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op ed review 11/23

More “transformation of America”:  Obama announces amnesty for millions illegal immigrants   “It is so ordered” Obama’s unilateral amnesty will add as many foreign workers to the nation’s legal labor force as the total number of new jobs created by his economy since 2009.
House Speaker Boehner responded, saying that the president has not only refused to listen to the American people, but in doing so has sabotaged efforts to enact immigration legislation, punished those who have obeyed the law, and encouraged others to come here illegally, putting their lives at risk.  Boehner pledged that the House would take action to protect the rule of law and the Constitution in the face of what the president himself has described as the actions of an “emperor.”
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he is filing a lawsuit against President Obama for the executive action he is taking on immigration.
Texas leaders are united in opposition and ready to battle President Barack Obama over his unilateral attempt to protect millions of illegal immigrants from being deported.
The Associated Press fact-checked President Obama’s statements about the unilateral actions he's taking on immigration and found many “omissions” (lies). Here’s just one:  Obama: "Although this summer, there was a brief spike in unaccompanied children being apprehended at our border, the number of such children is now actually lower than it's been in nearly two years." THE FACTS:… was more than a "brief spike."…in 2011 it was 16,000 children. In 2012, it was 24,000 children, in 2013 it was 38,800. In the last budget year, more than 68,361 children were apprehended crossing the border.
100,000  more illegals are expected next year to flood over the U.S.-Mexico border.
Last week, on a Friday no less, Joe Biden executed a full usurpation of immigration law that had nothing to do with Presidential Executive Orders.  Vice-President Joe Biden announced the latest White House scheme, setting the table for a massive, economy-crushing influx of dependent people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador – yet few were paying attention.
In his 2006 autobiography entitled “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream,” then-Senator Barack Obama argued that an influx of illegal immigrants into the United States “threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and puts strains on an already overburdened safety net.”
Obama once warned that executive action on immigration would amount to “violating our laws” and would be “very difficult to defend legally.”

The United States now ranks below 20 other countries on “personal freedom”. Citizens of countries including France, Uruguay, and Costa Rica now feel that they enjoy more personal freedom than Americans.
Germany is now the world's favorite country, knocking the United States from its longtime perch at the top of the ratings, which measure "twenty-three different attributes that make up the six overall dimensions on which national image is based."

Senate Democrats filibustered the Keystone XL pipeline on Tuesday, in a vote that reverberated from Louisiana, where a key democratic senator’s career is now likely doomed, to the broader national Democratic Party, where environmentalists have emerged triumphant in a divisive internal battle with labor unions. “(Democrats) have lost their way, their purpose and their base,” said the President of the Laborers’ International Union of North America.
Two Protestant pastors, concerned about rapidly-changing government definitions of marriage, have started a movement encouraging priests and ministers to refuse to perform civil marriages.

In addition to the five terrorists traded for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the :Pentagon also paid a ransom, which ended up being stolen by an Afghan con man.

Outrageous:  Race baiting Attorney General Eric Holder likens the shooting of Michael Brown to the 1955 murder of Emmett Till after an event where a tree was planted in Till´s memory on Capitol Hill.
 “Mike Brown Body Lays In Unmarked Grave As Parents Jet Set Around Making Money off His Death…”

MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect who bragged about deceiving the “stupid” American people to secure passage of Obamacare, has been paid an estimated $5.2 million by the federal government and 12 state governments for consulting services to assist in the design and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
The videos Democrats never wanted to see keep coming. A day after President Obama tried to distance himself from a top health-care architect who said voter “stupidity” led to ObamaCare’s passage, a video surfaced of Obama praising the offensive professor for his bright ideas.

Keystone stuck at 59 votes

Just as school boards across the country scramble to meet new federal limits for punishing black students, Obama´s educrats now want them to hit racial quotas for academic performance, too….Breathtaking in its scope, the 37-page edict warns school boards that they have to reach the same equity, based on "disparate impact" statistics, in: 1) advanced placement courses; 2) gifted and talented programs, 3) distribution of funds, 4) school facilities; 5) technology; and, 6) teacher talent, experience and diversity.  Those who don't get their numbers right risk forfeiting federal funding and being investigated for discrimination.

John Hinderaker 12/21
“On Obama’s Illegal Usurpation, Jeff Sessions Speaks For Us”

We will have more to say about President Obama’s unconstitutional nullification of the nation’s immigration laws in the days to come; likely, before the night is over. But for now, let’s quote Senator Jeff Sessions, who has been the hero on this issue for a long time. Better than anyone else, Sessions has drawn the connection between the open borders movement that is supported by business magnates and those who live in gated communities, and American workers who are already suffering, and whose wages will be driven down by mass immigration of low-skilled workers. Which is the whole point, if you are the Chamber of Commerce:

“President Obama’s executive amnesty violates the laws Congress has passed in order to create and implement laws Congress has refused to pass. The President is providing an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants with social security numbers, photo IDs and work permits—allowing them to now take jobs directly from struggling Americans during a time of record immigration, low wages, and high joblessness.  This amnesty plan was rejected by the American people’s Congress. By refusing to carry out the laws of the United States in order to make his own, the President is endangering our entire Constitutional order.”

We can’t say it too often: under Article II of the Constitution, the President’s most fundamental duty is to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” Barack Obama has made a mockery of his oath of office. He is a scofflaw.

“The President’s plan will apparently also allow many illegal immigrants to receive green cards and become legal permanent residents—meaning they can access almost all U.S. welfare programs, have lifetime work authorization, obtain citizenship, and sponsor foreign relatives to join them in the U.S.”

I didn’t listen to Obama tonight–duty has its limits–but I’m pretty sure he didn’t mention welfare or chain immigration.

“Law enforcement has warned this unprecedented amnesty will unleash a “tidal wave” of new illegal immigration flooding into American neighborhoods at taxpayers’ expense. The President’s plan also calls for boosting foreign worker programs for IT companies that experts tell us displace U.S. workers and keep wages low. The President’s unconstitutional action is a direct threat to our republican system of government and will have catastrophic consequences for the American people. It must be stopped. And the way to stop it is by using Congress’ power of the purse. The House should send the Senate a government funding bill which ensures no funds can be spent for this unlawful purpose. If Reid’s Senate Democrats vote to surrender their own institution to an imperial dictate and block the measure, then the House should send a short-term funding measure so the new GOP majority can be sworn in and pass a funding bill with the needed language. Congress has no higher duty than to protect the American people and our Constitution. The President’s action is a threat to every working person in this country—their jobs, wages, dreams, hopes and futures. For years, the American people have begged and pleaded for a lawful system of immigration that serves the nation and makes us proud—but the politicians have refused, refused, refused.  It is time to stand strong for the American people. It is time to champion the interests of those constantly neglected on the question of immigration: the men and women and children we represent—the citizens of this country to whom we owe our ultimate allegiance. Every American must ask their Senator where they stand.”

That is, of course, the bottom line: to whom does our federal government owe its loyalty? To Americans who are struggling in the evolving world economy, made worse by the current administration’s inept economic policies? Or to citizens of Mexico, Honduras and other nations, who already have a home but–understandably!–would prefer to take their chances in the U.S.? It seems obvious to me that the President of the United States owes a fiduciary duty, not to human beings generally, wherever they may reside and of whatever country they already are citizens, but rather to Americans.

But that is not how Barack Obama sees it. Worse, he is willing to act in an obviously unconstitutional manner, not to benefit Americans, but to benefit citizens of other countries. It is hard to imagine a worse betrayal of his oath of office.


“This week, America held its collective breath as it waited on the grand jury indictment verdict for Officer Darren Wilson. … [F]acts do not matter to those attempting to rectify what they perceive as an unjust universe. … Wilson was a white cop; therefore, he was the Racist White Establishment. Brown was a black teenager; therefore, he was the Innocent Black Victim. The parts have already been written; Wilson was merely unlucky enough to land the starring role. And so we expect riots no matter what the outcome of the indictment. Should Wilson escape indictment due to complete lack of evidence, the utopians and their rioting henchmen will attribute that acquittal to the Racist White Establishment. Should he be indicted, the utopians and their rioting henchmen will cite Wilson as merely the latest example of the Racist White Establishment. … [A] society that doesn’t value truth cannot survive.”
              -Ben Shapiro

Clint Eastwood’s “Sniper”  "This lefty (Academy Awards) crowd isn't going to gather around a Navy SEAL best known for killing people."

The Communist Party USA handed out leaflets at Saint Louis University on Wednesday. The Communists urged students to “take AmeriKKKa if the murdering pig walks.”

1,360 cold weather records broken in one week!

Record snowfall in Michigan for November…..The previous record of 28.2 inches was set in 1895.

Between 3 and 6 feet of snow and plunging temperatures sets records in New York.

Environmentalists bundled up to withstand the frigid blast of Arctic weather to protest against Democrats who have pledged to vote in favor of the $8 billion Keystone XL pipeline.

Two Palestinians armed with a meat cleaver and a gun killed four people in a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip celebrate by handed out candy and brandished axes in praise of the deadly attack.

“The reason President Obama and his handmaidens of despotism cannot say how many illegals they are going to legalize is because they haven’t yet figured out how many they need. Literally, they need to add up exactly how many illegals they need in Texas to shut those loud and rowdy Texans up once and for all. And Florida — how many do they need to get that Election Night nail-biter solidly into the Democrat column? And what about Ohio? If the Democrats could just shut down all that plain, middle-America, common-sense spewing from all those bowling alleys and karaoke bars, then they could have a fairly iron grip on this country for a long, long time….”

“On November 4, in a healthy exercise of democracy, voters around the country registered their dismay with the governing party and swept them out of power in Congress and in scores of state legislatures. Yet, this president is not only refusing to respect the results of the election, he is thumbing his nose at the Constitution itself.”

Just a few years ago, a prominent national Democrat (guess who) firmly and unequivocally rejected the idea that the president of the United States could singlehandedly enact an amnesty program for millions of illegal immigrants. In 2011, for example, this Democrat reminded us that “there are laws on the books that Congress has passed,” and that therefore it would not be permissible for the president to “suspend deportations through executive order.” In 2013, this same Democrat noted that granting a unilateral amnesty for adults residing in our country illegally was “not an option,” because it would amount to “ignoring the law.”
Caught on Camera: Obama Called Exec Immigration Action Illegal… 25 Times!

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday encouraged the GOP´s newest members of Congress to “embrace compromise.”

How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico.

The Internal Revenue Service, which claims to be so understaffed that it can’t bother to collect unpaid taxes or search backup tapes for Lois Lerner’s “missing” e-mails, apparently has plenty of time to read the comment threads on conservative blogs that have been critical of the agency

VDH:  "The last but long gasp of the Obama administration is characterized not so much by deceit and incompetence as by growing chaos. Everything appears to be coming apart."

Obama Then vs Obama Now - a Montage of On-Camera Contradictions

Kleenex story:  Soldier reunited with the dog that saved his life.

“I bet you can’t handle this much Gruber in one sitting”

Under Obama, U.S. personal freedom ranking slips below France

“[T]he people are always most in danger when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion.”
                 –Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 25

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