Sunday, February 24, 2019

Trump's approval rating among likely voters soars to his best in 23 months.
Quality Of Life Is Up Sharply Under Trump
Trump’s emergency declaration is legal and needed to protect America – Here’s why
Obama Declared National Emergencies 13 Times Including Swine Flu, Iran and Flint Water Crisis
GOP Establishment Squirms After Trump’s Emergency Declaration on a border wall.

Covington Catholic High School student sues Washington Post for $250 million.

FBI’s top lawyer believed Hillary Clinton should face charges, but was talked out of it.
Andrew McCabe is a national disgrace. He was part of the most corrupt and most partisan leadership team in FBI history and was fired for being dishonest under oath. And yet, America owes him a big thank-you. McCabe, you see, has reminded us once again that there really is a powerful deep state, and that there has not been a full accounting of rampant FBI misconduct during the presidential campaign of 2016.
Majority of voters agree officials 'acted criminally' in secret discussions to oust Trump.

The same networks that spent 2,202 minutes of collective airtime to push the Russia Collusion Media-Hoax are refusing to cover the Senate Intelligence Committee bipartisan report, which found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
Former CBS  journalist Lara Logan poked the mainstream media beehive last week in a no-holds-barred interview where she bluntly accused many reporters of becoming “political activists” and even “propagandists” for the Left and said journalism has descended into “absolute horses**t.” The response has been furious, personal, and devoid of the respect normally demanded for rape survivors. ‘I’m Committing ‘Professional Suicide”

The specter of a new "trial of the century" for Jussie Smollett, over what looks like his staging of a fake hate crime, is scaring the leaders of the identity politics movement that dominates the Democratic Party
Satire from the Bee:  “Nation's Liberals Devastated After Learning Hate Crime Didn't Actually Happen”….. “I needed this to be true,” said liberal columnist Hanna Spalding. “When I first heard the news of this attack, I was filled with so much hope. I felt so validated. Then that was taken away. Now I just want to cry into my pillow.”
15 Recent Hate Crime Hoaxes That Might Make You Suspect There’s A Trend

$15 Minimum Wage Sparks Jobs Recession In New York, 4,000 workers lost jobs at full-service restaurants.

America’s foreign-born population has reached its highest level in over 100 years, driven by immigrants from Latin America.
The United States has more immigrants than any other country in the world. Today, more than 40 million people living in the U.S. were born in another country, accounting for about one-fifth of the world’s migrants in 2016.
Border apprehensions jump 84 percent, 606,000 expected this year
Gallup: Five Million More Latin Americans Coming to U.S. in Next 12 Months
Separated migrant families sue U.S. government, demand $3 million each.
Protesters take over Border Patrol museum, deface pictures of fallen agents.

The new abortion law in New York legalizes the actions for which abortionist Kermit Gosnell was sent to prison for life.
Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to harvest organs, ex-technician says

Strict voter ID laws do NOT suppress turnout, a new study finds, regardless of sex, race, Hispanic identity, or party affiliation.

Never Trumper Erick Erickson Announces He Will Support Trump in 2020.  “to be clear, it will not be just because of what the other side offers, but also because of what the Trump-Pence team has done. They’ve earned my vote.”

Voter support for “Medicare for All” has collapsed by 50 percent over the last month.

State Department email records show that environmental activists who have denied operating as foreign agents in response to congressional inquiries partnered with Obama administration officials to advance climate change policies that were beneficial to China and detrimental to the United States, according to energy policy analysts and attorneys who have reviewed the electronic correspondence.

Portland Residents Call 911 Every 15 Minutes To Complain About Homeless People

Democrats looking for more votes: “Oregon Legislators Push To Lower Voting Age To 16.”

Keep Hate Alive!
2/21 Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)

Race provocateur extraordinaire Jesse Jackson made famous a slogan in his run for the Presidency in 1988. It was Keep Hope Alive. Thirty years later the American Left has replaced the word hope with another four letter h-word: hate. They hate Republicans, they hate white male conservatives, they hate Trump, they hate the unborn, they hate the American flag, and they hate the police. The Left sees so much potential in using hate as a political weapon that they have built a hate industrial complex. If they don’t keep hate alive, the bottom of their identity politics strategy collapses.

Enough has been said about the Jussie Smollett incident. The investigation has gone from Smollett being the victim of a hateful homophobic racist attack into what appears to be a hoax. The Chicago Police Department has gone overboard to afford Smollett the benefit of the doubt, and now say that the investigation has taken a new turn. Interpret that to be a sensitive way of saying, we no longer believe his story. Here is some free advice. Whenever you hear about a race-related attack and a noose is in the story, your BS detector should go off.

It appears, and I repeat appears, that Smollett is not a victim, rather a fraud who perpetrated a cruel hoax. If this turns out to be true, Smollett committed a hate crime against three demographics, hitting the trifecta as he simultaneously smeared whites, males, and heterosexuals. If he is found to have filed a false report, he should be aggressively prosecuted.

Smollett going national with this aggravates it even more. For that, there should be a federal hate crime investigation.   However, the reality is that, if found to be hoax, he will not be aggressively prosecuted. If he is even charged, he will most likely receive some watered-down prosecution, pay a fine and be allowed to move on—therefore the lack of deterrence encourages others to perpetrate subsequent hoaxes. 

Gay and black advocacy groups should be incensed with Smollett, but at this point, they have been silent. Smollett has cast doubt on real claims of gay and black assaults based on skin color and sexual orientation in the future. This is not something to be taken lightly. Smollett knew he had the advantage of his celebrity and platform to stage this hoax. However, he ended up flying a bit too close to the sun.

As they always do, these incidents serve as an opportunity for virtue signaling and moral preening. Ellen DeGeneres jumped in clutching her pearls over the Smollett incident. Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Corey Booker jumped in showing their support for the alleged victim Smollett while shaming the rest of America. The national liberal media learned nothing from the Covington High School incident as they ran full-speed and blindly ahead with reports of the Smollett attack. They drove their predictable narratives while using the Smollett incident as an opportunity to drag President Trump into the discussion and deceitfully chastise every white male conservative for supposedly creating a racist, homophobic environment in America. When will liberal media learn? Probably never—these kinds of stories appeal to their libelous agenda.

Race or sexual orientation attack hoaxes are not new. Recall the Air Force Academy incident in which a racial slur was written outside the room of a black cadet. After the school Superintendent Lt. General Jay Silveria flaunted his racial sensitivity by admonishing and indicting every non-black cadet as racist while yelling at them to get out of the Academy, it was determined that the black cadet wrote the slur himself. Oops. Silveria should have been disciplined for jumping to conclusions and indicting all those cadets before learning the facts. He wasn’t. Many more of these race hoaxes have occurred on college campuses. When it was discovered that the purported victim staged the incident, the media packed up their cameras and microphones and left for the next one. No one from this cabal followed up on the case for the final disposition. We seldom hear what happens to the hoax perpetrator. The liberal media is either too lazy or disinterested to keep the public informed. This allows the prosecutors to sweep cases under the rug with light sentences.

According to the FBI, hate crimes against whites are the fastest growing racial hate crimes in America. Let that sink in. Anti-Black hate crimes decreased in 2016. That is not what we have been led to believe by the agenda-driven liberal media. No government agency tracks race and sexual-oriented hoaxes. They should. As long as we are monitoring the race of the driver in police traffic stops why not hoaxes? The damage and national uproar it causes makes it worth tracking.

According to a study by American Renaissance “between June 2015 and December 2017, there have been 101 reported what turned out to be hoaxes.” The breakdown is 44 fabricated acts of bias by blacks, 17 hoaxes by Middle Easterners, 13 by non-whites and 10 fabricated assaults against gays. In the case of hate-crime hoaxes, black overrepresentation is much greater. Over the last 2.5 years, on a per capita basis, blacks were 13.3 times more likely than whites to commit hate-crime hoaxes. 

Identity politics encourages a cult of perpetual victimhood. Some groups find it therapeutic to be perpetually viewed as persecuted. It shields them from criticism. America has pushed racism and bigotry to the margins of society. We shame it, call it out. Although it exists, it’s on life support. There is no need to fake it.

IBD: “Attention Working Americans: Democrats Want To Hike Your Taxes By $1.5 Trillion”

“Beware of euphemisms. Radical changes in vocabulary are usually admissions that reality is unwelcome or indefensible.”
          -Victor Davis Hansen

“My dear departed grandmothers … as well as my deceased parents must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation, and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not, with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics. Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty.”
               -retired Stanford Professor Donald Harris, after his daughter, Sen. Kamala Harris, associated her previous drug use with her Jamaican heritage

“Two-thirds to three-quarters of a $4 trillion-plus federal budget can be described as Congress taking the property of one American and giving it to another to whom it does not belong.”
               -Walter Williams

“Marijuana Debunked: A handbook for parents, pundits and politicians who want to know the case against legalization”   by Ed Gogek  Marijuana subtly damages the teenage brain, causing lifelong problems. Yet four million teens in Canada and the United States use the drug, a half million of them daily. For those who have heard only the pro-legalization side, this book presents the case against marijuana on an equal footing.”

“Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” by Alex Berenson.  An eye-opening report from an award-winning author and former New York Times reporter reveals the link between teenage marijuana use and mental illness, and a hidden epidemic of violence caused by the drug—facts the media have ignored as the United States rushes to legalize cannabis.”

Bernie Sanders enters 2020 presidential race to “complete the (socialist) revolution.”  Bernie raises $6M in 24 hours.

7-year-old boy allegedly called 'little Hitler' for raising money to go toward Trump's border wall

Social engineering:  The Left says single family homes are racist. “Rectifying Seattle’s racist past requires a denser future.” 
More:  “Single-Family Zoning Is Making Our City's Neighborhoods More White”

A major American political recycling the familiar Marxist arguments against capitalism and pointedly spinning Lenin’s fairy tales here in the United States. As this neo-socialist movement gathers momentum and the slogans of the Bolshevik revolution are reverberating from coast to coast, the millions of disaffected dupes and untutored casualties of the American education system can’t wait to set this country ablaze to fulfill a heady gospel of Marxism constructed on hopes, myths, and grandiose lies. Antagonistic to a social order at the apex of which stands freedom, socialism requires a form of behavior that cannot sustain itself and therefore necessitates enforcement -- which is, in fact, tyranny.

Entertainment TV is far worse than news when it comes to progressive bias and hatred for conservative people and views. A cross section of nightly programming on major networks, cable TV or popular streaming services is loaded with anti-conservative, anti-Trump propaganda. January features at least 33 separate entertainment programs that attack conservative values and/or President Donald Trump while promoting a hardcore progressive agenda.

A well-funded and subversive leftist movement of teachers in the United States threatens to tilt the political balance nationwide in the direction of Democrats across the country as Republicans barely hang on in key states that they need to hold for President Donald Trump to win re-election and for Republicans to have a shot at retaking the House and holding onto their Senate majority.

The Enemy Within now has a seat in congress.Her name is Ilhan Omar, a radical Muslim activist who hates Jews and Israel, supports Sharia Law, supports Hamas, ISIS and other terrorist groups, and is an actual elected representative from Minnesota. Her hate-filled, anti-American, anti-Semitic views are all on display in this 2013 interview:

Reality check: Cost of 'Green New Deal' would dwarf moon landing, highway system, and New Deal itself

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Posts ‘Cocktails for the Revolution’ Recipes

The breathtaking ignorance, unabashed espousal of authoritarian policies and nonsensical concepts by the current poster child of the American Left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is a window into the end-product of the indoctrination and resultant mindset of a significant demographic segment of nearly two generations. While Marxist philosophy still undergirds this mindset, a uniquely American doctrine has become the tip of the spear in what will be a failed attempt in transforming the United States into a socialist nation.

Ocasio-Cortez: Trump’s “moral abomination” of a border wall is just like the Berlin Wall.

Ocasio-Cortez Reveals Her Plan to Overthrow the Supreme Court

“Green New Deal: A Democratic suicide note”  Pat Buchanan says AOC's plan 'reads like it was written by the college socialists club'

Ben Stein:  If ever there was a multi-pronged way to snatch Depression from the Jaws of prosperity, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez seems to have hit upon it.

It would be easy to dismiss the Green New Deal as an impossible progressive dream, but that would be a mistake.  The Green New Deal is not the bucket list of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow travelers, but a blueprint to turn America into a socialist state. It is the culmination of a 90-year campaign, begun with FDR and the first New Deal.

Delingpole:  A few years ago at the height of the global warming scare I wrote a book which set out to answer one of the key questions of our time: if climate change isn’t really a problem why do so many people act as though it is? The answer, I discovered, is that environmentalism is just a fashionable mask for the usual leftist obsessions with state control and wealth redistribution. That’s why I called the book Watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside. (But) not everyone who believes in man-made climate change is a full on Commie. Some are merely useful idiots. But whatever reason people may have for supporting the scam – greed, stupidity, virtue-signalling, idiot leftist teachers – the net result is the same: bigger government, higher taxes, more regulation, lower standards of living. Exactly like you’d get under communism, in fact. So color me completely unshocked by the Green New Deal. It looks like a revamped Communist Manifesto because that’s exactly what it is.

VDH:  The illegal effort to destroy the 2016 Trump campaign by Hillary Clinton campaign’s use of funds to create, disseminate among court media, and then salt among high Obama administration officials, a fabricated, opposition smear dossier failed. So has the second special prosecutor phase of the coup to abort the Trump presidency failed. There are many elements to what in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history, marking the first occasion in which U.S. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election and to remove a sitting U.S. president.
Pollster Mark Penn:  The most egregious anti-democratic actions ever taken by the what can now fairly be called the Deep State are confirmed with the publication of fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s new book detailing how the FBI and Justice Department plotted to remove President Trump from office for firing FBI Director James Comey. Justice Department and FBI officials spied on U.S. citizens with false warrants, gave a pass to one presidential campaign with a predetermined investigation, investigated another political campaign on the basis of no verified evidence, and illegally leaked information on investigations. They discussed wiretapping and using the 25th Amendment….
Dershowitz: If McCabe’s Interview Is True It Clearly Shows an Attempted Coup d’Etat of Trump Administration
There was never any collusion. The entire debacle has been a Deep State plot to depose a president. The Deep State-promulgated disillusionment about our country’s true power nexus and electoral process has done much to erode the faith of a generation not yet baptized in the fires of partisan destruction.

“The Hidden State of Illegalia,”  a satellite substate buried within every legitimate state of the Union. For example, in the state of California alone, there are about 1.2 million children born out of "tourism" of pregnant illegal aliens. For comparison, the population of the legitimate state of Wyoming is about 600,000 people.

In 2016, critics of Trump warned his Christians supporters that as president he would revert to his secularist New York roots. He hasn’t. The confidence the religious right placed in him has been largely vindicated. He has turned out to be the most reliable defender of religious freedom since Ronald Reagan.

Because race relations have changed so quickly in America over the last few decades, racism is far less a problem in this country than racialism.  A racialist is a person who looks at all society through the prism of race, the way Marx attributed all social phenomena as somehow determined by economic class relationships.  The racialist sees "dog whistles" everywhere, ever so subtle evidences that racism continues to exist in the subterranean recesses of people's psyche that even the accused "racists" are not aware of…Racialism is essentially a political phenomenon and so is largely confined to the political/media elites and to those who have been indoctrinated with this idea at our universities..

“How to play Pull-a-Smollett: the game of social engineering”:  At the risk of losing the punch line in the translation, let me start with a Russian joke:
"We're sorry, but you're no longer welcome in our house."
"Why is that?"
"The last time you visited, one of our spoons went missing."
"What nonsense, why would I steal your silverware?"
"We're not saying you did, we found it a day later, but the resentment still remains."
While the stain on this poor fellow's reputation was accidental, we are now finding that such stains can be engineered, especially if the media is on your side. Consider the Trump-Russia collusion scenario. None of the claims against Trump have proven to be true, but "the resentment remains."  All of the examples of hate and violence by Trump supporters have also proven to be hoaxes, and yet the response usually is, "even if this one's a hoax, you can't deny that Trump has created an atmosphere of resentment, and so many hate crimes in the news can't all be hoaxes." To the Democrat leaders these amateurs are what suicide bombers are to the leaders of ISIS: disposable human material and acceptable losses in a war for power. Smollett's life may now be in pieces, but he has left a lasting resentful stain in the public square, having earned gratitude from 72 progressive self-identified virgins. Smollett's name will now be forever tied to all the past, present, and future political hoaxes, immortalized in the Party-approved Pull-a-Smollett game, in which young and old progressives compete in who can better stain reputations, divide people, and generate resentment at the cost of their own lives and careers.

“Hey, Democrats, I've lived in a socialist country with income 'equality' and it was miserable”

Long list.

Here are seven quick takeaways on McCabe’s revelation of his planned coup.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
                 -Frederic Bastiat