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op ed review 1/10

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will recommend that the Justice Department bring criminal charges against Hillary Clinton and various of her aides, and soon. The evidence consists of materials that the Bureau has gathered in the course of its months-long investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s personal server. The charges will consist of some of the following: 1. Improper disclosure or retention of classified information. 2. Destruction of government records. 3. Lying to federal agents. 4. Lying under oath. 5. Obstruction of justice. All the counts are familiar to those of us who have followed the Clintons for a quarter of a century,
Bombshell: In Email, Hillary Ordered Aide to Strip Classified Marking and Send Sensitive Material
“A Hillary indictment would ….virtually guarantee a landslide win for any Republican, Trump included. While I respect DiGenova and Tyrrell, I'm not a buyer.  Obama won't let it happen.  He'd rather take the heat from FBI director Comey's resignation.  Nixon fired Archibald Cox, and Obama can fire anybody who wants to indict Hillary.

Donald Trump says the nuclear deal with Iran is so bad, he is close to wondering whether it was done poorly on purpose. “It’s almost like there has to be something else going on,”

Nearly 20 percent of likely Democratic voters say they'd cross sides and vote for Trump, while a small number, or 14 percent, of Republicans claim they'd vote for Clinton.

One of Obama’s “fundamental transformations”:  Islam Set To Become The Second-Largest Religion In America By 2040.
The number of U.S. newborns named "Mohammed" has jumped 100-fold since 1964, one way of determining the growth of second and third generation Muslims, according to a leading immigration watchdog.

Philadelphia Suspect Says He Shot Officer In Name Of Islam
But the Philadelphia Mayor comes to the defense of Islam…. “does not represent the teachings..”

“Climate Change Expert “Jailed for Conning EPA out of $900K

Obama Urges Citizens to Stand Up Against the National Rifle Association
Obama´s gun control lies  Obama´s speech alternated between effeminate weeping,  pleading, and sanctimonious, holier-than-thou indignation  as he presented a litany of falsehoods.
AP Analysis: Obama Executive Actions Wouldn’t Have Prevented Mass Shootings
Texas governor challenges Obama to ´come and take´ the Lone Star state´s guns as the president prepares to take executive action
Donald Trump is challenging Hillary Clinton to “disarm” her bodyguards to demonstrate she doesn’t need guns for protection.
Record number of gun background checks in '15...44 every minute...
A north Texas gun seller is praising the president’s speech, not because of the message… but because of what it will do to his bottom line. “Obama is the best gun salesman since Samuel Colt. Every time he opens his mouth and tries to limit gun purchase, it has the complete opposite effect.”

Hillary Clinton LASHES OUT at Rape Survivor at NH Town Hall – After Questions About Husband Bill

Exclusive: Trump Is Correct — Obama Has Been Featured In Terror Recruiting Videos

On Tuesday, Aetna, the third largest health insurance company in the country, announced it was quitting America’s Health Insurance Plan,(AHIP), the powerful lobbying group for the health insurance industry. “There’s a sense that AHIP has become a one-trick pony for the Obama administration,” especially in relation to advancing ObamaCare.”

Obama Floods The U.S. Job Market With Foreign Competition
Can’t find a job?  17% of jobs now held by immigrant workers...

Obama’s Pass from the Press  1/6
Noemie Emery

Sometime in the spring of 2007, something strange happened to the Iraqi coverage in the national media — it disappeared. Or rather, as soon as the news ceased to be bad, the media lost interest in covering it. It was not till July, when Michael O'Hanlon reported back from the front that the surge had been working, that the world started to realize what happened. To them, the fact that George W. Bush had succeeded in something was what the press couldn't bear to believe.

Something of the sort is happening now in reverse regarding the current Middle East crises, which make Iraq in 2006 seem calm in comparison. This time the press, which can no longer deny that the world has been going to hell since Barack Obama started unleashing his peacemaking powers, is doing its best to insulate him completely from any possible blame for it all. Where Bush was asked every day if he regretted invading Iraq, Obama is never asked if he thinks leaving Iraq had something to do with the chaos engulfing the region, or the vulnerability of citizens here and in Europe to Islamic State-inspired attacks.

And while Bush was held responsible for every last casualty that occurred anywhere while he held office, Obama is absolved from responsibility for the massacres, rapes and enslavement of innocents that have followed his numerous foreign policy blunders — given a pass as the victim of forces he did not enable and disasters he didn't create.

"Be very glad we don't have a Republican president," Walter Russell Mead told us in May of last year, warning that if such were so we would be enduring a "merciless media pounding" on the series of "failures, mistakes, and false starts" that have been our lot since Obama took office. Instead, we have a Democrat who is allowed by the press to fail quietly, discreetly, and off center stage. Thus, into a second year of beheadings and horror, we see headlines like "Attacks Don't Shake President's Faith in Patient Strategy" (Washington Post); "Speech Was a Plea for Patience and National Unity" (New York Times); and "Obama Addresses a Shifting Landscape," (Washington Post), suggesting support for a put-upon leader facing conditions he never expected to meet.

"His decision to speak on the terrorist threat … days after the deadly attack in San Bernardino…reflects a broad concern in the White House that Americans … distracted by the overheated cacophony of the campaign season, are not listening to him," wrote Greg Jaffe, as if that were the problem. "A Rational President in the Age of Anxiety" ran a column by David Ignatius, ignoring the fact that the anxiety was the result of the irrational acts on the part of the president. Was it rational to withdraw from Iraq, against the warnings of all of his generals? Rational to lay down red lines, which were always crossed over? Rational to diss Israel and our Arab allies, while handing the store to Iran?

When Bush ducked a shoe thrown at him by an Iraqi during a press conference in 2008, Eleanor Clift said that he might have deserved it for what he had done to that country by starting the war. By those standards, by letting the war start again after Bush ended it, what Obama deserves from Iraq (and from most of the rest of that suffering region) is a volley of combat boots. But none will be flung by the press of his country, in whose eyes he can do nothing wrong.


Young women are not as enthusiastic as older women are about Hillary Clinton because they just don’t care enough about the abortion issue, DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in an interview with The New York Times.

Myth of the ‘Moderate Muslim’

An Islamic State militant executed his mother in public in the Syrian city of Raqqa because she had encouraged him to leave the group.

BRITAIN'S newest political movement which has vowed to fight the "Islamification of the West" has marked its official launch today by announcing its first major rally. The walk is being organised in conjunction with PEGIDA branches across Europe and is centred on the theme "Save Our Country, Save Our Culture, Save Our Future".

Hollywood Gets Benghazi Right "This is a true story." Those words appear onscreen to open 13 Hours, the major motion picture about Benghazi, in theaters on January 15. And with them, director Michael Bay announced that he is taking sides in the long-running debate over the attacks there on September 11, 2012. For three years, the White House and its defenders in the media have characterized the Libya raids as a tragedy, a series of unfortunate events that were utterly unpreventable and for which no one is much to blame. Many of those who were on the ground in Libya, CIA contractors and diplomats alike,

Newt Gingrich:  “Understanding Donald Trump”

A quick run-down of Donald Trump´s positions

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Saturday the idea of religious neutrality is not grounded in the country´s constitutional traditions and that God has been good to the U.S. exactly because Americans honor him. Scalia was speaking at a Catholic high school in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie, Louisiana. Scalia, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986 is the court´s longest serving justice.

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton Scandal Primer

Noonan:  “Mr. Trump’s supporters don’t care if he’s classically conservative. Doctrinal purity is not the story this year. The GOP base is a big jumble. Democrats are likely less unified than they think……A new playbook is emerging while some contenders seem to be reading from the old playbook and wondering why the plays they’re calling aren’t working. Mr. Trump touched an important nerve in opposing the political correctness that has angered the American people for a quarter century. He changed the debate when he asked for a pause in Muslim immigration until America “can figure out what’s going on.” In the age of terror, that looked suspiciously like common sense. Americans do not want America to become what Europe is becoming……..It reflects badly on the party that Donald Trump—whom one journalist this week characterized as a guy running around with his hair on fire—had to become the party’s 2016 thought leader.”

All aboard! Inside the world´s largest model railroad boasting more than eight miles of track and uncannily lifelike scenery with 3,000 tiny buildings and*

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