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op ed review 8/14

Relentless media bashing taking its toll on Donald Trump?  A lot can happen between now and November.
Disgraced former CBS news anchor Dan Rather urges all of his fellow news anchors and mainstream media editors to destroy Donald Trump and his supporters.
Newt Gingrich calls it the most one-sided news coverage in American history. Media even promotes the assassination of Trump, putting crosshairs on his picture.
“Liberal attacks are so unhinged, it might get Trump killed”
Tech Companies Apple, Twitter, Google, and Instagram Collude to Defeat Trump…..Clinton corporate allies serve up a carefully curated view of the campaign.

The father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was spotted sitting behind Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally in Florida. Seddique Mateen, whose son carried out the deadliest mass shooting in US history
Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should have been forced to deal with campaign messes on Tuesday, but the three networks only treated the Republican’s problem as a huge gaffe worthy of extensive coverage. ABC, CBS and NBC deluged viewers with more than five times more coverage — 25 minutes and 35 seconds versus 4 minutes and 41 seconds — to Trump’s “Second Amendment people” remark than they did to the father of an ISIS-inspired terrorist sitting right behind Clinton at a rally in Orlando, Florida.

Clinton Scandal: 44 More Lies Turn Up In Hillary´s Emails
Child rape victim comes forward for the first time in 40 years to call Hillary Clinton a 'liar' who defended her rapist by smearing her, blocking evidence and callously laughing that she knew he was guilty Clinton Body Count or Left-Wing Conspiracy? Three With Ties to DNC Mysteriously Die
Obama admin blocked FBI probe of Clinton Foundation corruption: Report
Communist Party unites behind Hillary

Obama Has Collected $19,966,110,000,000 in Taxes; Incurred $8,795,689,333,049 in Debt
One in seven U.S. households has a negative net worth, as student loans and credit cards plunge a diverse group of people—including those with good jobs—into the red.

At least four dead and dozens injured as Thailand is hit by multiple explosions: Mobile phone bombs hidden in plant pots leave Western tourists fleeing resorts.
Canadian police shot dead an alleged ISIS sympathizer armed with an explosive device on Wednesday
ISIS Terrorist Tells Feds He Has Jihadist Brothers in Mexico
In Germany, Christians Forced to Hide Bibles Amid Migrant Muslim Death Threats

Concealed-carry permit holders are nearly the most law-abiding demographic of Americans, a new report by the Crime Prevention Research Center says—comparing the permit holders foremost with police. “Indeed, it is impossible to think of any other group in the U.S. that is anywhere near as law-abiding,” says the report, titled “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States 2016.”

Obama's regulators have completed their 600th major rule. A major rule imposes costs of more than $100 million. For those keeping score, that's an average of 81 big ones a year, or roughly one every three days the government is open.
STUDY: Obama issued $743 BILLION in regulations...
The Washington Examiner provides a list of the seven most expensive climate regulations. Among them: $156 billion for lower vehicle emissions, $27.3 billion for refrigerator efficiency and $13 billion for florescent lights
Federal Civilian Workforce Soars to 2.79 million...

Donald Trump called Monday for a “tax revolution” modeled on the vision of Ronald Reagan that would slash income tax rates, cut corporate taxes and create millions of jobs for a new era of prosperity.
Trump to Propose Moratorium on New Financial Regulations  In a speech Monday in Detroit, the Republican presidential nominee will also call for a repeal of the estate tax.

Jeb Bush is resolutely #NeverTrump but his son, George P. Bush, no longer is.

Ann Coulter  8/10

Even having predicted that the media’s attacks on Trump would be unprecedented, I’m still amazed. Every single news outlet is dedicated to hysterically denouncing Trump, every minute of every day, while cooing at Hillary.

Everything Hillary has ever touched has failed, been engulfed in scandal, resulted in massive investigations, litigation, financial ruin, prison or death. The final stage of any Hillary enterprise is a grand announcement that Hillary did not technically break the law. Or no one can prove she did. Or, even if she did, no one ever gets prosecuted for it.

She’s prone to coughing fits and lapses of memory in the middle of speeches, and falls down all the time. But that’s not nearly as important as the media’s manufactured story about Trump throwing a baby out of a rally!

Trump is supposed to be joined at the hip to David Duke based on not “disavowing” him with sufficient ferocity the 17th time he was asked about this person he’s never met, never mentioned and didn’t invite to speak at his convention.
Hillary invited the mother of violent cop-hating criminal Mike Brown to speak at her convention, and the Democratic platform expressly endorses the anti-police Black Lives Matter — even as these celebrated cop haters inspire the mass slaughter of police officers across the country, in New York City, Dallas and Baton Rouge.
Now we find out that another honored guest at Hillary events is the father of Omar Mateen, the Muslim jihadist who murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando a few months ago. On Monday night, he attended a Hillary rally where he sat cheering, right behind her on the stage.

Is David Duke’s father given VIP seating at Trump events? (As long as you mention it, did David Duke gun down 49 people in June? Or ever? Or anyone?)

It took the national media 24 hours to mention the fact that the jihadist’s father is a big Hillary supporter, sitting in the camera’s line of sight at her Florida rally. A Google search of Trump and David Duke produces more than 11 million hits. A Google search of Hillary and Omar Mateen gets a few hundred thousand hits.

Hillary’s being supported by the father of a jihadist is treated like back-page stuff, presented amid florid excuses and rationalizations. It was a staffer’s mistake, an “unforced error,” and Hillary’s opponents are “leaping on it.”  The main story this week: The media’s psychotic claim that Trump called for Hillary’s assassination.

Trump said: “Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the Second Amendment. If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”  Hmmm. What could Second Amendment people “do”? One thing they could do is what they did do — in 1994. That was the year gun rights supporters voted out dozens of Democrats who voted wrong on guns, ushering in the first Republican Congress in 40 years.

Apparently, the only news you’ll be getting from now until the election is the media’s own insane interpretation of every little thing Trump says or does…..No one, not even Joe McCarthy, has ever faced this level of obsessive hatred from our constitutionally protected guardians of liberty in the press. Anyone else would be chewed up and spit out after one minute of such relentless attacks. But sissy conservatives who have never faced one minute of press hostility blame the victim, saying it’s Trump’s fault for giving the media openings to twist his words…

There’s no strategy for overcoming this level of media hostility. Trump has made some mistakes during this campaign, but he hasn’t done anything wrong for months now. He could say “yes,” and the media would change the question to, “Are you a child molester?”

Craven Republicans who blame Trump for the media’s lies may as well blame a rape victim for wearing a short skirt. Except with Trump, it’s the Muslim standard: They’re blaming a woman’s rape on being a woman.


"Tehran now knows that hostage-taking pays lucrative rewards. The Iranians have taken three more hostages. They are clearly hoping for another coincidence."
                    -Rich Lowry

"It is a sad day when one must choose between believing the American president or the Iranian government that has vowed to wipe out Israel and then come after America and subject the world to fundamentalist Islam."
                    -Cal Thomas

"Americanism, not globalism, will be our new credo.  We will put new American metal into the spine of this nation. It will be American hands that rebuild this country, and it will be American energy — mined from American sources — that power this country. It will be American workers who are hired to do the job."
                  -Donald Trump

Wikileaks hack shows that George Soros called the shots on US policy toward Albania when Hillary was Secretary of State

Venezuela is stuck in a doom loop that´s become a death spiral. Its stores are empty, its people are starving, and its government is to blame. It has tried to repeal the law of supply and demand, and, in the process, eliminated any incentive for businesses to actually sell things. The result is that the country with the largest oil reserves in the world now has to resort to forced labor just to try to feed itself. It gives new meaning to the revolution devouring its own.

Trump calls for a tax revolution:  “We’ll show the world America is back.”

“Shut It Down: The Clinton Foundation Is Too Corrupt to Exist”

Dennis Prager:  Pope Francis and the Decline of the West

Hillary’s border wall around her house:  Pictures of Hillary’s 10 foot high fence around her Chappaqua estate.

Self-Taught Artist Revitalizes Historical Photos Into Stunning Masterpieces

A heartwarming video shows how a German shepherd gave a small kitten help up a staircase. The dog, named Tennyson, at first climbed a few stairs on his own, with the fluffy feline, known as Moo, following him.

From Whitewater to Benghazi:  A Clinton-Scandal Primer

"Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself."
                   -Milton Friedman

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