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op ed review 4/29

Mitt Romney won five more primaries in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut,, Rhode Island and Delaware, and turned a famous Democratic slogan against by President Obama by telling his opponent that Americans would not be diverted by peripheral issues this November: ‘It’s still the economy…and we’re not stupid.’

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Mitt Romney earning 49% of the vote, while President Obama attracts support from 44%.

“President uses $180,000-an-hour Air Force One to fly to fundraisers”  Is the taxpayer funding Obama's re-election campaign?

“Michelle Obama's $500,000 shopping trip: Huge taxpayer bill for First Lady's Spanish beach getaway revealed.”

“Falling home prices drag new buyers under water”

U.S. Homeownership Hits Decade Low

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says he expects to endorse Mitt Romney.

A video of a top EPA official saying the EPA’s “philosophy” is to “crucify” and “make examples” of oil and gas companies - just as the Romans crucified random citizens in areas they conquered to ensure obedience.

Roman Catholic leaders are calling for two weeks of public protests against President Obama's policies as they intensify their argument that the administration is engaged in a war on religion.

Supreme Court justices took a dim view of the Obama administration’s claim that it can stop Arizona from enforcing immigration laws, telling government lawyers during oral argument Wednesday that the state appears to want to push federal officials, not conflict with them. “It seems to me the federal government just doesn’t want to know who’s here illegally,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. said at one point.
Democrats are already preparing for a potential loss by saying they’ll try to pass legislation stripping states of the power to enact their own immigration rules.

Bank of America no longer wants to do business with the McMillan Group International.  Why? Because of the nature of the business: guns. “McMillan told TheDC that he plans to move his company’s account to “a more Second Amendment-friendly bank” as soon as it can be done. He recalls telling the bank executive that he planned to tell the National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, and his other gun-loving friends “that Bank of America is not firearms-industry-friendly.” “You have to do what you must” was the reply. “We have to assess the risk of doing business with a firearms related industry.”

In an email announcing the new AFL-CIO Executive PayWatch website, the leader of the nation’s largest union organization encourages members to fight excessive executive salaries. But in doing so, he risks training fire on his own impressive pay package.

A national atheist organization is demanding that a Rhode Island city remove a cross from a 91-year-old memorial honoring hometown soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their county.

Yet another new survey shows that Republican supporters know more about politics and political history than Democrats. On eight of 13 questions about politics, Republicans outscored Democrats by an average of 18 percentage points, according to a new Pew survey “Partisan Differences in Knowledge.” The Pew survey adds to a wave of surveys and studies showing that GOP-sympathizers are better informed, more intellectually consistent, more open-minded, more empathetic and more receptive to criticism than their fellow Americans who support the Democratic Party.

Dennis Prager  4/24 “Why America is Still the Best Hope”

Does it break some unwritten rule for a columnist to bring his readers' attention to his own book? If so, I ask your indulgence.  But, after nearly a thousand columns and twelve years since my last book, I hope readers will forgive me for noting that today, April 24, 2012, HarperCollins is publishing the culmination of a lifetime of thinking and years of the most challenging writing of my life.

The book is "Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph." It is an argument on behalf of the moral superiority -- and universal applicability -- of American values.

There are three big ideas, or religions, if you will -- competing for humanity's allegiance: Leftism, Islamism, and Americanism. I argue that the American value system -- what I call "the American Trinity" -- is the best system ever devised for making a good society.

The problem is that most Americans cannot identify these values, and therefore cannot fight on their behalf. In the meantime, the alternatives, Leftism and Islamism, have been spreading like proverbial wildfire, largely because their adherents know exactly what they are fighting for.

I do not fault Americans for not knowing their distinctive values. No one taught them what they are. And the problem is not new. Even the so-called "greatest generation," the World War II generation, had not been systematically taught these values.

I only came to realize what these values are in the way medical researchers sometimes happen upon a major discovery -- by chance. One night, as I emptied my pockets, I stared at the coins I had removed, and, lo and behold, there they were: America's values. The designers of all of America's money -- paper and coin -- had been telling me and every other American for well over a century what America stood for. And I hadn't noticed:
"Liberty," "In God We Trust," and "E Pluribus Unum" ("From Many, One"). No other country has proclaimed these three values as its primary values.

"Liberty" means the individual must be as free as possible. And this is only possible when the state and government are as small as possible. The freer the state is to do what it wants, the less free the citizen is to do what he wants. In sum, the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

"In God We Trust" means that a good society is only possible when the great majority of its citizens feel morally accountable to a God that is morally judging and a religion that is morally demanding. If men are to be free, they must control themselves. And if a moral religion doesn't control them, the state will try to. If men are not God-fearing, they will be state-fearing. And, as I show repeatedly in the book, every American founder believed that. Even the so-called "deists." This is one reason why, as America and Europe have become more and more secular, the state has become more and more powerful.

"E Pluribus Unum" means that whatever one's race or ethnicity, everyone who becomes a citizen of America is to be regarded first and foremost as a fellow American. This explains why America has assimilated people of every background more rapidly and successfully than any other country in the world. Because E Pluribus Unum means that race and ethnicity don't matter.

The "unum" also means that all Americans embrace their American identity. Ethical nationalism -- a nationalism that is rooted in liberty and God-based morality -- is part of the American values system -- and it is eminently exportable. We who believe in American values not only want other nations to retain their national identity, we want them to celebrate it. The more Australian Australians feel, the better. That so many young Brits no longer strongly identify as British is one of the reasons for Britain's decline.

These magnificent American values are applicable to virtually every society in the world. But Americans cannot export values they do not themselves know or believe in. And that is why I have devoted so many years to writing "Still the Best Hope." Because Abraham Lincoln was right when he said that America is the "last best hope of earth." It was true in 1862. And it is true today.


“But as powerful as the indictment of Barack Obama’s first four years may be, Mitt Romney must get his message out before the Obama money machine defines Mr. Romney before he can. This requires dollars in the millions. That’s why money is the mother’s milk of politics. “If you’ve got a bad record,” says Haley Barbour, the former governor of Mississippi, former chairman of the Republican National Committee and present-day raiser of millions for Republican candidates, “you want to try to disqualify your opponent to make him unacceptable. And the easiest time to do that this time is when Mitt Romney doesn’t have much money or access to much money, and the Democrats do.” At the end of March, the Obama campaign reported $104 million on hand. The Romney campaign had only $10 million. “Obama is sitting on a stack of money so high a show dog couldn’t jump over it,” Mr. Barbour says. But in the first two days after this week’s primaries, one anonymous Romney fund-raiser tells The Hill, the Capitol Hill daily, “people are coming out of the woodwork [with their money].” Now everybody can get down to the real business of democracy.
                  -Wes Pruden

“Leftists are to be judged only by a promised future, never by the present or by what has been delivered.”
                 -Mark Alexander

The self-described “Catholic” group protesting Rep. Paul Ryan’s ... speech at Georgetown University Thursday has ties to the Obama administration and left-wing advocacy groups funded by liberal billionaire George Soros. The protest, which aims to critique Ryan’s “attacks on the poor” and will feature a 50-foot banner reading “Were You There When They Crucified The Poor?” is part of a broader effort to portray the Republican budget as a fundamentally anti-Catholic document heading into the 2012 election season. ...The Soros-funded Tides Foundation has given $65,000 to the organization since 2007, and has given nearly $200,000 to the affiliated group Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Another Soros-funded group, the Open Society Institute, has given $450,000 to Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good since 2005.

Subprime Scandal: The radicals who caused the mortgage crisis by shaking down banks for risky loans now demand they forgive those loans.

Google, which sits atop more data than anybody outside the NSA, is presenting Bill Ayers as the author of Barack Obama's purported first autobiography, Dreams from My Father. Follow this link and see it while you can. If it is gone by the time you read this, a screen shot of the page, and a close-up on the Dreams entry are provided for posterity. Google knows so much about us already that privacy activists are alarmed. What data are its algorithms sifting through to come to the conclusion that yes, the stylistic parallels to Ayers' other books are formidable

President Obama's election campaign is recruiting an army of determined community organizers to walk the streets of the nation's cities this summer and autumn in the footsteps of a young Chicago community organizer named Barack Obama. Recruits would gather other volunteers, register new voters, run phone banks and campaign events and knock on millions of doors to track voters' preferences and encourage supporters of the president's reelection. The massive, cross-country organization is called Obama Fellowships. It involves many thousands of unpaid volunteers,

“Green Activists Trash Park on Earth Day”

“Like many liberal causes that have gone mainstream powered by partisan media, Earth Day had some very rad- ical beginnings. First, it’s on April 22, the birthday of the ruthless Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin. If you think that’s a coincidence, and it might be, let’s learn more about one of Earth Day’s founders, Ira Einhorn. Einhorn was a leftist leader who cheered on the Viet Cong in the 1960s, hoping for a United States defeat. Then he adopted environmentalism……Einhorn is serving a life sentence in a federal prison. That’s because he murdered and “composted” his estranged girlfriend…”.

Obama embraces Islamist parties in Egypt.  “No matter what the source of the delusion, no political movement that exalts the Koran can peaceably coexist with the concept of freedom at the root of Western governance…..To anyone who believes in the Western concept of freedom, Islamism by its nature cannot be legitimate. The White House needs to answer the question: If Islamism is a legitimate political movement, should it come to America, and if so, how soon?

What kind of a civilization is this?  “Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives - for up to six hours after their death. The controversial new law is part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament. It will also see the minimum age of marriage lowered to 14 and the end of women's rights of getting education and employment.

Iran is recruiting a hacker army to target the U.S. power grid, water systems and other vital infrastructure for cyberattack in a future confrontation with the United States, security specialists will warn Congress Thursday.

“This Week’s exploding cigar: Obama the Dog Eater”    Obama's crack campaign stuff has --with the aid of their media lapdogs-- set up a series of diversions, each of which is  exploding in Obama's face like Wile E. Coyote's Acme exploding cigars. This week, the campaign, aka Acme Cigar Corporation, decided it was time again to try to paint Mitt Romney as personally dislikeable by trotting out a 30 year old tale about his putting the family dog in a carrier on the family station wagon for a trip. Seamus, the dog, protected by a jerry built wind screen, survived, but the story was touted once again by Acme and its press buddies in the belief that as history proved, one can with media helpers knock out Republican candidates on silly externals.  Play the race game (Trayvon), the Women's Rights charade (Rosen and Fluke) and the animal lovers' heart strings (Seamus), and in that way pick up piece by piece the blocs of independents they so sorely need to prevail.”

Detailed article on Zimmerman and the problems in the condo project leading up to the Trayvon Martin incident.  He bought a gun because he and his wife were menaced by a neighborhood pit bull.

Now that Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee for president, the names of people he might appoint to the U.S. Supreme Court are starting to roll off the tongues of conservative activists, lawyers and former Republican administration aides.  Here are the top ten:

Seven Of The Most Disturbing Quotes From Members Of The Obama Administration.  Here’s an example:  “…animals should be permitted to bring suit……to prevent violations of current law.”

Your stimulus dollars at work.  AFP wasteful spending ad:

Breitbart is here: the video.

Nancy Pelosi's top 10 gaffes

“The hardest job in the world is the best job in the world.  Thank you moms!”  This Procter & Gamble commercial honors everything that all moms do.

New website:

Leno:  It now appears that as many as a dozen members of the Secret Service were involved in that Colombian prostitution scandal. Now six of the agents have been reassigned. The other six are now party planners for the GSA…….Have you been watching this John Edwards trial? I don't know what kind of president John Edwards would have been, but I'm pretty sure he would have gotten along really well with the Secret Service…..

"Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government."
                           -James Madison

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op ed review 4/22

Surprise Gallup poll this week among registered voters:  Romney 48%, Obama 43%. 

Acting very much like the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney sent a curt message to President Obama today:  “Start packing.”

 “Drill down into the numbers of the latest CBS poll and there are ominous signs for Obama. Only 33 percent of Americans believe the economy is moving in the right direction. A mere 16 percent feel they are getting ahead financially. Some 38 percent think their situation will get worse if Obama is re-elected, 26 percent think it will get better.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney walked onstage without any assistance and spoke for an hour and 15 minutes without seeming to tire in his first public engagement since he underwent a heart transplant three weeks ago. "I can't think of a time when I felt it was more important for us to defeat an incumbent president today with respect to Barack Obama. I think he has been an unmitigated disaster to the country.”

President Obama’s re-election campaign is straining to raise the huge sums it is counting on to run against Mitt Romney, with sharp dropoffs in donations from nearly every major industry.

The Obama jobs plan:  Go to work AND get unemployment benefits at the same time.  Yes, you read that right.

The number of people receiving food stamps (1 in 7 Americans) will continue to grow until 2014.

President Barack Obama has an ambitious plan for Washington bureaucrats to take command of the oceans—and with it control over much of the nation’s energy, fisheries, even recreation in a move described by lawmakers as the ultimate power grab to zone the seas.

President Obama said this week that without government spending, “Google, Facebook would not exist.”???

The big three networks have, thus far, shown little interest in investigating the nearly one million dollars in commuting costs spent by Barack Obama's Defense Secretary. According to the Washington Times, Leon Panetta's weekend flights home cost $32,000 and have totaled $860,000 as of early April.

John McCain's 2008 campaign staff allegedly had evidence that Democrats stuffed ballot boxes in Pennsylvania and Ohio on election night, but McCain chose not to pursue voter fraud, according to internal Stratfor emails published by WikiLeaks.

The Secret Service agents in Cartagena handling pre-arrival security for President Obama had copies of the president’s plans in the rooms where they cavorted with prostitutes. The potential breach of security was the latest revelation in the scandal that left 11 agents stripped of their security clearance and placed on paid administrative leave.
Obama in Colombia: ‘Part of My Job Is to Scout Out Where I May Want to Bring Michelle Back Later for Vacation’
And then there’s the “undignified display of raucous partying by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in Colombia.”

“Barack Obama has set himself up for a high-profile defeat on one of the most important issues of the campaign. The president has put his feet in cement in opposition to the Keystone oil pipeline. But on Capitol Hill, more and more Democrats are joining Republicans to force approval of the pipeline, whether Obama wants it or not.”

While the Obama Justice Department continues to pretend that voter ID is racially discriminatory and a violation of voting rights, courts keep on ruling against them. Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – an incredibly liberal appeals court – ruled that Arizona’s voter ID law was largely constitutional.

Report: Democrat-controlled Senate laziest in 20 years

“Marriott promoting discounts to gay couples”

A new photograph obtained exclusively by ABC News showing the bloodied back of George Zimmerman's head, which was apparently taken three minutes after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, gives possible credence to his claim that Martin had bashed his head against the concrete as Zimmerman fought for his life.
Alan Dershowitz Blasts Zimmerman Prosecution: 'Not Only Immoral, But Stupid'
Former US Attorney:  “It may be the weakest such affidavit I have ever read… this document, prepared by a trained prosecutor and executed by two trained investigators, definitely does not provide a reasonable foundation for such a charge.”

A former Wenatchee Valley resident will test his bicycle skills with former President George W. Bush next week on a 100-kilometer mountain bike ride through the desert terrain of Palo Duro Canyon State Park near Amarillo, Texas. Chris Goehner, 27, is one of 20 servicemen and women wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan who will join Pres. Bush in the second annual Warrior 100k Ride April 26-28. The participants were picked for their valor during the war on terrorism and recent work with military support organizations.

Washington Times  4/12
Sometimes a rare flash of honesty makes all the difference in politics. Democratic operative Hilary Rosen single-handedly changed the course of the 2012 election with her dig at Ann Romney, wife of presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney. “Guess what, [she] has actually never worked a day in her life,” Ms. Rosen said. Mrs. Romney shot back, “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work.” In that instant, the political narrative shifted from the phony war on women to the liberal war on moms.

Ms. Rosen’s intemperate words disrupted what had been a carefully managed campaign to drive a wedge between female voters and Republicans. The men of the Obama campaign tweeted disapproval in an attempt to distance their candidate from Ms. Rosen. Though Ms. Rosen would not quickly apologize as ordered, she did deign to say, “I love stay-at-home moms, and I have nothing against them.” The only thing missing was, “Some of my best friends are moms.”

Ms. Rosen reflects the old-school liberal contempt for women who choose to raise families rather than enter the workforce. Her condescension hearkens back at least to the Carter era, but the country has since moved on. Twenty-first-century Americans are comfortable with the idea that there are many paths available to women, many routes to success and personal fulfillment. Some women work full careers, with or without children. Others take time off from their professions to raise children. Some answer the calling of full-time motherhood and devote their energies to their families and communities, engaging in volunteer work and expressing virtues that the country could use more of. Any of these paths is a valid personal choice, but to liberals, the stay-at-home mom is somehow less of a woman. To them, the word “housewife” is synonymous with “loser.”

Those like President Obama who speak of the “luxury” of having a stay-at-home spouse are oblivious to the element of sacrifice involved. Most American families need a second income just to pay for the rising cost of living and escalating taxes. In families with one paycheck, life is even harder, but it reflects personal choices made by both spouses. As all parents know, going into the office can be a relief compared to the grueling work involved in caring for the needs of a small child. In the Romneys’ case, multiply that by five.

There is an odd echo of the 1992 presidential race, when Hillary Rodham Clinton scoffed that she “could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas” instead of pursuing her legal career. This is the left’s stereotype of stay-at-home moms that Ms. Rosen would like to perpetuate - the housewife as pampered pet. She sees women with no responsibilities, no insight into life outside their homes and no legitimate role in the political process, especially not advising their husbands. Guess what; you are stuck in the bitter 1970s. This shameful attack only makes Democrats appear more desperate as November approaches.


"When he's not talking up his buddy Warren [Buffet], [Obama] has been staggering around demonizing Paul Ryan's plan, which would lead, he says, to the end of the weather service, air traffic control, national parks, law enforcement, and drinkable water. Given what's at stake, you might think then that the president would have an alternative plan. But he has none, save for his proposal to pay off the 2011 federal deficit by the year 2526. The Obama No-Plan plan means the end of everything. That really ought to be the only slogan the Republicans need this fall: What's your plan?"
                           -Mark Steyn

"Democratic advisor Hilary Rosen is under fire for saying Ann Romney, quote, 'Never worked a day in her life.' Hey, if she really never worked a day in her life, Ann Romney would be endorsing Obama."
                          -Jodi Miller

"The thing I hate most about taxes is that the more money they take, the more government we get. It's the worst possible trade off imaginable."
                          -Frank J. Fleming

The Vatican has ordered a crackdown on a group of American nuns that it considers too radical. It says the group is undermining Roman Catholic teaching on homosexuality and is promoting "feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith".

A George Soros funded group is organizing a campaign against the “stand your ground” self-defense laws in a variety of states, particularly in Florida as a result of the Trayvon Martin incident that took place in Florida.

As part of Occupy Wall Street’s call for a nationwide “general strike” May 1, elements within the group are looking to shut down bridges and tunnels in both New York and San Francisco.
There were several hundred "training sessions" around NYC, as they tell it, over the past weeks, presumably to prepare the raucous and ready to protest the terrible, evil 1% who so bedevil America that average people become unhinged at the thought that the 1% are getting more than they "deserve."

The democrats won’t let them drill in Alaska, so Exxon, the largest oil company in the United States, is going to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean. Except it will benefit Russia, not the United States. ExxonMobil and Russia’s Rosneft unveiled an offshore exploration partnership that could invest upward of $500 billion in developing Russia’s vast energy reserves in the Arctic and Black Sea. 21 years after ridding itself of communism, Russia welcomes capitalism. Meanwhile, the United States government will celebrate Lenin’s birthday by calling it Earth Day, an excuse to shutter capitalism in this nation.

“NYC Occupy Smashes Starbucks, Shouts 'All Pigs Must Die'”

Writing for Forbes Magazine, climate change alarmist Steve Zwick calls for skeptics of man-made global warming to be tracked, hunted down and have their homes burned to the ground.

Electric vehicle sales is slow, despite marketing hype, government incentives and the hopes of green car advocates.  Ford Motor Co. sold about 12 Focus Electrics in December and January to fleet customers — and none in February and March.

Britain could be facing the coldest May in 100 years, with snow, bitter winds and freezing temperatures putting summer on hold.

"Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up," by Katie Pavlich.  Of all the myriad scandals of the Obama administration, there is one, largely ignored by the mainstream media, that could actually be its worst……the whole scheme was either absolutely harebrained or, as some have more ominously theorized, intentionally designed to manufacture "evidence" for tightening gun control legislation.

Vice President Joe Biden likened President Obama's policies to "legalizing rattlesnakes" ??

Top ten Joe Biden gaffes:

A leading member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives said on Thursday that "Islam is not part of our tradition and identity in Germany and so does not belong to Germany."

VDH:  The odds of defeating an incumbent president should be slim but they are in fact at least 50/50. Here are some reasons that this is true.
1) Romney is a more experienced and better candidate than he was in 2008.
2) The old mantra that at some point the massive $5 trillion borrowing, the fed’s near-zero interest rate policies, and the natural cycle of recovery after a recession would kick in before the election increasingly appears somewhat dubious.
3) Romney is going to be a lot tougher on Obama than was McCain in 2008
4) That Obama did not reinvent the world as promised won’t mean that his supporters will vote for Romney, only that they won’t come out in the numbers or with the money as they did in 2008. There is no margin of error in 2012 and turnout will be everything for Obama.
5) The Republicans seem so far to have a lot more interest in defeating Obama than Democrats do in reelecting him.
6) Obama is a great front-runner who can afford to talk of unity and magnanimity, but when behind he seems to revert to churlishness and petulance.
7) Ann Romney, whether she is used in a more partisan style or more in the manner of a reticent Laura Bush, is an invaluable asset, both her narrative and her grace — a treasury really that somehow was under-appreciated in 2008 but won’t be in 2012.
8) Obama is becoming repetitive and tiring in his speechifying in a way that Carter did by late summer 1980 and George H. W. Bush did in 1992.
9) Playing the race card in 2012 will prove a boomerang, especially if the Sharpton-Jackson nexus turns the Martin case into a reverse O. J. trial, and if Holder or Obama editorialize any more, or revert to the exhausting “stupidly,” “punish our enemies,” “cowards,” “my people,” tropes.
10) It is no longer “cool,” the thing to do, neat, or making a statement to vote for Obama. The 2008 lemming effect is over; no one believes any more that he will lower the seas or wants to believe that he can. Michelle’s lightness/darkness biblical image is hokey not moving. The fading 2008 Obama bumper stickers are no longer proof of one’s noble nature.

“These Poll Numbers Point to Disaster For Obama”

The Southern Baptist pastor who last October called Mormonism a cult and said Mitt Romney is not a Christian is now endorsing the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

George P. Bush hopes dissatisfaction with the Obama White House will help him draw young professionals to become donors and activists in the Republican Party. The grandson of former president George H.W. Bush and son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, the younger Bush is setting up chapters of his Texas-based Maverick PAC in several key swing states to try to mobilize young Republicans. Bush's group is one of several Republican efforts underway to try to peel away parts of the coalition that helped Barack Obama win the presidency in 2008 and organizers pledge each

The fruits of President Obama’s UAW Bailout of GM and Chrysler were on loud display in Metro Detroit Tuesday night as UAW President Bob King and 1,000 Astroturf union protestors launched a $70 million, dues-funded, “99 Percent Spring” protest outside a Michigan Republican fundraiser for embattled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker…But look outside union strongholds like the upper Midwest, and Obama’s claimed support of the working man is highly selective. Indeed, Obama’s ideological war on the oil and coal industries is breeding angry union enemies as Obama’s green theology gets the better of his blue-collar empathy.

Two years after the 2010 midterm elections decimated their ranks, the coalition of conservative Democrats is poised to get pummeled again in November — moving the Blue Dogs dangerously close to extinction. Of the 24 remaining Blue Dogs, five are not seeking reelection. More than a half-dozen others are facing treacherous contests in which their reelection hopes are in jeopardy. It’s a rough time to occupy the right wing of the Democratic Party.

Ken Blackwell:  The oppressive monster known as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not just killing jobs these days – it is intentionally avoiding transparency that may shed light on the political motivations behind the agency’s actions……Today, it has 17,000 employees and has evolved from its narrow focus into an unconstitutional, blunt instrument with vast powers that the Obama Administration wields to promote a radical political agenda that is destroying prosperity and ruining lives.

Obama’s disastrous war:  “Afghanistan is one of the most primitive and impoverished countries on Earth. It is the graveyard of empires. Imperial Britain, Soviet Russia - they suffered major defeats due to fierce indigenous resistance. Afghanistan’s history is plagued by ceaseless warfare and violent ethnic conflict. To think that this cursed land can be transformed into the Switzerland of South Asia - and to do it sacrificing precious American blood and treasure - is the height of imperial arrogance.”

HAUG: Highway to hell: The changing face of pop music. Recording artists compete to drag fans into new depths of debasement

VDH:  Administration meltdowns are hardly novel. In almost every presidency there comes a moment when sheer chaos takes hold, whether self-induced or as a result of an outside crisis. The Obama administration over the last month has seemed on the verge of one of these presidential meltdowns.

Grover Norquist: “Trickle-Down Taxation….Americans know that politicians are getting elected by promising to tax only the rich and then going after the middle class.”

Jonah Goldberg:  “Fantasies of Social Darwinism: Three generations of this imbecilic progressive talking point are enough.”

“Hey voter!” sticky notes to leave on gas pumps, etc:

Chart of the Week: Obama Tops Bush With More, Costlier Major Regulations

Jay Leno……President Obama released his tax returns. It turns out he made $900,000 less in 2011 than he did in 2010. You know what that means? Even Obama is doing worse under President Obama."

"To tax the community for the advantage of a class is not protection: it is plunder."
                     -Benjamin Disraeli

"The apportionment of taxes on the various descriptions of property is an act which seems to require the most exact impartiality; yet there is, perhaps, no legislative act in which greater opportunity and temptation are given to a predominant party to trample on the rules of justice. Every shilling which they overburden the inferior number is a shilling saved to their own pockets."
                    -James Madison

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op ed review 4/15


Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum suspended his campaign on Tuesday, clearing Mitt Romney’s path to the Republican presidential nomination.

The real race begins now. “The millions of dollars that were used to undermine Santorum can now be transferred to what really matters: fighting Barack Obama. The Obama-Romney fight opens with the president enjoying a reasonable – if not commanding – lead in the opinion polls. The latest Real Clear Politics polling average has Obama on 48.5pc, while Romney follows on 43.2pc. This is based on national polling of likely voters in November. This is important, but nowhere near as important as the specific polls that focus on the dozen or so battleground states where the election will be decided. Their names have a familiar ring: Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, to name a few.

In a Fox News Poll, Republican Mitt Romney holds a slim edge over President Obama in a head-to-head matchup. In addition, the poll finds the president’s job rating has dropped to its lowest point of the year.

During an interview in St Louis, “Obama Hammered for 'Jetting Around,' Taking Vacations While Americans Suffer”

How democrats view women: Democratic strategist and DNC adviser insults Ann Romney, suggesting that the 64-year-old mother of five and grandmother of 16 “never worked a day in her life.” After the blowback, democrats are doing damage control.

“As the smoking wreckage of the Democrats’ dumb “War on Women” narrative tumbles from the sky, we can at least enjoy some of the goofier attempts by the terrified White House to distance itself from close advisor and frequent visitor Hilary Rosen, who just became one of America’s most toxic political consultants.”

“The U.S. tax code is insane and out of control. It's tripled in a decade. It now runs to 3.8 million words. To put that in context, William Shakespeare only needed 900,000 words to say everything he had to say.”

Your tax bill this year is a lie. You're only seeing about two-thirds of the full cost of government services. Really. Taxes are $2.3 trillion. Government spending is $3.6 trillion. The rest is being put on the national credit card. …..Deficits are just future taxes. According to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, "Tax Freedom Day" falls on April 17 this year -- but "Deficit Day," which includes the full bill, won't come for another month.

Gov. Chris Christie warned an audience of national Republicans that the country is in danger of becoming a "paternalistic entitlement society" where people sit on the couch, "waiting for the next government check."

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, said that President Obama is creating a “government-centered society” that will lead to the “decline” of America unless the federal government changes its current fiscal policy.

Obama Administration: “Tax Cuts Work in China, Just Not in the U.S”

The government spent $205,075 in 2010 to “translocate” a single bush in San Francisco that stood in the path of a $1.045-billion “shovel ready” stimulus project. The bush—a Franciscan manzanita—was a specimen of a commercially cultivated species of shrub that can be purchased from nurseries for as little as $15.98 per plant.

This week, the Obama administration quietly released $1.5 billion in foreign aid to the new Egyptian government, now dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Administration officials have absurdly portrayed the Brothers as “secular” and “moderate,” although the organization, from its founding in the 1920s, has never retreated an inch from its professed mission to establish Islam’s global hegemony.

“A photo of Obama’s reelection “army” reveals a stunning lack of diversity……the “army of twenty-somethings” campaign manager Jim Messina has assembled in the president’s hometown is almost uniformly white..”

President Obama is coming to Detroit for a $1 million pizza party being thrown for him compliments of Denise Ilitch, daughter of Little Caesars’ founders Mike and Marian Ilitch. The price of admission isn’t for those on a budget. $40,000 buys access to the cocktail reception, formal photo with Obama and dinner.

What world does she live in? According to veteran journalist Barbara Walters, the American public doesn't know whether "most" reporters are "Republicans or Democrats." The unbelievable claim came during a View segment on the passing of 60 Minutes journalist Mike Wallace. Walters, who once recoiled at the prospect of the "scary" Sarah Palin becoming President, insisted, "But, most of don't know whether we're Republicans or Democrats or exhibitionists." (Exhibitionists?)

The Supermax prison in Colorado where the most dangerous criminals in America are incarcerated provides prisoners with more generous services and activities than do most prisons in Europe, admits the European Court of Human Rights, to their surprise.

Mike Huckabee faces off against Rush Limbaugh on the airwaves. Huckabee’s three-hour show will debut on nearly 200 stations, lining up right alongside Limbaugh on the 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. time slot from Monday to Friday.,0,4716734.story

“So anxious is the federal government to give away money to lower income people (up to $49k!) that it is buying expensive full page advertising in magazines like Sports Illustrated urging people to take advantage of the "Earned Income Tax Credit" (EITC) program. In the ad reproduced below, the fed show pennies raining down from heaven (get it? pennies from heaven), so that poor people merely need to put out a vessel of some sort to catch the money.”



Henry Olsen 4/6

The Pew Research Center released a study in December showing that more Americans age 18 to 29 have a favorable view of socialism over capitalism. In fact, this demographic has a net positive view of socialism (49 percent positive to 43 percent negative) and net negative view of capitalism (46 percent positive and 47 percent negative). When Pew released an earlier version of the same study two years ago, this demographic’s views on socialism were exactly the opposite (43 percent positive and 49 percent negative).

Clearly, more than one’s college education goes into one’s opinions on economic systems. But just as clearly, few would deny that a college graduate’s opinions are shaped during his or her four years at college - that’s why they’re called the formative years. So when we engage in a spirited debate about the liberal dominance of college, let’s also remember that there are real-world consequences to this imbalance within academia.

For the 18-to-29-year-olds who have a favorable opinion of socialism, what else does that tell us about them? Can one view socialism favorably and still believe in America’s democratic free-market system? Would these young adults be able to articulate why the social democratic states of Europe and around the world failed to keep pace with the United States in the latter half of the 20th century?

This is the dilemma that confronts a nation whose youths don’t understand or appreciate what underlies our prosperity. The recent Occupy Wall Street protests presented the perfect irony of this generation and its confusion. While decrying the evils of capitalism, the protesters organized their marches via social networks and mobile devices that were the products of capitalism. No government agency or grant created Twitter or the iPhone.

Without a firm background in the benefits of the free market, these same Americans will grow up not only ignorant of much of what makes America great, but supportive of policies that will undermine our greatness. This is not a partisan issue. A generation that is unaware of its nation’s founding principles - freedom, limited government and the free market - is a generation that could lose them.

Despite decades of calling out the problem, conservatives have yet to make a serious dent in the left’s dominance of academia. This likely won’t change anytime soon. Which means this summer, when students are home for summer break, it’s up to parents to arm them not only with the knowledge of what awaits them on campus, but also with the intellectual curiosity to seek answers elsewhere. Otherwise, parents might learn firsthand what Mr. Santorum meant about “indoctrination mills.”

Another good read: “Who is this guy pretending to be president?”

“Has anyone seen Barack Obama recently? You know, the optimistic hopeful fellow with the charming smile who promised so many positive things four and five years ago, how he was going to change the harsh, partisan tone of our nation's capital and bring the country together as its first African American president…Where did that Obama go? Have you listened recently to this Chicago Doppelganger who's replaced him? This 2012 Obama is strident and mean, even deceitful, divisive, telling half-truths after half-truths. He's using Air Force One as his personal Brinks truck with wings to collect cash all over the country, disguising the trips as official. He tries to intimidate the Supreme Court, an equal branch of government, when its thinking might stray from his….He chastises House Republicans for their draconian budget when his Senate Democrats haven't written a single one in three years; so, the fiscal drift abides….Obama claims credit for the bottom half of a pipeline he had nothing to do with, when he killed the top half. He brags that domestic oil drilling is up when the part he's responsible for is down. He says no one should ever go to Las Vegas on the taxpayer's dime. Then his wife, daughters and entourage do just that. This year's Obama talks of the importance of windmills, algae and green energy, but he takes a 17-SUV motorcade to a photo op with an electric car. He lambasts oil companies for getting the same legal tax incentives (he calls them "subsidies") that other companies receive, hoping to aim anger at them so voters won't notice that gas prices have doubled since his inauguration……But without real presidential leadership, Obama's hand-picked harpie atop the Democratic National Committee feels empowered to assign a hired gun to dismiss his opponent's wife, the cancer-surviving mother of five sons, as someone who's never worked a day in her life. Are they that scared already? Obama is the guy who said his own wife was off limits politically…..But a woman who stays at home with her kids at no public expense can be trashed because of her party?....We were never exactly fond of the Original Obama. But we'd take him any day over the twilight character that inhabits the Oval Office now.”



"Sixty-one percent of debt issued by the Treasury is bought by the Federal Reserve -- which is to say the left hand of the U.S. Government is lending money to the right hand of the US Government. ... Nonetheless, in a land where every mewling babe in the American nursery is born with a debt burden of just under $200,000, the president brags that only his party is 'compassionate' to have no plan whatsoever even to attempt to do anything about this, no way, no how, not now, not ever."

-Mark Steyn

"I am instinctively skeptical whenever self-proclaimed environmentalists start pontificating. In part, this is because everyone has an incentive to exaggerate. The business community will always say that a new regulation imposes astronomically high costs, while environmentalists will claim minimal costs and say that thousands of premature deaths will be averted. Since exaggeration is omnipresent in Washington, that's not what really bothers me. My main problem with environmentalists is that they want to use so-called green issues to give government more power. And if you oppose them, you're an evil person."

-Daniel J. Mitchell

"Last week, President Obama warned that if the Supreme Court stops Congress from forcing Americans to buy government-approved health insurance, it will be imposing restrictions on federal power of a sort not seen since the early 1930s, the late 1920s, 1905 or 1789. ... The main point is that Republicans, who want the court to overturn the health insurance mandate, are trying to undo the New Deal. Obama made a similar claim regarding the House Budget Committee's recently unveiled fiscal plan, which he called 'thinly veiled social Darwinism,' 'an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country' and 'antithetical to our entire history.' In truth, however, neither the constitutional constraints nor the budgetary tinkering advocated by the Republicans would make the federal government any smaller than it is now. I wish they were half as radical as the president portrays them."

-Jacob Sullum

"In 1996 Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act by huge bipartisan votes -- 342 to 67 in the House and 85 to 14 in the Senate. President Bill Clinton signed the measure into law. Now, the Obama administration says DOMA, which permits states to refuse to recognize gay marriages from other states and also creates a federal definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, is unconstitutional. ... 'I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress,' Obama said Monday about the arguments over Obamacare before the nation's highest court. The danger presented in the health care case, the president continued, is that 'an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law.' ... If the president was so concerned about a court overturning a duly constituted law passed by a democratically elected Congress, why was he urging a small group of unelected judges to strike down DOMA, a measure that won passage by a far greater margin than Obamacare? The answer is, of course, that the administration is making a political argument for its positions, not a legal one. ... [T]he timing of the arguments over Obamacare and DOMA has revealed the flexibility of the administration's arguments over constitutionality. And the flap over Obama's remarks is just a preview of what is coming when the court issues its decision on Obamacare this June."

-Byron York

"One of the highly developed talents of President Barack Obama is the ability to say things that are demonstrably false, and make them sound not only plausible but inspiring. ... Now there are different kinds of liars. If we must have lying Presidents of the United States, I prefer that they be like Richard Nixon. You could just look at him and tell that he was lying. But Obama is much smoother. On this and on many other issues, you would have to know what the facts are to know that he is lying. He is obviously counting on the fact that, in this era of dumbed-down education, many people have no clue as to what the facts are. He is also counting on something else -- namely, that the pro-Obama media will not expose his lies. One of the many ways of lying smoothly is to simply redefine words. Barack Obama is a master at that as well. ... It would be hard to become nostalgic about Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign in disgrace. But at least you could tell when he was lying. Obama's lies are just as big but not as visible, and the media that exposed Nixon is covering for Obama."

-Thomas Sowell

"There's a real war on women.... And it's been going on for decades. Our friend Steven Mosher first discovered this war on women in China three decades ago. Steven was a Stanford University Ph.D. student doing graduate research in rural China. ... What he discovered was that Chinese women got no choice. If they had a second child -- an 'illegal' child -- these women could be rounded up, thrown in the back of a two-ton truck, and carted off to the local infirmary. There, they could even be held down and forcibly aborted. ... With such brutal policies in effect limiting Chinese couples to only one child, the rural Chinese felt further pressure to make sure that child was a boy. That's because sons are the only social 'safety net' for hundreds of millions of Chinese. ... President Obama would have us believe that there is some kind of war on women, just in time for his re-election effort. But he is the one who made sure that China's monstrous population effort would be fully supported by the UN Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA). Two days after assuming power, President Obama revoked the Reagan-era Mexico City policy of the previous administration. He forces us to fund international Planned Barrenhood. That means that the world-wide war on baby girls will go forward, with U.S. taxpayers footing part of the bill."

-Ken Blackwell & Bob Morrison



George Clooney is hosting a $40,000 a plate fundraiser for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

On Tuesday, Rep. Allen West spoke at a town hall in Florida. During his appearance, he told the crowd he’s “heard” that up to 80 House Democrats are members of the Communist Party. This started quite a debate on some news blogs, everything from “only 80?” to “this makes us look like extremists”.

He probably should have said socialists: “Simply Google "Democratic Socialists + US Congress" and you'll come up with an 'old' list from Aug.10 2008 that lists 70 Members of the US Congress.”

He may have been referring to members of the House Progressive Caucus, which number about 80..



In an unprecedented slap at NASA’s endorsement of global warming science, nearly 50 former astronauts and scientists--including the ex-boss of the Johnson Space Center--claim the agency is on the wrong side of science and must change course or ruin the reputation of the world’s top space agency. Challenging statements from NASA that man is causing climate change, the former NASA executives demanded in a letter to Administrator Charles Bolden that he and the agency “refrain from including unproven remarks” supporting global warming in the media. “We feel that NASA’s advocacy of an extreme position, prior to a thorough study of the possible overwhelming impact of natural climate drivers is inappropriate,” they wrote. “At risk is damage to the exemplary reputation of NASA, NASA’s current or former scientists and employees, and even the reputation of science itself.” The letter was signed by seven Apollo astronauts, a deputy associate administrator, several scientists, and even the deputy director of the space shuttle program. NASA had no immediate comment.

Not yet two years after the Department of Energy awarded $43 million in loan guarantees for Beacon Power’s energy storage plant, government attorneys are calling the bankrupt solar company and its affiliates little more than “empty shells” benefiting lawyers and other bankruptcy professionals.



Ann Coulter “fighting the last war” “Liberal Republicans always lose. Because he is not a liberal, Romney stands a good chance of beating Obama this fall. But if the fantasist posers keep turning this presidential race into their personal "Dungeons and Dragons" battle against "moderates," Romney's victory will go into the "Liberal Wins" column, when it is anything but.”

Conservatives shouldn’t fret about the politics of their nearly-presumptive nominee. Mitt Romney will most certainly govern as one of them. He’s guaranteed to — for the exact reason they think he won’t. If Romney really is the political animal his detractors on the right suspect him to be, he’ll shape his presidency with a single goal: Winning a second term. To do that, he will need to make sure there is no running room on his right for someone to launch a primary challenge.



“Is Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate a forgery? Definitely yes, for those of us who have spent a lifetime writing and producing technical documents, and who remember how they were produced in pre-computer days, and who have the technical expertise today to produce them using computers. For us, it's been an "open secret" that the document image released by the White House on April 27, 2011 is a complete fake.”

In a new video provided to, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas demonstrates why AG Eric Holder should stop attacking voter ID laws--by walking into Holder’s voting precinct and showing the world that anyone can obtain Eric Holder’s primary ballot. Literally. The video shows a young man entering a Washington, DC polling place at 3401 Nebraska Avenue, NW, on primary day of this year--April 3, 2012--and giving Holder’s name and address. The poll worker promptly offers the young man Holder’s ballot to vote. The young man then suggests that he should show his ID; the poll worker, in compliance with DC law, states: “You don’t need it. It’s all right. As long as you’re in here, you’re on our list, and that’s who you say you are, you’re okay.”

The mainstream media narrative on Zimmerman - Martin: “Once upon a time, a nice young man set off from his dad's fiancĂ©e's home before the NBA All-Star game to buy some Skittles and Arizona Tea for his stepbrother. Although the lad was seventeen, he looked like a cute twelve-year-old. Along came a burly ex-con racist vigilante who didn't like the idea of a young African-American male walking around his gated community at night. The cop-wannabe stalked the frightened boy, cornered him, and then shot him. But the racist police didn't arrest the murderer. The conscience of the nation was stirred. Protests erupted from coast to coast. The gunning down of young, unarmed black males by white Rambos -- and the occasional "white Hispanic" -- is an all-too-common occurrence in the US of A….”

“Obama has Forrest Gumped his way through his presidency, except without the success, charm, and endearing sweetness of the original. He has given America three and a half years of farce, even if no one is laughing…… In less than four years, he has reduced America to the laughingstock of the world. We are threatened by Iran with nuclear Armageddon, while he lines up a putt and tells us what his imaginary son would look like.”

“It appears I struck a nerve a couple of weeks ago with “Texas vs. California: Why so many people are moving from the Golden State to the Lone Star State.” My point was simple: California is often a trendsetter in the realm of left-wing policymaking, while Texas legislators keep their government small. The results speak for themselves…”



The Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee will release this chart later today, clearly showing that America's debt is greater than the combined debt of the entire Eurozone and the U.K.:

10 Things I Hate About Tax Day

7 Devastating Facts About the Obama Economy

The RNC is out with a new video this morning called “From ‘Hope’ to Hypocrisy.”

New Breitbart posters:

Don’t tease the frog:



Leno: Best Buy announced they will close 50 stores in the United States while opening 50 new stores in China at the same time. Remember the old days when we just sent the jobs overseas? Now we're sending the whole store.



"One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results."

-Milton Friedman

"I have no respect for the passion of equality, which seems to me merely idealizing envy -- I don't disparage envy but I don't accept it as legitimately my master."

-Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

"I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer."

-Benjamin Franklin