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op ed review 6/11

The establishment media’s bias was on full display following James Comey’s congressional hearing Wednesday. Headlines focused on Comey’s testimony that President Donald Trump “lied,” concealing the more pertinent and shocking revelations exposed during the hearing.
James Comey’s public testimony exonerates President Trump of obstruction of justice. To put it simply, “hoping” that something happens is not a crime.
“..the biggest bombshell from Comey’s testimony was the revelation that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch urged him to classify the Hillary Clinton email probe as a "matter" and not an "investigation."…..”this was a nefarious way of her making sure that the bureau and Jim Comey’s investigators had no way of obtaining subpoenas to subpoena people before a grand jury.”
Nearly six in 10 Americans are upset with the news media, claiming in a new poll that it makes them angry and dissatisfied.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ended the Obama Justice Department's practice of diverting money from financial fraud settlements to liberal third-party nonprofit groups
50,000 new mining jobs, thanks to Trump
Media ignores another Trump diplomatic triumph.
Former FBI director James Comey´s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was the fixation of Washington on Thursday. But the big story was on the House side of Congress, which passed a bill to repeal the ruinous Dodd-Frank banking law.

NSA Leaker Is A Bernie Supporter Who ‘Resists’ Trump……Reality Leigh Winner’s apparent social media footprint also shows that she is a supporter of other liberal causes, including the Women’s March and the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim civil rights group.

Socialist Bernie Sanders Made More Than $1 Million in 2016

Whenever Muslims act out the violence against infidels that Islamic scripture requires, the left wing media swing into action to create and reinforce a contrasting narrative: that most Muslims condemn and fight against such attacks…..CNN has just been caught creating a fake news event to support its narrative, and its efforts were rewarded with pick-ups by the BBC and AP, among others.

California state Senate votes to create a single-payer health system without having any idea of how to pay for it.

????  Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) will headline a GOP summit led by former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  High-profile Republicans including House Speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.) and Sens. John McCain (Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) will also be speakers at the three-day event.
Joe Biden’s niece stole more than $100,000 in a credit card scam — and quietly cut a plea deal in Manhattan court that spares her any jail time

London police nabbed a Muslim man who entered a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in the capital Monday while carrying several machetes in his backpack.
Hillary Clinton praises Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan and says the world would benefit from his ´steady, determined leadership´ in response to terror attacks

Thirteen previously exempted Alabama counties saw an 85 percent drop in food stamp participation after work requirements were put in place on Jan. 1, according to the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

Local prosecutors in Marion County, Indiana, charged 12 employees of a Democratic-linked voter recruitment organization of submitting fraudulent voter registration applications prior to the 2016 election.

Investor’s Business Daily  6/8

If there's one thing Congress' Russia hearings have shown, it's that President Trump has driven the Democratic Party and far-left media to near insanity. How else can you explain their unhealthy fixation on all things Trump and nonstop efforts to end his presidency?

No, we're not joking. Listening to the hearings on Wednesday and Thursday, when National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, National Security Director Adm. Michael Rogers, Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and former FBI Director James Comey testified, was a revelation. In their questioning, Democrats were plainly not interested in the truth. They merely hoped for something, anything, that would be damning or damaging to Trump. In particular, they hoped for evidence of "obstruction of justice" to impeach Trump.

But they didn't get it. Under persistent questioning Wednesday, Coats, Rogers and McCabe all emphatically denied that Trump had brought improper pressure to bear on the Russia investigation. None.

Again, on Thursday, Comey drove that point home, saying that he did not perceive anything that Trump said to him as an attempt to obstruct "the broader investigation into Russia or possible links to his campaign."  So in the end, as the current saying goes, it was a big nothing-burger, with cheese. And instead of a grand inquisition, it turned into rather pathetic political theater. Is this how the Democrats hope to regain power?

Meanwhile, the left-leaning, Trump-despising media had already established the journalistic narrative that Trump was likely guilty of "obstruction of justice," or possibly of colluding with a foreign power during an election. Their impeachment hopes soared. As Comey's testimony neared, CNN launched near-nonstop coverage. Other media jumped in, wondering what nasty revelations the fired former FBI director might spill. The week started out promising: CNN reported on Tuesday that Comey would "refute Trump's assertion that Trump was told he was not under investigation." So did ABC.

Unfortunately, Comey made it clear that he told Trump he was not under investigation, multiple times. CNN and ABC were forced to retract their phony reports. They weren't the only media with egg on their faces. Citing four "current and former" intelligence officials, the New York Times reported earlier this year that key Trump campaign officials "had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election." It was a blockbuster revelation, one that potentially could have ended Trump's presidency. Care to comment, Mr. Comey? "In the main, it was not true," he said Thursday.

The media focused for weeks on these lines of inquiry. Yet, as Sen. Marco Rubio noted Thursday, the only thing from the entire investigation that didn't get leaked by Comey and others to the media was the essential fact that Donald Trump himself was not under investigation at all by the FBI. Even so, don't expect this to end soon. The Democrats now stand on the prow of their party like a mad, enraged Captain Ahab, scanning the horizon for the sign of their hated White Whale – Donald Trump.

Just like the fabled captain of literature, they have endangered their whole party in their quest to get Trump. As they do, very quietly, Trump is going about undoing eight years of bad governance by President Obama.

Over the past couple of weeks, as the media and congressional Democrats have focused on Comey and the Washington impeachment circus, Trump has been on a roll. He named 12 new well-regarded federal judges to the bench, rolled back one of the EPA's "most expensive regulations ever," put an end to Obama's corrupt policy of using public money to enrich far-left activist groups, pulled the U.S. out of the laughably bad but absurdly costly Paris Climate Change Agreement, and continued a far-reaching reversal of regulations that the American Action Forum called a "profound" shift in policy that will have a major impact on the U.S. economy.
And on Thursday, while Comey spoke and Democrats fumed, the House passed a bill that would undo some of the most pernicious elements of the Dodd-Frank law — another promise Trump made and is now on the verge of keeping. Not bad for two weeks' work.

As for the Trump-haters in the Democratic Party and the media, the June IBD/TIPP Poll, taken from May 30 to June 6, holds some bad news: Some 47% of Americans agree that "the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia is a political 'witch hunt' aimed at getting the president impeached."

The nonstop efforts to get Trump are failing. Piece by piece, Trump's putting his agenda in place — just in time to watch the Democratic Party's ship go down.


“This is not about law and order, it is not about justice, it is not even about any investigation. This is about influence peddling, this is about the search for vengeance, and this is about stopping the revolution President Trump was elected to implement. This is everything that sickens normal Americans about the swamp. America is on a knife’s edge. The question is now whether Republicans in Congress will have the courage to stand with President Trump and fight the deep state that was personified in Comey’s testimony Thursday.”
            -Newt Gingrich

“We know that families and churches, not government [officials], know best how to create a strong and loving community. … In America we don’t worship government. We worship God.”
            -Donald Trump

Newt Gingrich:  “In my new book, “Understanding Trump,” which will be released Tuesday, I describe deep state operatives like Comey as the permanent opposition. They will stop at nothing to mar the Trump presidency in order to keep their influence.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore on Tuesday launched a new secure website for leakers to share information about the Trump administration.

In the era of President Trump, you might expect the left to hunker down. Instead, it´s gravitating towards two breathtakingly ambitious ideas. The first, a universal basic income, is an unconditional monthly cash income to every man, woman, and child in the country. The second, a job guarantee, is an open-ended commitment by the government to provide work, at a living wage and with benefits, to anyone who wants it.

Even though manipulated computer models and predictions of global warming/climate change have been demonstrated to be completely inaccurate, children are taught almost from the womb that the science is settled and anyone who questions the agenda is stupid and shouldn’t be listened to. No wonder they don’t ask any questions.

Without congressional ‘advice and consent,’ was US ever officially in Paris climate accord?

U.S. Paid $1 Billion To Paris Agreement Green Fund – All Other Nations Combined $0…

Follow the money:  The standard progressive narrative tells us that corporate influence is why we can’t have nice things. But a “nearly united corporate front” of Big Business, according to the New York Times, sided with the left and tried to persuade President Trump to keep the U.S. in the Paris climate pact.

Former Vice President Al Gore is now telling his climate disciples that God commands us to go forth and fight global warming.

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace confronted former Vice President Al Gore on his 2006 claim that unless drastic action was taken humanity would face a “true planetary emergency” in the next decade. “Unless we take drastic measures the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years,” which Gore said would precipitate a “true planetary crisis” due to man-made global warming. Wallace pointed out it’s been 11 years since Gore made the claim in his 2006 film “An Inconvenient Truth,” and there doesn’t seem to be a planetary emergency.

What I Saw at Evergreen State College:  Evergreen is an anti-traditional college that prides itself on its anti-capitalism, socialism, radical environmentalism, postmodernism, and Marxism, with a special emphasis upon indigenous values that convert the old American melting pot ideal into a subversive form of racist multi-tribalism under the guise of progressive multiculturalism…Last but not least, it was Rockefeller Republican Dan Evans who was one of the primary founders of the Evergreen State College.  Without his political will as the governor of the State of Washington for 12 years (1965-1977), the Evergreen State College would not exist.   The very library that was taken over by the students is named after him.
Kurt Schlichter:  “It was an undeniably awesome week when measured by the only metric that truly matters, the amount of pain inflicted upon liberals. Now, we are not sadists; we don’t delight in watching liberals suffer because their suffering itself makes us happy (Okay, it makes us a little happy). Rather, liberals’ misery is an important teaching aid that might succeed in instructing them in the folly of their poisonous, ridiculous ideology, since reason doesn’t work. And they had better learn and change their dangerous course before we all end up here. Also, some sanctimonious jerks who pretend to be conservative humiliated themselves again, and that’s always fun.”

Ask any black person which political party has been black people’s political ally. With near unanimity, blacks would answer the Democratic Party. Asked which political party has been hostile to blacks, they’d say the Republican Party with similar unanimity. For better answers, check out Prager University’s five-minute clip, “The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party,” by Carol Swain, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University. Since its founding in the late 1820s, the Democratic Party has defended slavery, started the Civil War, and opposed Reconstruction. The Democratic Party imposed segregation. Its members engaged in the lynchings of blacks and opposed civil rights acts of the 1950s and ’60s.  During Reconstruction, hundreds of black men were elected to Southern state legislatures as Republicans, and 22 black Republicans served in the U.S. Congress by 1900. The Democratic Party did not elect a black man to Congress until 1935.

Top five facts that showcase how badly James Comey politicized the FBI:
The Six Most Important Revelations from the Comey Hearing

“Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them.”
               -Joseph Story

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