Friday, September 28, 2018

op ed review 9/30

An extraordinary week.

“When Brett Kavanaugh showed up for his confirmation hearing (two weeks ago), he was affable and cheerful. He made a joke about his daughter’s television debut. He complimented senators from both parties. He was a non-controversial nominee looking to go through the process and then move on to the Supreme Court. But now Judge Kavanaugh, the sober calm jurist stayed home; instead Mr. Smith came to Washington….The Kavanaugh who showed up to the Senate hearing Thursday had been through 10 days of hell. He came in holding his wife’s hand, and holding the anger and pain inside until he was ready to speak. He could have played it safe. Any political advisers he had would have told him to read a measured denial, to express respect for the procedures of the Senate and a humble willingness to serve. Or withdraw. Brett Kavanaugh did neither. Instead he angrily denounced the confirmation process as a “national disgrace”, and called out the left-wing activists, the billionaire donors and the media activists behind that disgrace. And he made it clear that no matter what they did to him, he would never withdraw. “Your coordinated effort to destroy my good name and destroy my family will not drive me out. The vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. You may defeat me in the final vote, but you’ll never get me to quit. Never,” he declared….The last time the Democrats put a Republican nominee through hell, he became the most conservative justice on the Supreme Court. Looking at Kavanaugh’s anger, it’s hard to believe that he’ll forget.”

Late breaking news, Kavanaugh nomination out of committee for floor vote but shameless RINO Sen Jeff Flake (R-AZ) says he will not support unless there is another week of FBI investigation.  Rush says: “The reason for the delay is for new allegations to be brought forth — and I’m telling you, the Democrats already have them in their back pockets like cards waiting to be played.” This will give the Left another week to manufacture dirt. Flake’s DC office:  202-224-4521, Flake’s Phoenix office: 602-840-1891
Fishing for useful dirt on Kavanaugh, CNN’s Chris Cuomo asks a female classmate of Brett Kavanaugh if he was “known at Yale as a virgin”. The classmate, who was obviously caught off guard by the inappropriate and personal question, could only respond: “I have no idea.”

200 Women Testify to Kavanaugh's History of 'Treating Women With Respect,' Going Back to High School
More Than 60 Georgetown Prep Alumni Defend Kavanaugh against Latest Charge in Letter to Judiciary Committee

Gallup:  Republican Party Favorability Highest in Seven Years
Democratic lead over Republicans has narrowed on this week's Rasmussen Reports Generic Congressional Ballot.
The Democratic Party’s advantage among women suffered a six percentage point swing over the past year, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

Same Democratic operative who designed attack ads against Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas is advising Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.
Senator Hirono (D-Hawaii)  didn’t always tell men to ‘Shut Up’ and believe accusers….she had the opportunity to choose sides in the 1990s when credible allegations were made that her mentor Daniel Inouye, then a Democratic senator representing Hawaii, had engaged in a pattern of sexual assault…the senator’s hairdresser for 20 years said she had been forced into nonconsensual sex back in 1975 and had suffered persistent gropings since then….Hirono maintained a studied and consistent silence…..An inquiry into Inouye’s behavior was inappropriate, she explained, because “there is no victim.”

President Trump delivered a sharp rebuke to globalism, while touting the virtues of America First, during his highly-anticipated address before the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday.
Every quarter, CNBC surveys its Global CFO Council to gain insight into the status of the current global economy… the third quarter survey the CFO’s note that only one economy in the world is currently improving, the United States.

The illegal immigrant population is as high as 29.5 million, far more than the 11 million accepted by experts and the government, according to an explosive new report from three Yale University experts.
Build the wall.  Caravans of migrants continue pouring over US-Mexico border….more than 2,000 migrants during a three-day period at a tiny area known for illegal border crossings. The groups consisted mainly of migrant families and unaccompanied children from Central America.
Poll: Plurality of Latinos ‘Less Likely to Vote’ for Candidates Who Want to Abolish ICE

The New York Times is appalled:  “Trump Administration Aims to Sharply Restrict New Green Cards for Those on Public Aid….The regulation, which the administration said would affect about 382,000 people a year, is the latest in a series of aggressive crackdowns by President Trump and his hard-line aides on legal and illegal immigration.”
New Trump Rule Rejects Migrants Who Cannot Speak English

Mike Pence warns Christian conservatives against complacency in midterm elections.  "The other side is mobilized, and some say they’re motivated as never before…..But I say we must match – in fact, I say we must surpass – the energy of the American left and their enthusiasm and passion."

Chinese Agent Living In Chicago Arrested For Spying On US

Michelle Obama Encourages People Who ‘Know Nothing About Nothing’ to Vote…“Voting does not require any kind of special expertise.”

Roger Simon  9/27
Far be it for me, someone who spent the better part of his life as your typical secular agnostic, to talk about God. But that was what I have been thinking about in the hours since I spent my day, as many of us did, watching the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

I guess it first hit me when Judge Kavanaugh, in the midst of his powerful and heartfelt opening statement, one few expected him to make, choked up, fighting back tears as he spoke of his ten-year old daughter's desire to pray for Dr. Ford. I had trouble choking back my own and it dawned on me I was watching an event that I thought was political being transformed into a spiritual one.

Nothing was as expected. A real rape had taken place but it wasn't the one everyone was talking about.  It was simultaneously a rape of Judge Kavanaugh, his family, and the American people themselves.  The collateral damage was Dr. Ford, her friends, and her family. And the perpetrator was the Democratic Party, principally their Judiciary Committee members, their ranking member, and the minority leader.

And then Lindsey Graham said what so many of us were feeling, making the most magnificent, impassioned speech I have heard in Congress since Joseph Welch's famous "Have you no shame, sir?" to Joe McCarthy.  No, scratch that. I was a little kid then and was told to despise McCarthy by my parents.  I could be all or partly wrong about that, but I'm not about Graham.  He hit a home run with the bases full in the seventh game of the World Series.

He was so good, in fact, that for a moment the Democrats seemed chastened.  But it didn't last long and pretty soon that ranking member, Ms. Feinstein, was up to her old tricks, doddering as she may have become, reading with her head down a litany of recent accusations against Kavanaugh so ludicrous even the New York Times wouldn't print them……But, for all intents and purposes, the hearings were already over.

Louisiana Senator Kennedy formally ended them, appropriately enough, by asking Judge Kavanaugh to swear to God that he never sexually assaulted anyone.  He so swore.
Kavanaugh, I  predict, will soon be Justice Kavanaugh.

It all goes back to Senator Dianne Feinstein. The shady allegations suddenly becoming public. The late hour shenanigans. The lying to colleagues. The using of a clearly damaged Christine Blasey Ford. The dragging of Brett Kavanaugh and his family through this fetid mess. Every part of this is the ranking Democrat’s fault. Finally, at the end of the day, Senator Cruz and then Senators Cornyn and Grassley confronted her about her perfidy……The Republicans resisted the urge to say anything and shut up. Thank God. It would have been a disaster. Both Senator Graham and Senator Cruz could have made short work of Dr. Ford’s monster-truck sized holes in her story, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to recognize the political game being played and refuse to play it. Their restraint should be saluted. If this were a criminal trial, Dr. Ford’s allegations wouldn’t make it past a police officer’s desk. Everyone in that room knows this. The only purpose was spectacle and to portray Republicans as malevolent Old White Men. Sorry, Dems, you got outplayed on this one……It won’t be videos of the male Republicans that will be the legacy of this farce, it will be Senator Feinstein: fumbling, shocked, caught in a trap of her own making. She should pay for her malice dearly, she’s caused incalculable damage to many innocent people — not least of all the American citizens she claims to represent.

Kavanaugh Hearing Was The Democrats' Worst Nightmare…….In almost forty years of broadcasting and writing, I’ve spent a lot of time tracking the fates of the Republican and Democrat parties. In recent years, the main conservative thirsts have been for a more muscular and unapologetic conservatism and for the bright light of truth to be directed onto the darkest habits of modern leftists. The election of Donald Trump has propelled us down a road featuring satisfying helpings of both. But on one stunning day, September 27, 2018, there arose Republican resolve like nothing in recent memory.……as soon as Judge Kavanaugh completed his opening statement, it became clear what the afternoon matinee would contain: Republicans showing more spine than they have in years, accompanied by Democrats making total asses of themselves. This is what Kavanaugh’s riveting certitude did to both sides. It energized Republicans to solidly back the judge, and additionally inspired them to call out committee Democrats for the shameful scam they have deployed to poison the nomination process…Any Republicans still wondering about his worthiness need to have their heads examined. There may even be Democrats up for re-election in Trump states rethinking the “no” votes that seemed defensible just days ago……history will well remember Lindsey Graham’s fiery rebuke of Democrats for the behavior they have displayed for decades…..Compactly contained within one day witnessed by millions, we saw Democrat behavior so unhinged and repulsive that Republicans finally came out of their shells and called them on it. It was glorious. The confirmation of Kavanaugh is now a moral necessity—so that a good man’s reputation can be restored, rules of basic decency upheld, and viciously craven political tactics dealt the death blow they deserve.

Lindsay Graham’s Finest Moment 

Wall Street Journal, “Confirm Brett Kavanaugh”

“Republicans didn’t want Merrick Garland confirmed, so they just didn’t vote. Democrats don’t want Brett Kavanaugh confirmed, so they accuse him of serial gang rape. And that is the difference between Republicans and Democrats.”
               -Matt Walsh

“Up next: Democrats will accuse Brett Kavanaugh of drinking so heavily he drove off a bridge with a young woman in the front seat, fled the scene — leaving her to drown, then later finding out she suffocated to death instead.”
                -Katie Pavlich

Planned Parenthood forces cancellation of 'Gosnell' screening

Communist agitators took to Twitter this week to brainstorm strategies for a violent armed insurrection against their perceived enemies…..suggests that fellow travelers organize "hidden cells" and focus on ambushes and assassinations to bleed "right-leaning forces" dry…..during the day comrades should pretend to be into "helping everybody" and never talk about their "nighttime activities."

Antifa Sends Threatening Message To Ted Cruz After Disrupting His Dinner: ‘You Are Not Safe’
Founder Of Group That Harassed Ted Cruz Tweeted About Dead Cops, Assassinating Mike Pence

A spokesman for left-wing billionaire financier George Soros is acknowledging that he indirectly funded Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Steele dossier which started the Mueller witch hunt.
George Soros’s Son Pours Nearly $3 Million Into Democratic Coffers for Midterms

Top ‘Resistance’ Member Admits He Gets Paid by “Higher Ups” to “Sow the Division”

Swiss voters approve ‘burka ban’….Switzerland's largest Muslim organization, tells women to continue to cover their faces as it vows legal action.

Anyone who believes that the way to punish RINOs is to give Congress back to the Democrats needs to stop skipping her medication. The sane strategy for getting rid of weak Republicans is to replace them with strong Republicans. What we are seeing now is nothing compared to the crimes against democracy the Democrats will commit if they capture a majority in either house of Congress. The only way to stop them is show up at the polls in November and crush them like the insects they are. Then President Trump and the Republican Congress can get back to the business of carrying out the will of the voters as expressed in 2016.

The Kavanaugh furor: How to execute an attempted political homicide

If there is one organization that knows how to fight, it is the National Rifle Association. The NRA has released this ad supporting Judge Kavanaugh and denouncing the Democrats’ smears. It features NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North. The ad is titled “We Stand With Brett Kavanaugh.”

Republicans should discount the polls – the picture heading into the 2018 elections is brighter than it seems. There are at least eight ways in which poll numbers are likely exaggerated against Trump – and thus Republicans in general:

Why the left is consumed with hate.

How to 'Christine Blasey Ford-Proof' Your Son

“It has been a source of great pain to me to have met with so many among [my] opponents who had not the liberality to distinguish between political and social opposition; who transferred at once to the person, the hatred they bore to his political opinions.”
              -Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, September 22, 2018

op ed review 9/23

The woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of a drunken assault when both were teenagers has now come forward publicly, but that should not deter Republicans from proceeding with their current confirmation-vote schedule. There is no way to confirm her story after 35 years, and to let it stop Mr. Kavanaugh’s confirmation would ratify what has all the earmarks of a calculated political ambush.
Bears “all the hallmarks of a set-up.”
After Democrats all but lose the prospect of derailing the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, suddenly a new accuser with a 35-year-old charge of groping abuse comes out of the woodwork. Problem is, she doesn't want to tell us everything.
Reasons to be skeptical:
After telling no one her story about the alleged incident for decades, she suddenly remembered and spoke about it in couples' therapy in 2012, when leftists perceived the possibility that Mitt Romney, ahead in the polls, would win the presidency and appoint Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. 
Two other witnesses named by accuser deny any knowledge of house party.
Kavanaugh accuser´s lawyer is Vice-Chair of a Soros funded organization; shown here wearing a radical socialist fist t-shirt at an anti-Trump rally.
As a researcher, Ford published eight studies about the “Abortion Pill” and works for the company that produces it.
Ford attended a girl’s prep school in Maryland. Her high school yearbooks have disappeared off the web because they show many photos and references to binge drinking, debauchery, “and the joy of not being able to remember any of it.”
Turns out Kavanaugh’s mother was the judge in Ford’s parents’ foreclosure case 1996.
All the attention on Kavanaugh obscures news that DNC Vice-Chair Ellison accuser releases 2017 medical document saying she feared 'retribution' over abuse allegations.

Dozens of female colleagues, classmates and friends of Brett Kavanaugh rallied in support of the embattled Supreme Court nominee on Friday, saying they don’t believe the sexual assault allegation against him.  The women, who last week wrote a letter of support for Kavanaugh, spoke at a Washington press conference in front of a banner that blared “#IStandWithBrett.”

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker is facing accusations of hypocrisy over his calls to delay the confirmation vote of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh since he once admitted groping a friend without her consent in high school.
Democrats’ smash and smear agenda reaches new heights:  “At this moment, Kavanaugh’s confirmation has gone from a slam dunk to a jump ball. That’s because of the second big thing to notice — some Republicans have a streak of French in them and surrendered before the first shots were fired.”

CNN Gives Virtually No Air Time to Pro-Kavanaugh Evidence
CNN Has Still Not Done A Story About Farzad Fazeli Who Attempted To Stab Republican Candidate

The number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits in mid-September fell to a 49-year low.
US to slash refugee admissions to historic low of 30,000, Pompeo confirms
Offer by Poland’s president to host an American military base and call it “Fort Trump”
Massive lines for Trump rally in Las Vegas.
Two mile long line to get into Trump rally in Missouri, half of those waiting didn’t get in.

This is not good:  RNC poll finds GOP voters aren’t worried about midterms.
Another distressing RNC Poll: 'We've Lost the Messaging Battle' on Tax Cuts’

Across the U.S., Democratic campaign ads are telling voters a big lie. Dems are falsely claiming they're protecting people with pre-existing medical conditions and warning that Republicans will take that protection away. The ads would have you believe Obamacare is the only way to protect people with pre-existing conditions. That's false, and the outcome of the midterm elections could turn on this falsehood.

During a town hall event on Wednesday night, Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) — running against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the Senate seat — told a black American who questioned his support of illegal immigration that illegal aliens from Central America and Mexico are today’s cotton pickers.

Historic GOP win in state Senate race dampens Democratic hopes for a 'blue wave' in Texas

Joe Biden calls Trump voters “dregs of society”.
Leaked video shows Google co-founder Sergey Brin comparing Trump voters to 'fascists' as he vows to thwart rise of populism in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election

Deep blue California now leads the nation in poverty.

Rob Rosenstein reportedly discussed wearing 'wire,' invoking 25th Amendment against Trump
Obama administration intelligence officials John Brennan and James Clapper must answer to the allegations that they blackmailed Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to get his vote for Obamacare in 2012.

John Hinderaker, Powerline Blog, 9/19

When I was 10 years old, I wrote Richard Nixon’s name in chalk up and down the sidewalk on my street. This was during the 1960 campaign. An elderly lady who lived next door asked what I was doing and when I explained, she said: “You can write his name all over my sidewalk!” I have been following politics ever since. I have seen a lot of stupidity, but I don’t think I have ever seen anything as dumb as the current controversy arising from Democratic Party activist Christine Ford’s 36-year-old, teenage allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Ford doesn’t know when the non-criminal incident happened, or where. She has identified one witness, who says her story is “nuts.” Ford went 36 years before mentioning the name of Brett Kavanaugh, whom, as far as we know, she has never met. If her fabricated allegation is enough to derail a nomination, then no Republican can ever again be nominated to a federal post without Democratic Party consent. The Democrats will have an absolute veto power, since there can hardly be a weaker obstacle to confirmation than the one raised by Ms. Ford’s 36-years-late teenage allegation.

The mystery is why Ms. Ford’s pitiful effort on behalf of her party has erected a roadblock to Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Republicans ostensibly control the Senate, and Ford’s unsubstantiated claims are ridiculous. Why haven’t the Republicans simply moved ahead with Kavanaugh’s confirmation? Why are some Washington Republicans so fearful and so ineffective? Senate Republicans had better confirm Kavanaugh promptly, or a huge number of Republican activists–like me–will conclude that the DC version of the party is utterly worthless.

Republicans should not allow the hit on Kavanaugh to succeed.  “It is also relevant that she is a Democrat, a self-described “activist,” and professor of psychology at an overwhelmingly liberal institution. For coming forward, she will, undoubtedly, be hailed as a hero to the left for decades to come. And it seems strange that someone who claims she wanted to remain anonymous took a preemptive polygraph test.” Now is the time to hold fast, Republicans. If a decades-old allegation with no independent corroboration or evidence can be used to nuke the career of a man like Judge Kavanaugh, the same tactic can be used against anyone — and it will be.  If Kavanaugh’s confirmation is derailed, the precedent will be set. Whenever the stakes are high enough, the most sinister, underhanded forces of the left will manage to surface an unsubstantiated character-destroying allegation at the most opportune moment.  We can’t let that become the standard for those who wish to serve public life. Kavanaugh is a good man. He belongs on the Supreme Court. If Senate Republicans cave on this, it will be to their lasting dishonor.

Flashback:  “Not that long after Clarence Thomas’s nomination was very nearly defeated, and within easy memory of Bork’s character assassination, President Bill Clinton got to nominate two Supreme Court justices. How did Republicans react? They couldn’t leap on the confirmation bandwagon fast enough. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer were confirmed by the lopsided margins of 96–3 and 87–9, respectively.”

Do we really have to be here for this? By “we,” I mean America. And by “this,” I mean some form of forced group therapy session for adult women who cannot move past an ugly event from their teen years and feel the need to relitigate it in public nearly four decades later.

“Even liberals should concede that in America one is innocent until proven guilty. Particularly with 36-year-old allegations that are impossible to corroborate.”
                   -Star Parker

“Judicial Fortitude: The Last Chance to Rein In the Administrative State”

New film focuses on anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, who spent years working for Planned Parenthood before switching sides.

New film:  “Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer”, starring Dean Cain (Superman) as Detective James Wood.

Maxine Waters urges Resistance to “knock off” President Trump.

Antifa website calls for slaughter of border patrol agents.

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s working class credentials are under scrutiny again after she was pictured wearing a $3,500 outfit for a photo-op with construction workers.

Google Workers Discussed Tweaking Search Function to Counter President Trump’s Travel Ban.  Maybe they can use censored search technology Google is developing for China.

Ben and Jerry team up with to create Democrat-inspired ice cream flavors

“It's hard to know what to make of the last-second charge against Judge Brett Kavanaugh about an event that allegedly occurred 36 years ago. What is crystal clear is the message Democrats are sending to conservatives. "We will do whatever it takes to destroy you."
“This event happened 36 years ago among adolescents. The victim and the villain were under the influence of alcohol and the former can’t remember half of the details — yet somehow recalls enough to ruin the latter’s career. The latter says it never happened. This is why we have the Sixth Amendment, folks.”
If Senate Democrats and their media allies manage to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, they will bring America one step closer to a new, liberal style of totalitarianism.
It's blatantly clear that this woman, Christine Blasey Ford, is the Democrats' "insurance policy" to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. Senator Feinstein held this letter and kept the writer anonymous right up to the vote. The only other "witness," Mark Judge, categorically denies that it ever happened. And the woman can't even remember the exact date of this life-changing event.
Is Dianne Feinstein the Most Corrupt Senator in the United States?
Eviscerating Kavanaugh: “Sen. Feinstein, have you no sense of decency?”

Noemie Emery: “Do the Democrats keep a steady supply of female accusers, adjusted as to age, geography, and possible chance of having met the subject, ready and set to be called on as needed, depending on which nominee, from which part of the country, the Republicans happen to choose?  If they fail with Kavanaugh, will they try it again with the next male contender? if they succeed, surely they will try it over and over, until not a single male judge might be left.  Democrats lately have been naming women, and the Right ought to follow suit. From now on, all nominees ought to be female. Justice Amy Barrett has a ring to it.

Newt Gingrich: If Republicans want to defeat Democrats in 2018, they must do this…

“I once supported Ted Cruz over Donald Trump in the primaries, largely due to the fact that Trump seemed a bull who carried around his own china shop and campaigned like Sherman marching through Atlanta with matches.  But he won me over, and I repented my political sins and saw the method in his madness as he overturned the tables at which the elitist moneychangers sat along with the status quo they cherished. He has unleashed America's entrepreneurs, cut all our taxes, chopped off the strangling regulatory tentacles of big government, liberated American energy, rebuilt the military, ended "free" trade transfers of wealth to those who are not all our friends, fundamentally transformed the judiciary, and dared to step on the new third rail of American politics: illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Sadly, some persist in their unbelief, most notably the #NeverTrumps over at the increasingly irrelevant National Review, who have published a piece taking the absurd position that the concept of birthright citizenship is not only constitutional, but an integral part of any originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution”

“Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
                  -George Santayana