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op ed review 10/14

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed, Possibly Most Conservative Supreme Court Since 1934
A savage, frothing Left has united Republicans around Trump
Hysterical liberals break down sobbing
Protesters claw at Supreme Court doors while Kavanaugh sworn in
Anti-Kavanaugh protesters paid to help make 'viral moments.’
George Soros funded the anti-Kavanaugh activism.

The lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford's "beach friend"-- the one who worked for the FBI in the office of former Schumer staffer Preet Bharara--just so happens to be the FBI official who oversaw the Clinton e-mail and Trump Russia probes. What a coincidence!
Blasey-Ford now a Hero of the Left:  nominated by her alma mater for its distinguished alumna award for “speaking truth to power.”
“In a sane world, accusing someone of Kavanaugh’s reputation and public visibility — absent any evidence and at a time when the accusation was clearly intended to halt a career progression — would be called slander, or defamation of character, and could rebound on the accuser by way of a legal suit. But in the minds of the left, Ford’s accusations are called courageous.”
The assertion from the Left that false allegations of rape are extremely rare is rebutted by a number of studies…One academic study showed that as many as 40 percent of sexual assault charges are false. The Pentagon issues an annual report on sexual assaults in the military. Nearly one-quarter of all cases last year were thrown out for lack of evidence….

Hillary Clinton Calls for Incivility Against Republicans
Obama AG Eric Holder tells followers to “Kick” the GOP.
Several family members of Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner have had their names and home addresses made public, and Gardner’s wife has received a “gruesome” video of a beheading.
A writer from the Stephen Colbert show tweets that "Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.”
Sen. Hirono (D-HI) says protestors forcing Republican Senators to leave restaurants is justified “because when you look at white supremacists and all that..”
A public school teacher posted a solicitation for the murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Portland Antifa protesters caught on video bullying elderly motorist, woman in wheelchair
Truck with pro-Trump stickers set on fire in Vancouver
Sen. Rand Paul’s Wife: I Sleep with a Loaded Gun Thanks to Leftists’ Threats
MSNBC:  “Kavanaugh Confirmation Means Racism, ‘Back to the '50s’”
CNN: “Founding Fathers' Would Be 'Upset' Today; Americans 'Ought Not Have Faith in Their Supreme Court”
After losing the war on Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats are thinking about becoming even “more ruthless.”

Their next strategy:  Obama AG Eric Holder questions legitimacy of Supreme Court after Kavanaugh confirmation
The New York Democrat in line to become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee if Republicans lose control this November, promises to open formal investigation into Brett Kavanaugh if Democrats take the chamber.

New video has many questioning Justice Ginsburg’s health. “Dem leadership is streaming “Weekend At Bernie’s” for clues on how RBG can make it through the upcoming SCOTUS session.”
“What will democrats do next time?  Witchcraft charges against Amy Coney Barrett?”

A new poll from Washington’s eighth congressional district shows Republican Dino Rossi raking a commanding lead over Democrat Kim Schrier in the wake of Democrats’ failed smear attempt on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “The fact that Republican Rossi is so far ahead of Democrat Schrier in this district is nothing short of an amazing development for Republicans.”
Marsha Blackburn Opens Up 8-Point Lead In Tennessee Senate Race On Heels Of Trump Rally & Kavanaugh Confirmation
Republican Martha McSally opens up 6 point lead over Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona race to replace Sen Jeff Flake.  McSally is a former air force pilot with 100 combat hours flying the A-10 Warthog.  Her opponent, Sinema, brags about being a “Prada Socialist” and owning 100 pairs of shoes.
Josh Hawley Opens Up 8 Point Lead Over Democrat Claire McCaskill Following Vicious Brett Kavanaugh Attacks
Poll shows Sen. Ted Cruz now up 5 points on O'Rourke in Texas
But reasons to worry:  poll finds Dems hold 30-point lead over GOP among millennials
The Democrat challenging Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has a secret:  his grandfather was the “leader and operational head” of Black September, a notorious Palestinian terrorist cell, who orchestrated the murder of 11 Israelis at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Alaska GOP considering whether to throw Murkowski out of GOP for opposing Kavanaugh

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will introduce a bill this week that will fully fund President Donald Trump’s planned wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, thereby setting the midterm elections up as a referendum on immigration policy

Study:  Economic Boom Largely Ignored as TV's Trump Coverage Hits 92% Negative
Reuters Publishes Trump-Free Story about how China is magically cutting tariffs.
Morgan Stanley: Belief in 'American exceptionalism' among global investors has never been higher.
Looks like the “Trump of the Tropics” candidate is going to be Brazil’s next president.

Bob Barr  10/10

On October 27, 1964, Ronald Reagan, still two years away from serving in public office himself, delivered one of the greatest speeches in modern American history. Delivered to a nationwide radio audience in support of then-GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, the former movie star declared America at a crossroads. Failure to grasp and aggressively defend against the dangers then faced by our country would, Reagan warned, push us into “a thousand years of darkness.”

While the specific dangers about which Reagan then spoke were external, his call to action against existential threats applies with at least equal validity to internal forces tearing at the foundations of our freedom.

Looking back at the last month of insanity surrounding the confirmation process of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, it seems we are standing at Reagan’s shoulder, staring directly into that black abyss.

The disturbing level of irrational hatred and willingness to use violence demonstrated by those protesting Kavanaugh was outshone only by the level of contempt Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein, Mazie Hirono, Cory (aka “Spartacus”) Booker, and Chuck Schumer displayed for their constitutional “advice and consent” duty. And, if not for Sen. Lindsey Graham slapping many of his Republican colleagues (notably Sen. Jeff Flake) back to their senses, we might have just taken that last step into darkness.

The mobs of seething liberals may have physically receded temporarily from the halls of Congress and the steps of the Supreme Court, but the effects of their psychotic breakdown remain. Already in the Beltway media, liberals are pushing the idea that Democrats were insufficiently “ruthless” in their resistance and political chicanery.  Enabled by the lack of pushback from local governments, Leftists grow bolder still; literally overtaking the streets, destroying public property, and threating public officials with whom they disagree.

The historical parallel with Nazi “Brown Shirt” groups that were formed specifically for the type of political intimidation we see today, is apt if not ironic; but a more accurate comparison is with Ancient Rome.

In the waning years of that empire, leaders were routinely murdered whenever dissatisfaction with the status quo peaked. The constant changes of leadership dramatically weakened Rome’s ability to effectively control its vast territory; but the real damage was the undermining of the rule of law in Rome.  Thus was bred unsustainable instability as public confidence in government eroded. Eventually, the empire became too weak to stand, and fell to the barbarians crashing the gates.

In modern times, a civilization’s fortifications against barbarians are not as much physical as they are legal and philosophical.  A codified system of government responsibilities, undergirded by the rule of law, ensures society can function freely, peacefully and productively. However, when the rules become fluid or systematically ignored, violence seeps through fissures and accelerates the structural decay. This can be as clearly seen in Ancient Rome as in Venezuela today.

Our Founding Fathers understood these dangers, and provided firm and workable safeguards for our Republic to protect the rule of law, as much as individual liberties, from mob rule. The Electoral College protects high population enclaves from exerting undue power over low population areas; the balance of power among the three branches prevents rogue action by presidents, Congresses, and even the courts; and, due process ensures liberty for individuals, regardless of what regime may be in power at the time.

Yet, the New Left would undo all of this because it finds itself currently out of power. Combine philosophical anarchy with an embrace of violence in society writ large, and one can see just what is in store for America if this strategy of Leftist mob rule continues. Reagan’s thousand years would be quickly upon us.

The path to avoid the darkness created by rejection of reason and due process, is not an easy one, but it is clear; and here again, we can learn from Reagan’s speech 54 years ago.  The always-easy path of appeasement and accommodation to radicals – whether foreign or domestic – will yield only more of the same.  It is the very rejection of reason, logic and due process from which the New Left draws energy.

President Trump, Majority Leader McConnell, and Judge Kavanaugh were right to stand rock solid against the mob rule fueled by Hollywood elites, George Soros money, and hyper-partisan members of Congress.  If voters fail to back them up on November 6th, we will have taken that awful step into that darkness against which we were warned by the 20th Century’s most prescient leader. 


“‘Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer’ debuts in theaters nationwide on Oct. 12. I do believe this groundbreaking the most important movie in America right now — a true-life saga of good vs. evil, deadly medical malpractice, systemic government malfeasance and cultural apathy toward the most vulnerable members of our society. I first reported on this real-life horror story nearly eight years ago, but you’ve probably not heard or read a word about ‘Gosnell’ in the mainstream press, TV news or online. The conspiracy of silence is the result of both malign neglect and active suppression of inconvenient truths…”
       -Michele Malkin

“The longer Hillary Clinton remains the Democrats’ idea of a standard-bearer, the better off the country will be. She should run in 2020. And in 2024. And forever.”
       -Kyle Smith

In “Socialism Is Evil: The Moral Case Against Marx's Radical Dream” (download for free), author Justin Haskins tackles an imminent threat to America.

Tucker Carlson kicks Bob Woodward out of #1 spot on New York Times bestseller list. “Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution”  That’s funny, Amazon claims to be out of stock…..get it from Barnes & Noble.

Nancy Pelosi, being unusually candid, explains the “wrap-up smear”. admits to willful smearing, lying, then getting their friends in the press to pile on.  "It's a tactic."

Rich, white leftie billionaire Tom Steyer denounces rich, white men who want political power.

University cancels West Side Story production after white students landed lead roles

This is why the left will keep on losing. The "Equality Institute" Twitter page says we need to be more inclusive and stop using the term "pregnant women" and use "pregnant people" instead “because men can get pregnant too.”

The  mask slips:  Meteorologist Eric Holthaus wrote on Twitter that "The world's top scientists just gave rigorous backing to systematically dismantle capitalism as a key requirement to maintaining civilization and a habitable planet." Funny how the Left's goals always seem to come to that, isn't it? Never have any doubt what their end-game is, fully revealed again today: The sacrifice of human liberty, wherever it can be found, on the altar of "scientific statism." But let's hold them to their own ecological standards, shall we? With that in mind, I'd like to compare this country's ecological record to that of any state-directed economy……

A $240 Per Gallon Gas Tax to Fight Global Warming? New UN Report Suggests Carbon Pricing.
New UN report says we’re on a path to “unprecedented environmental destruction” that will destroy life on earth as we know it.  Stephen Moore calls BS: “Wait a minute. In 2017, the country that reduced its greenhouse-gas emissions the most wasn’t Canada or Britain or Germany or Australia or France. It was the United States. That’s right — the one country that pulled out of the phony Paris Climate Accord reduced its carbon emissions by 0.5 percent, the most of all major countries.”

More than 100 leading scholars from 12 countries have issued a report contending “the global war on fossil fuels … was never founded on sound science or economics” and urging the world’s policymakers to “acknowledge this truth and end that war.”

At 12:30 in the afternoon on September 27, I don’t think there were many serious political thinkers or activists on the Right who thought Brett Kavanaugh would survive that morning’s testimony by his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. Eight days later—today—Kavanaugh all but secured his appointment. The question is, how did this happen. The answer is: Kavanaugh happened. In his unprecedented speech following Ford’s testimony, Kavanaugh not only blasted the process but made no pretense when it came to those who had manipulated it—liberal groups, people angry with Donald Trump, people wanting to take revenge for the Clintons. The speech electrified the right. There is no other word for it.

Fanatical Democrats finally have unified the GOP behind Trump.  NeverTrump pundits like Bret Stephens of the New York Times:  For the first time since Donald Trump entered the political fray, I find myself grateful that he's in it….. I'm grateful because ferocious and even crass obstinacy has its uses in life, and never more so than in the face of sly moral bullying…I'm grateful because he's a big fat hammer fending off a razor-sharp dagger….”   Erick Erickson seems to have had an epiphany: “I find myself in an odd position where, for the first time, I see myself, one of the original “NeverTrump conservatives”, voting for President Trump in 2020.”
National Review’s Rich Lowry:  Brett Kavanugh is on the Supreme Court and the biggest reason is Donald Trump. When he won the nomination in 2016, it wasn’t unreasonable to think that Trump wouldn’t win the general election, he wouldn’t be true to his promise on judges even if he won, and even if he nominated the right people, he wouldn’t care enough about the Court to see through a difficult, high-stakes confirmation fight. We can now say of these presumptions, wrong, wrong, and wrong.”
The bruising Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings fueled feminist fury and Democrat disgust across the country — but the hearings also gave the GOP, and Republican mothers in particular, a sense of righteous anger that could turn midterm congressional races red. “We are the ‘Mama Bears,’ absolutely….and it has really fired us up to vote.”

Liberal roadmap for war on conservative Supreme Court:   “What happens when Democrats take back the legislative and executive branches? What if Democrats pass Medicare for All, and the Supreme Court strikes it down, with Kavanaugh casting the decisive fifth vote? It’s not hard to envision Democrats marching in the streets, demanding that the president and Congress ignore the ruling…”

We are in the midst of a cold civil war. The crux? Realizing politics is part of life, one side believes America is fundamentally a good country requiring some prudent improvements upon which reasonable minds may differ. On the other side, the Left, thinking politics is life, believes America is a hopelessly unjust nation requiring “fundamental transformation” and this is a point on which no reasonable minds can differ. The Kavanaugh confirmation evinces the political abyss between us; and the pathetic depths to which this divide drives the Left to “win.”

Watch for the Left to have strange new respect for judicial minimalism. As Harvard Law professor Adrian Vermeule remarked, “Law review editors: brace for a tidal wave of legal academic theories supporting judicial minimalism, Thayerianism, and strong — very strong — theories of precedent. Above all: the Court must do nothing without bipartisan agreement, otherwise it is illegitimate.” The past half-century’s enthusiasm for judicial activism will vanish, as legal academia turns on a dime to promote theories that will constrain the court until a left-leaning majority returns, at which point they’ll turn on a dime again.

In the past, whenever the Republicans won something, the first gesture has always been to reeeeach across the aisle. To tout the virtues of comity and bipartisanship. To call for the 'healing of wounds.' We aren't seeing that (now). After a colossal war of attrition waged by the Democrats, loaded with lies, mud-slinging, foul faith, and filthy dirty tricks, an unprecedented no-holds-barred political warfare,  we are now seeing from Republicans dances with glee, with zero apologies. To heck with reaching across the aisle...

Megan Fox:  “Hysterical 'Kavanope' Harpies Set Women Back 100 Years”

Clarice Feldman: “Seedpods from the Garden of Stupid”  Long definitive list of reasons not to believe Christine Blasey-Ford.
Two Women Unravel Blasey Ford’s Story
Prof. Janice Fiamengo explains why Blasey-Ford’s testimony was nonsense. (Must see)

In Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s defense he charged the Democratic senators on the committee with sowing “the wind for decades to come…[and]…the whole country will reap the whirlwind.” The whirlwind is already here. To really grasp what’s going on in the political tumult of contemporary times it’s necessary to go beyond the players, parties, and immediate issues and understand the sources of cultural transformation that set the stage for all contemporary politics to play out…For about the last two and a half generations there has been a subtle but growing assault on…..the foundational institutions of American society—the family, educational institutions, manners and civility, respect for law and order, and merit-based outcomes... (Article traces the Left’s “long march through the institutions” with Critical Theory and Postmodernism to show how we got here.)

Cheryl Chumley:  “I have two sons. One is in his 20s, well on his way into adulthood. The other is 16 and, given the way the Brett Kavanaugh nomination process is headed, walking a tight rope between college preparation and jail. As President Donald Trump noted in recent comments about the runaway train called Supreme Court Nomination, it’s “a very scary time for young men in America.”

10 things Democrats will take away from us if they win control of the House and Senate

Map of competitive House districts:

The Congressional Leadership Fund is a super PAC dedicated to protecting and strengthening the Republican Majority in the House of Representatives. They are running TV ads in competitive districts, and organizing grassroots get-out-the-vote efforts.
I just sent them some money, maybe you should too.

By contrast, the Left has initiated a $3M "Knock the Vote" campaign with a logo depicting a silhouette of President Trump's head being punched.
They are behind this contemptible ad (must see) that shows how Democrats divide America: Elderly white “Trump supporters” tease young voters: “we’re doing fine, are you?”

Did you move since the last election? Did you turn 18 recently? Do you have right-leaning family or friends who moved or turned 18? Guess what? Time is running out to register to vote. Voter registration deadlines for each state:

The Cato Institute fiscal policy report on America’s governors is out.  New Mexico Governor Martinez is at the top of the list, Washington Governor Inslee is dead last.

Ann Coulter’s eighteen examples of mainstream media denouncing  “white men” on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

‘Standup for America’ football jersey is Trump’s latest attack on NFL kneelers.

Ronald Reagan comes back to life at presidential library – via virtual reality.

“The Constitution … is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary which they may twist and shape into any form they please.”
                -Thomas Jefferson

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