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op ed review 2/7

Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses because evangelicals turned out in record numbers and broke his way in the final days.
Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss joined conservatives at a rally for Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)in Ames, Iowa.
Koch Brothers' Network Considering Anti-Trump Campaign
“Time for a Trump-Cruz Unity Ticket?”
 “When Marco Rubio ran for the Senate in Florida, I think I was the first one to endorse him,” said Phyllis Schlafly. “I made a trip down to Florida in 2009 just for the purpose of helping him.” But Schlafly, a legendary conservative activist, now says she is bitterly disappointed by Rubio’s record.
Joe Arpaio endorses Trump.

House Speaker Paul Ryan begs conservatives, “Please don´t revolt, at least not this year.” He promised to spend the next years preparing to push a conservative agenda, including a politically risky plan for entitlement reform, if a Republican wins the presidency in 2017.

“In a stunning admission, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager predicts in an email that Donald Trump will become president if he wins the Republican nomination.”

A member of the House Intelligence Committee said that he has “never read anything that’s more sensitive” than the contents of the “Top Secret” Hillary Clinton emails identified by the State Department last week.
Carly Fiorina: “Hillary Clinton Is ‘More Qualified For The Big House’ Than The White House.”
But a former Inspector General for the State Department says Hillary Clinton will never be indicted for her use of a private email server because there are four powerful Democrat women  standing in the way.
Hillary voters sign a petition to make Karl Marx Clinton’s Vice President in the latest example of how clueless many Americans are when it comes to basic politics.  Here’s video.
Tim Allen Compares Clintons to Herpes... 'Just When You Think Gone, They Show Up Again'...

Here comes the next great cause for “progressives”:  Babies With Genes From 3 People Could Be Ethical, Panel Says

Professional football players are arguably the most Jesus-praising group in all of sports, but their bosses and sponsors -- the NFL and advertisers -- fail big time in welcoming faith consumers, according to a group that scores the Christian values of major brands.

Aetna Joins Growing Chorus Warning About ObamaCare Failing

Border agents ordered to stand down…"We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether," suggested agent Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.
“Criminal networks with Latin American roots, such as MS-13 and the 18th Street gang, are using the administration's open-door policy at the border to slip in recruits that are causing a huge spike in murder and violence throughout the nation, according to an immigration expert.”
"Established gangs have been able to transfer an unknown number of experienced foot soldiers from Central America to help colonize new criminal territory in the United States."

Chicago Stock Exchange sold to the Chinese.
USA Falls From 6th Freest Economy to 11th Under Obama...

The percentage of American wage and salary workers who belonged to a union was only 11.1 percent in 2015, but the percentage of union members who worked for government was 48.9 percent, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Campus PC has come to this: The Student Union Board at the University of Oregon seriously debated removing a Martin Luther King Jr. quote from the rec center because the words weren’t “inclusive” enough.

Mark Steyn  2/1
 (Bernie) would be the oldest man ever elected president and 83 years old at the end of two terms - which we won't have to worry about because the entire country will have slid off the cliff long before then. But he's enthusing the base, and any base wants to be enthused.

Hillary, by contrast, is in trouble not because she's a sleazy, corrupt, cronyist, money-laundering, Saud-kissing liar. Democrats have a strong stomach and boundless tolerance for all of that and wouldn't care were it not for the fact that she's a dud and a bore. A "Hillary rally" is a contradiction in terms: the thin, vetted crowd leave more demoralized and depressed than when they went in. To vote for Bernie is to be part of a romance, as it was with Obama. To vote for Hillary is to validate the Clintons' indestructible sense of their own indispensability - and nothing else. Hillary is a wooden charmless stiff who supposedly has enough money to be carefully managed across the finish line. But that requires Democratic electors to agree to be managed, too, and the Sanders surge is a strong sign that, while they're relaxed about voting for an unprincipled arrogant phony marinated in ever more malodorous and toxic corruption, they draw the line at such a tedious and charisma-free specimen thereof.

The only personable Clinton stood behind Hillary looking like an emaciated wraith of the Slick Willie of yore. Decades of interns appear to have literally sucked all the life out of him, leaving only (one presumes from friend Epstein's Lolita Express flight records) his distinguishing characteristics with any flicker of vitality. Judging from her brief but disastrous intervention in New Hampshire the other week, young Chelsea appears to have inherited her mother's warmth and personal touch. That left Hillary barking across the midnight hour like a malign Speak-Your-Weight Machine with a jammed quarter.

Bernie was close, but, as Bill would say, no cigar. Hillary won by 24 delegates to 21 - and six of her delegates she got on a coin toss. Seriously. Nevertheless, given the demographic difficulties he faces in South Carolina and beyond, Sanders needed to inflict actual defeat on Hillary. He needed headlines saying: "BERNIE WINS!" And he didn't get that. She certainly felt the Bern, but it wasn't a third-degree Bern.

Insurgent-wise, the Bern took the high road and the Donald took the low road. And, unlike Trump, Sanders outperformed the polls. If he does that in New Hampshire, he'll utterly humiliate Hillary. And who knows what happens then?

~A lot of the commentary on the Trump phenomenon in the days before Iowa reiterated points I was making way back when, a month after he entered the race. The retort that Trump is not a "real" Republican or a "real" conservative would of course be a devastating criticism had "real" Republicans and "real" conservatives" in Washington managed actually to "conserve" anything during their time in office. Fiscal prudence? Constrained welfare? Private health care? Religious liberty? There's no point to a purity test for a party that folds more reliably than the White House valet. As I've said, for the Republican establishment the issue is Trump; for a large part of the base the issue is the Republican establishment.

So I have generally regarded Trump's presence in this race as a good thing. And I believe (for reasons I'll expand on later this week) that he would do better against Hillary than most other GOP candidates.

The results of the Iowa caucuses have shown us several important things. 1) Everybody hates the establishment of both parties. 2) No one trusts the media anymore. 3) Pollsters have no clue how to conduct polling in the fast-paced world of smartphones and social media.

"In our view, Maryland (gun) law implicates the core protection of the Second Amendment — 'the right of law-abiding responsible citizens to use arms in defense of hearth and home..”
             -Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

Three Christian high school students will stand trial for blasphemy in Egypt Thursday on charges that they insulted Islam.

A man has been arrested at Disneyland Paris carrying two handguns, ammunition, and a ´guide to the Koran´, but police are still hunting his female companion.

The South Carolina House has passed a bill blocking Islamic sharia law from being recognized or approved in the state, after years of debate over similar legislation.

Hillary Clinton's campaign raised $112 million in 2015, and top Democratic billionaire donor George Soros recently gave $6 million to her super PAC,.

91% of Americans aren’t worried about global warming.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has spent millions on ocean conservation and backed programs to save endangered coral, but those reefs had better not get in the way of his 300-foot megayacht. Allen’s $162 million Tatoosh destroyed 13,800 square feet of coral reef in the Cayman Islands’ protected replenishment zone. Local officials said the massive anchor and chain wiped out most of the coral in the area on the western coast of Grand Cayman on Jan. 14.

Everyone is talking about what the recent caucuses in Iowa means. Not who won, but what it signifies.  One interpretation is events show the establishments of both parties are under siege. David Corn, writing in Mother Jones says "after Iowa, both parties are facing hostile takeovers", the Democrats facing a challenge from the left and the Republicans from what is called the conservative wing. But there is more to it than that. Such triumphs can be Pyrrhic. Perhaps the most prescient metaphor was contained in a prediction by former Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-N.Y.).  "We are witnessing the end of the House of Clinton" adding that "the House of Bush is also falling. So is the Establishment of both political parties."

More centrist candidates, like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Chris Christie, have focused on coalescing the party’s more moderate, usually white-collar elements. Marco Rubio has attempted to remain viable across all of the party’s factions…….But Trump has disrupted all of these calculations by assembling an unprecedented coalition that barrels through the party’s traditional boundaries.   “Everything was through the prism of the olden days and Trump not being a creature of politics … didn’t think like that,” said David Carney, a long-time New Hampshire based Republican strategist, who is neutral in this race. “That has freed him up. He is not trying to go after little segments; he is trying to go after everybody, with a very general message.”

VDH:  Trump is not my preferred candidate. I hope he does not win the Republican nomination. But I understand why millions seem to be mesmerized by his rhetoric.

A “defense of the GOP establishment” makes a few good points:   The best way to break the gridlock is to stop angrily tilting at Establishment windmills and win the White House in 2016 by focusing on the D.  It’s time to drop the anger and unite in the Grand -- as in big and great -- Old Party, both “Establishment” and anti-Establishment, and win in November.NC.


"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
               -Cesare Beccaria

"What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value."
             -Thomas Paine, 1776

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