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op ed review 6/4

Fulfilling a campaign promise, President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris accord on climate change on Thursday afternoon - deriding it as bad for American jobs and bad for the environment. “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”
Predictably, the Left goes nuts. CNN breathlessly declares that we can now expect, rising seas, flooding from NYC to Shanghai, mass extinctions, disappearing coral reefs…..
New York Times:  “Donald Trump Poisons the World”.
Follow the money:  “Every word we read, every corporate broadcast, every espoused punditry opinion, every angle that’s visible, everything surrounding the Paris Climate “Treaty”…is driven by multinational banks and corporations who have a vested financial interest. The Paris Climate Treaty has nothing to do with “climate” and everything possible to do with economics, globalism and the controlled redistribution of economic wealth as constructed through decades of advanced policies of multinational financial interests. There are factually TRILLIONS of dollars at stake.”
Long list of environmentalists who previously denounced the Paris Climate Treaty as doing nothing for the climate.  “The goals were too low to make a difference. There was nothing binding any of the signatories….no enforcement mechanism…just kicked the can down the road.”  Now they say the planet is doomed.
“Listen closely to the cant and jargon of modern environmentalism, and in the empty invocations of "science," you are witnessing the rites of a religious faith. If the screams after President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement seemed overwrought, it's because Trump hadn't merely adopted a policy the other side disagreed with; he'd committed a secular, liberal, sacrilege.”

Lost in all the liberal outrage: The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 4.3% last month, the lowest in 16 years.

Judicial Watch has found a number of new emails belonging to former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton containing classified information and showing favors being done for a Russia connected organization through the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State.
The real foreign interference in our elections:  Of the total registered voters in Virginia, one-third of unlawful voters managed to cast ballots—leading to a total of more than 7,400 illegal votes cast, according to the report.

Jihadi terrorists shouting "this is for Allah" have reportedly killed seven people after stabbing revellers with 12-inch hunting knives after mowing down up to 20 people with a white van on London Bridge.

Comedian Kathy Griffin apologizes for posting image of President Trump's severed head after furious backlash and Secret Service suggests she will be investigated.
Poetic justice:  sponsors cancel a bunch of engagements, including a job making commercials for toilet stool company Squatty Potty.

Obamas buy $8.1 million fat cat home — their second

Media Yawn at Venezuela’s Spiraling, Socialist Nightmare….Study finds ABC, CBS, NBC barely cover left-wing catastrophe, avoid word 'socialism'

Bilderberg conference in Virginia this week:  “Sources close to the elitist Bilderberg Group conference tell Infowars that globalists see their agenda as being in “deep trouble” and that Donald Trump poses a “dangerous” risk to the international order and must be brought to heel or turfed out of office.”

New York Times eliminates internal watchdog position. Final column on Friday warned that the Times and other liberal media outlets may destroy their own credibility by shirking truly independent reporting for relentless partisan spleen-venting.

In her latest public appearance, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed the Democratic Party, the media, “weaponized information” and even a thousand Russians for her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

The USAA financial services firm will reinstate ads on conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity´s primetime show after receiving backlash from military members and veterans, the Associated Press reports.


New York Post, 6/1

In quitting the Paris Accord, President Trump on Thursday did nothing to shift the course of US environmental policy — not even on carbon emissions. But he did put the world on notice that no president can unilaterally commit this nation to such far-reaching agreements.

The Constitution is clear: No treaty is binding on the US government unless ratified by the Senate. That tanked the Kyoto Protocol, a 1997 anti-warming treaty that the Senate rejected 95-0. And it would’ve killed the Paris deal that President Obama signed in 2016 — except that his negotiators shaped an “agreement” that wouldn’t go to the Senate.

But one that still would’ve been used to rewrite US law, if the courts went along. (And a President Hillary Clinton’s judicial picks would have ensured that they did.)

In fact, Trump had already abandoned the Paris goals by junking Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Yet he’s not turning back the clock. He’s just saying no to what Obama sought to impose — a rush to a low-carbon America at huge economic cost.

Under Paris, as Trump noted, the United States would’ve had to close all its coal plants, even as China builds hundreds more — and coal still generates a third of US electricity.

Yet America will continue to cut its carbon emissions: They’re already down by a fifth since 2000, thanks to fracking and the gradual replacement of coal plants with natural-gas ones. That’s better than Europe did as it implemented Kyoto by making electricity cost twice as much as it does here.

Nor did Paris make sense. As Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg notes, it entails costs of over $1 trillion a year to shave 0.36 degrees Fahrenheit off global temperatures by 2100 — a tenth the reduction it said is necessary.

The better response, Lomborg argues, is massive R&D in non-carbon power — so that humanity needn’t impoverish itself to “save the planet.” As he pursues smart post-Paris policies, Trump ought to boost outlays for “green energy” R&D.

America has far cleaner air and water than it did 50 years ago, and more parkland. It should continue those trends, and keep reducing its carbon emissions — democratically.

What the nation won’t do, thanks to the president, is devastate its own economy against the public’s wishes in order to satisfy the global elite. Count this as a major Trump promise kept.

Another good read:  Trump's speech, despite some redundancies, was one of the most defining moments in U.S. history. The economic facts would have been enough to justify our withdrawal from the Agreement.  Nevertheless, the defining moment was when Trump said:  There are serious legal and constitutional issues as well.  Foreign leaders in Europe, Asia, and across the world, should not have more to say with respect to the U.S. economy than our own citizens and their elected representatives, thus, our withdrawal from the agreement represents a reassertion of America's sovereignty. Our constitution is unique among all nations of the world. And it is my highest obligation and greatest honor to protect it. And I will[.] ... It would once have been unthinkable that an international agreement could prevent the United States from conducting its own domestic economic affairs, but this is the new reality we face if we do not leave the agreement or if we do not negotiate a far better deal."

“Our president is choosing to put American jobs and American consumers first. Our president is choosing to put American energy and American industry first. And by his action today, President Trump is choosing to put the forgotten men and women first.”
                -Vice President Pence

“The American people did not vote for President Trump so that American taxpayers could send billions of dollars overseas to establish a global crony capitalist slush fund. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement is absolutely the right decision for the United States economy.”
               -Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)

“If you’re blown up at an Ariana Grande concert, [European political leaders] say, ‘Get used to it. That’s just the way it is. We can’t do anything about it. But if you want us to lower the thermostat of the planet by a third of a degree in the year 2100, that we can do.’ … It’s bonkers.”
               -Mark Steyn

A feminist scholar has published a paper claiming that Newtonian physics is oppressive and that we must use “quantum feminisms” to make the science more intersectional. In a paper for The Minnesota Review, culture and gender-studies researcher Whitney Stark argues that Newton’s understanding of physics is oppressive because it has “separated beings” based on their “binary and absolute differences” — a structure that she calls “hierarchical and exploitative” — and the same kind of system is “embedded in many structures of classification,” making it “part of the apparatus that enables oppression.”

Lomborg:  “The hyperbole and outrage can’t hide the truth: even with the United States included, the (Paris) treaty was not going to make much difference to global warming…..Before Mr. Trump axed the treaty, many environmentalists quietly acknowledged this. They praised the agreement regardless, because of the political value of world leaders focusing on climate change.”

Paris: Trump Blocks First of Obama´s ´Three Authoritarianisms´……Sometimes -- maybe almost always -- the world seems to run on Freudian projection. One of the salient recent examples is Barack Obama´s supporters -- and Obama himself, literally and by implication -- calling Donald Trump "authoritarian." But in non-projected reality, during his administration, Obama is the one who imposed what we might deem -- in appropriately Maoist parlance -- the "Three Authoritarianisms." They were 1. the Paris climate accord, 2. the Iran deal, and 3. US intelligence agencies being used to surveil American citizens. All three of these "authoritarianisms" were entirely ex-Constitutional.

Some persistent NeverTrumpers were offended at Dennis Prager’s attempt to psychoanalyze them:  “Why Conservatives Still Attack Trump”

“If you wonder why President Trump´s promise to "drain the swamp" and roll back needless regulations is so important, a simple glance at the Competitive Enterprise Institute´s annual report on regulation will leave you with no doubt. Excessive regulation is strangling our economy. The CEI´s "Ten Thousand Commandments" report for 2017 covers President Obama´s final year in office and, as the report´s author Clyde Wayne Crews reminds us, the 2016 data will serve as a kind of baseline for Trump´s time in office.”

Without deploying a single division of panzers, today’s Germany has succeeded in what no previous German regime has done: unifying Europe into a single economic and political entity; one, moreover, dominated by Germany. In so doing she has extended her economic and social policies across the continent, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, Baltic and Black Seas. With every incremental encroachment on their national sovereignty, other European nations have been compelled under threat of sanction to open their borders, to accept unprecedented and destabilizing refugee flows from the Middle East and to acquiesce to economic rules and restrictions dictated by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, under the increasing control of Berlin.

By now you’ve seen the tasteless, shocking, gruesome and disgraceful image of third-rate comedienne Kathy Griffin holding a prop meant to be the bloody, severed head of President Trump. Apparently, impeachment is insufficient for some Trump haters; beheading is the only fair punishment.

Ann Coulter:  No liberal has standing to call any Republican stupid as long as Patty Murray remains in the U.S. Senate.”

Hillary Clinton's top 8 reasons she's not to blame for losing the election.

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”
            -John Adams

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