Saturday, February 25, 2017

op ed review 2/26

53% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.
A strong majority of Americans say Democrats should cooperate with President Trump to strike deals, according to the inaugural Harvard-Harris poll. The survey found that 73 percent of voters want to see Democrats work with the president, against only 27 percent who said Democrats should resist Trump’s every move.
A new Harris poll shows that 80% of voters say local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they come into contact with. The poll also shows that President Trump enjoys broad public support to crack down on sanctuary cities.
On cutting off federal grants to sanctuary cities,”46 percent of Hispanic voters agreed, 43 percent opposed. Overall, the margin was 59 percent support to 29 percent oppose.”
President Trump has kept at least one of his campaign promises, effectively ending the mandate that required people to buy health insurance.
The Trump administration revoked federal guidelines issued by former President Obama that allowed public school students to use restrooms and other facilities corresponding to their gender identity.  The liberal media calls this “rolling back protections”.
Confronting a national debt that nearly doubled under President Obama, President Trump said he inherited a federal budget “mess” and vowed to force Washington to stop wasting taxpayers’ money.
Another Campaign Promise Fulfilled – President Trump eliminates one of President Obama’s last minute regulations intended to cripple the coal industry.

In a whirling dervish White House press conference, President Trump manhandled the press, piledrived all the fake news and reminded the world why he tore through both political parties and got elected president in the first place.
Limbaugh: “One of the most entertaining 1 1/2 hours of television in White House history.”

Controlling "exactly what people think" is the job of the media, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski boldly declared Wednesday morning.

Sweden is now Europe’s rape capital, here’s the data about “Stockholm Syndrome“- Rape and violence exploding across Sweden due it’s immigration policies.
Trump was Right!´ Inside the Stockholm suburbs where cars are torched, drugs sold openly

“Witches around the world plot mass spell against Trump”
Hinderaker:  “Democrats Come Up With a Practical Way to “Banish” Trump: Witchcraft”

Remember Sheriff Joe Arapaio?  He was destroyed by Obama’s Justice Department and lost his last election. Now an average of 400 “criminal illegal immigrants” are being released every 10 days by the newly elected sheriff in Arizona’s most populous county. It’s part of Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone’s new policy to protect illegal aliens, even those who have committed serious state crimes, from deportation.

Fox’s Tucker Carlson faced off with Sunsara Taylor from the group Refuse Fascism, who argued that President Trump‘s administration is a “fascist regime.”
But this isn’t fascism?  At hundreds of campuses across the country, administrators encourage students to report one another, or their professors, for speech protected by the First Amendment, or even mere political disagreements. "Bias Response Teams"……scrutinize the speech of activists and academics, looking for political incorrectness.

With control of all three branches of government, Republicans are set on unraveling President Obama´s education legacy and pushing an unprecedented amount of funding and authority back to states. Leading this charge is Rep. Virginia Foxx, the newly appointed chairwoman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee. Her mission…is to make the federal government “as minimal as possible.”

The USA TODAY Network has launched a secure website for tips from government whistleblowers.  Where was the concern during the last eight years?

McCain slams President on foreign soil.
Rand Paul: We're very lucky McCain's not in charge...

Violent Central American gang MS-13 is recruiting members as early as elementary school in Virginia.
Mexican presidential hopeful holds mass rally in Los Angeles to criticize American President Trump’s wall.
The Truth About Deportations:  Other democratic countries are far more aggressive than the U.S. about removing illegal aliens.
Democrats Attack Trump For Enforcing Their Own Immigration Law: The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which was approved by 52 Democrats in the Senate and 202 Democrats in the House in a Democrat-controlled Congress and was signed into law by President Johnson, a Democrat.
An official arm of the Democratic party is behind a planned demonstration against Secretary of State Rex Tillerson outside the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

An upbeat Hillary Clinton popped back into the political spotlight Friday with a three-minute address to Democrats, applauding them for being the ´resistance´ against President Donald Trump.
Former President Obama is setting up a “shadow White House” in Washington, DC, for organizing anti-Trump protests nationwide and “rebuilding the ravaged Democrat Party.”

President Trump gave Boeing South Carolina an unprecedented boost, saying "God Bless Boeing" as he promoted the company´s work force in his first visit to the Palmetto State in a year. "Just like you built this incredible airplane behind me, we´re going to rebuild this country and ensure that every forgotten community has a bright future," Trump said as Boeing marked the official roll out for its new 787-10 Dreamliner passenger jet.

President Trump has indicated that he wants to make a splash in space. “…NASA send astronauts to orbit the moon before the end of Trump´s first term — a move that one Trump adviser said would be a clear signal to the Chinese that the U.S. intends to retain dominance in space.”

National Review editorial   2/23
Yesterday the Trump administration preserved federalism, respected the principle of local control over local schools, and corrected one of the Obama administration’s many lawless and radical executive actions. With a simple, two-page letter, the Departments of Education and Justice withdrew and rescinded two Obama-administration letters that purported to unilaterally redefine Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

The Obama administration had expanded Title IX’s explicit ban on sex discrimination in federally funded educational institutions to encompass “gender identity” discrimination and then imposed intrusive “guidance” on every federally funded school in the nation, on matters ranging from pronoun usage to eligibility for sports teams and access to showers, bathrooms, and sleeping quarters on overnight trips. Put plainly, the Obama administration used a letter to rewrite a statute and then applied that letter to every public school in the United States, from kindergarten through college.

This is not how one makes law in our constitutional republic. New laws require new statutes, and presidents do not have the power to rewrite old laws at will. At the very least, the Administrative Procedure Act requires that new and substantive agency rules go through a notice-and-comment procedure that gives the public a voice in the regulatory rulemaking process. The Obama administration skipped each of these steps.

Make no mistake, the actions of the Obama administration were both substantive and intrusive. While media often characterize the letter as merely providing “bathroom” guidance, it has affected broad areas of school life and conduct. In requiring schools to create a “supportive” environment for transgender students, it directed, for example, that girls could be forced to shower or change clothes next to anatomically intact males, sleep in the same room as males on overnight trips, and compete against males in sporting events. There was no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement before schools were obligated to treat boys as girls or girls as boys. Instead, the legal requirements locked in the instant the student or the student’s parents notified the school that the student’s “gender identity” differed from his or her biological sex.

The implications for free speech and school curricula were profound, raising a host of questions. If a school tolerated other students “misgendering” a trans student through “improper” use of names or pronouns, was it creating a hostile learning environment? Would the school use the Obama administration’s guidance to attempt to override students’ free-speech rights to dissent from the decree? Did biology textbooks and other educational materials have to change to reflect the new definition of “gender” as an identity distinct from a person’s biological sex? Critically, this federal guidance specifically instructed schools to ignore parental input or parental concerns if parents dissented from the new orthodoxy. The letter was clear: Schools were to provide transgender children “equal access to educational programs and activities even in circumstances in which other students, parents, or community members raise objections or concerns.” This meant that parents who had legitimate concerns about safety, fairness, or even biological reality were left without a voice, even as the policy directly impacted their children’s educational experience.

In our republic, letters are no substitute for lawmaking. Repealing the Obama administration’s letter leaves the difficult question of how to deal with gender-nonconforming students exactly where it belongs, with the states and local communities that traditionally control public education. Contrary to the claims of LGBT activists, preserving federalism does not leave transgender students to the mercy of bullies or bigots. As the Trump administration’s letter notes, “schools must ensure that all students, including LGBT students, are able to learn and thrive in a safe environment.” Additionally, it reiterated its legal obligation to “hear all claims of discrimination.”

The Trump administration’s proper decision to rescind the Obama administration’s letter should send a clear signal to social-justice activists — what one president gives, the next president can take away. When it comes to serious matters like expanding federal nondiscrimination law, new laws should come only through constitutional process. If you want to change the law, persuade Congress to pass a statute. In our republic, letters are no substitute for lawmaking. If states or local school boards want to recreate the Obama administration’s standards and apply them to their own schools, they are free to do so. If other states or school boards want to leave the difficult decisions to principals and teachers, who know the individuals and parents involved, they are free to do so as well. When it comes to the most delicate matters of student privacy and identity, one size most assuredly does not fit all.


“What is utterly astonishing about the fierce contest between the national press and President Trump is that the press does not realize how despised it is by most Americans, and how richly, as a group (which contains many individual exceptions), it deserves to be despised.”
                -Conrad Black

“Since the Kyoto Accord was struck in 1997, Energy Department data show, U.S. output of greenhouse gases plunged 7.3%, even though real U.S. GDP over that time has grown a whopping 52%. We’re greener today than we have been in decades. Go figure. For all this progress, we can thank the fracking business. … Here’s an idea: If the Nobel committee geniuses really want to reward those who’ve done the most to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they should give Gore’s Nobel to the U.S. fracking industry.”
                   -Investor’s Business Daily

A new culprit for climate change is found, but it’s not of this Earth

Fake Science Gets Smoked—and What It Means for Climate Change

Mish Michaels isn’t alone: Many meteorologists question climate change science

California Schools Cut Meat, Cheese From Lunches To Fight Global Warming

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D., Ca.) calls President Trump and his aides a bunch of ‘s*umbags.´

Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump
ACLU is set to create a ´rapid response team´ to stop illegal immigrants getting deported.

Conservative Prof at NYU: “Today’s “Left” is rife with the most obscene, abusive, nasty, spiritually ugly and utterly unethical, hypocritical and fanatically horrible people I’ve ever encountered in my 58 years on earth.”

Leftists in Germany want to give non-citizens, including refugees, the right to vote in elections, according to a new survey.

Pope Francis denies the existence of Islamic terrorism, while simultaneously asserting that “the ecological crisis is real.”

Islamic State militant Amar Hussein says he reads the Koran all day in his tiny jail cell to become a better person. He also says he raped more than 200 women from Iraqi minorities, and shows few regrets.

Thousands chant 'Allahu Akbar' for Farrakhan in Detroit...

Pakistani court issues nationwide ban on Valentine´s Day because it is "against the teachings of Islam"

Angela Merkel says Europe must take MORE refugees and Islam 'isn't source of terror'

Trump has managed to do something that no U.S. president, even Reagan, has been able to do in recent decades: bring to a screeching halt, if only temporarily, the reign of a globalist, virtue-signaling elite that has gained control of every social and cultural institution, the political establishment (including many Republicans), the news media, the universities, the entertainment industry, even corporations…..Until just yesterday, or rather, until Inauguration Day, Americans just had to live with the fact that immigration laws would be routinely flouted, that floods of self-proclaimed “refugees” would transform their country into another jihadi-infested Germany, that trade pacts benefiting Wall Street and Silicon Valley but not U.S. workers would be shoved down their throats, that their daughters would be forced to share school restrooms with biological males, that they'd be one Supreme Court justice away from having their guns confiscated, and that they'd be endlessly derided as haters or homophobes or deplorables or pitiable misfits, who couldn’t keep up with economic and social changes, if they declined to go along with what their betters demanded. Trump has stood in front of the steamroller and begun to roll it back.

The hypocrisy from the Democrats is astounding. Flashback: Ted Kennedy asked Russia to intervene in the 1984 election to help defeat President Ronald Reagan.

Brave woman:  Singer and songwriter Joy Villa made a political statement on the red carpet at the Grammys Awards. Villa wore a bright blue dress reading “Make America Great Again” across the front of her gown, with “Trump” across the back.

Something new is happening before our eyes. Radicals are completing a takeover of the Democratic Party…….After 8 years of exploiting and enflaming the grievances of identity politics, the Democratic Party is being eaten by the monster they rode to power.

America's spies anonymously took down Michael Flynn. That is deeply worrying.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that Barnum & Bailey is folding its tents this year. After all, how could the circus possibly compete with Donald Trump? The president proved once again that he is the greatest show on earth. Lions and tigers and elephants are kids’ stuff next to his high wire act. Next time, the White House ought to sell popcorn. His performance at a marathon press conference was a must-see-tv spectacle as he mixed serious policy talk with stand-up comedy and took repeated pleasure in whacking his favorite pinata, the “dishonest media.”

Those who have made a career of trying to drive all vestiges of religion from the public square, from manger scenes at Christmas to mentioning God in the Pledge of Allegiance, were not happy when First Lady Melania Trump recited the Lord’s Prayer at her husband’s rally in Florida. The tolerant left mocked the accent of a woman and an immigrant who speaks five languages. They moaned that it was an affront to those who are not Christian. And they brought out that old canard about the separation of church and state.

When President Trump tweeted that the news media “is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!” the outrage on the left was palpable. Here’s a list of times prominent Democrats called Republicans “enemies”, with no outrage from the left.

In 1 Chart, What Your Favorite Fast-Food Items Will Cost With $15 Minimum Wage

“Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”
             -Margaret Thatcher