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op ed review 11/2

The Republicans are set to win the overall control of the Senate, according to new polling which gives the GOP leads in almost all the key battleground states
New Your Times predicts Republicans have a 70% chance of taking the Senate.
Washington Post:  Republicans are favored to control the Senate. 95% chance as of today.

Shocking Harvard poll: Millennial voters want GOP in charge, abandon Obama

Obama Visits Maryland; Local Democrat Drops 9 Points in poll?

“President Obama is about to do what no president has done in the past 50 years: Have two horrible, terrible, awful midterm elections in a row. In fact, Obama is likely to have the worst midterm numbers of any two-term president going back to Democrat Harry S. Truman.”

USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page offered some of the sharpest criticism yet of the Obama administration´s violation of the freedom of the press, saying Obama is "more restrictive" and "more dangerous" than any president in history.

Blue or Democratic cities seem to have worse income inequality and less affordable housing than red ones.

State Department plans to bring foreign Ebola patients to U.S.

The mainstream media insists that Obamacare isn’t driving this election.  But Republican ads in Senate races say otherwise.  Republicans ran nearly 12,000 anti-Obamacare ads in Senate races during the week of October 13-19. That’s almost twice as many ads as they ran on jobs/unemployment, more than twice as many as they ran on international affairs, and more than three times as many as they ran on taxes.
Obamacare was supposed to make health care more affordable, but a newly released study of insurance policies before and after Obamacare shows that average premiums have skyrocketed, for some groups by as much as 78 percent.

A new study in New Hampshire has found that 71 percent of new jobs go to foreign born legal and illegal immigrants.
Nancy Pelosi says Obama must stop deportations and allow entry to millions more illegal immigrants.
The Hispanic activist organization the National Council of La Raza helpfully promoted a Washington Post article explaining which states people can vote in without having to use a photo ID.

Obama Official Calls Israeli Prime Minister A ‘Chickens**t’

RNC Chair promises:  “GOP Will Stop Obama's 'Un-American' Amnesty if We Win Senate”

Barack Obama is close to having played more rounds of golf since 2009 than Tiger Woods.


Frank Miele  10/26
“Obama’s post-election plans for a secret radical agenda”

He’s the Staller in Chief — President Obama has punted almost every hot-button issue past the key midterm elections on Nov. 4. Obama has postponed decisions on a raft of contentious issues related to ObamaCare, Gitmo, immigration and his Cabinet. This is partly to protect Democratic candidates and hold onto the Senate. But it’s more than that. Obama plans a number of radical moves later this year when the administration believes the media, and the public, are paying less attention. This includes a forced transformation of our neighborhoods, a huge influx of immigrants and billions of dollars in additional taxes.

Will midterm voters really be fooled? Probably not. Republicans are expected to hold both the Senate and the House starting in the next term. But whether anyone can stop the executive actions Obama quietly plans is another matter. In fact, the president is hoping you don’t even notice.

Immigration:   In June, Obama vowed “to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress,” but now he’s taking no executive action on immigration until after the midterms.
The White House reportedly is preparing to provide amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in late November, including work permits and green cards for up to 34 million. Immigration and border security have become the most divisive and important issues of this election cycle, thanks to growing threats from Islamic terrorists and Ebola. Most Americans already opposed amnesty…..

War on terror:    Even though the Army’s investigation into Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion of his post in Afghanistan is complete, the results won’t be released until Pentagon brass can “review” it. That’s bureaucrat-speak for “bury.”  There’s little doubt election politics factored into the delay. The case has become a political powder keg for President Obama and Democrats. The GOP would justifiably make great hay of the report, especially if it absolves Bergdahl of any wrongdoing. Since the president traded five imprisoned Taliban leaders for Bergdahl, the US Government Accountability Office has declared the swap illegal, and nearly two dozen House Democrats have joined Republicans in officially condemning the move for making “Americans less safe.”…..

Environment: The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release new power-plant restrictions that will cost the industry some $366 billion, but the onerous rules won’t be finalized until later this year.
This looks to be just the beginning of more regulations and fines Obama will pursue without congressional approval to pursue his environmental visions.

Oil:  Obama also refuses to make a pre-election decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline. A move on the massive oil and gas pipeline, opposed by environmental activists, has been delayed for six years. Now it has been delayed again by the president, who fears angering his environmental allies.

ObamaCare:   The administration has announced that health-insurance premium rates on the ObamaCare exchange won’t be available until Nov. 15, when the website is set to start enrolling people for 2015. How politically convenient. Rates are expected to go up by a whopping 14%, but voters won’t know because they won’t be revealed until after the election. Last year, enrollment began on Oct. 1. Clearly, the date was pushed back to hide the increases from the voting public…..

Iranian nukes:   Obama is expected to hand even more concessions to Iran in pursuit of a nuclear deal — but not until after Election Day. As part of the pact, set for Nov. 24, Obama is reportedly prepared to suspend economic sanctions against Tehran and allow it to triple the number of centrifuges in operation — an outrageous deal no Democrat would want to defend in televised debates.

Housing:   After a delay, the administration’s final “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” regulation is now expected to be announced in December. Originally scheduled for finalization in October, the new Housing and Urban Development Department rules will force all cities and suburbs to accept subsidized housing in the name of racial diversity, superceding all local zoning ordinances. The Orwellian-sounding regulation would force some 1,200 municipalities to redraw zoning maps to racially diversify suburban neighborhoods…….Under the scheme, HUD plans to map every US neighborhood by race and publish “geospatial data” pinpointing racial imbalances. Areas deemed overly segregated will be forced to change their zoning laws to allow construction of subsidized and other affordable housing to bring more low-income minorities into “white suburbs.” HUD’s maps will be used to select affordable housing sites.  It’s part of the administration’s ambitious agenda to eliminate “racial segregation,” ZIP code by ZIP code, block by block, through the systematic dismantling of allegedly “exclusionary” building ordinances. In effect, federal bureaucrats will have the power to rezone your neighborhood.

Of course, Obama and Democrats are loath to inject this decidedly radical issue into the elections, so they’ll keep it out of the headlines until after voters go to the polls.   While temporarily punting away politically fraught issues may be smart politics, it’s cowardly leadership. If the president’s policies are so popular, why does he have to try to hide them from voters? And who can trust Democrats now distancing themselves from him and his ideas when they voted with him 99% of the time previously?


“There is only one real problem in America – progressivism. Left untreated, that political cancer will metastasize and kill our country. Destroying progressivism must be our sole goal – and we need to do it with a smile so we don’t scare the gutless moderates.”
                     -Kurt Schlichter

“According to the Pew Global Poll, 95% of people in Vietnam agree that most people are better off under capitalism, even if there is inequality. By contrast, only 70% of Americans believe the same thing.”
                    -Glenn Reynolds

“Poverty is not a cause but a result of Africa’s problems. What African countries need the West cannot provide. They need personal liberty. That means a political system in which there are guarantees of private property rights, free markets, honest government and the rule of law. Africa’s poverty is, for the most part, self-inflicted. … Though there’s a strong case for us to help with the Ebola crisis, the worst thing Westerners could do to Africa would be to send more foreign aid. Foreign aid provides the financial resources that enable Africa’s grossly corrupt and incompetent regimes to buy military equipment, pay off cronies and continue to oppress their people. It also provides resources for the leaders to live lavishly and set up ‘retirement’ accounts in foreign banks.”
                     -Walter Williams

Ex-CBS reporter’s book reveals how liberal media protects Obama
She also reveals how she was spied on by a “government-related entity” that planted classified documents on her computer. The spyware included programs that Attkisson says monitored her every keystroke and gave the snoops access to all her e-mails and the passwords to her financial accounts.    The most shocking finding, she says, was the discovery of three classified documents that she was told were “buried deep in your operating system. In a place that, unless you’re a some kind of computer whiz specialist, you wouldn’t even know exists.” “They probably planted them to be able to accuse you of having classified documents if they ever needed to do that at some point.”

DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz: “Republicans Are Scarier Than Ebola, ISIS”

Satire, but it shouldn’t be:  “The Executive Committee of the National Democratic Committee announced today that starting in January 2015, the organization would be known as the Socialist Democratic Committee. Spokesperson and Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz said, “this was a change that has been a long time in the making.” “We have been considering changing the name to better reflect our goals and show solidarity with our brothers in Europe and it seemed like the time was right to implement the change.”

US Having Its Coolest Year On Record
Earliest snowfall on record in South Carolina

An Australian climate change lobby group has faced a backlash after creating a billboard advert comparing coal miners to paedophiles.

Despite Barack Hussein Obama’s pandering, a preponderance of evidence suggests that ISIS is as Muslim as Mecca. The immediate future and that passive aggressive Islamic mainstream will determine whether all of Islam becomes ISIS. Short of a declaration of war, it’s hard to know what side of history the fearful West and the theocratic East will favor. Truth doesn’t care whom she offends. History is written by winners. A declared war will eventually be necessary and even then only a total victory will be sufficient to end the pandering in the West -- and end caliphate fantasies in the East.

“The beheadings and the violence practiced by [the Islamic State] are not whimsical, crazed fanaticism, but a very deliberate, considered strategy…..”

Poster girl for Kurdish freedom fighters in Kobane is ´captured and beheaded by ISIS killers´ who posted gruesome pictures online

A trend seen by prolife activists that frequently engage college students on campuses nationwide is the growing acceptance of post-birth abortion, or killing the infant after he or she is born.  “We encounter people who think it is morally acceptable to kill babies after birth on a regular basis at almost every campus we visit……[I] talked with one young man at the University of Minnesota who thought it was alright to kill children if they were under the age of 5 years old, as he did not consider them persons until that age.” As for the trend, Garza said there’s an explanation for it. For one, the arguments put forth by Peter Singer and other philosophers who support infanticide are given as reading assignments to college students.

“Wendy Davis is on fire. And I don’t mean that in a good way. I mean it in a five-alarm, set-her-own-skirt-aflame, billowing-human-torch kind of way….The Democratic darling of the Hollywood Left and glamour gal of abortion thought her path to the Texas governor’s mansion would be a pink-sneakered walk in the park. Instead, her single-issue campaign has combusted.

Do It Yourself (DIY) is in decline because today's men are too soft.  As traditional roles have changed, today's men are more like their mothers than their fathers. No wonder DIY is dying out, says Martin Daubney

The “Freedom Summer” of 2014 started with a bang but appears to be ending with a whimper. Before the investigation had even begun, the progressive narrative of the death of Michael Brown had crystallized: A white police officer murdered a young, unarmed black man trying to surrender with his hands up — the latest example of the systemic racism that renders black Americans de facto second-class citizens. But that story has all but collapsed.

Here are five reasons that Republicans are set to do much better in seven days than the polls indicate today

“Bob believes in #termlimits and, you guessed it, the 2nd Amendment. He's just a simple problem solver from Iowa who would like to serve the great, no nonsense people of #Iowa as their next US Senator.”

This Free Voter Guide is an unbiased evaluation of candidates and a detailed summary of important information that will help inform you on where the candidates stand on important issues like religious liberty, marriage, and life.

“Hitherto the plans of the educationalists have achieved very little of what they attempted, and indeed we may well thank the beneficent obstinacy of real mothers, real nurses, and (above all) real children for preserving the human race in such sanity as it still possesses.”
            -C S Lewis

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