Saturday, October 27, 2018

op ed review 10/28

Now over two miles long…..Caravan Swells, Mexico Police Stand Down as Illegal Migrants March to US.
The Open Border Activists Behind the Illegal Immigrant Caravans
Migrant Caravan Not Walking – They’re Being Transported to US Border on the Back of Flat Bed Trucks
Now a second migrant caravan is heading for the American border having formed in the wake of an initial group.
Honduran Caravan Includes Military-Aged Male Migrants From Bangladesh, Haiti and Congo
Homeland Security warns of cartels' role in migrant caravan
Man Traveling in Illegal Caravan Confirms Trump's Claim: Of Course There Are Criminals Here
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA): Americans Must be ‘Welcoming,’ and ‘Tolerant’ to Caravan
‘Nancy Pelosi Will Welcome the Caravans Here’
Obama ridicules Americans who are fearful of migrant caravans. “Obama spoke in a haughty, comedic voice, raising his pitch and using his arms and hands to make exaggerated points of ridicule.”
Not related to the caravan:  on the border in El Paso, the migrants arrive so regularly there's a housing crunch……the nonprofit Annunciation House shelter expected to take in 1,200 migrants this week and 1,500 more next week.
Last year:  Hungary Built a Wall, Cut Illegal Immigration by Over 99 Per Cent

As the media and the left goes on and on about hateful rhetoric from President Donald Trump after someone sent Democrat foes bombs, they seem to have forgotten that their rhetoric doesn’t help either. You know, like the fantasy story Tuesday in The New York Times that depicts the assassination of Trump by a Russian agent with the help of the Secret Service.
Fake bombs?
CNN compares mail bombs to 9/11.
MSNBC contributor says the scare may “exceed the scope” of President Lincoln’s assassination.
Many of the same left-wing media outlets that rushed to blame the attempted bombings on President Trump have been suspiciously quiet about an alleged attempt to poison the president. Earlier this month Pentagon mail screeners discovered threatening letters addressed to President Donald Trump, containing the deadly toxin ricin.
Flashback Video:  Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) jokes about killing Trump, Pence and Sessions on Ellen DeGeneres show... and everyone laughs.
Media too busy with bombing story to report these:  GOP candidate for Congress in New Jersey said Wednesday that a threat against him and his seven children was delivered to his office.
Vandals Throw Giant Boulder Through House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s Office Window

President Trump has broken more economic records in his first two years than any president in history. And his foreign policy successes are just as impressive. Despite this the liberal mainstream media has found a way to publish anti-Trump screeds 92% of the time. Then they all sit back and b***h when Trump fires back at their bias and lies. On Thursday 200 hack journalists signed a letter condemning Trump for what they say is violence against the press. These are the same a**hats who have ignored over 600 beatings and violent acts against Trump supporters for the past two years.
Over 100,000 RSVPs For Houston Trump Rally With Ted Cruz – Tailgater Set Up Outside to Accommodate Massive Crowd
"Line-up to Trump rally began more than 29 hours before the President's arrival"
Trump approval jumps ahead of Obama’s midterm approval rating.
Trump admin considering narrowing legal definition of ‘gender,’ and there are only two. Liberal meltdown begins.
GOP Uses Senate Recess to Ram Through Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Blue wave collapsing? Early voting shows GOP outpacing Dems in key states
On the other hand:  “early voting points to massive turnout, potential warning signs for GOP”

Washington State's ridiculous 'vote boxes' degrade the franchise for everyone

He fought in World War II. He died in 2014. And he just registered to vote in Va.

States With Legal Pot See Increase In Car Accidents, Studies Say

NBC News deliberately hid vital information that would have helped clear Brett Kavanaugh of the serial rape allegations Julie Swetnick and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, leveled against him.

Locked in close race, Missouri´s McCaskill runs ad saying she´s “not one of those crazy Democrats”.

James Robbins, 10/25, USA Today
“Donald Trump's 'nationalism' isn't racist or wrong, it's what America needs right now”

You know America is in trouble when the president is viciously slammed simply for saying good things about the country.

Appeals to the inherent goodness and manifest greatness of America used to be a staple of political oratory. It was so commonplace that it was entirely noncontroversial. Love of country was taken for granted.

But when President Donald Trump described himself as a “nationalist” at a rally in Texas, it set off a firestorm of criticism. Nationalism is now the new “n-word.” CNN’s Jim Acosta pathetically insinuated the president was making a secret appeal to racism. MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace invoked her History Channel-based education to tie in Nazi appeals to German nationalism, while perhaps being unaware that the Nazis also were ardent socialists. Maybe she missed that program.

This predictable progressive panic is baseless and tiresome. It is a willful misunderstanding of what Trump means when he says nationalist. The president framed the term against “globalist,” which in his words is “a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly not caring about the country so much.”

This has always been part of the president’s America First agenda, to represent U.S. interests in dealings abroad rather than promoting the internationalist agenda of his predecessors of both parties.

Trump’s nationalism is also a patriotic appeal for national unity and pride. It is a response to progressive tribalism, which seeks to divide the country into grievance groups and promote a narrative of shame. Decades of revisionist history and grievance ideology have corrupted the American story. The left defines politics in terms of alleged oppression that forms the root of their demands as purported victims. Any notion that the United States is praiseworthy disrupts their relentless quest for proof of victimhood.

Thus when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said America "was never that great,” he was simply expressing the dominant progressive view in very mild terms.

And woe to any Democrat who forgets that America exists only to be criticized. In Pennsylvania, Allegheny County Democratic Party Executive Director Mark Salvas, a former Marine and veteran, was driven from his position for posting “I stand for the flag, I kneel at the cross” on social media.  He failed to realize that on the left, flags are for kneeling or burning and crosses are for tearing down. Then-Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, in the wake of the 2017 violence at Charlottesville, innocently invoked “patriots … Thomas Jefferson and George Washington who brought our country together” as an appeal for unity in the wake of the tragedy. He was immediately slammed by the left for daring to praise icons of U.S. history who were “seeding white supremacy.” To the progressives, the Founders were slavers, the Constitution is racist, and Mount Rushmore should be blown up. 

President Trump’s patriotic appeals are controversial only  because hating America has become so deeply embedded in progressive thinking. But if our nation is to survive, it must have a national narrative that seeks not to blame but to inspire, not to divide but unite, not to demean but uplift. As I noted in "Erasing America: Losing Our Future by Destroying Our Past," people want to feel good about their country and their history. Americans have a right to a positive national story that engages their spirit and sense of possibilities. It is not a thoughtless glorification of all things American, but the recognition of American ideals, and a belief in seeking the best for the country as a whole.

Donald Trump is appealing to this time-honored idea; not just restoring economic growth and international clout but reviving the greatness of the American spirit. Part of making America great again is restoring the American story, and with it our sense of destiny, dynamism and optimism. Whether you call it nationalism, patriotism or Americanism, it is our common legacy. We discard it at our peril.

Another good read:  If an enemy were plotting to destroy the most powerful country in the world, what strategy would he use?  Knowing he can't beat the country economically or militarily; what other options are open to him? Here's an idea!  Suppose the enemy were able to mobilize millions of people from the most poverty-stricken countries in the world and have them invade our country, using children as their shields.  Suppose further that those massive numbers of people just started walking toward our borders in open defiance of our immigration policies. What would you, running the United States, be willing to do to stop the invasion?.........

“An unauthorized march on a border—any border—is a challenge to national sovereignty.”
    -Matthew Continetti

“No country can maintain its character and purpose if it has what amounts to open borders. A common language is lost, there are fewer incentives to assimilate and immigrants can bring with them their own agendas and objectives. The hyphenating of various ethnic groups is proof enough that they seem to be less willing to be called simply Americans.”
             -Cal Thomas

“The Democrats’ hatred reminds me of the time someone asked Israel’s Golda Meier when she thought there would be peace in the Middle East. She said it would only happen when Palestinians start loving their children more than they hate the Jews. It’s the same for America in 2018. Our political civil war will end only when the Democrats start loving their country more than they hate Donald Trump.”
            -Michael Reagan

“Some insensitive bureaucrat argued that federal policy on gender should be based on ‘a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.’ Oh, the horror of it all. But wait. Don’t liberals believe policy should be grounded in science? The answer is yes — but not when it conflicts with their cultural dogmas on ‘gender fluidity.’ … As usual, any step backward from the Obama administration’s radical march into a funhouse with 51 boutique gender identities is seen as a return to the horrific world of … five years ago.”
           -L. Brent Bozell & Tim Graham

With all the books about President Trump, one mystery has been ignored. How did this supposed clown manage not only to learn Ronald Reagan’s economic formula but also carry it to the next level? …..none has even tried to address the elephant in the room — how Trump built the platform of economic growth and jobs that managed to crack the Democrats’ presidential-election “Blue Wall” and leave our newscasters agape. That’s the scoop that Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer are about to publish in their new book “Trumponomics.” It’s an inside account of what they call the “America First plan to revive our economy.”

253 Theaters Drop 'Gosnell' Amid Media Blackout to Defend 'Sacrament' of Abortion.

“Trump, the Blue-Collar President” by Anthony Scaramucci   Tells the inside story of how Donald J. Trump, a billionaire living on Fifth Avenue, identified the struggle of blue-collar Americans, and won the Presidency.

PETA says cow's milk is a symbol of white supremacists.

Picture of Nancy Pelosi meeting with George Soros’s son.
George Soros and his 'rented evangelicals' outed by Christian leaders

Crowds on Demand, a Beverly Hills company in the business of hiring protesters, boasts on its website that it provides its clients with “protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts. ... We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas.”

Picture of DNC Deputy Chair At A May Day Communist Parade Wearing A “I Don’t Believe In Borders” Shirt…

Sharia speech codes now enforced by European courts: insulting the prophet Muhammad “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate” and “could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace.”

One of Mark Levine’s best interviews:  Meteorologist Dr. Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, provides insight into the debate over climate change and the political games played to create policy.

NBC ran an interview this week with a woman they were clearly hoping would exemplify the desperate state of the migrants, but instead, she exemplified the reality of what these people are after, saying she was looking for work. “Most migrants said they were aware that jobs were plentiful in the United States, and many said they believed that having a child accompany them might help them avoid long-term detention,” reports The New York Times.
If they get to the border and make asylum claims, 90% will get through, due to generous US laws. Members of the Central American "caravan" will soon be in a community near you. Most members of the caravan will enter the U.S. legally by claiming refugee status. The ones who would obviously be turned back (former deportees, MS-13 members, documented criminals or terrorists) will cross the unattended border in remote areas.

Dear Resistance, listen to my lived totalitarian experience – you have no effing idea what you’re talking about.

VDH: The Origins of Our Second Civil War: globalization, high tech, the campus, illegal immigration, and the Obama Project.

Get "YourName"  Feel pride of owning a PRIVATE email address with Ronald Reagan's name

Thanks, Common Core: ACT Scores for Class of 2018 Worst in Decades

Did McCabe set up Rosenstein?

“A migrant caravan full of leftists desiring to enter the socialist paradise of Venezuela departed the United States Thursday and began marching toward through Mexico, stating they will demand asylum so they might experience the far better life that socialism offers. The migrants claim they are leaving America because of its high standards of living, strong economy, and record unemployment, and hope to find a better life in Venezuela's much more equitable system…..”

Stop Pelosi website raises $50,000 in first hours. The website asks people to donate and then divides the cash among Republicans in 23 House races, which corresponds with the number of seats Democrats need to capture in order to retake control of the chamber for the first time since the 2010 elections.

Phone ap developed by Obama staffers but works for Republicans too.  Uses your contact list to find registered voters, tries to find party identification using voter databases, and lets you text them to encourage voting.

“Foreign influence is truly the Grecian horse to a republic. We cannot be too careful to exclude its influence.”
           -Alexander Hamilton