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op ed review 11/9

Bloodbath for democrats:    Rather than write a string of words to describe what has happened to Barack Obama’s Democratic Party tonight, I’ll show you a short movie. It’s from a horror film that is nowhere near as terrifying as what the Democrats have experienced tonight….”
It was a GOP wave. In a near-sweep of yesterday’s midterm elections, Republicans shifted the balance of power in the U.S. Senate, gaining at least seven seats, widened their majority in the House by at least 11 seats and defeated Democrats in 24 governor’s races. President Obama had said his policies were on the ballot, even if he wasn’t, and in those terms it was difficult not to see the results as a repudiation by voters of an unpopular president and his Democratic allies. “Americans … have risen up and retired Harry Reid as [Senate] majority leader,” said Sen. Ted Cruz.
The 2014 midterms were the Beach Boys election — because when you catch a wave, which is what the Republicans have just done, you’re sitting on top of the world. The Republican victory last night was wide and deep. It gave the GOP control of the Senate. It won them governors’ mansions in Democratic strongholds — Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. It extended their majority in the House of Representatives. It wasn’t just that the Republicans took the Senate, which was expected, but did so with unexpected landslides in allegedly close races from Colorado to Arkansas to Georgia…..
Debacle for Obama…..
Republicans wrested three governorships away from Democrats in deep blue states……in probably the most shocking result of the night, Maryland elected just its second Republican governor since the 1970s. Larry Hogan defeated Gov. Martin O’Malley’s chosen successor, easily, 52-46.
Baltimore Sun:  Republican Larry Hogan´s victory in Maryland´s governor´s race was a stunning political upset……Democrats may dominate Maryland politics, but their success is clearly not inevitable.”
Mia Love Makes History– Love won by 3.25% in Utah’s Fourth District. Republican Mia Love was favored to win her Congressional race in Utah. Tonight she did it. Love is the first African-American Republican female to be elected to Congress.
 “The scale and thoroughness of the Republican victories across Nevada have rarely, if ever, been seen before.”
Hollywood Reeling From Bitter Election Defeats
Obama´s reverse Midas touch:  ´Everything he touched turned to crap´
Republicans picked up another Senate seat Wednesday. Dan Sullivan led Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, by more than 8,000 votes with 100 percent reporting,
Almost every Democrat Hillary campaigned with LOST.
Republican Elise Stefanik is only 30 years old, and she will be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.
America’s Youngest Lawmaker Saira Blair  The young Republican, who did most of her campaigning out of her college dorm room, defeated 44-year-old attorney Layne Diehl in a landslide victory on Nov. 4.
“GOP Wave Election Leaves Obama Friendless in D.C”
In the wake of Typhoid Barry, the Democratic Party’s casualties are wide and deep. At the state legislature level, they are at their weakest since the 1920s.
Democrats Sink to Pre–Great Depression Levels in State Legislatures

Nearly half of voters on Tuesday said Obamacare went too far, according to exit polls.
75% Reject Exec Amnesty, 80% Don't Want Foreign Workers Taking Jobs from Americans

Joe Biden pre-election prediction: “Dems Will Keep Senate, Americans Agree with Obama on ´Every Single Major Issue´”

Defiant Obama claims a mandate on behalf of voters who didn't vote.  “My mandate is bigger than your mandate.”  Huh?

29 senators who voted for Obamacare won't be part of new Senate

Free Obamaphone Program Riddled With Abuse, Fraud

Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) is warning President Obama that if he doesn´t announce amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants there could be a "civil war" in the Democrat Party
Speaker John A. Boehner said President Obama will “poison” chances for cooperation with Congress if he moves unilaterally to claim powers to grant legal status to illegal immigrants. “He’s going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path,” Mr. Boehner said Thursday.

Obama Paid Money to Al Qaeda for Bergdahl Release

Obama has written four letters, begging and pleading with the Supreme Leader of Iran, who has no time for him.

Investor’s Business Daily  11/7

Election '14: It wasn't just liberal politicians who took it on the chin during the Democrats' Black Tuesday. Most union-funded initiatives to expand government and raise taxes were pummeled, too. Voters just said no.

The tax-hiking agenda fared poorly on ballots all over the country. In Nevada, voters rejected a 2% business tax to fund schools. The teacher union amendment was called "the education initiative," and it seemed smartly packaged: more money for schools paid for by rich businesses. It went down nearly 80% to 20%.

In Tennessee, voters approved a constitutional amendment banning an income tax. This is momentous because it means the spending lobby will never be able to enact an income tax in the Volunteer State. And by a 3-to-1 majority, Georgia voters capped their income tax. Taxachusetts, er, Massachusetts, banned automatic hikes in the gas tax.

In Wisconsin, 3-in-4 voters approved a measure mandating that all gas-tax money go for transportation projects. No more raiding the highway trust fund of $1.5 billion that's supposed to fill potholes and instead is used as a piggy bank to finance everything from day care centers to lavish pensions. If Congress would pass such a law, we wouldn't have a road-congestion crisis.

Our favorite result was in Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco, where voters rejected taxing sugary drinks. But a similar measure passed across the Bay in Berkeley. Now University of California students will pay an extra 12 cents every time they pop open a Mountain Dew.

In Massachusetts, a soft drink tax was overwhelmingly rejected. So on balance, not a good election for the food Nazis.

The only issue that went for the liberals was the minimum wage. At least three more states and several more cities approved phased-in hikes in their state pay requirements. Somehow putting young people out of work is supposed to reduce income inequality. Good luck to them.

All in all, the outcome of this year's initiatives reinforces the scream from voters who want less government in their lives, and politicians — whether in City Hall, state capitals or Washington, D.C. — out of their wallets.

“The Obama administration now runs TV and radio ads assuring welfare recipients they should feel no shame whatsoever in taking a handout and even tells them that the more they live off the expense of someone else (taxpayers), the better it is for the economy. Liberals are trying to bend the culture in a subversive direction. Given that last year we had 47 million on food stamps, the left is succeeding. We economists bury ourselves in the data and formulas to try to devise policy solutions to raise the living standards of workers and families. It’s humbling to realize how much of our nation’s economic success is based on a culture of virtue. Do the right thing, as Spike Lee would put it. To save our economy from a path of decline, we need to start with a personal and national commitment to sturdy families, strong parents and a re-emergence of the Protestant work ethic. That shouldn’t be so hard.”
                   -Stephen Moore

“In Colorado, NARAL Pro-Choice America ran an ad insisting that a vote for the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate would lead to a ban on women’s birth control and, as a result, a critical condom shortage. If you hadn’t been paying attention, you might not have known that the Republican candidate, Rep. Cory Gardner, actually favored making birth control available over the counter. That’s forgivable ignorance. But, if you think a single senator from a single state can ban birth control (never mind that he doesn’t want to), then you are so staggeringly clueless about how our political system works, you shouldn’t vote at all. Indeed, any self-esteem boost you might get from pulling a lever in a polling booth would be like a pebble in the ocean of shame you should feel for being so ignorant. … ‘Vote first, ask questions later’ is not a mantra of good citizenship. It’s a marketing strategy designed to reward politicians for voters' ignorance.”
                   -Jonah Goldberg

A recent poll said 58% of Americans think “America is going to hell in a hand-basket.” With all of the negative news – Ebola, ISIS, the corrupt Obama administration and liberals thinking it cool to produce a commercial featuring little girls cussing (content warning!), it appears we are racing down the road to perdition. The left´s little girls cussing ad tells you everything you need to know about the left´s perverted interpretation of equality for women: humiliating little girls, lowering them to using language lower than drunken sailors. These people are sick.

The left's little girls cussing ad.  The left thinks this is funny, but it will make you sick (offensive warning!!).

A University of Arizona instructor is facing criticism for claiming that the U.S. military is “a greater threat” than the Islamic State (IS) and for portraying American soldiers as anti-Muslim rapists who commit crimes on par with—or even worse than—IS itself.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says government funded universal preschool is a “social movement” and compared it to civil rights and gay marriage during a speech in Los Angeles last month.

“The bottom line is that our planet is warming,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement on Sunday -- the same day he braved the cold and the snow to watch the New England Patriots play football in his home state of Massachusetts. Sunday´s snowstorm in Foxborough was the strongest early-November snowstorm in over a century.

A major Democratic donor and the head of a foundation that finances some of the nation’s leading environmentalist groups commutes to and from work on a gas-guzzling luxury yacht.

Four Islamic terrorists were foiled in a plot to kill the Queen of England

A Christian couple, 35-year-old Shahzad Masih and his 31-year-old wife Shama Bibi, were burned to death Tuesday morning by a Muslim mob in the south of Lahore (Punjab province), accused of committing blasphemy for allegedly burning pages of the Qur´an.

NY Post editorial:  “Just as critics had predicted, ObamaCare has again proved itself a job-killer. Especially for Democratic senators. “

The 2014 midterms turned out to be the wave election that Republicans dreamed of and Democrats dreaded. But amid the debris of what turned out to be a stunning repudiation of the administration, there are some people who must be judged to be the big winners and losers on both sides. Here’s my list……

“After six years of Obama, America finally passed judgment. And the Republicans won in Florida, Maryland, Colorado, Arkansas, West Virginia, Texas and the President’s home state of Illinois. This much is certain: no matter how disappointed the American people are in Barack Obama, the feeling will be mutual. ……Davis was so pro-abortion that she was nicknamed “Abortion Barbie” and Udall so fixated on birth control rights that he was called “Senator Uterus”. It turns out that Americans trying to survive on stagnating wages aren’t particularly interested in discussing some liberal’s favorite contraceptive method.”

Economist Ben Stein believes the White House is playing the race card in an effort to get African-Americans to vote against Republicans. Speaking to Fox News, Stein called President Barack Obama the most racist president in U.S. history. “The president is the most racist president there has ever been in America,” Stein said. “He is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans.”

London home crowned world's most expensive at US$1.58 billion

At $188, is this America's cheapest house?

"An elective despotism was not the government we fought for; but one in which the powers of government should be so divided and balanced among the several bodies of magistracy as that no one could transcend their legal limits without being effectually checked and restrained by the others."
              -James Madison

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