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op ed review 12/18

ACLU is suing a very small town in Indiana because a single Christian cross on top of a spruce tree in the town square apparently is causing "irreparable harm" to one resident who, when he drives by, "is forced to come into direct and unwelcome contact" with the cross, reads the lawsuit.

CNN’s Stelter: Trump Win a ‘National Emergency’.
The national press is renewing its call for even more scrutiny of the incoming Trump administration, and is cheering on reporters who challenge President-elect Trump and his team.
Politico’s Glenn Thrush, who was exposed in WikiLeaks emails sending stories to Hillary Clinton staffers before publication, will be joining the New York Times to cover the White House.

Group Using Celebrities to Urge Electors to Vote Against Trump Has Foreign-Registered Website

Hackers were able to access thousands of DNC emails after an aide typed the word “legitimate” instead of “illegitimate” by mistake.
Hackers also tried to breach the computer networks of the Republican National Committee, but failed to get past their security defenses.
Judge Napolitano says that the US intelligence community leaked the hacked DNC emails to Wikileaks, NOT the Russians. Napolitano says he has a source inside the intelligence community.

Bill Gates meets with Trump, says he is the new JFK who will unite the country through innovation.

Illegal immigrants with criminal records, the deportation priority of President-elect Trump, total at least 820,000, with most having felony and serious misdemeanor convictions, according to a new report.

IBM unveils plan to hire 25,000 in US on eve of Trump meeting

America is still struggling to overcome its "legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism, and racism," President Obama told Comedy Central Monday night.
Michelle Obama says America is ”entering a time of hopelessness”.

The U.S. Military Academy, which used to focus only on books, training and discipline, hosted its annual “Transgender Day of Remembrance” for cadets.

Box Office Disaster: Gun Control Movie Flops

Adweek reports that Kellogg’s decision to pull its advertising from Breitbart News inflicted massive, longterm damage to the cereal company’s brand online.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is throwing his support behind President-elect Trump´s nomination of Rex Tillerson to serve as secretary of state.
Downside:  “Tillerson’s Assault on Scouting”

Not that it matters much now, but a years-long forensics investigation into the computer image of Obama’s long-form Hawaiian birth certificate concluded that it is indeed a forgery. It was created by modifying another birth certificate that has been identified.

Homeless across country fall victim to synthetic marijuana: “Homeless pot zombies”

Two dozen states beg Donald Trump to abandon Barack Obama´s plans to combat climate change

Tom Trinko  12/17/16   Liberal Logic:”
If a man says he’s Napoleon Bonaparte, he needs help, but if he says he’s a woman he’s perfectly sane and if anyone refuses to go along with him he’s being oppressed.
If 97% of scientists say that man made global warming is real anyone who disagrees should be put in prison. When 100% of scientists say that human life begins at conception it has nothing to do with abortion.
If Russia publishes true facts about Hillary it’s foreign interference in our election. If illegals, i.e. foreigners, vote in our election it’s a good thing.
Clubbing a baby seal to death is evil. Dismembering an unborn human girl without anesthetic is a societal good.
Getting water to California’s central valley farmers isn’t as important as protecting the delta smelt. It’s okay if wind turbines kill 4200 bald eagles each year.
Saying all lives matter is racist. Saying only black lives matter is not.
Russia revealing secrets about Hillary is evil. Hillary putting highly classified data on an insecure server is fine.
Exposing Hillary’s secrets is a foreign coup. The NYT's revealing highly classified anti-terror programs is heroic.
WikiLeaks is a source for truth justice and the American way if it’s exposing critical national security programs that have nothing to do with domestic surveillance. WikiLeaks is an agent of fascism if it reveals anything that Hillary wants hidden.
Electoral college electors ignoring how the people voted in their state is true democracy.
Fidel Castro, who wore military attire and got his power through a military campaign he led, is a beacon of freedom and truth. Retired American generals are unfit to serve in government.
It was racist to say that Obama’s lack of experience made him a poor candidate for president. Saying that Ben Carson doesn’t have the experience necessary to run HUD is a patriot’s duty.
Native Americans not expressing their concern at any of the 389 meetings the Army Corp of Engineers had with Native American Tribes in no way creates suspicion about why they’re protesting now.
Honest citizens who own guns are evil. Criminals who commit crimes while in possession of a gun should get shorter sentences than they do now.
92% of the victims of black criminals are black. Wanting to keep all criminals in jail longer is racist.
Any man who claims to feel he’s a woman at any given moment can use the women’s bathroom. 
Bill Clinton’s sexually harassing and possible raping women is irrelevant to his ability to be president. Trump’s apparently consensual immorality completely disqualifies him from being president.
Ignoring the thousands of blacks shot in Democrat run cities is not racist. Not being outraged when a cop shoots a black man in self-defense is racist.
Not caring that black women are 5 times as likely to abort their unborn baby than white women is not racist. Not wanting to fund abortion thereby protecting black lives is racist.
Opposing school competition in our inner cities is patriotic. Wanting to give black kids a chance to excel is racist because it hurts the teachers unions.
That NASA showed that the earth’s temperature was flat for 18 years and then suddenly reprocessed the data and found that the temperature was rising -- in contradiction to the satellite data -- raises no suspicions about the quality of the data.
The housing crisis was Bush’s fault even though Bush had called for reform of Frannie and Freddie two years earlier and was rebuffed by the Democratic Congress.
ISIS is Bush’s fault even though it was Obama who withdrew all U.S. forces from Iraq and didn’t force the Shia president of Iraq to treat the Sunni Iraqis fairly.
The deficit of 2009 is all Bush’s fault even though it includes the $900,000,000 slush-money-for-my-friends “stimulus” package that Obama created.
Israel is our enemy because it doesn’t treat the Palestinians, who openly proclaim they want to commit genocide against Jews, perfectly. Iran is our friend even though they persecute all religious minorities in Iran.
It’s illegal to compel a gay baker to bake a cake with a pro-marriage message. It’s illegal for a Christian baker to be willing to serve gays but not be willing to bake a wedding cake for them.
Wanting to raise the tax rate of other people is charitable. People who want to keep the money they work for are selfish.
Government workers are smarter and better than regular Americans so it’s reasonable that they get paid more, have better benefits, and never ever get fired.
It’s great that the MSM declared open war on Trump but Fox News is evil for questioning Obama.
Anything that goes against the liberal narrative is malevolent “fake news”. Any news that comes from the MSM and has to be retracted is an honest mistake that in no way affects their credibility.
Giving oil companies the same tax breaks that all industries get is subsidizing them. Giving billions to companies that fail and are owned by Obama’s “green” energy cronies is “investing” in America.
A Supreme Court justice who cites foreign laws is a patriot. A Supreme Court justice who cites the Constitution is an extremist.
There’s nothing undemocratic in the Supreme Court overthrowing the laws of almost all states -- abortion and gay marriage. A later Supreme Court reversing those decisions would be treason.
Women are just as capable as men in every way and they are better because they are more reasonable and less violent. We need easier criteria for women who want to be fire fighters, Army Rangers, and cops because not doing so is sexist.
Women are oppressed in education even though more women than men are getting college degrees.
A woman in a job in an air-conditioned office should make as much as a man who works in the sewers, otherwise the system is sexist.

“So our news media hacks are up in arms about hackers, and no wonder: they resent the competition? First, tilting the news against one political party is supposed to be the closed shop oligopoly of the New York Times, CBS, etc. Who are these people to be airing out secret information? Do they think this is the Pentagon Papers or something? Second, how can Mother Russia, home of the old Soviet Union, be doing this to us? Of course, if the media had perhaps given some coverage to the way the Soviet disinformation efforts used to promote fake stories in the western press, maybe we’d be in a mood to heed their complaints now.”
                      -Steven Hayward

Filmmaker Michael Moore says Donald Trump “has no right” to enter the White House. Moore called for “protesting, obstructing, disrupting, civil disobedience.”

A permit for the “Women’s March On D.C.” has been granted for the day after Trump’s inauguration. Organizers hope to draw 200,000.

National Geographic cover story features nine year old transgender under heading “gender revolution”. What’s this got to do with geography?

Married couples in Italy will no longer have to promise to be faithful to each other, if a new bill is approved.  “The promise not to cheat is a "cultural legacy from an outdated and obsolete vision of marriage, family, and the rights and duties of spouses", according to the senators who have signed the bill.”

Two more taxpayer-funded American universities — the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Colorado Denver — will offer undergraduate courses focused exclusively on how “whiteness” is a serious social problem

The organization partnered with Facebook to help determine whether a certain story is “disputed” is financed by billionaire George Soros and a slew of other left-wing funders.

Honor killing in Pakistan: 5 young girls executed for attending a co-ed singing and dancing party. “The girls’ participation…was risky enough, but someone posted the video on the Internet, where it spread rapidly, bringing shame on their community before the vast virtual world. The local Muslim cleric, allegedly issued a religious decree ordering the five girls to be killed for dishonoring their tribe, along with the boy seen dancing and every member of his family. There was no resistance from the community.”  This is a sick, sick culture.

Woman who became known as “Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian” killed by her brother because she posted suggestive photos of herself online and criticized a well-connected Islamic cleric. “Pakistan’s attorneys, particularly those involved in prosecuting cases of honor killing and Islam-motivated violence, often become the target of such violence themselves.”

Top pollster Frank Luntz – who was not a Trump supporter – tells Sean Hannity that Trump could create a permanent Republican majority. “I did not think Trump had a good chance. But I thought he was absolutely viable because of what he said and how he said it… If Trump can keep this majority of these new voters who have never voted Republican before and bring back some of those Republicans from the suburbs who voted for Clinton but voted Republican all the way down the line this is a long term majority.

Russian “Meddling” In Election: Most Overblown Story Ever?

Before Donald J. Trump, there was Patrick J. Buchanan, who ran for president three times as a champion of the white working class. He railed against globalization and unfair trade deals, and he pushed for a crack down on immigration. His rhetoric inflamed the grievances of voters that felt left behind by party elites. He never came close to the presidency, but the issues he ran on are the ones that propelled Trump to the White House. Asked if he feels vindicated, Buchanan said: “I was all for Trump. Do I feel my ideas appear to have prevailed? My enemies seem to

“I tip my cap to Tucker Carlson, whose new show on Fox News Channel (7 PM Eastern) has become must see TV. Using his unique combination of charm and wit, he has turned the first segment of his show into a fascinating inquiry into the mental state of the American Left. Tucker’s modus operandi is to invite leftists on his show to talk about what they have written. After thanking them in a way that seems utterly sincere, he wields a stiletto, asking the interviewee to justify what he or she has written.”

“Unable to stand in front of executive donors and tell the truth, Hillary Clinton told those who invested over a billion dollars in her campaign it was Vladimir Putin’s fault she didn’t campaign in August and never campaigned at all in Wisconsin…”

Why conservative churches grow and liberal churches shrink

Coming home for Christmas! Heartwarming photos show US Marines returning to their families for the first time in nine months

“[W]hen people are universally ignorant, and debauchd in their manners, they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign invaders.”
              -Samuel Adams (1775)

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