´ he couldn´t pass gun control.

First post-election IBD/TIPP poll: The poll asked the public to name which of seven agenda items should be the highest, second-highest and third-highest priorities for the new administration. Infrastructure spending came out on top, with 23% saying it should be Trump´s top-most agenda, followed by "drain the swamp" (18%), lowering taxes (16%), and repealing ObamaCare, at 13%.

This Christmas, pro-lifers should consider shopping at Macy’s. Because, as it turns out, the giant chain listens to its conservative consumers. In a Wednesday press release, corporate watchdog 2ndVote revealed that Macy’s no longer gives or matches donations to Planned Parenthood.

Interesting concept: French presidential candidate Marine le Pen called for ending free education to illegal alien children whose parents have violated French law by arriving and staying in France.
Chicago pledges $1 million fund to protect ‘anxious’ illegal immigrants from Trump deportations

The Russian-made jeep carrying the ashes of the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro broke down in the middle of his funeral procession, forcing soldiers to push the vehicle until it could be repaired.

Clarice Feldman  12/4
Fighting the Left’s Culture War One Bagel at a Time
At first I dismissed the Democrats' subsidized street riots and vandalism, moronic election recount demands, and perfervid attacks on Trump and his supporters in the press as a demonstration of their juvenile, narcissistic refusal to accept defeat. Then I read the brilliant essay by Angelo Codevilla 

It’s a bit long (but) I’ll summarize what I think are the most significant points….He traces the notion of political correctness from the 1930 Communist movement through Antonio Gramsci’s “cultural hegemony” configuration to the modern Democratic Party and finds in them a familiar strain:

“[A]ll progressives, Communists included, claim to be about creating new human realities, they are perpetually at war against nature’s laws and limits. But since reality does not yield, progressives end up pretending that they themselves embody those new realities. Hence, any progressive movement’s nominal goal eventually ends up being subordinated to the urgent, all-important question of the movement’s own power. Because that power is insecure as long as others are able to question the truth of what the progressives say about themselves and the world, progressive movements end up struggling not so much to create the promised new realities as to force people to speak and act as if these were real: as if what is correct politically -- i.e., what thoughts serve the party’s interest -- were correct factually.”

Communist states furnish only the most prominent examples of such attempted groupthink. Progressive parties everywhere have sought to monopolize educational and cultural institutions in order to force those under their thumbs to sing their tunes or to shut up. But having brought about the opposite of the prosperity, health, wisdom, or happiness that their ideology advertised, they have been unable to force folks to ignore the gap between political correctness and reality.

(Codevilla) argues that this effort is bound to fail and progressives everywhere have had the same reaction “to this failure by becoming their own reason for being.” Their movements are never about what they say they are.  They are about gaining power for themselves and destroying any who stand in their way. Those who refuse to comply with their ever-changing and ever more ridiculously unreal versions of nature and humanity must be the objects of never-ending warfare.

Unlike the Machiavellian model of attaining power through cultural hegemony and coopting the institutions which might oppose them, the American left has chosen to go even further and pick “fights with the common sense of people it cannot wholly control.”  American schools of education taught a version of America in which this country “was born tainted by Western original sins -- racism, sexism, greed and genocide against natives and the environment all wrapped in religious obscurantism and on the basis of hypocritical promises of freedom and equality.” These teachers created “a uniform class” which “now presides over nearly all federal and state, government bureaucracies, over the media, the educational establishment, and major corporations.”

Why does the American Left demand ever-new P.C. obeisances? In 2012 no one would have thought that defining marriage between one man and one woman, as enshrined in U.S. law, would brand those who do so as motivated by a culpable psychopathology called “homophobia,” subject to fines and near-outlaw status. Not until 2015-16 did it occur to anyone that requiring persons with male personal plumbing to use public bathrooms reserved for men was a sign of the same pathology. Why had not these become part of the P.C. demands previously? Why is there no canon of P.C. that, once filled, would require no further additions?

Because the point of P.C. is not and has never been merely about any of the items that it imposes, but about the imposition itself. Much less is it about creating a definable common culture or achieving some definable good. On the retail level, it is about the American’s ruling class’s felt need to squeeze the last drops of voter participation out of the Democratic Party’s habitual constituencies. On the wholesale level, it is a war on civilization waged to indulge identity politics. Hurting dissenters has become, he argues, “an addictive pleasure” because they really have no priorities beyond aggrandizing their own power. The end result of this insult to voters was the election of Trump and the rejection, almost entirely, of the Democratic Party.

As if to underscore that the flailing left hasn’t got the message and insists it has the right to silence those who hold different opinions. We have three examples this week: Kellogg’s attack on Breitbart, BuzzFeed’s attack on the Gaineses and the boycott of Goldberg’s Bagels in Baltimore. They are all on a different scale of course, but all reflect the common leftist conceit that they are the fonts of all that is good and true and the rest of us must comply with whatever is this day’s fashions -- from “global warming” to men in girls’ bathrooms, to ignoring Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal body parts.

To most of us, Kellogg's Cereal is breakfast fare (cereal, Pop-Tarts). What is less well-known is that its non-profit arm, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, funds and supports a dogs’ breakfast of unsavory leftwing operations…This week, it flounced its skirts and announced it was pulling its advertising from the highly effective Breitbart site……Breitbart regularly having challenged the orthodoxy of the mainstream media and the uniparty, every good leftist -- and I count Kellogg’s management in that category -- must do all it can to demonize it, despite the unrealistic and untrue charges against the site and Steve Bannon who was its former executive chair and now is chief strategist for president-elect Trump..

Chip and Joanna Gaines
Democratic candidates pay election-year homage to religious beliefs…. At the same time it is no secret that the ruling elites make every effort to undermine Judeo-Christian beliefs and attack believers. This week’s designated target is HGTV’s “Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines”. In a particularly odious witch-hunting move, BuzzFeed posted that they attended a church whose pastor believes the Bible -- that marriage is reserved for a man and a woman.  Why anyone, other than the author of this piece, cares was a mystery to even the Washington Post, but if so, it’s because the Post’s writers haven’t been paying attention to the earlier successful anti-religious PC campaigns forcing wedding cake bakers and florists to serve at gay weddings or nuns to provide contraceptive coverage for their employees.  

So Christians who stay true to their beliefs are fair game? Right? Well, if Christians are to be held accountable for their beliefs. What about Muslims? So if the Gaines' church and pastor can lead to their suspension and/or termination. (Stay tuned) What about a Muslim congressman?
Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) hasn't come out publicly for the exclusion of same sex marriage. But it appears that his Imam has…….Until Congressman Ellison comes forth and denounces his Imam, his mosque and anti-homosexuality, Keith Ellison is not in a position to run the DNC. Hell, he shouldn't even be a congressman. We won't even get into his Anti-Semitism and his ties to the Nation of Islam. If we can't have a Christian couple star in a 30 minute cable show about home fixer uppers, certainly we can't have an anti-homosexual bigot run the DNC. But when it comes to the hypocrites on the left we know which religion is acceptable, don't we?

Goldberg’s Bagels
Goldberg’s Bagels is a small kosher bakery in Baltimore, When a customer attacked pro-Trump supporters outside his store, claiming Trump was a rapist and racist, the shop owner tried to quell the disturbance by asking the woman to leave. She further insulted Trump and then his supporters. This prompted Mr. Drebin, the shop owner, to express his own support for Trump, after which his Facebook page was filled with insults suggesting Drebin approved of “anti-Semitism, misogyny, xenophobia and alt-right leanings.” The entire PC shtick. His business dropped by 15%. Keep this stuff up and someday there won’t be a Democratic Party. In the meantime, I note that Goldberg’s Bagels has a website, and you can order by mail. They’re very delicious, (So is Chik-fil-A, by the way.)

Let the left play the P.C. card all they want, I will fight to trump them every time.

Media Matters Founder David Brock Vows to Create a ‘Breitbart of the Left’

Catholic Church: New Priests Will be Expected to Preach Global Warming
George Will:  The word “inappropriate” is increasingly used inappropriately. It is useful to describe departures from good manners or other social norms, such as wearing white after Labor Day or using the salad fork with the entree. But the adjective has become a splatter of verbal fudge, a weasel word falsely suggesting measured seriousness. Its misty imprecision does not disguise, it advertises, the user’s moral obtuseness. A French court has demonstrated how “inappropriate” can be an all-purpose device of intellectual evasion and moral cowardice. The court said it is inappropriate to do something that might disturb people who killed their unborn babies for reasons that were, shall we say, inappropriate…….More than 7 million people have seen the video online in which one such woman says, “I’m scared: what kind of life will my child have?” Down syndrome children from many nations tell the woman that her child will hug, speak, go to school, tell you he loves you and “can be happy, just like I am — and you’ll be happy, too.”  The French state is not happy about this. The court has ruled that the video is — wait for it — “inappropriate” for French television.

Why Donald Trump’s Constant Twitter Battle With The Media Is A Brilliant Strategy

Call it “the revenge of John Galt“, call it “the revenge of main street“, call it “the rebuke of the compliance department”, or call it something else…. but what’s brutally missing amid all the pearl-clutching punditry is an acceptance that President Trump is ushering back an era of The Titans of Capitalism.

7 top RINO moments of the week

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