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op ed review 5/21

Donald Trump has grown to a 5% lead over Hillary Clinton in Rasmussen Reports’ first weekly White House Watch survey.
Billionaires who spurned Trump during the primaries are now rallying around the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — pledging six- and seven-figure donations for the general election.
Trump unveils potential Supreme Court picks including conservative firebrand judge with hilarious Twitter feed, senator´s brother and ex-wife of an anti-Trump radio host.
Liberals in a panic….Washington Post assigns army of 20 to dig into ´every phase´ of Trump´s life.

On the Hannity show, Trump dropped the big one on the Hillary Clinton campaign, openly accusing former President Bill Clinton of rape. And the liberal media reacted in the most predictable way, by claiming it has no basis in fact. “The rape accusation is decades-old and discredited,” ABC’s Tom Llamas stated, misleading the audience during Thursday’s World News Tonight.
“Excuse me?” says Juanita Broadderick.
Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” -- even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by

As Hillary sinks in the polls, sharply critical pieces about Bernie Sanders have appeared in progressive outlets such as Mother Jones, Talking Points Memo and Daily Kos within the past 48 hours.

Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal that she intended the overthrow of Moammar Qaddafi to be the crown jewel of her tenure as Secretary of State. It was to be her principal credential when she made her inevitable run for the presidency. But Clinton and Barack Obama made the inexplicable decision to overthrow Libya’s government without having a plan for what would succeed it, and Libya turned into a disaster.

The Obama administration will send a letter to every public school district in the country telling them to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their chosen gender identity, as opposed to their birth certificate.
A shocking editorial in the Charlotte Observer counseled young girls to get over the "discomfort" they feel at the sight of male genitalia when transgender facilities are allowed in North Carolina.
A female security guard working at a Washington, D.C. grocery store was arrested for physically escorting a man out of the women’s restroom after he refused to leave.  Yes, it was the security guard that was arrested.
Obama’s new Secretary of the Army is openly gay.

Starting in July, Florida schools will give students an opt-out option for the Pledge of Allegiance in their student handbooks and an atheist group is working to make sure it’s in the pages.

So why is the official Twitter account for the president of the United States publicly following adult movie stars?
President Obama’s national security adviser said Wednesday there are too many white people in key government posts, endangering national security “because they all think alike.”

A poll of Native Americans found that the vast majority do not object to the Washington NFL team’s name

Woman euthanized by doctors because she was obsessed with cleaning: Just one of growing numbers of Dutch people given the right to euthanasia because of mental, not terminal, illness
Democrats on the Federal Election Commission, following efforts to muzzle conservative news sites and even an anti-Obama movie maker, voted in secret to regulate conservative text messages despite a staff recommendation that the agency drop the case

“It is becoming harder and harder to tell the two major political parties apart. Today in Washington, all but three Senate Republicans on the Armed Services Committee voted to require your daughters to sign up for selective service and be drafted in times of war. Only Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Mike Rounds opposed the measure, which was offered up by the Democrats.”

Fast food chain Wendy’s will be expanding the use of self-service kiosks in response to minimum wage hikes and a tight labor market.

Russia to test unstoppable 'Satan 2' stealth nuke capable of wiping out an ENTIRE NATION

Cashing in: Illegal immigrants get $1,261 more welfare than American families, $5,692 vs. $4,431

Sheer lunacy: That’s the only way to describe the Obama administration’s decision to enforce the full “trans rights” agenda on the nation — in public accommodations, and in school bathrooms and locker rooms.

Yes, polite society in progressive precincts has embraced the idea that those with non-standard “gender identities” deserve the same protections as racial and other minorities.

But that idea surely never entered the mind of any lawmaker who voted for (or against!) the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or any of the other laws Team Obama is citing as authority for its actions.
And while Americans are good with “live and let live,” most will be outraged at Uncle Sam ordering their local school to let biological boys change in the girls’ high-school locker room.
Yet the Justice and Education departments on Friday sent out a letter directing schools to let every student use the “facilities” that fits his/her “identity.” In fact, Education officials had already pushed many schools to make the locker-room concession.

It’s madness: As a practical matter, administrators should figure out the best accommodation for their particular school, in their particular town. The right answer in Scarsdale won’t necessarily be the best solution for Newark. Transgender folks are a minuscule minority; the question’s not even relevant to most of the country. It’s insane to put this issue atop the agenda when countless schools in this nation don’t even provide a decent education.

Look: The vast majority of Americans still see two sexes, male and female, with the differences obvious and biological. Most will humor the rare person who feels otherwise — and won’t be bullied to go any further.

Maybe the progressives will manage to re-educate us all into seeing things their way, but they’ve got a long, long way to go. Trying to force their views on everyone now is just begging for populist fury.

The more so, since the feds are starting with schools, when countless parents are already outraged at other ham-handed diktats from America’s elites.

Pull your social-engineering crap with your own damn kids, and leave ours alone.

One of the rare defeats progressives have suffered in the last couple of generations occurred in the 1970s, when the states refused to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, due in some large measure to the belief that the ERA would abolish separate male and female toilet facilities.  
So why have liberals chosen to force the issue of "transgender" rights down our throats and trigger another (and possibly) losing fight over loo access?

The answer is not only that liberals are drawn to the issue like salmon to their home stream, but that they’re afraid to leave it be.  But not for the reason you think.  Indeed, they couldn't care less about the hurt feelings of the sexually confused.  What they're targeting is the mindset of those men who aren't at all confused.

After all, you have to remember that their goal has always been a state of being that doesn't admit any identity for oneself other than that provided by the government.  Just as many Britons cannot see themselves as hospital patients other than with the NHS, or third-generation welfare recipients in a Bed-Stuy public housing project cannot imagine themselves as a human being not supported by social services.  And so, in this great liberal Game of Drones, everything that provides an alternate identity must go.  Christianity, regional identities like the South’s, the vanity of European history, traditional family with its rock-hard loyalties, scholarship and its “ability status,” pride in economic success in the private economy, until eventually even the idea that you have a conclusive and individual sexual identity established by nature is to be delegitimized and masculinity abolished – replaced by some determination of sex, or the lack of it, by some law or government regulation.

At which point the left-wing liberal world is finally made safe.  Safe in the almost exact same fashion Middle Eastern harem keepers were safe once their male servants and guards were all castrated.

Insane, but there it is.  The fight about “transgenders” is really not a struggle about them at all.  Instead, it’s part and parcel, warp and woof, of the left’s larger struggle: to get your...well, to get your you-know-what.

Related news item:  Vanity Fair has weighed in on the blockbuster movie “Captain America: Civil War” to lament the hero’s “heterosexual virility.”

"It would be good news if the Department of Education just wasted the money it gets from our hard-earned taxes. But it uses the money to do real damage. Nothing could provide a better example than the newly issued guidance letter that the Department of Education, jointly with the Justice Department, just sent to public school districts across the country, threatening to cut of federal funds if public schools do not comply with guidelines for treatment of so-called transgender students. The first paragraph of the directive provides a toll-free phone number to call if you don't know the English language well enough to read the letter and then serves up this same paragraph in six different languages. Our own Department of Education is apparently of the view that familiarity with the English language is not among the responsibilities of American citizens. ... To repeat, the Department of Education is not just wasting the billions it controls. It does substantial damage by forcing its own left-wing views on the nation's families. The Education department should be shut down and these funds should either be returned to taxpayers and or sent to parents with children in public schools to be used toward vouchers to allow them to choose where to send their children to school."
             -Star Parker

"I believe that the bathroom-usage issue constitutes a far more intrusive assault on our traditional morés than same-sex marriage. Many Americans who have zero inclination toward homosexuality were willing to accept same-sex marriage on the grounds that what other people do is their business and not our own, and that two gay people getting married isn't going to infringe upon one's own personal space. The bathroom issue is obviously different: Going to the bathroom is one of the most personal and private acts a person does; it is a situation in which individuals can feel particularly vulnerable; and now the government wants to take away that feeling of personal privacy and safety."
                    -Mark Hendrickson

"Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men."
                   -Dr. Paul McHugh, former Chief Psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Hospital

“Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” by Peter Schweitzer.  “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle” says The New York Times.

Michael Reagan:  “Lessons My Father Taught Me.”

Competitive Enterprise Institute:  “Ten Thousand Commandments.”  An annual snapshot of the federal regulatory state.

An anonymous congressman has dropped a bombshell election-year book that confirms why Americans hate their national government and have rallied to anti-establishment presidential candidates like Donald Trump. The veteran politician lays bare a rotten and corrupt Congress enslaved by lobbyists and interested only in re-election in an anonymous, 65-page manifesto called “The Confessions of Congressman X.” “Like most of my colleagues, I promise my constituents a lot of stuff I can never deliver,” he admits. “But what the hell? It makes them happy hearing it . . . My main job is to keep my job.” The House member — a Democrat who

Venezuelans Are Now Killing Cats, Dogs, and Pigeons for Food Because Socialism Can’t Provide

Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials, “in a move spearheaded by environmentalists”.

ISIS has executed 25 people in Mosul, northern Iraq, by lowering them in a vat of nitric acid, according to several local news reports.

London’s Iconic Red Buses To Declare ‘Glory To Allah’

Deputy national security advisor for strategic communications Ben Rhodes told a Muslim audience Wednesday night that one of the things he was most proud of was the fact that under the Obama administration “people never have used language that suggests that America is at war with Islam.”

Obama´s transgender regime has officially carried its demands for your child´s compliance with sexual deviancy to the level of an imperial directive: Public schools must permit transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity, according to an Obama administration directive….. The sudden (but long anticipated and well prepared) drive for transgender bathrooms in public facilities is part of progressivism´s final assault on modesty and personal privacy. Train children from an early age that sexual behavior is a harmless physical gratification, no more important than scratching an itch; teach them that there are no consequences

Fernandez:  A German friend once remarked that Hitler was only the second most destructive thing his country had unleashed upon the world. Worse by far, he said, were the ideas of Karl Marx. The notion an idea could be more destructive than fleets of bombers and Panzer divisions is a large claim but there is evidence in support of it. John Walters says that in sheer destructiveness Hitler beats Marx only if you add the Kaiser´s war. If you add famine into the equation, Marx beats Hitler, Tojo and the Kaiser put together. "

Hillary Clinton is under fire in a new online viral video that purports to show her lying or changing her tune “for 13 minutes straight.”

Animation shows history of immigration to the US

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