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op ed review 1/22

Trump sworn in, 45th President, "The forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer."
Swears in using both the ´Lincoln Bible´ and one his mother gave him in 1955.
Krauthammer: President Donald Trump's inaugural address was the most "classically populist speech" we've ever heard from a U.S. president.
Trump Inaugural Address Focused On ‘We,’ Leaves Himself Out Of Speech Almost Entirely.’
Donald Trump eviscerated Washington in his inaugural address: “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost."
Rev Franklin Graham Tells Trump, 'In Bible, Rain Is Sign Of God's Blessing, And It Started To Rain, Mr. President, When You Came To Platform'...

Wishful thinking:  during the week, CNN was dreaming up scenarios whereby the Obama administration can keep power if President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence were “blown up as they prepared to take to oath of office.”
CNN Frets Trump Could ‘Elevate’ Conservative Press.  Anchor worries new media order “could put Bill O'Reilly, Wolf Blitzer on 'same plane'”
The headline on the new CNN poll is: "Confidence drops in Trump transition." But inside the poll is another story: only Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis have a higher approval rating than President-elect Trump, according to Americans asked to consider 11 world leaders.
The Rasmussen Tracking Poll shows 56% of voters approve of Trump.

Make America Great Again:  General Motors Plans at Least $1 Billion in Fresh U.S. Investment
Wal-Mart Touts Plan to Create 10000 U.S. Jobs, in Nod to Trump
German-based Bayer has committed to President-elect Donald Trump that it will invest $8 billion in American research and development and create 3000 new high tech jobs.

Forget the Russians. Officials from the UK, Germany, and France “grossly interfered” in US internal affairs, “campaigned” for Hillary Clinton, and openly “demonized” Donald Trump.
WikiLeaks emails reveal Hillary Clinton bribed some Republicans to influence election.

New study finds that Obamacare killed 300,000 jobs, destroyed 10,200 companies, lost $19B in wages. The AAF analysis also notes that just complying with ObamaCare's mountain of regulations has cost more than $53 billion and required more than 176 million hours dealing with paperwork.
Trump issues executive order on day one to start rolling back Obamacare
As soon as Republicans took the first steps toward repealing ObamaCare, stories started popping up all over about how ObamaCare "saved my life."  Are they legitimate?

Why they’re worried:  Trump eyes 10% spending cuts, 20% slash of federal workers, “numbers that would rock Washington if he follows through.”
Obama places White House staffers in civil service positions on way out of office so they can’t be replaced by Trump.

Trump is criticized for calling this “carnage”; what would you call it?   “War zone in Chicago ignored by Black Lives Matter:  10 Killed, 29 Wounded in MLK Day Weekend Shootings”

Talk radio's Laura Ingraham eyes Senate bid in Virginia, taking on Tim Kaine...
Silicon Valley billionaire and Trump supporter Peter Theil  has been discussing a prospective run for California governor.

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward slammed the unverified dossier on President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, calling it a “garbage document” that should never have been released.

 “The Clinton Global Initiative is closing its offices and sacking 22 staff……It was always obvious that the Clinton Foundation was not simply a charity. As Hillary´s opponents but also neutral observers discerned, Hillary was a coin-operated policymaker and the Clinton Foundation and CGI were toll collectors for access to her State Department and a future Clinton administration.

 “MLK’s niece: I voted for Trump”

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said in a newspaper interview published on Sunday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had made a "catastrophic mistake" with a policy that let a wave of more than one million migrants into her country.

Barack Obama was the first president of the United States to spend more on “means-tested entitlements”—AKA welfare—than on national defense

John Hinderaker  1/20
Trump: If You Thought I Was Kidding, Think Again!

Donald Trump’s inaugural address was historic. Not because it was good, although it was very good indeed. But because it didn’t give an inch. Trump’s message to the world was: if you thought I wasn’t serious; if you thought I might go native; if you thought the weight of responsibility might force me to accept the conventional wisdom; forget it. I meant every word I’ve been saying for the last two years.

There were very few fancy turns of phrase, and those felt slightly false. For the most part, Trump’s sentences were like sledgehammers. He appealed strongly for unity among the American people, but he didn’t back off from his critique of the Washington establishment, most of which was assembled before him. Washington has enriched itself at the expense of the American people, Trump said, but that will end.

At some points, the speech was bracing. He pledged that the “civilized world” would wipe radical Islamic terrorism off the face of the Earth. That is something that most politicians wouldn’t say–not “radical Islamic terrorism” as much as his reference to the civilized world.

Some will say that Trump’s pledges to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. and to reform our lavishly funded, but failing, public schools have no more prospect of success than Obama’s promise to stop the seas from rising. Time will tell. But after today, no one can doubt that Trump intends to put American interests first and to give priority to the “forgotten Americans” who more than anyone else fueled his campaign.

Another good read:  President Donald Trump's inauguration speech was not meant to bridge political divides. Instead, it was a clear and concise declaration of war against the established order.”

“There’s something perverse about an ideology that views the disposing of an unborn child in the third trimester of pregnancy as an indisputable right but the desire of parents to choose a school for their kids as zealotry. … Democrats often tell us that racism is one of the most pressing problems in America. And yet, few things have hurt African-Americans more over the past 40 years than inner-city public school systems.
          -David Harsanyi

“President Trump should build the wall, secure the border, impose tariffs, cut taxes, free up the American economy, bring the factories home, create millions of jobs and keep us out of any new wars. With rare exceptions, wars tend to be fatal to presidencies.”
     -Pat Buchanan

When you read an article proclaiming that, for the third year in a row, last year was the hottest year on record, you might expect that you will get numbers, measurements, and a statistical margin of error. You would be wrong, and here’s why.   “Why NYT Hid the Numbers For The ‘Hottest Year On Record’”
And this:  “The underreported news here is that the warming is not nearly as great as the climate-change computer models have predicted.”

Yess! All 'Climate Change' References Deleted From White House Site...

Footage shows inaugural protestors vandalizing local businesses, destroying a limousine with hammers, spray-painting on walls and windows, smashing kiosks, and chanting “no cops, no borders, fight law and order.”
Millions of Americans watching President Donald Trump’s inauguration on television missed one of the more important parts of the day -- the faces of the ugly Left. Vulgarity was on full display in the anti-Trump crowd:  Angry feminists, Satanists, anarchists, giant red fists….
Anti-Trump Women’s March Calls For Legalizing Prostitution
LGBT stages 'queer dance party' outside Pence home...
Anti-Trump protesters caught on camera planning acid attack on ball for activists as part of bid to close down inauguration celebration.

Trump derangement syndrome:  protester sets himself on fire in DC...
8 Most Unhinged Inaugural Media Meltdowns. Press used historic moment to wish ill on Trump's supporters, whine about Hillary and more

NBC News admits:  “Democrats: Left in the Lurch…The curious decline and uncertain future of the Democratic Party”

Already Rep Maxine Waters calls for Trump’s impeachment, claims Russia was the origin of Trump’s term “Crooked Hillary”.
Still at it:  Bitter media rig approval polls to show Trump’s favorability numbers dropping, courtesy of “aggressive oversampling” of democrats.

Some critics are taking shots at “Patriots Day” – the thriller starring Mark Wahlberg about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and the manhunt for the terrorists in the aftermath of the attack – for its unapologetic portrayal of America as a force for good in the battle against radical Islamic terrorism.

Italian Archbishop says Islam will soon become Europe’s main religion thanks to the huge number of Muslim migrants alongside the increasing secularism of native Europeans.

Strange story.  Assassination attempt on Republican operative?

The world’s 21 best beaches revealed.  Cannon Beach makes the list. ___________________________________________________________________

“For over 200 years, this nation has been peacefully transferring power from one president to the next. We don’t reflect enough on how odd that is historically. And if it doesn’t give you goose bumps, you need to pause, and we need to re-learn some history together, because this isn’t the way it used to be done.”
             -Sen. Ben Sasse

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