Sunday, October 5, 2014

op ed review 10/05

Labor Participation Rate Drops To 36 Year Low; Record 92.6 Million Americans Not In Labor Force

One in five U.S. workers was laid off in the past five years and about 22% of those who lost their jobs still haven't found another one

Obama reveals what’s behind his immigration strategy:  “Fired Up Obama to Immigration Activists: 'No Force On Earth Can Stop Us' 'Si se puede, si votamos! Yes, we can, if we vote!'  "The clearest path to change is to change [the voter turnout] number."
Obama Tells Hispanic Caucus He 'Rode Over' From White House With 2 Illegal Aliens
Unaccompanied minors who crossed the border this summer have been moved to communities in nearly every state.   The Supreme Court has ruled that schools have an obligation to educate all students regardless of their immigration status, so schools have become a safe haven
California Gives $3 Million to Groups Providing Free Legal Aid to Illegal Aliens

A new Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report reveals that President Obama has attended only 42.1% of his daily intelligence briefings in the 2,079 days of his presidency.  The alarming findings come on the heels of Obama’s 60 Minutes comments on Sunday, wherein the president laid the blame for the Islamic State’s rapid rise squarely at the feet of his Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. “….members of the Defense establishment were “flabbergasted” by Obama’s attempt to shift blame.”
A Canadian member of the loathed Islamic State claimed the group is plotting an attack on New York City — and will one day fly its flag over the White House. “A lot of brothers are mobilizing there right now.”
Pentagon Official: The President Is Lying To America — About Us, And About ISIS
ISIS beheads another.  US war veteran next?

All three major election forecasting models saw an uptick in the likelihood of Republicans winning the six seats they need to retake the Senate majority over the past week, movement largely due to the party's strengthened chances in Alaska, Colorado and Iowa.
How big could the House Republican majority get in November? Maybe the biggest its been in 85 years…. One of the country´s leading independent political handicappers broadened its assessment of how many House seats Republicans are likely to win this fall.
The Senate’s minority whip is confident about Republicans being the majority in the 114th Congress — if conservatives can set aside differences and work to combat the massive influx of donor cash that has Democratic campaigns ahead in the money race.

The stage, drapes, and sound system for an 18-minute speech by President Obama cost taxpayers nearly $100,000.

Northeast loses 40% of House seats as people flee high-tax states

For the first time, Russia, which is in the midst of a major strategic nuclear modernization, has more deployed nuclear warheads than the United States.
According to FBI crime statistics, far more people are murdered with fire than are killed in mass shootings. Moreover, the number of people killed each year with "personal weapons," such as "feet" and "fists," nearly eclipses the number of people killed in mass shootings. But The New York Times' headline on September 24 read: "FBI Confirms Sharp Rise in Mass Shootings Since 2000."

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz won the Value Voters Summit presidential straw poll on Saturday. he drew standing ovations with a religious and emotional speech that blasted ObamaCare, congressional Democrats and called for Republicans to take over the White House in 2016.  Cruz also won the straw poll in 2013. Coming in second was neurosurgeon Ben Carson,

Swiss voters rejected a plan for a seismic shift from the country´s all-private health insurance system to a state-run scheme. Referendum results showed that almost 62 percent of voters had shot down a reform pushed by left-leaning parties which say the current private system is busting the budgets of ordinary residents. The results also underlined the national divisions over the hotly-contested issue as the country´s German-speaking regions voted against the plan, while their French-speaking counterparts were in favor….. (it figures…)

Charles Hurt  10/3
The world’s supply of experimental Ebola drug runs dry just as U.S. troops are deployed to West Africa by a commander-in-chief who has never appeared to have much use for the military as an actual military force. He has deployed them there to fight, in all seriousness, the Ebola virus.

A week later, the commander is pictured stepping off Marine One. He offers the Marines guarding him with their lives a lazy half-salute, not even bothering to remove the paper coffee cup from his right hand. Can one be blamed for wondering if just maybe this president doesn’t like America’s armed forces? Or, perhaps the better question is: How can anyone claim that President Obama has the thinnest shred of respect for America’s warriors when he goes and does something like this?

Of course, he did not plan for the world’s supply of ZMapp to vanish just as he deployed troops into the single most devastating outbreak of Ebola in known history. But the idea that — even with all the real militaristic threats we face around the world — the president chooses to send 3,000 soldiers into Liberia to somehow combat a deadly, highly-contagious virus is beyond explanation.

We are told our soldiers are supposed to train medical personnel. For what, how to use a bayonet? We are told our soldiers are supposed to help set up new medical facilities. So, we are going to take the finest, most lethally effective military in world history and send them into a petri dish of death to set up tables and cots?

Dear Lord, what an insult. That would be like sending thousands of troops up the cliffs above Omaha and Utah beaches — to fight the bubonic plague. The Kafkaesque absurdity of it is something that even Franz Kafka could not dream up.

Walking through a cemetery last week, I met a young veteran. He served in Afghanistan, where he had both his legs blown off and his right arm and hand pretty much shredded from the elbow down. He is, of course, right-handed. “I was lucky,” he said. “The bird got to me in about 20 minutes.”

How a young man balancing on two metal sprigs can now speak of "being lucky" I will never fully comprehend. I asked him if he was following all the recent talk of redeploying troops to the Middle East. His eyes flickered with rage. Then they went vacant. He said he doesn’t follow any of it anymore.

“I just don’t understand why we gave up everything we gained over there,” he said, huffing a little as he sprang from one leg to the next. He told me that he struggles with being bitter and angry about all of it. The lost territory. His lost legs. All of his lost comrades. He himself was blown up a full three years after the current president was elected on the apparently whimsical promise to end the wars.

He’s got a dog now and he said that helps with the anger and forces him to get around more on his metal legs. “These work a whole lot better than the first ones I got,” he said. Also lifting his spirits is that he wants to become a police officer.

“But I got to learn to shoot again,” he said, raising his right hand and straining his index finger, still stripped of flesh nearly to the bone. “It was a lot of nerve damage.”
These young men and women who volunteer to serve their country and defend our liberty are literally willing to lay down their lives for us and this country. They will even give up half their body and come home talking about how “lucky” they were.

All they ask is that our politicians send them only on missions worthy of their sacrifice.


“Unfortunately for our nation’s future and that of the world, we see giving handouts as the most important function of government rather than its most basic function: defending us from barbarians.”
                 -Walter Williams

“For a product of the radical Left like Obama, terrorism is a regrettable but understandable consequence of American arrogance. That it happens to involve Muslims is just the coincidental fallout of Western imperialism in the Middle East, not the doctrinal command of a belief system that perceives itself as engaged in an inter-civilizational conflict. For the Left, America has to be the culprit. Despite its inbred pathologies, which we had no role in cultivating, Islam must be the victim, not the cause. As you’ll hear from Obama’s Islamist allies, who often double as Democrat activists, the problem is “Islamophobia,” not Muslim terrorism.”

An article appearing in a Liberian newspaper by an American professor teaching at a taxpayer funded university accuses the US Department of Defense of deliberately infecting Africans with the Ebola virus.

Leading Democrat insider calls for scrapping the Constitution.     Donna Brazile, vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee for voter registration and participation. “We need a new constitution (to) save American democracy from charlatans, loudmouths and the 1 percent.”  

In a move that should be seen as a slap in the face to law enforcement officers, everywhere, the students of Goddard College in Vermont have selected convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to deliver the school’s Fall commencement address.

 “Washington Post hires author of ´The Republican War on Science´ to cover the environment”

ISIS beheads three women.
“Colleen Hufford of Moore Oklahoma may be missing her head, but the real victims are Muslims, or so we are being asked to believe. In fact, according to the Imam of the Islamic Institute of Boston, Islam suffers a “double hurt.” And here I thought Ms. Hufford had it bad. The imam should know, after all, it was his Institute’s “resident scholar” who was reportedly the former imam of the Oklahoma mosque attended by Alton Alexander Nolen, aka Jah’Keem Yisrael, who wielded the knife separating Ms. H’s head from her body.”

A second Oklahoma Muslim arrested for allegedly threatening to behead a co-worker.  “Mr. Muriithi threatened her……called himself a Muslim and said Islamic State fighters beheading Christians “is just what we do.” ____________________________________________________________________________

Hundreds of thousands marched in New York recently for climate “justice” in “The People’s Climate March,” convinced that human industry is heating the earth to apocalyptic levels. Naturally there was a religious auxiliary to the Global Warming jamboree in the form of the Interfaith Summit on Climate Change, sponsored by the World Council of Churches, among others. And of course it included earth-friendly worship at the flamboyant Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine, whose theologically provocative services some critics have labeled earth worship.

Colon:  After reviewing all the photos and articles written about last week´s Climate March in Manhattan, I have come to the conclusion that there were only two main elements on parade - communism and Idiocracy. For those who are unfamiliar with that last term, it is derived from the 2006 film Idiocracy that is best described by Wikipedia: a futuristic " dystopian society wherein advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly unthinking society devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility , and coherent notions of justice and human rights." …….It was not hard to figure out who the communists were as they waving the anti-capitalism signs and wearing Karl Marx t-shirts while passing out the communist newsletters. The very fact that it was called the 'People's" Climate March should have been a giveaway…..

The “walrus crisis” is the Left’s latest effort to bully us into electing Democrats.  It’s all bunk.

David Stockman:  Uncle Sam’s $8 Trillion Annual Debt Churn: Why Washington Is Petrified Of Honest Interest Rates.  The only way that this game can continue is if the U.S. government can continue to borrow gigantic piles of money at ridiculously low interest rates. And our current standard of living greatly depends on the continuation of this game. If something comes along and rattles this Ponzi scheme, life in America could change radically almost overnight. In the United States today, we have a heavily socialized system that hands out checks to nearly half the population…..In fact, more than 70 percent of all federal spending goes to “dependence-creating programs”, and the government runs approximately 80 different “means-tested welfare programs” right now.  But the big problem is that the government is giving out far more money than it is taking in, so it has to borrow the difference.  As long as we can continue to borrow at super low interest rates, the status quo can continue…..

 “I predict that if we continue implementing Common Core, average students will drop out of math as early as they are allowed.  Even math-bright students will hate math.  Tutoring companies will proliferate to serve wealthy families.  The educational gap between rich and poor will widen.  If we want to destroy math and science education in this country, keep Common Core.”
Mark Levin’s Simple Plan to Put a Conservative in the White House

 Clash of the Progressive Pieties:  A lesbian couple complains that its baby is the “wrong” race.……  parenthood is not simply another experience that you purchase, like a vacation, and children are not — not yet — products to be built to your specifications. A model of parenthood dominated by the mandate to satisfy the parents’ needs rather than those of the children will be forever defective. But it is, increasingly, the model we have. It’s a perverse consequence of the times in which we live: Cultural and economic pressures see to it that many young women spend their most fertile years trying desperately to avoid motherhood and then spend their least fertile years trying, with the same desperation, to conceive. It’s cruel. A strange thing: Nothing in the modern world has contributed to the devaluation of women as pitilessly as has the reduction of motherhood to the status of a take-out order of ovum foo young, and yet nothing is held so sacred by feminists. I cannot imagine that when the early feminists wrote about the “commodification of women” that they ever imagined it would get so literal, with product warranties and all.”

Nine ideas for a new Contract with America

An Army veteran wounded in Iraq made a unique ceremonial first pitch before Game 2 of the NL Division Series, crawling toward the mound and then lobbing the baseball as if it were a grenade.  The crowd goes nuts.

Fast food employees list 14 items off the menu they would NEVER try and neither should you

"I hope it is practicable, by improving the mind and morals of society, to lessen the disposition to war; but of its abolition I despair."
                   -Thomas Jefferson