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op ed review 2/28

Nevada: Trump wins again.
Trump Has Won More Votes Than Romney Had At This Point in 2012
Gov. Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump, calls Marco Rubio ‘Desperate’
Sen. Jeff Sessions endorses Trump:  our last chance to save U.S. sovereignty and to end the domination of the political establishment over the interests of working Americans. Trump alone has rejected the donor class, defending America’s jobs and wages from open borders, uncontrolled immigration and the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership that will cede U.S. authority to foreign powers. Trump’s trade and immigration plans will revitalize our shrinking middle class, keeping jobs and wealth and income inside the United States of America.”
Sen. Marco Rubio trails Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump by double digits in his home state of Florida, according to a new poll.
Six days before Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are now tied in Texas.
GOP Insider plan to enlist Mitt Romney if Rubio fails.
Sen. Rubio plans to snub the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year, and won’t show up at all….. That Rubio is skipping the pre-eminent annual conservative gathering of thousands of activists in a presidential election year is extraordinarily telling about the direction of his campaign as the entire Washington establishment aligns behind him in a last-ditch desperate bid to stop billionaire frontrunner ,
A political science professor who claims his statistical model has correctly predicted the results of every election in the last 104 years has forecast that the odds of Donald Trump becoming America’s next president currently range from 97 percent to 99 percent.

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat caused outrage after he joked about how an assassination attempt could end Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Almost 60% of democrats think socialism is great for America

A young woman named Chelsea is burning up the Youtubes with her tearful tale of phone-banking for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and running into scores of “really sick people” who are voting for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

An estimated 45.3 percent of American households — roughly 77.5 million — will pay no federal individual income tax, according to data for the 2015 tax year from the Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington-based research group. “Roughly half pay no federal income tax because they have no taxable income, and the other roughly half get enough tax breaks to erase their tax liability.”

Hillary Clinton calls on President Obama to nominate a "true progressive" to the Supreme Court.

Secretary of State John Kerry responded to the news that a former Guantanamo Bay detainee had returned to terrorism Wednesday by saying that “he’s not supposed to be doing that.”
John Kerry is also having an “additional evaluation” done to help him determine whether the systematic murder of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East—at the hands of the Islamic State and others—should be declared “genocide.”

Charges against Perry dismissed.  Same networks that hyped Gov. Perry indictment in 2014; silent on dismissal.

Abortion Clinics Closing at Record Pace...
Clothing retailer Lands´ End has scrubbed a recent interview with feminist author Gloria Steinem from its website following complaints from pro-life customers.

Peggy Noonan  2/27
The Rise of the Unprotected

There are the protected and the unprotected. The protected make public policy. The unprotected live in it. The unprotected are starting to push back, powerfully.

The protected are the accomplished, the secure, the successful—those who have power or access to it. They are protected from much of the roughness of the world. More to the point, they are protected from the world they have created. Again, they make public policy and have for some time.

I want to call them the elite to load the rhetorical dice, but let’s stick with the protected.

They are figures in government, politics and media. They live in nice neighborhoods, safe ones. Their families function, their kids go to good schools, they’ve got some money. All of these things tend to isolate them, or provide buffers. Some of them—in Washington it is important officials in the executive branch or on the Hill; in Brussels, significant figures in the European Union—literally have their own security details.

Because they are protected they feel they can do pretty much anything, impose any reality. They’re insulated from many of the effects of their own decisions.

One issue obviously roiling the U.S. and Western Europe is immigration. It is the issue of the moment, a real and concrete one but also a symbolic one: It stands for all the distance between governments and their citizens. It is of course the issue that made Donald Trump.

Britain will probably leave the European Union over it. In truth immigration is one front in that battle, but it is the most salient because of the European refugee crisis and the failure of the protected class to address it realistically and in a way that offers safety to the unprotected.

If you are an unprotected American—one with limited resources and negligible access to power—you have absorbed some lessons from the past 20 years’ experience of illegal immigration. You know the Democrats won’t protect you and the Republicans won’t help you. Both parties refused to control the border. The Republicans were afraid of being called illiberal, racist, of losing a demographic for a generation. The Democrats wanted to keep the issue alive to use it as a wedge against the Republicans and to establish themselves as owners of the Hispanic vote.

Many Americans suffered from illegal immigration—its impact on labor markets, financial costs, crime, the sense that the rule of law was collapsing. But the protected did fine—more workers at lower wages. No effect of illegal immigration was likely to hurt them personally.

It was good for the protected. But the unprotected watched and saw. They realized the protected were not looking out for them, and they inferred that they were not looking out for the country, either.

The unprotected came to think they owed the establishment—another word for the protected—nothing, no particular loyalty, no old allegiance.

Mr. Trump came from that. . . . You see the dynamic in many spheres. In Hollywood, as we still call it, where they make our rough culture, they are careful to protect their own children from its ill effects. In places with failing schools, they choose not to help them through the school liberation movement—charter schools, choice, etc.—because they fear to go up against the most reactionary professional group in America, the teachers unions. They let the public schools flounder. But their children go to the best private schools.

This is a terrible feature of our age—that we are governed by protected people who don’t seem to care that much about their unprotected fellow citizens.


Limbaugh:  “And now we've closed the circle.  And now we're back at why Donald Trump is in the race and why Donald Trump is running away with it. You can get as deep or as shallow in the analysis as you want.  But it's about a last chance, a last-gasp effort at preserving the culture that developed after the founding of this country.  It's no more complicated than that, folks.  The country's under siege from all quarters, and recently the Democrat Party has joined those who have put the country under siege.”

Muslims now outnumber Christians in capital of European Union

John Kevin Wood says his daughter’s school has banned him from campus for more than a year, illegally punishing him for raising objections to classroom lessons about Islam. She had been asked to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam. She had been asked to write and recite the Muslim statement of faith. She was told that most Muslims’ faith is “stronger than the average Christian…….”

Why So Many Millennials Are Socialists

The simple trick that can reveal if you´re a conservative or liberal: Study discovers which words give away political beliefs

Patrick Deneen puts his finger on the biggest problem facing the American future: a generation of students who know nothing about anything: My students are know-nothings. They are exceedingly nice, pleasant, trustworthy, mostly honest, well-intentioned, and utterly decent. But their brains are largely empty, devoid of any substantial knowledge that might be the fruits of an education in an inheritance and a gift of a previous generation. They are the culmination of western civilization, a civilization that has forgotten nearly everything about itself, and as a result, has achieved near-perfect indifference to its own culture.

“Why Donald Trump Can’t Win the White House”
“I am going to stick my neck out: Donald Trump will be America’s next President. I believe Donald Trump is now unstoppable. Why? Not only is Trump speaking truth to power on two crucial issues – trade and immigration – but it is now clear he has ignited long smoldering voter anger on both issues.”

Critics of Donald Trump love to state that he is a clown, his campaign speeches are reminiscent of a carnival sideshow, his language is too outrageous, he tends to argue too much, and he fights back when attacked. He does not practice the sort of calm demeanor, tone, and professionalism we are accustomed to seeing in political candidates who run for the White house. But what these critics may not realize is that in the last fifteen years, America´s cultural tone has changed. Donald Trump´s mannerisms and antics simply reflect changes in American culture.

IBD:  Health Care: Bernie Sanders has been winning the hearts and minds of Democrats everywhere with a health care plan that is so reckless, extreme and fanciful that even liberals are appalled.

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