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5 Cops shot dead in Dallas, Black Power group claims responsibility, warns of more assassinations…suspect ‘wanted to kill white people’ Facebook message says “More Will Be Assassinated in the Coming Days! Do You Like The Work Of Our Assassins? Get Your Own Sniper Rifle And Join Our Thousands Of Sniper Assassins Worldwide In The Fight Against Oppression!”
Another incident: Missouri Cop ´Fighting For His Life´ After Being Shot During Traffic Stop…investigators believe the officer was "ambushed."
The executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations:  “Obama caused a 'war on cops'”
Hillary Clinton has crafted her response to the slaughter of Dallas policemen to exploit racial resentment and shore up her support among African Americans. She needs Obama-levels of turnout and grab about 92% of the votes in order to win.
The Falcon Heights, Minnesota police shooting of Philando Castile is based around an entirely false narrative. Castile was pulled over by police because Castile matched a “be on the lookout” alert for an armed robbery suspect.
Castile was a gang member (crips), who frequently pictured himself on social media with firearms, cash, drugs and gang signs.

FBI's Hillary Clinton decision proves rules don't apply to rich and powerful
Rudy Giuliani Says Comey Made ´Special Exception for the Clintons´
By contrast, in 2003, Comey indicted a man over a single 21 word email.
Key assertions by Hillary Clinton in defense of her email practices have collapsed under FBI scrutiny. The agency´s yearlong investigation found that she did not, as she claimed, turn over all her work-related messages for release. It found that her private email server did carry classified emails, also contrary to her past statements. And it made clear that Clinton used many devices to send and receive email despite her statements that she set up her email system so that she only needed to carry one.
During FBI Director Comey’s testimony before Congress, he stunningly revealed the July 3rd, 2016 interview with Hillary Clinton was not conducted under oath, was not recorded, there is no transcript of her question and answer session, he was not present, and he did not talk to all of the questioning agents.
It’s already being called “the Hillary Defense.” The FBI recommendation not to prosecute Hillary Clinton and her staff on charges of mishandling classified information will give those accused of flouting national security rules a new line of defense even as it highlights a dual standard in how senior government officials are treated, several experts said Wednesday.

A high-powered group of senators officially petitioned the State Department Thursday to suspend the security clearances of former Secretary Hillary Clinton and her top aides — a move that could effectively kneecap her preparations for the White House.

Final primary analysis:  Republican turnout up 62%, Democratic turnout down 21%
Poll: Trump and Hillary Nearly Tied, Clinton’s Lead Drops to One Point over Trump

The White House announced that it is launching a “Call to Action” asking private businesses to help with the resettlement of refugees. This could be done to bypass the government cap of 85,000 total refugees.
A U.S. Border Patrol agent says that the federal government is “completing the smuggling cycle” by bringing unaccompanied minors into the country “for free.”

VA Puts Latest Estimate of Veteran Suicides at 20 Per Day
Story from last week:  “The VA suicide hotline apparently dropped over a million calls last year.”

It's now evident that the FBI fumbled its investigation into Hillary's Clinton's misuse of a private email server while serving as secretary of state. It found evidence of crimes but refused to prosecute. Whether it was dereliction, incompetence or something far more sinister are the only real questions that remain to be answered.

Comments by FBI Director James Comey to Congress Thursday underscore just how badly our justice system performed in the Clinton investigation. Not only did the FBI fail to put Clinton under oath during her 3-1/2 hours of questioning last week, he said, but the FBI has no recording or transcript of it.

Apparently, apart from personal recollections of those who questioned her, there is no record of what she said -- or whether, in the end, it was truthful. This extraordinary bungling by the Justice Department and FBI can be no accident.

It's now clear the meeting between President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch last week was a premeditated attempt at cooking justice -- making sure that neither the Justice Department nor the FBI, which is part of the Justice Department, would recommend charges against what were plainly illegal acts by Hillary Clinton.

After that meeting, it was no mere coincidence that Comey on Tuesday in a hastily called press conference announced that, despite ample evidence that Hillary lied repeatedly about her email server and was negligent in leaving it open to our nation's enemies, he would not recommend that she be charged. Not long after, Lynch confirmed no charges would be brought. Since then, Hillary Clinton has appeared with President Obama on a dais with the presidential seal in sight -- a subliminal suggestion that not only has Clinton been cleared, but she carries the imprimatur of a sitting president.

We're left to wonder: Did Obama, who hopes Hillary will cement his legacy, use Bill Clinton as a high-level courier to tell Lynch to stop her investigation? Was Comey so intimidated that he just called off the dogs, or did someone order him to? Either way, Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., called the FBI's decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton "uniquely troubling in light of Attorney General Lynch's secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton."

As we noted earlier, even Comey, in his press conference Tuesday, hinted that while this was criminal behavior that ordinarily might result in charges, because of Hillary's political position -- what Comey called the "context" of her actions -- she would escape prosecution. Said Comey,"there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information." Sorry, but that is, prima facie, evidence of a crime.

On Thursday, questioned by Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., Comey admitted that Hillary lied repeatedly about her email server, about the classified documents that she had on it, about the number of personal files deleted, and even about the number of devices she had used. Virtually everything she said about her illegal use of the home-brew email server was a lie -- making her liable for prosecution.

This not only undermines Americans' faith in the rule of law, but undermines the very foundation of the law in a constitutional republic such as ours -- that is, the idea that the law applies to everyone, regardless of social or economic status. That's why, given the failure of our justice system, it's proper that House Speaker Paul Ryan should now seek to bar Hillary Clinton from any more intelligence briefings. In a letter to National Intelligence Director James Clapper, Ryan suggested: "This is necessary to reassure the public that our nation's secrets are secure," Ryan wrote.

We agree. Given the contempt she has shown for the nation's secrets by exposing them to our enemies and then lying about it, this is the least that should be done.

“Secrecy is a virtual religion in Washington. Those who violate its dogma have been punished in the harshest and most excessive manner – at least when they possess little political power or influence. As has been widely noted, the Obama administration has prosecuted more leakers under the 1917 Espionage Act than all prior administrations combined. …... For low-level, powerless Nobodies-in-DC, even the mere mishandling of classified information – without any intent to leak but merely to, say, work from home – has resulted in criminal prosecution, career destruction and the permanent loss of security clearance. This extreme, unforgiving, unreasonable, excessive posture toward classified information came to an instant halt in Washington today – just in time to save Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations……”

The fix was in. Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey painted a devastating picture of Hillary Clinton’s reckless lawbreaking with her emails and the damage it likely caused — but then recommended no charges against her. When it comes to the Clintons, say goodbye to the rule of law….Comey just dealt a powerful blow to the public’s faith in the concept of equal justice. Hillary will now claim falsely she’s been exonerated — even though the FBI found her in violation of the law. Is there any wonder so many voters this year are outraged by the “rigged” system?

“We're sure police would welcome his support if it was authentic. But Obama, Hillary Clinton and their fellow NeoComs perpetuate the urban poverty plantations where 95% of our nation's violence occurs, then paint all cops as "racist" after there are deadly confrontations with the Demos' gang-banger constituency. In turn, that results in the murder of law enforcement officers. And by the way, we're waiting on Obama's order to lower flags to half-mast.”

 “Comey may think he’s successfully threaded the political needle – highlighting Clinton’s malfeasance while giving her a get-out-of-jail-free card. But all he’s done is further lowered the reputation of the FBI in the eyes of the American people.
                 -Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch”

Bloody attacks around the world this Ramadan:   350 dead.

University of Houston professor Gerald Horne spewed his racist hate against America on Independence Day weekend. Horne, who is the John J. and Rebecca Moores Chair of History and African-American Studies at the university. Horne says the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ is racist.

Another prominent Democrat has trashed Elie Wiesel — the Holocaust survivor, author, and Nobel Peace laureate who died on Saturday. Dorothy Reik, president of the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains and a member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, wrote an email quoting a reference to Wiesel as a “Holocaust whore”.

We surrender. Hillary Clinton is innocent. For this to work, though, we now have to accept that the woman Barack Obama christened the most qualified presidential nominee in history can’t understand the most basic workings of an email account. Although she served as both a U.S. senator and as secretary of State of the most powerful nation ever, she’s incapable of following basic directions. And, despite extensive training in the proper handling of classified information, she probably couldn’t get clearance as a White House intern.

We’ve reached a point in western civilization where it is more offensive to expose Islamic terrorists than engage in Islamic terrorism itself. Our enemies understand this phenomenon, which is why they have so successfully exploited “liberal” western values against America and Europe. In the words of the Muslim Brotherhood’s explanatory memorandum, “destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands.” The latest example of the West’s instant capitulation and adherence to Sharia is YouTube’s decision to ban a video produced by Counter Jihad, which exposes the stealth jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America.

Bill O'Reilly shares photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim dress he claims are from half-brother Malik's wedding saying they prove his 'deep emotional ties to Islam'

“Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure.”
                -Thomas Jefferson

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