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op ed review 6/27


The number of Americans identifying themselves as conservative or very conservative stands at 42 percent according to new Gallup numbers. That's compared to 35 percent who describes themselves as moderate and 20 percent who describe themselves as liberal. Should that figure hold for all of 2010, it would represent the highest annual percentage identifying as conservative in Gallup's history.

Americans are more pessimistic about the state of the country and less confident in President Barack Obama's leadership than at any point since Mr. Obama entered the White House, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. Sixty-two percent of adults in the survey feel the country is on the wrong track, the highest level since before the 2008 election.

Three months after the passage of Obamacare, GOP enthusiasm remains off the charts — almost literally, in this case. Republicans have a 35-point advantage in “enthusiasm” over Democrats at the moment:

Nearly half of American Adults see the government today as a threat to individual rights rather than a protector of those rights. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Adults see the government today as a threat to rights. Thirty-seven percent (37%) hold the opposite view. Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided.

South Carolina Republicans nominated a tea party-backed Indian-American woman to run for governor and a conservative black man to run for Congress from the former Confederate state.

Former Vice President Al Gore attacked a Portland masseuse at a local hotel in 2006.

The Oregon woman described the former Vice President as a giggling "crazed sex poodle" who gave a "come hither" look before pouncing on her in a Portland hotel suite.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office confirms the story.

A close friend of the massage therapist says the woman was not after money, and just wanted Gore held accountable.

All three morning shows on Thursday ignored the allegations against Al Gore. This is despite the fact that the claim was reported by the AP, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

The David Petraeus for president bandwagon has been put on hold by his acceptance of President Obama's request that he replace ousted Gen. Stanley McChrystal as the Afghan war boss.

Cleta Mitchell, a National Rifle Association board member, says the NRA is selling out the First Amendment by supporting the Democrats’ campaign finance proposals. The NRA this week agreed to drop its opposition in exchange for an exemption from some of the bill’s requirements.

Maybe the NRA needs to hear from you:

California welfare recipients are able to use state-issued debit cards to withdraw cash on gaming floors in more than half of the casinos in the state.,0,6190326.story

The Boy Scouts can stay in Philadelphia. After deliberating for about seven hours, a federal jury found that the city violated the local Boy Scouts' First Amendment rights by demanding that they repudiate the national organization's ban on gay membership or face eviction from their Center City headquarters.

America's media on Saturday had a collective hissy fit over BP CEO Tony Hayward having the nerve to participate in a yacht race on his day off. At the same time, no such outrage was expressed concerning President Obama and Vice President Biden going golfing. This double standard continued Sunday as the three broadcast network political talk shows all began with Hayward's yacht outing while ignoring the President's R&R on the links.

Mexican drug cartels have set up shop on American soil, maintaining lookout bases in strategic locations in the hills of southern Arizona from which their scouts can monitor every move made by law enforcement officials,

“Mexican Drug Cartel Warns Police Officers in Arizona Border Town to 'Look the Other Way'

But Sen. Jon Kyl says President Obama personally told him that the administration will not secure the U.S.-Mexico border because doing so would make it politically difficult to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Which explains this outrage: Obama’s answer to border security; 30 miles from Phoenix the feds are putting up warning signs advising travelers to avoid the area because of drug and human smuggling. (must see!)

GOP and conservative activists see the lawsuit the administration is considering against Arizona as a tool to spike turnout by Republicans and independents at the polls. A Rasmussen poll released Friday found that 56 percent of U.S. voters would oppose a suit against Arizona’s law, which empowers law enforcement to check the identification of suspected illegal immigrants during routine policing activities.

The Provincetown, Massachusetts School Committee “will revisit its policy of providing free condoms to "the Cape Cod community's elementary school, which serves preschoolers to sixth-graders."

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's self-serving, secret correspondence with Soviet agents during the height of the Cold War included proposals for collaborative efforts designed to undermine official U.S. policy set by Democratic and Republican administrations, KGB documents show.

Someone paid $60,000 to have bacon and eggs with conservative icons Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in a charity auction. The duo will be in Washington DC to attend the "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial hosted by the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a non-profit that provides support and assistance to the families of wounded and fallen special ops personnel.



Thomas Sowell 6/21/10

When Adolf Hitler was building up the Nazi movement in the 1920s, leading up to his taking power in the 1930s, he deliberately sought to activate people who did not normally pay much attention to politics. Such people were a valuable addition to his political base, since they were particularly susceptible to Hitler's rhetoric and had far less basis for questioning his assumptions or his conclusions.

"Useful idiots" was the term supposedly coined by V.I. Lenin to describe similarly unthinking supporters of his dictatorship in the Soviet Union. Put differently, a democracy needs informed citizens if it is to thrive, or ultimately even survive. In our times, American democracy is being dismantled, piece by piece, before our very eyes by the current administration in Washington, and few people seem to be concerned about it.

The president's poll numbers are going down because increasing numbers of people disagree with particular policies of his, but the damage being done to the fundamental structure of this nation goes far beyond particular counterproductive policies. Just where in the Constitution of the United States does it say that a president has the authority to extract vast sums of money from a private enterprise and distribute it as he sees fit to whomever he deems worthy of compensation? Nowhere. And yet that is precisely what is happening with a $20 billion fund to be provided by BP to compensate people harmed by their oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Many among the public and in the media may think that the issue is simply whether BP's oil spill has damaged many people, who ought to be compensated. But our government is supposed to be "a government of laws and not of men."

If our laws and our institutions determine that BP ought to pay $20 billion — or $50 billion or $100 billion — then so be it. But the Constitution says that private property is not to be confiscated by the government without "due process of law." Technically, it has not been confiscated by Barack Obama, but that is a distinction without a difference.

With vastly expanded powers of government available at the discretion of politicians and bureaucrats, private individuals and organizations can be forced into accepting the imposition of powers that were never granted to the government by the Constitution. If you believe that the end justifies the means, then you don't believe in constitutional government. And, without constitutional government, freedom cannot endure. There will always be a "crisis" — which, as the president's chief of staff has said, cannot be allowed to "go to waste" as an opportunity to expand the government's power. That power will of course not be confined to BP or to the particular period of crisis that gave rise to the use of that power, much less to the particular issues.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt arbitrarily took the United States off the gold standard, he cited a law passed during the First World War to prevent trading with the country's wartime enemies. But there was no war when FDR ended the gold standard's restrictions on the printing of money.

At about the same time, during the worldwide Great Depression, the German Reichstag passed a law "for the relief of the German people." That law gave Hitler dictatorial powers that were used for things going far beyond the relief of the German people — indeed, powers that ultimately brought a rain of destruction down on the German people and on others.

If the agreement with BP was an isolated event, perhaps we might hope that it would not be a precedent. But there is nothing isolated about it. The man appointed by President Obama to dispense BP's money as the administration sees fit, to whomever it sees fit, is only the latest in a long line of presidentially appointed "czars" controlling different parts of the economy, without even having to be confirmed by the Senate, as Cabinet members are.

Those who cannot see beyond the immediate events to the issues of arbitrary power — vs. the rule of law and the preservation of freedom — are the "useful idiots" of our time. But useful to whom?

Another good read:

“Obama Bureaucracy Soils the Gulf” The Obama administration's red tape continues to tie the hands of individuals seeking to mitigate the effects of the disastrous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. It's a sign of how out-of-touch the O Force's priorities have become. Last week, the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers teamed up to thwart efforts to build sand berms to protect the fragile Louisiana coastline. The excuse given for federal intervention was that the state was about to dredge sand too close to the Chandeleur Islands and that a bird habitat might also be affected.

Maybe there’s a method to the bureaucratic madness: According to leftie magazine Mother Jones, the BP oil spill is a great thing for Democrats.



"That's what liberalism is -- promises and pronouncements untethered to reality. It is cotton candy rhetoric; spun to taste good for a moment. But then it dissolves in an instant, leaving you feeling sick and disgusted that you tried it in the first place."

-Laura Ingraham

"The president directed his Nobel Prize-winning head of meetings to assemble a meeting to tackle the challenge of mobilizing the assembling of the tackling of the challenge of mobilization, at the end of which they directed BP to order up some new tackle and connect it to the thingummy next to the whachamacallit. Thank you, Mr. President. That and $4.95 will get you a venti at Starbucks."

-Mark Steyn

"[Last Thursday] was the 36th anniversary of the Watergate scandal, when the Republicans broke into the Democratic headquarters looking for their long-term plans and strategies. It also marks the last time anyone thought the Democrats had a plan worth stealing."

-Jay Leno



“The Road to Serfdom”, Friedrich Hayek’s classic book showing how a government-planned economy threatens both individual liberty and constitutional government, reached number 1 among all books at today (June 9). The book, a bestseller in 1944, has had strong sales all year, thanks partly to a rap video about the Hayek-Keynes economic debates that went viral, and to John Stossel talking about the book on his television show in February. But the book got a really big boost after Glenn Beck talked about it on his program. The Road to Serfdom is the essential statement of how a desire for a planned economy produces a program at odds with democratic safeguards for liberty. (says one reviewer, “…one of 4 or 5 books I've read in my life that I can truly say was paradigm-shifting.”)

“It’s no secret that ever since Marxism coiled itself around Russia and Eastern Europe, its tyrannical philosophy of destruction cast its eyes westward. For many decades, communists, socialists and the global elite have tossed a dizzying array of predicaments into American culture; that carbon dioxide emissions generated by mankind are ruining the planet, is their greatest assertion yet. Author Brian Sussman’s thorough investigation into the motives, practices, and ultimate agenda of these radical agents of change is critical to Americans who wish to untangle the web of deceit being sold as concern for the environment.”

“The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis” By Robert Reilly

"Bob Reilly's analysis provides a new starting point for American engagement with the Muslim world--one in which the true enemy is recognized as being not a religion, a social class or a single terrorist group, but rather a misguided interpretation of an ancient belief system."

-Edwin Feulner, President, The Heritage Foundation

“……provides the historical context that has given rise to the violent nature of Islamism. Robert concludes, `Divorcing reason from faith (the current crisis of the West), or faith from reason (the crisis of Islam) leads to catastrophe . . .' We ignore this at our peril. It is a must-read for today's national security leaders."

-John M. Poindexter



How the Left is fighting to silence Glenn Beck.

Organizing for America is the new organized group that President Obama is using to push his agenda on America. This group is so well organized it makes you wonder if President Obama should have hired the people who run it to take care of the BP oil spill. This group has two functions: First is to push and promote Obama’s political agendas and bills from DC by delivering talking points through various mediums (My Barack Obama, Fight The Smears, and The second is to create a pool of volunteers for the DNC to use to influence local and national elections in November.

Detroit hosts the US Social Justice Forum. “The forum is a hootenanny of pinkos, environuts, peaceniks, Luddites, old hippies, Robin Hoods and urban hunters and gatherers. In other words, a microcosm of the Obama administration. Up to 20,000 of them are expected in Detroit, although the actual count is hard to pinpoint since they'll be sleeping in tents and 14 to a hotel room. Their mission is to tear down Wall Street and use the bricks to pave a Main Street where everyone lives in racial and social harmony, nobody has too little or too much, and food, shelter, transportation, education, clothing and cell phones are inalienable rights provided by a benevolent government and funded by -- well, they'll let someone else worry about paying the bills. “

Arizona tax dollars at work: "Ethnic studies indeed is a threat to the myth of America - the mythical America where genocide, land theft, slavery and dehumanization are denied or are but mere footnotes, as opposed to being the recognized foundation of this nation." - Roberto Rodriguez, assistant professor, University of Arizona, department of Mexican-American & Raza studies.

Venezuela will nationalize a fleet of oil rigs belonging to U.S. company Helmerich and Payne, the latest takeover in a push to socialism as President Hugo Chavez struggles with lower oil output and a recession. He has also taken over assets in telecommunications, power, steel and banking.

Mountains of rotting food found at a government warehouse, soaring prices and soldiers raiding wholesalers accused of hoarding: the food supply is the latest battle in President Hugo Chavez's socialist revolution.

An atheist billboard along Billy Graham Parkway? Yep, there it is - "One Nation Indivisible," with the "under God" left out - high atop the parkway, near Boyer Street. But "no, no, no," it wasn't intended as a slap at the world's most famous evangelist, said a spokesman for Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics.

The cover story of the latest Atlantic proclaims "The End of Men: How Women Are Taking Control -- of Everything," while inside the magazine Pamela Paul poses the emasculating question, "Are Fathers Necessary?" Her answer, after sifting through the research: probably not.



The father and brother of a 16-year-old girl pleaded guilty in a Toronto courthouse to her 2007 murder for disobeying him, including refusing to wear a hijab, a court official said Wednesday. "My community will say you have not been able to control your daughter. This is my insult," he said to said to police. "She is punished."

Around 25 former detainees from Guantanamo Bay camp have returned to jihad, after going through a rehabilitation program for al Qaeda members in Saudi Arabia.

Under Sharia law, it is forbidden to proselytize to Muslims, and no Muslim can leave the faith. Dearborn, Michigan, is home to a substantial Muslim population, and there is strong evidence that local authorities now enforce Sharia in preference to the Constitution of the United States. Thus this Associated Press story about the arrest of four Christian missionaries that took place on Friday:



Perhaps you've heard of the Smart Grid initiative. Perhaps you understand that the goal of the initiative is to improve and modernize the nation's power transmission and distribution networks. Maybe your electric utility has even installed a Smart Meter at your home or business. What you probably don't know is that the Smart Grid movement is the Trojan Horse of the green agenda, a step toward Cap & Trade.

Otarian, the new vegetarian fast-food chain that bills itself as “the planet’s low-carbon restaurant,” cloaks itself in the smug assumption that you can save the planet by eating lunch. Words like “mission” and “menufesto” adorn the packaging, of which there is plenty.

"Sadly we need disasters like this (BP spill) to show people. Some people don't believe in climate warming - like those who don't believe there was a Holocaust."

-Paul McCartney



A Jewish clergy group of 850 rabbis says "Elena Kagan is not kosher. She is not fit to sit on this Court -- or any court." "We feel that Elena Kagan turns traditional Judaism on its head – from a concept of a nation of priests and holy people, she is turning it into, ‘Let’s homosexualize every segment of society. And by the way, partial-birth babies have no right to be delivered.’"

Former federal judge Robert Bork said Elena Kagan isn’t qualified for the high court because she has activist leanings and lacks a “mature” view of the law.

Here are some petitions:



Shelby Steele: “…the entire Western world has suffered from a deficit of moral authority for decades now. Today we in the West are reluctant to use our full military might in war lest we seem imperialistic; we hesitate to enforce our borders lest we seem racist; we are reluctant to ask for assimilation from new immigrants lest we seem xenophobic; and we are pained to give Western Civilization primacy in our educational curricula lest we seem supremacist. Today the West lives on the defensive, the very legitimacy of our modern societies requiring constant dissociation from the sins of the Western past…...”

There is one organization that has more extensive deep ocean, industrial scale marine engineering expertise than any other on the planet, the United States Navy. Currently the U.S. Navy is a virtual non-participant in the operational execution of stopping the oil leak.

Where do I go to get my reputation back?” former Labor Secretary Ray Donovan famously asked after being acquitted of fraud and larceny in 1987. That same question, in spades, could be asked by Matthew McCabe and his fellow Navy Seals who were charged with crimes related to the apprehension and detention of a terrorist who said he was “roughed up” by his guards. Not just any terrorist either, but a man who had engaged in the most brutal of crimes as the mastermind of a deadly attack on four American security guards in Fallujah, Iraq

“On the day President Obama was elected, armed men wearing the black berets and jackboots of the New Black Panther Party were stationed at the entrance to a polling place in Philadelphia. They brandished a weapon and intimidated voters and poll watchers. After the election, the Justice Department brought a voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party and those armed thugs. I and other Justice attorneys diligently pursued the case and obtained an entry of default after the defendants ignored the charges. Before a final judgment could be entered in May 2009, our superiors ordered us to dismiss the case. The New Black Panther case was the simplest and most obvious violation of federal law I saw in my Justice Department career. Because of the corrupt nature of the dismissal, statements falsely characterizing the case and, most of all, indefensible orders for the career attorneys not to comply with lawful subpoenas investigating the dismissal, this month I resigned my position as a Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney. The lawyers who ordered the dismissal - Loretta King, the Obama-appointed acting head of the Civil Rights Division, and Steve Rosenbaum - did not even read the internal Justice Department memorandums supporting the case and investigation…..Christopher Coates, the former Voting Section chief, was so outraged at this dereliction of responsibility that he actually threw the memos at Mr. Rosenbaum in the meeting where they were discussing the dismissal of the case. The department subsequently removed all of Mr. Coates' responsibilities and sent him to South Carolina.”

Immediately before the current recession, Washington spent $24,800 per household. Simply returning to that level (adjusted for inflation) would likely balance the budget by 2019 without any tax hikes. The federal government made at least $98 billion in improper payments in 2009. Washington spends $92 billion on corporate welfare (excluding TARP) versus $71 billion on homeland security. Washington spends $25 billion annually maintaining unused or vacant federal properties. Government auditors spent the past five years examining all federal programs and found that 22 percent of them—costing taxpayers a total of $123 billion annually—fail to show any positive impact on the populations they serve. These and other revealing facts on the budget can be found in Brian Riedl’s “Federal Spending by the Numbers 2010.” Also, for those who like quick talking points, check out Heritage’s latest fact sheet: “Enough Is Enough: Speak Out Against Tax Increases.” And for even more perspectives on the government’s spending problem don’t forget Heritage’s 2010 Budget Chart Book.

Middle-class Americans--not the rich or the poor--pay the majority of annual tax revenues taken in by the federal government, according to data released in a new Congressional Budget Office study.

“The Humane Society gives less than one half of one percent of its revenue to hands-on pet shelters. HSUS lost me when they endorsed Obama. First time they ventured into a Presidential race. I will never give them another penny.”



On Memorial Day weekend this lone Marine held a three hour salute in honor of the fallen. President Obama was playing golf.

100 Americans The Left Hates Most! Townhall names the country's most effective conservatives

Here’s the Washington State Republican Party Platform, posted as a video:

Here’s the Keynes vs. Hayek rap video :“Fear the Boom and Bust”

Get your soft, mushy Obama stress head here:

Upload a photo of yourself and see what you will look like in 20 years.

World collapse explained in 3 minutes:



Jay Leno: President Obama said, after firing Gen. McChrystal, that you don’t criticize your bosses. That’s the same reason Obama never says anything bad about the Chinese…….Well, we all knew it was going to happen — Gen. McChrystal has canceled his subscription to Rolling Stone……..President Obama is losing support from his own party over his handling of the Gulf oil spill. Jimmy Carter even compared him to Jimmy Carter………A rich woman in Miami died and left $3 million to her pet Chihuahua and only $1 million to her son. Guys, the next time your mom says, “sit down and roll over,” just do it.



"Liberty will not descend to a people, a people must raise themselves to liberty; it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed."

-Charles Caleb Colton

"But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint."

-Edmund Burke

"The people of the United States owe their independence and their liberty, to the wisdom of descrying in the minute tax of 3 pence on tea, the magnitude of the evil comprised in the precedent. Let them exert the same wisdom, in watching against every evil lurking under plausible disguises, and growing up from small beginnings."

-James Madison

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op ed review 6/20


Obama Approval Falls to New Low: 42%

ELECTION POLL: Re-elect D incumbent? 34 percent; Re-elect R incumbent? 49 percent...

Sharron Angle has bounced to an 11-point lead over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada’s closely-watched U.S. Senate race.

A Gallup poll shows 49% of Americans believe that the Democrats are “too liberal.” This is only slightly below the all-time high of 50%, recorded in 1994, when Democrats suffered their worst defeat in congressional elections since 1946.

The middle class is abandoning President Barack Obama, according to data released by the Gallup Poll. The only income bracket among which a majority still says they approve of the job he is doing as president are those earning $2,000 per month or less.

President Obama did not attend the May 25 memorial service in Jackson, Mississippi for the workers who died in the Deepwater Horizon explosion because he was en route to a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Most Americans support the new Arizona law that gives police there the power to check the residency status of suspected illegal immigrants

Hispanic voters nationwide haven't shifted their congressional voting preferences since the signing of Arizona's new immigration law on April 23. Their preference for the Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate, 61% to 32%, in April 23 to June 8 interviewing almost identically matches the 60% to 32% margin recorded between March 1 and April 22.

Tea party shows its strength at Washington State GOP convention

Republicans have an excellent chance to win [Washington state's] 3rd Congressional District race this year and state Rep. Jaime Herrera would command a big lead in the Republican primary contest if it were held today,

President Obama has a solution to the Gulf oil spill: $7-a-gallon gas. That's a Harvard University study's estimate of the per-gallon price of the president's global-warming agenda. And Obama made clear this week that this agenda is a part of his plan for addressing the Gulf mess.

Elena Kagan, Obama’s most recent Supreme Court nominee, is no friend of gun rights. In 1996, Kagan apparently tied the NRA to the KKK while debating the Clinton administration’s position on a bill.

Another round of documents from Elena Kagan's time in the Clinton White House was released Friday afternoon, giving further evidence of her decidedly liberal legal and policy positions. The release comes as a Rasmussen poll shows that support for Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court has fallen to 33% while opposition to her nomination has risen eight points to 41%.

This is why we don’t want bureaucracy running anything important like healthcare: Eight days ago, Louisiana Gov. Jindal ordered barges to begin vacuuming crude oil out of his state's oil-soaked waters. They have been ordered shut down for several days now by the Coast Guard because they haven’t verified the proper number of fire extinguishers and life vests on board.

And this: three days after the Gulf oil rig explosion, the Netherlands offered to send in oil skimmers to pump oil off of the surface of the ocean. The Obama Administration turned them down because they were not 100% efficient and small amounts of oil would be pumped back into the Gulf with the excess water. EPA regulations do not allow for residue water to contain any oil. So rather than use equipment that was not 100% efficient the Obama Administration chose to let all of the oil run into the Gulf.

Rep. Darrell Issa, the conservative firebrand whose specialty is lobbing corruption allegations at the Obama White House, is making plans to hire dozens of subpoena-wielding investigators if Republicans win the House this fall.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit was quoted as saying during an appearance on Nile TV that, "The American president told me in confidence that he is a Muslim."

Applicants for a Washington state driver's licenses no longer need to bring proof of a valid address to licensing offices. “The spokesperson said the DOL is confident repealing the paperwork requirement would not create an increase in fraudulent licenses.”

Nancy Pelosi’s district office in San Francisco costs the taxpayer $18,736 a month -- the highest rental paid by any member of the Congress. Her spokesman says this is amply justified because the new office is “greener.”

It looks like Al Gore has been having an affair with a Hollywood actor’s ex-wife — for the past two years!

Internal White House documents reveal that 51% of employers may have to relinquish their current health care coverage by 2013 due to ObamaCare. That numbers soars to 66% for small-business employers.

The DNC, aided by White House fundraising, has sliced into the RNC's traditional financial edge before congressional midterm elections in November. The RNC, rocked by party infighting and questions about its spending, collected $127.9 million to the DNC's $124.5 million.

“City of Seattle Adopts New Policy to Protect (illegal) Immigrants.” Under the new policy, the maximum sentence for a gross misdemeanor will be 364 days, “so that ICE agents won’t be immediately tipped off that someone might have questionable immigration status...”

The FBI released over 2,000 pages from their files concerning the late Sen. Edward Kennedy. The files further solidify Teddy’s image as a promiscuous, immoral, trembling blob of sexual excitement.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America's (PPFA) audits show the organization spent just $657.1 million between 2002 and 2008 from federal government grants and programs, but the abortion behemoth's own annual reports show that it took in $2.3 billion from government grants and programs during the same time period. Where did th4e money go?



Cal Thomas, 6/3/10

Three modern myths have been sold to the American people: the promise of a transparent administration (President Obama); the promise of a more ethical Congress (Speaker Pelosi); and the myth of "global warming," or climate change. The first two are daily proving suspect and now the third is sinking with greater force than melting icebergs, if they were melting, which many believe they are not.

After spending years promoting "global warming," the media are beginning to turn in the face of growing evidence that they have been wrong. The London Times recently reported: "Britain's premier scientific institution is being forced to review its statements on climate change after a rebellion by members who question mankind's contribution to rising temperatures."

It gets worse, or better, depending on your perspective. Newsweek magazine, which more than 30 years ago promoted global cooling and a new ice age -- and more recently has been drinking the global warming Kool-Aid -- headlined a story, "Uncertain Science: Bickering and Defensive, Climate Researchers Have Lost the Public's Trust." Newsweek does its best to cling to its increasingly discredited doctrine, but the growing body of contrary evidence only adds to the public's disbelief.

In Canada, the polar bear -- which has been used by global warming promoters to put a cuddly face on the issue -- is in danger of not being endangered any longer. CBC News reported that the polar bear's designation as a "species of special concern" has been suspended "while the government reviews the polar bear's status and decides whether to renew the classification or change it."

The New York Times recently lamented "global warmism's loss of credibility" in a story about hundreds of "environmental activists who met to ponder this question: "if the scientific consensus on climate change has not changed, why have so many people turned away from the idea that human activity is warming the planet?" The "consensus" never was a consensus. Most of us may not have gotten an "A" in science, but we can sense when we are being bamboozled.

The German online news magazine "Focus" recently carried a story, "Warm Times Will Soon Be Over!" Commenting on the "new NASA high temperature record," which may be set, the magazine blames it on El Nino. Meteorologists, like Joe D'Aleo of The Weather Channel, are publicly distancing themselves from the false doctrine of global warming. D'Aleo says, "We'll have La Nina conditions before the summer is over, and it will intensify further through the fall and winter. Thus we'll have cooler temperatures for the next couple of years."

Remember the scare ignited in 2007 by supposed melting Arctic ice caps? The Star Canada says a new analysis shows that the apparent change was the result of "shifting winds," while an expedition last year to the North Pole discovered the ice "100 percent thicker than expected." Much of this information -- and more -- is available at the useful Website

It is a given that America needs new sources of energy. Environmentalists have inhibited efforts at exploration by supporting policies that have forced some domestic exploration too far offshore (thus increasing chances of an ecological disaster as is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico).

Instead of trying to sell us a dubious doctrine at an estimated cost of $100 billion a year worldwide (so far), environmentalists would have done themselves and the world more good had they chosen a different strategy, such as not sending oil money to countries that want to destroy us. This would have increased our patriotic spirit and had the additional benefit of not only diversifying our energy supply, but also depriving our enemies of money they use to underwrite terrorism.

Watch for the hardcore "global warming" cultists to continue clinging to their beliefs; but also watch increasing numbers of scientists and eventually politicians to abandon this once "certain" faith and to look for other ways to control our lives. In that pursuit, the left never quits. Rather than acknowledge their error, they will go on to make new mistakes, knowing they will never be held accountable.



"Many Americans are beginning to pick up the strange vibe that for Barack Obama, governing America is 'an interesting sociological experiment'. ... He's the first president to give off the pronounced whiff that he's condescending to the job -- that it's really too small for him, and he's just killing time until something more commensurate with his stature comes along."

-Mark Steyn

"We have become accustomed to [Barack Obama's] management style -- target a scapegoat, assign blame and go on the attack. To win health care legislation, he vilified insurance executives; to escape bankruptcy law for General Motors, he demonized senior lenders; to take the focus from the excesses of government, he castigated business meetings in Las Vegas; and to deflect responsibility for the deepening and lengthening downturn, he blames Wall Street and George W. Bush. But what may make good politics does not make good leadership. And when a crisis is upon us, America wants a leader, not a politician."

-Mitt Romney

"I noticed recently that Barack Obama was holding out an olive branch to the Taliban. He claimed to recognize that some of them were not as radical as others. I find it odd, though, that he can somehow spot nuances in terrorists 7,000 miles away, but every member of the Tea Party looks like a thug and a racist to him."

-Burt Prelutsky

"This energy bill of goods, as dangled before us by the administration since the 2008 campaign, obscures practical and economic realities. To wit, trucks and cars don't run on sunlight or wind, and coal is our second cheapest form of energy, next to oil and gas, at 25 cents per megawatt. Nuclear power is $1.59. And how much, according to the energy department, is wind power? Oh, $23.37 per megawatt. Solar power? A whopping $24.34. Green jobs, anybody?"

-Bill Murchison

"President Obama announced [Tuesday] that he wants to use the oil spill to move America toward green energy. I have a crazy idea. Maybe he should use the oil spill crisis to fix the oil spill."

-Jay Leno



“The Overton Window” by Glenn Beck. After five back-to-back #1 New York Times bestsellers, national radio and Fox News television host Glenn Beck has delivered a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller that seamlessly weaves together American history, frightening facts about our present condition, and a heart-stopping plot. The Overton Window will educate, enlighten, and, most important, entertain--with twists and revelations no one will see coming.”

Looking for a good suspense-mystery novel, should you go with Stephen King or Dean Koontz? Dean is a conservative republican (and a dog lover), King is a liberal democrat.



The Freedom From Religion Foundation plastered signs on 75 Chicago buses this week encouraging Chicagoans to skip church and sleep in on Sundays.

California atheist attorney and physician Michael Newdow filed a petition with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to try to stop Chief Justice John Roberts from using the phrase "so help me God" when he administered the oath of office to then-President-elect Obama.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez intends to inject new urgency into his socialist and anti-imperialist revolution, claiming "capitalism is destroying the world

Can't get enough of a brutal dictator responsible for substantial human rights atrocities including millions of deaths, all in the name of a failed ideology? Developer Eigthart, Ltd. presents the iStalin: FREE Communist Posters for the People iPhone/iPad application. "The people can choose between different styles and papers that were approved by the communist party or place a photograph of Stalin or the symbols of the industrial proletariat - the hammer and sickle," the Web site says. "There are some celebrity appearances including the comrades Lenin and Che. Last but not least, the people will be able to add different soviet slogans that tovarish Stalin personally picked."

Wilder Publications, a small publishing company based in Redford Va., is offering on a rather unusual compendium of The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation. The Wilder edition of our country’s founding documents comes complete with a warning label: “This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today. Parents might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and interpersonal relations have changed since this book was written..”



The Senate undermined its constitutional role last week with a vote that allows the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. The 53 senators favoring this huge delegation of authority to the executive branch disregarded the principle of separation of powers. The low quality of the debate that preceded the vote, as well as its result, should put an end to the Senate's reputation as the world's greatest deliberative body. The EPA is now clearly the mightiest agency in government. It has overstepped its bounds to impose its control over the economy - and the Senate has been too craven, feckless, partisan and ideologically blinded to stop it.



Reader Lois Gustafson has been coordinating support for an army trauma team in the Hindu Kush Mountains of northeast Afghanistan. A very special request has come from two of the nurses: Domestic animals aren't allowed on US military bases due to disease, they're destroyed for the safety of the troops. However, trauma nurses Nancy and Mari have adopted Sophie, a puppy they fell in love with. In return for their care, Sophie has given unconditional love and comfort in their times of distress and sorrow. The commander gave permission to keep Sophie on base as long as they actively seek a means of getting her home to El Paso, Texas. They're working with a rescue group in Kabul but the transportation cost will be $4,000.00. Leaving Sophie behind is not an option. PLEASE HELP SOPHIE GET HOME!

Donations can be made through PayPal or by check sent to Lois, as explained on the blog.

Lois Gustafson

5024 268 Ave NE

Redmond, WA 98053-2732

More about the base:

The third annual RightOnline Conference will bring together grassroots activists from across the country for important online activism training. We will be joined by top conservative leaders such as Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman Mike Pence, The Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore and John Fund, Fox News Contributor Jim Pinkerton,'s Erick Erickson,'s Ed Morrissey, Talk Radio Hosts Roger Hedgecock, Herman Cain, Curtis Sliwa, Guy Benson, Conservative Comedian and Frequent Fox News Commentator Stephen Kruiser, and many others. Click here for a full list of speakers and the RightOnline agenda.

Sarah Palin has endorsed Republican John Koster in his attempt to unseat Democratic Rep. Rick Larsen in Washington's 2nd Congressional District.

And Mama Grizzly endorses three more:

“Cathy McMorris Rodgers is running for reelection to serve in Congress. She knows the value of hard work. She grew up as a farmer's daughter and was the first in her family to attend and graduate from college. Her roots in eastern Washington go back generations. Cathy is a pro-family, pro-business fiscal conservative who has an honest, direct plan for action in Congress, which she calls her “Patriot Pledge.” It's a 10-point agenda focused on fiscal health, tax reform, and other common sense solutions.”

“I'm proud to endorse Star Parker for California's 37th Congressional District. Star has an incredible story and a passionate commitment to her community and our great nation. Rising up from being a single mom on welfare, Star worked hard to build a non-profit network that seeks to reduce poverty and create a brighter future for America by promoting free market solutions and personal responsibility.”

“Mary Fallin is another strong, smart conservative who I am proud to support. Mary is running for Governor of Oklahoma, and the Sooner State is fortunate to have her offer to serve in this new capacity. Mary's another fiscal conservative with policy experience, political backbone, and real world knowledge that will serve the entire state well as she proves her mettle as Oklahoma's next CEO.”



“Rush Limbaugh Describes the Happiest Weekend of His Life:”

The oil spill is an environmental catastrophe for the Gulf Coast and a political disaster for Barack Obama. It is doing significant, and possibly irreparable, damage to his presidency. That may not be fully clear now, since Obama's approval ratings have certainly not collapsed during the span of this crisis. The deeper concern for the president, I think, is that what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico right now will accrete and soon metastasize, creating negative impressions that will be durable and difficult to undo. The oil spill calamity may become a metaphor for the Obama presidency…

Governments have intervened too much in free markets since the crisis started, to the point that they are affecting the health of the world economy, Marc Faber, the author of "The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report" told CNBC Thursday. "I think that governments have become like a cancer, they have expanded in the financial system," Faber said. "I think the biggest problem is too much intervention. Whatever the government touches is usually done worse than in the private sector," he said. Markets usually give signals when something goes wrong but, if the government is to intervene, as is the case of the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England's bond buying, government intervention hides these signals, according to Faber. "I think any government intervention has unintended consequences and is negative," he said.

Bill Gates, the younger, says to donate your wealth which minimizes the taxes you pay. Bill Gates, the elder, says to pay more taxes.

The Bad News About ObamaCare Keeps Piling Up” by Karl Rove

When you look at all the formulaic sludge that wins the Pulitzer Prize for Most Unread Multipart Series, it is striking that not one of the major newspapers has done an investigative series on the proliferation of "honor killings", not in Yemen or Waziristan but in the heart of the western world. Instead, as Phyllis Chesler writes: The mainstream media rarely covers them. More often, local media does, but even local media does so walking-on-eggshells, careful to quote from at least one apologist and one know-nothing.

In March the Cato Institute issued a report on the cost of public schools. Policy analyst Adam Schaeffer made a detailed examination of the budgets of 18 school districts in the five largest U.S. metro areas and the District of Columbia. He found that school districts were understating their per-pupil spending by between 23 and 90 percent.. Schaeffer calculated that Los Angeles, which claims $19,000 per-pupil spending, actually spends $25,000. The New York metropolitan area admits to a per-pupil average of $18,700, but the true cost is about $26,900. The District of Columbia’s per-pupil outlay is claimed to be $17,542. The real number is an astonishing $28,170—155 percent more than the average tuition at the famously pricey private academies of the capital region.

Republicans have been engaging in some premature drape-measuring for a few months in anticipation of winning back control of the House of Representatives. Some top GOP aides privately admit that they got ahead of themselves. Turns out, not all Republicans are rooting for their own to win the House. “I want Republicans to make massive gains but I want them to fall one vote short of taking the House,” said Ari Fleischer, White House press secretary to President George W. Bush.



What took so long?

The truth about climate change:

What really happened on the Deepwater Horizon?



Jay Leno: A judge has ruled that Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, can keep his medical license. However, he has to promise not to kill any more members of the Jackson family…… Environmentalists say that if the leak continues, some species might become endangered — such as Democrats…… The FAA is looking into pilot-less commercial flights. I guess if you take away the legroom, the blankets, and the food, you may as well take away the pilot.



"Here comes the orator! With his flood of words, and his drop of reason."

-Benjamin Franklin