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op ed review 6/25

The Congressional race between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff was the most expensive House race in US history. More than $50 million spent on the race, Osoff had nine times as many donors from California as from Georgia where he was running, but it wasn’t enough. Republican Karen Handel defeated Ossoff by nearly 5%.
Pollsters say sky-high turnout drove Handel, the GOP nominee, to a nearly 5-point victory on Tuesday, despite most pre-election surveys showing Ossoff with a small-lead.
“Democrats swamped by Republicans who came out in numbers that ended up dwarfing previous high-profile special elections..”
There have been 4 special congressional elections since the hated Trump took office and Democrats have lost all 4.
Message from Georgia: Hating Trump is not a platform

Left wing terrorism:  A total of 30 Republican members of Congress have either been attacked or revealed that they were the victim of a death threat since the beginning of May.

A research group in New Jersey has taken a fresh look at postelection polling data and concluded that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is likely far greater than previous estimates. As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, which put Barack Obama in the White House

President Donald Trump has said he will pursue legislation that would bar immigrants from being eligible for welfare for at least five years.
Audit shows 1.4 million illegals working under stolen Social Security numbers.
California state lawmakers approved $45 million in a state budget plan to expand legal services for illegal immigrants.

Some of the top CEO’s of technology companies in America met with Donald Trump at the White House on Monday, praising him for hosting an afternoon summit on important tech issues.
Protesters interrupted President Trump’s Wednesday rally in Iowa, but his crowd of supporters responded by drowning them out with a “USA” chant.
CNN Tries To Conduct Online Trump-Hater Poll, But Turns Out To Be Landslide Of Support For President

Starting to like this guy:……Rep. Greg Gianforte of Montana, the newest member of Congress, drew boos from some in his own Republican caucus as he called for withholding lawmakers’ pay unless they approve a balanced budget.

Hillary Clinton escaped criminal charges last year but her legal troubles may not be over — the Arkansas state bar has promised a decision by next month on disciplinary action over “dishonest behavior and lying under oath in testimony to Congress.”
The State Department has opened a formal inquiry into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information while she was the nation’s top diplomat.
Russia collusion?  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton facilitated the transfer a highly enriched uranium (HEU) previously confiscated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) during a 2006 “nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices,” a newly leaked classified cable shows

Authorities are treating the stabbing of a police officer at an airport in Michigan as an act of terrorism. The suspect, Amor Ftouhi, 50, shouted "Allahu Akbar" before knifing the officer in the back and neck, said officials.

A new report claims that DNC staffer Seth Rich was likely killed by either “a hired killer or serial murderer.”

Atheists across the fruited plain are rejoicing after a federal judge declared that a cross erected in a Florida park violated the law and must come down.

Court Tosses Out 14 Charges Against Pro-life Journalist Who Exposed Planned Parenthood’s Baby Part Market

Investor’s Business Daily  6/22
“Did Votes By Noncitizens Cost Trump The 2016 Popular Vote?  Sure Looks That Way…”

Late in 2016, we created a stir by suggesting that Donald Trump was likely right when he claimed that millions of noncitizens had illegally voted in the U.S. election. Now, a study by a New Jersey think tank provides new evidence that that's what happened.

Last November, just weeks after his Electoral College win that gave him the presidency, then President-elect Donald Trump tweeted, "In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." The reaction was angry and swift, with the left accusing him of being an "internet troll" and of hatching a "Twitter-born conspiracy theory."

At the time, we noted that a group called True The Vote, an online anti-voter-fraud website, had claimed that illegals had cast three million votes last year. The media and left-wing groups immediately portrayed True The Vote as a fringe group with little credibility.

The only problem is, a study in 2014 in the online Electoral Studies Journal made a quite similar claim: In the 2008 and 2010 elections, they said, as many as 2.8 million illegal noncitizen votes were cast, "enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes and congressional elections," said the study, authored by Jesse T. Richman and Gushan A. Chattha, both of Old Dominion University, and David C. Earnest of George Mason University.

The bombshell was this: "Noncitizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress."  It got little coverage in the mainstream media, and what coverage it did get was almost entirely dismissive.

Now comes a new study by Just Facts, a libertarian/conservative think tank, that used data from a large Harvard/You.Gov study that every two years samples tens of thousands of voters, including some who admit they are noncitizens and thus can't vote legally. The findings are eye-opening. In 2008, as many as 5.7 million noncitizens voted in the election. In 2012, as many as 3.6 million voted, the study said.

In 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there were 21.0 million adult noncitizens in the U.S., up from 19.4 million in 2008. It is therefore highly likely that millions of noncitizens cast votes in 2016. And it was no accident. Democrats had extensive get-out-the-vote campaigns in areas heavily populated by illegal aliens. As far back as 2008, Obama made sure that those who wanted to vote knew it was safe, announcing that election records would not be cross-checked with immigration databases.

And last year, the Obama White House supported a court injunction that kept Kansas, Alabama and Georgia from requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote. The message was sent, loud and clear: If you're a noncitizen or here illegally, don't be afraid. You're free to vote. No one will stop you.

We don't know the exact number of illegal votes. No one does. But the data that are available suggest that the number of illegal votes was substantial — probably in the millions, as Trump said — and likely had a significant impact on the election's outcome.

Even Democrats should find this troubling; every vote cast by a noncitizen voter negates the vote of a citizen voter. It's that simple. It's time the Democratic Party started living up to its name and stop encouraging noncitizens and illegal aliens to vote in our election.


“Truth be known, the American Left, and that includes most of the MSM, has become quite morbid in its fascinations. The whole way it talks about poverty, the environment, immigration, race — practically any social problem — is morbid. I look at The New York Times and The Washington Post every morning. They sit there on my breakfast table. Rarely does their front page not feature what the political philosopher Kenneth Minogue called a ‘suffering situation’: several starving Africans; a corpse or two from some hellhole; an impoverished Appalachian family with at least one child, his head shaved because of cancer or some other horrible malady; a gay couple that has suffered a setback. I could go on, but you get my point. The MSM is obsessed with misery, social strife and — dare I say it — political correctness. As long as these values dominate and there is no mitigating alternative, the public had best be armed.”
               -R. Emmett Tyrrell

“Fully one-third of Pelosi’s 193 House Democrats now come from just three states, the usual liberal suspects of California, New York and Massachusetts, not the crucial Heartland. Pelosi’s entire leadership team is also coastal, and like her, linger on in their mid-70s.”
              -Andrew Malcom

“Understanding Trump” by Newt Gingrich.  “….by far the BEST book on both the 2016 election and Donald Trump I've seen yet- and I've read over 2 dozen. Gingrich writes not only as a true Trump "insider", but his own experience as Speaker of the House gives him an unparrelled understanding of the "swamp" (he's the one that named it), the creatures in it, and what it will take to overcome them.”

“Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism” by Mark Levine. “..revisits the founders’ warnings about the perils of overreach by the federal government and concludes that the men who created our country would be outraged and disappointed to see where we've ended up.”

A summer of heated protests are being planned against Republican House and Senate members, with organizers already forecasting clashes with police and staffers over their efforts to stop GOP reform of Obamacare. A leading organizer, Indivisible, has issued a new "tool kit" to guide protesters on how to conduct a sit-in that could last a very long time.

University of Georgia Socialist Group Calls for GOP Lawmakers to Be ´Guillotined´

A Connecticut college professor has created a firestorm for calling white people “inhuman a-holes” who need to “die” following last week’s shooting attack on congressional Republicans.

Origin of the Global Warming Scam:  “One of the great Soviet/Russian deceptions, Wraga wrote, was the idea that humans were changing the climate and that humans could save the earth through socialism……protection of the environment has become the principal tool for attack against the West.”

“Climate heretic” Dr. Judith Curry is Professor and former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Here she testifies at the US Senate Commerce Committee. “Data vs Dogma”
Dr. Tim Ball - The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science .  Presented at a conference in Mt Vernon, WA.

Group of distinguished scientists write an open letter to the President of MIT after he criticized President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement. “By withdrawing from the Paris agreement, President Trump did a wonderful thing for America and the world. He showed that advocacy masquerading as science should not be the basis for political decisions.”

“It is one thing to waste time and money playing with climate models in a laboratory, where they don’t meet minimum scientific standards, it is another to use their results as the basis for public policies where the economic and social ramifications are devastating. Equally disturbing and unconscionable is the silence of scientists involved in the IPCC who know the vast difference between the scientific limitations and uncertainties and the certainties produced in the Summary for Policymakers.”

“Uncertainty about feedback mechanisms is one reason why the ultimate goal of climate modeling – forecasting reliably the future of key variables such as temperature and rainfall patterns – is not realizable……Scientists need to get some broader based support, to capture the public’s imagination…that, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we may have…each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.
                -Stephen Schneider, IPCC member

Prager:  As I document in my book "Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph," which is an explanation of Americanism, leftism and Islamism, hysteria is a major tactic of the left. If you think about it, there is never an extended period of time — one year, let´s say — during which society is not engulfed by a hysteria induced by the left. The mother of them all is global warming, or "climate change," as the left has come to call it.”

If you ask a social justice jihadi, everyone besides straight white males is oppressed, period. But Leftist groups that don´t fit one of those descriptors are lately engaged in a battle for oppression supremacy, which PhD sociologists with no other marketable skills refer to as "intersectionality." For those of us who prefer fact- and evidence-based reasoning, it´s hysterical to watch these Oppression Olympics take place -- such as when Black Lives Matter halted the Toronto gay pride parade to air their grievances:

Trump's education cuts aren't 'devastating,' they're smart

Planned Parenthood’s brutal century

“You have to wonder how liberals think this works. So, a manifestly conflicted special counsel leading a pack of maxed-out Democrat donors decides Donald Trump has to be kicked out of office for “obstructing justice” regarding a cynical lie about him cavorting with the Kremlin and…then what? President Pence, until they do the same thing to him? Or do we just skip right to President Felonia von Pantsuit, shrug our shoulders, and give up on our foolish dream of having a say in our own governance?”

Two articles about the same event, one in CNN and one in Breitbart. Can anyone spot the difference?

Remarkable list of President Trump’s executive orders.  This is why the left has become unhinged.

3 Tips for Talking to a Liberal About Healthcare

Charlie Daniels:  What would happen if liberals got what they wanted?

“When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.”
          -Thomas Paine (1776)

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op ed review 6/18

Trump-hating Bernie supporter opens fire on Republican lawmakers practicing for charity baseball game, leaving five injured.
The shooter had a list of Republican names in his pocket that was recovered by the FBI.
Trump sits by wounded Scalise’s bedside.
Progressive Media Personalities Agree: Those Republicans Deserved To Get Shot
‘By the Grace of God, One of the Folks Here Had a Weapon to Fire Back’
Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-New York, received an email following the shooting with the subject line: "One down, 216 to go…,"

New York Times supports Trump assassination play in Central Park.  we support the right of the Public Theater to stage the production as they chose." 
“What’s a newspaper to do when it ostentatiously refuses to cut funding for a high-profile play in Central Park depicting an obvious President Trump-themed Julius Caesar being assassinated, and then a left wing extremist attempts to assassinate a group of GOP congressmen?” Blame Sarah Palin?
Two corporate sponsors—Bank of America and Delta—cutting ties with the Public Theater.
Time Warner still sponsoring.
CNN's Fareed Zakaria Hails Trump Assassination Play As 'Masterpiece.'  (His Employer Sponsors It)

The Huffington Post pulled a piece calling for the “execution” of President Donald Trump published Saturday. “….contained rhetoric and imagery that seems tasteless, particularly after Wednesday’s events.”

More threats to Republicans:
Authorities in Georgia are investigating after a suspicious package and powder-filled envelopes were sent to Republican congressional candidate Karen Handel and her neighbors.
Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz has personal experience in being targeted — at least by explicit threats of violence — apparently over political views. A Florida man is awaiting trial for threatening to lynch the Utah Republican, one of many death threats Chaffetz has seen in recent months.
“This List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing”
Mark Steyn: ‘The Left Wants To Denormalize And Dehumanize Its Political Opposition

Bad sign:  Three members of the team hired by special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Russia´s meddling in the 2016 election have donated primarily to Democrats, according to records from the Federal Election Commission
Comey and Mueller Have a History as a Deep State Tag Team

Meanwhile, Trump Making America Great Again:  A Taiwanese company that assembles Apple's iPhones is considering building a plant in Wisconsin.
President Trump rolls back Obama Cuba policy, Cutting Cash to the Military and Curbing Travel
The Trump administration rescinds Obama’s DAPA program that could have allowed as many as five million illegal aliens with children to remain in the country if they met certain criteria.
Trump pledge to wipe out MS-13 paying off...
The Trump administration is poised to nip the Bears Ears National Monument, beginning a rollback of one of President Obama’s most aggressive environmental moves.
The Rasmussen shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters now approve of President Trump’s job performance.

Why Is Hillary Clinton Comparing Herself to Wonder Woman?  “Something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley,”

Unlike Trump, the Obama administration actually did have a “back channel” to communicate with Russian officials last year.

The Denver City Council has voted unanimously to decriminalize a number of offenses, including defecating and urinating in public, camping on public or private land, panhandling, and lying in public rights-of-way, such as sidewalks. Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock and city officials explained the new ordinances are designed to protect illegal immigrants from “unintended consequences.”

Spengler  6/17 Asia Times

The distinguished political scientist Angelo Codevilla coined the ominous term “cold civil war” to describe America’s precarious condition, adding, “Statesmanship’s first task is to prevent it from turning hot.” The attempted massacre this week of Republican Congressmen and their staff by a deranged partisan of Sen. Bernie Sanders turned up the heat a notch, but it would be mistaken to attribute much importance to this dreadful outburst of left-wing rage. The augury of American fracture will not be street violence, but a constitutional crisis implicating virtually the whole of America’s governing caste. The shock troops in the cold civil war are not gunmen but lawyers.

A considerable portion of America’s permanent bureaucracy, including elements of its intelligence community, is engaged in an illegal and unconstitutional mutiny against the elected commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump. Most of the Democratic Party and a fair sampling of the Republican Establishment wants to force Trump out of office, and to this end undertook an entrapment scheme to entice the president and his staff into actions which might be construed after the fact as obstruction of justice.

By means yet undisclosed, the mutineers forced Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn from office and now seek to bring down the president for allegedly obstructing an investigation of Gen. Flynn that arose in the first place from the entrapment scheme.  One of the Republican Party’s most distinguished statesmen recently told a closed gathering that a “cold coup” is underway against the president.

By no coincidence is Gen. Flynn the central character in this scenario. As I wrote in February, the CIA really is out to get him: Flynn’s Defense Intelligence Agency produced a now-notorious 2012 report warning that chaos in Syria’s civil war enabled the rise of a new Caliphate movement, namely ISIS…..Flynn humiliated the bungling CIA and exposed the incompetence and deception of the Obama administration, and got fired for it…

The mainstream media makes no effort to disguise its hatred for Trump and insinuates in countless ways that the president fired former FBI director James Comey in order to protect Gen. Flynn from a legitimate investigation….I think it more likely that Comey showed insufficient zeal in uncovering the pattern of press leaks and other sabotage which the mutineers employed against the president. Faced with a mutiny fed by illegal actions (leaking classified information is a felony that carries a 10-year prison sentence), the president requires a pitbull for a counterintelligence chief. Comey, who in 2005 earned $6 million as general counsel for the giant defense contractor Lockheed Martin, is more of a Pomeranian.

In cinematic terms, the investigation of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US elections is the McGuffin, or what Alfred Hitchcock called the object that the spies are searching for. The plot revolves around it, explained the celebrated director, but as to what it specifically is, “The audience don’t care.”  If it is proven that Russian cyber-spies hacked the email account of Democratic National Committee Chairman John Podesta and handed embarrassing information to Wikileaks, we will know that Russia has done what all intelligence agencies have done for centuries: Leak embarrassing political information to the press…..

Podesta and his gang at the DNC used unethical and perhaps illegal means to sandbag the campaign of Sen. Sanders, leaks about which embarrassed Hillary Clinton. Sanders, knowing on which side his bread is buttered, declined to make an issue of the sandbagging, allowing Trump’s enemies to transform what should have been an investigation of corruption in the Democratic Party into a fairy-tale about Russian spies stealing an American election with implied collusion by the Trump campaign.

The Trump-Russia collusion story is nonsense, as its disseminators know better than anyone else. The object of the exercise is not to support the innuendo, but to launch an investigation which can provoke the White House into responses that might be construed as illegal. The intelligence leaks involved in framing the story alone are probably sufficient grounds to put several dozen senior officials in federal prison for double-digit terms. That consideration gauges the scale of the problem: the mutineers have committed multiple felonies, and their downside should the mutiny go wrong is not ignominious retirement but hard time at Leavenworth.

For the moment, the mutineers have the momentum. The Trump administration continues to run on a skeleton staff, with the vast majority of key positions still unoccupied. If my surmise is correct, it was unable to persuade the director of the FBI, the nation’s chief watchdog, to undertake vigorous countermeasures against the mutiny, for example, a comprehensive screening of electronic communications by the reporters who received leaks of classified materials.

Most mainstream journalists consider Trump a threat to a desirable social order and are not squeamish about the means they might employ to undermine him. And there are any number of former Obama appointees, for example, former US Attorney for New York’s Southern District Preet Bharara, prepared to convict the president in the media……The White House and in particular the National Security Council meanwhile remain riddled with Obama Administration holdovers, forcing Trump to rely on a close circle of trusted advisers. That limits the president’s ability to reach out for allies against the mutineers.

The installation of former FBI director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to chase the Russian McGuffin also constrains the counterintelligence operations of the White House. If senior intelligence officials claim to be engaged in counterintelligence investigations against Russian interference in US elections, is it obstruction of justice to investigate their illegal contacts with the media?

The mutineers also can count on the support of Establishment worthies like Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), for whom Trump’s election was an intolerable humiliation. Trump ran against the Bush wing of the Republican Party as much as he ran against the Democrats. The NeverTrump Republicans are complicit in the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and the Sudan, and would have wrecked Egypt had Gen. al-Sisi not overthrown a Muslim Brotherhood government that the Establishment Republicans helped incubate.

The President’s free-wheeling style, more suited to the management of a family business than the Executive Branch, makes minor missteps more likely. Minor missteps are dangerous when a desperate and determined enemy is ready to exploit them. Trump’s one great advantage in all of this is that he has done nothing wrong. He did not obstruct justice because there is no crime. The mutineers’ only hope is to provoke him to take actions which might be construed as obstruction of justice in an investigation with no crime and no victim. Still, it is a moment of great danger for the American Republic.

The mutiny has burned its bridges on the beach, and its perpetrators will risk everything to make it succeed. Whatever the outcome, the legitimacy of a political system designed to be litigious and oppositional will be called into question, and the polarization of American opinion will become more rather than less extreme.


“You’ve had a series of things … that tell people that it’s OK to hate Trump. It’s OK to think of Trump in violent terms. It’s OK to consider assassinating Trump and then … suddenly we’re supposed to rise above it — until the next time?”
            -Newt Gingrich

“Sessions’ few meetings with the Russian ambassador proves guilt, but the IRS chief visiting the Obama White House 150 times means nothing.”
           -Twitter satirist @hale_razor

“Either the United States will return to a shared single language and allegiance to a common and singular culture, or it will eventually descend into clannish violence.”
           -Victor Davis Hanson

A 30-year-old Pakistani man has been sentenced to death by a counterterrorism court, following the conviction on charges he insulted the Prophet Muhammed and his wives on Facebook,

Nobel laureate in physics: global warming is pseudoscience
Dr. Don Easterbrook, Western Washington University, global warming is a LIE

Prager:  As I document in my book "Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph," which is an explanation of Americanism, leftism and Islamism, hysteria is a major tactic of the left. If you think about it, there is never an extended period of time — one year, let´s say — during which society is not engulfed by a hysteria induced by the left. The mother of them all is global warming, or "climate change," as the left has come to call it.

The National Science Foundation is funding a doctoral dissertation on "climate change denial." The research seeks to find a "more complete and nuanced understanding" of individuals who are skeptical that human beings cause climate change.

Green deathtraps: energy-saving renovation blamed for horrific Grenfell Tower fire in London

If you ask a social justice jihadi, everyone besides straight white males is oppressed, period. But Leftist groups that don´t fit one of those descriptors are lately engaged in a battle for oppression supremacy, which PhD sociologists with no other marketable skills refer to as "intersectionality." For those of us who prefer fact- and evidence-based reasoning, it´s hysterical to watch these Oppression Olympics take place -- such as when Black Lives Matter halted the Toronto gay pride parade to air their grievances.

The seemingly fractured Democratic Party may face another setback ahead of the 2018 elections, Peter Doocy reported. Supporters of progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said they want to start their own party.

Trump's education cuts aren't 'devastating,' they're smart

Oppose the internet sales tax working its way thru the Washington legislature.  Ebay will send  letters on your behalf.

A poll of the hotly contested special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District to replace Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) shows that Jon Ossoff, the Democrat, leads Republican Karen Handel by only three points.
Democrats have raised staggering sums of money to defeat her.  You can contribute here; anything helps….

Our friends in Louisiana alerted us to a nationwide blood drive being held for Rep. Steve Scalise who was shot Wednesday while practicing for the Congressional baseball game. Rep. Scalise remains in critical condition and has received several blood transfusions.

“Totalitarianism begins in contempt for what you have. The second step is the notion: ‘Things must change — no matter how,   anything is better than what we have.’ Totalitarian rulers organize this kind of mass sentiment, and by organizing it articulate it, and by articulating it make the people somehow love it. … Totalitarianism appeals to the very dangerous emotional needs of people who live in complete isolation and in fear of one another.”
                 -Hannah Arendt