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op ed review 9/20

Fundamental transformation comes to the US Army:  Obama picks gay man to lead the Army.  Our enemies are laughing at us.
Gays, Transgenders, Invited to White House Pope Francis Reception

????? Vatican welcomes Iran deal, urges Israel to give up their own nukes
Pope Francis plans to meet with Cuba's president and its priests, its young and its sick, its churchgoers and its seminarians…..But not its dissidents.

President Obama issues new executive order which authorizes federal agencies to conduct behavioral experiments on U.S. citizens in order to advance government initiatives.

More fundamental transformation:  Obama wants to raise the limit on the number of refugees from around the world allowed to enter the United States -- from 70,000 this year to 85,000 next year and 100,000 in fiscal 2017.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has 100,000 air-conditioned tents sitting empty, but still won’t take Syrian refugees

Greg Bruen has had enough. This Morristown resident is selling his house and moving out. He's even painting signs and displaying them on his lawn to tell the world why. Illegal immigrants are living 30 to a house in his neighborhood. Bruen says that they're creating a fire hazard the town will take no action on. He says he's had his life threatened 16 times and had paint thrown at the signs.
35 MILLION migrants heading to Europe.
Top Imam Sheikh Muhammad Ayed recently gave a speech in which he asserted that Muslims should use the migrant crisis to breed with European citizens and “conquer their countries”.

L.A. advertises Itself as "Northern Capital of Latin America" for 2024 Olympic Bid

The federal government can tell you how many "Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders" stole a car, the precise number of "American Indian or Alaska Natives" who were arrested for vagrancy or how many whites were busted for counterfeiting in any given year. But the government agencies that crunch crime numbers are utterly unable -- or unwilling -- to pinpoint for the public how many illegal immigrants are arrested within U.S. borders each year.

Planned Parenthood spent $5 million to support Democrats, $13 thousand for the GOP.

House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) is bracing for what could be the toughest weeks of his speakership as several dozen conservatives in his party are threatening to topple him unless he is more ferocious with Democrats during the upcoming fiscal showdowns.

Classified emails passed through commercial email services like Google and AOL on their path to or from a private server maintained by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, but so far, the government appears to have done little to retrieve or secure the messages.
“What´s most fascinating about this New York Times story, which ran over the weekend, isn´t that it depicts Hillary Clinton as unapologetic and calculating. It´s that the Times spoke to at least six sources within her inner circle who helped paint the unflattering portrait, charting Hillary´s halting journey from obstinately refusing to apologize to finally issuing an insincere mea culpa as her email scandal continued to spiral.”

Hillary had to know this was awkward, but modern conventions of political correctness now require liberal women to stand unequivocally behind alleged victims of sexual assault. So, here was Hillary on Monday: “To every survivor of sexual assault…You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. We’re with you.” That’s of course news to a number of women who Hillary not only refused to believe, she actively participated in campaigns to discredit them and destroy their reputations.

Guantanamo prisoner accused of being Osama bin Laden´s associate has a DATING PROFILE on which says he is ´detained but ready to mingle´

We don’t know how to do it?  China has been contracted to build a bullet train linking Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

For the first three months of his campaign, Donald Trump built a wall of invincibility between himself and fellow Republican candidates. But on Thursday, as the dust settled from the second presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan presidential library, one thing became clear--that wall had been torn down.  Carly Fiorina emerged as the consensus winner of the 11-candidate showdown, in no small part because she landed a solid blow on Trump, shaming him for his disparaging "look at that face" comment.
On the other hand, Trump was by far the favorite choice among readers of the influential Drudge Report after the second GOP presidential debate. By the end of the event, Trump, who is number one in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings, received 61 percent of votes. At a distant second place with 14 percent was Carly Fiorina. In third were Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, who tied with 6 percent. The poll is not scientific and visitors to the website can vote multiple times. Still, it offers some indication of the popularity for the candidates among a large swath of conservative readers across the country.
Her strong performance at the second Republican presidential debate has put a new spotlight on Carly Fiorina’s long-shot bid for the 2016 nomination. Whether she can turn buzz into momentum, however, hinges on overcoming a set of substantive and logistical challenges. The day-after,  reviews from the conservative commentariat were ecstatic. “Fiorina deflated front-runner Donald Trump, something no other Republican contender has managed to do to the bombastic billionaire.”

Ben Carson, the soft-spoken former neurosurgeon, is running nearly even with Donald Trump, according to a national poll released Tuesday. In the CBS/New York Times survey, 27 percent of Republicans surveyed picked Trump for their presidential choice, and 23 percent chose Carson — within the poll’s 6-point margin of error.

Trump's rally at the American Airlines Center Monday night boasted the crowd size, the intensity, the hero worship and level of excitement not seen since Democrats packed Barack Obama's rallies in 2008 and 2012. It was a new experience for many Republicans — something essentially unheard of at a GOP event, especially one so early in the campaign season. Looking around in wonder, one attendee asked simply, "Well, why shouldn't Republicans have someone to be excited by?"

Not everyone is excited:  The national conservative group Club for Growth announced a $1 million ad campaign attacking Donald Trump in Iowa on Tuesday, marking the most direct and well-funded attempt from within the Republican Party yet to take down its presidential front-runner.

Bobby Jindal:  “Trump is a madman who must be stopped…..The problem with Donald Trump is that he will never be president. His nomination as the Republican candidate would gift the White House to Hillary Clinton. He would self-destruct in a general election. In fact, he may be Clinton's only hope. And even if he were somehow to win, we have no idea how he would govern…….His problem with Washington isn't big government, it's that he's not running it. He's not liberal, moderate or conservative. He's not Republican or Democrat. Donald Trump is for Donald Trump. He believes only in himself.”

If frontrunner Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, one of the biggest names in the Republican Establishment, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, says he “doubts” he would support the Democrat in a general election but would “support getting someone good on the ballot as a third party candidate.”

Wall Street's latest panic: Trump could win.   With Bush and Clinton taking their lumps, financial executives face populist critics in both parties.

Why Trump Terrifies the Establishment

“Despite many people who urge us all to vote, as a civic duty, the purpose of elections is not participation. The purpose is to select individuals for offices, including president of the United States. Whoever has that office has our lives, the lives of our loved ones and the fate of the entire nation in his or her hands. An election is not a popularity contest, or an award for showmanship. If you want to fulfill your duty as a citizen, then you need to become an informed voter. And if you are not informed, then the most patriotic thing you can do on Election Day is stay home. Otherwise your vote, based on whims or emotions, is playing Russian roulette with the fate of this nation.”
                -Thomas Sowell

“After the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, we are entering an era when people alive at this moment may live to see a day when American cities are left in radioactive ruins. We need all the wisdom, courage and dedication in the next president — and his or her successors — to save us and our children from such a catastrophe. Rhetoric and showmanship will certainly not save us.”
             -Thomas Sowell

Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger once said that PP was founded to produce "a cleaner race."  Here are more shocking quotes.

President Obama and his rancid leftist allies have subjected America to a blizzard of lies. Nothing that leaves his mouth even remotely parrots the truth, but typically stands truth on its head…..Now the administration wants to use the refugee resettlement program to import a flood of Syrian immigrants into the U.S. It will virtually guarantee an opening for ISIS and other terrorists to establish bases in the U.S. legally with taxpayer dollars. Obama created his own 9-11 in Benghazi. Apparently that wasn’t enough. Now he wants one here.

In an effort to assuage what is perceived to be the fragile sensibilities of Muslim-Americans, Barack Obama has once again bowed to political correctness by extending his usual partiality toward an individual based solely on skin color and religion. This time, the person at the center of the controversy is Ahmed Mohamed. Ahmed is the 14-year-old Sudanese-American aspiring clockmaker who has proven to be bright enough to impress his teachers with his engineering prowess – but apparently not bright enough to know that bringing a homemade digital clock to school with wires snaking out of it, stored inside a suitcase, isn’t a good idea.

After decades of liberal control over the city, THIS is what $350K buys you in San Francisco A tiny, dilapidated two bedroom shack.

“If we move in mass, be it ever so circuitously, we shall attain our object; but if we break into squads, everyone pursuing the path he thinks most direct, we become an easy conquest to those who can now barely hold us in check.”
                      -Thomas Jefferson

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op ed review 9/13

Bernie Sanders overtakes Hillary Clinton in Iowa
Biden says he´s unsure he can commit fully to be president.

Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in Columbus, Ohio Thursday, but only a couple hundred people turned out to hear her views on women’s issues

President Obama has directed his administration to prepare to take in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees next year.

Suicide of the West?  Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the "breathtaking" flow of migrants into Germany will "occupy and change" the country in the coming years. French President Francois Hollande said France would take 24,000 refugees and that quotas for EU states to relocate 120,000 migrants were being planned. Meanwhile, the flow of migrants across Europe shows no sign of easing.
A Syrian operative claims more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen have been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.
Muslim “refugees” in Budapest chanted “Allahu Akbar” and “f*** you” while others in Italy attacked an old lady and threw feces at bystanders as Germany announced that it would be prepared to take 500,000 asylum seekers every year.  The footage that TV networks won’t broadcast.
Video: Muslim “Refugee” Arriving in Europe Makes ‘Cut Throat’ Gesture to TV Camera
Donald Trump on the Syrian refugee problem “You have the Gulf States, tremendously wealthy….. - they’re not taking anybody. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain - these are tremendously wealthy - they’re not taking anybody! "Russia’s not taking, nobody’s taking. But we’re supposed to take?”
You can’t make this up….. A Bavarian town decides to house Mid-East “refugees” in the local grade school gymnasium. Then the school sends home letters with the female grade-schoolers, telling the parents to insure their daughters dress appropriately so as not to provoke the sexual inclinations of the Muslim men being housed…. “Revealing tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.”

Even in the New York Times:  “Syria will be the biggest blot on the Obama presidency, a debacle of staggering proportions.”

50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked

Obama gets Iran sanctions removed, aided and abetted by feckless republicans.
GOP's Iran 'Failure Theater' Becomes Sad-Sack Circus
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the theocratic dictator of Iran, predicted Wednesday that Israel will be gone in 25 years.

Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican

Hillary on New 25% National Gun Tax: 'I am all for that'...

Middle school parents in Tennessee are up in arms on learning that their children were instructed to recite and write, “Allah is the only god,” as part of a world history project.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is heading to a Kentucky jail to support the county clerk imprisoned for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Another Republican presidential hopeful, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, had previously announced plans to meet with Davis Tuesday.

With favorables improving, unfavorables decreasing and two-thirds of the electorate now believing Trump can win the nomination, the latest YouGov National Poll shows Donald Trump dominating the rest of the field. This is the eighth consecutive regional and national poll with Jeb Bush in single digits; a devastating reality for the RNC/GOPe machine. The debate this week will be their final opportunity to save Jeb – the pressure is astronomical, and you can guarantee Fiorina and Rubio will be called upon to deliver the goods and take out Trump. Donald Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t even need the debate.

Earlier this year, we labeled Carson "the 2016 campaign’s most interesting long shot" -- but that long-shot is seeing a rise in the polls in Iowa, and nationally.

Ben Carson is taking off the gloves — and taking on Donald Trump. The retired neurosurgeon and Republican 2016 presidential candidate has finally begun hitting Trump following a spate of recent polls showing him gaining ground on the brash real estate mogul.

Trump mocks Fiorina’s physical appearance: ´Look at that face!´

Trump fires back at Carson: ‘Who is he to question my faith?’

For all the talk about Donald Trump allegedly driving minorities away from the Republican Party, could he actually bring people in? A SurveyUSA poll released Friday shows in a hypothetical matchup with Hillary Clinton, Trump is ahead 45% to 40% but digging into the racial breakdown of the respondents is revealing.

Donald Trump and the Revenge of the ´Low-Information´ Voters

Ann Coulter is firmly in Donald Trump‘s corner, especially where immigration is concerned, and she didn’t particularly care for Fiorina’s position on birthright citizenship.

Carson and Trump.  Both are first-time candidates who currently top the polls in the Republican presidential primary. Many voters praise them in the same breath as “outsiders.” But Ben Carson is no Donald Trump.

“Trump:  A Traitor to His Class”     Most candidates seek to define themselves by their policies and platforms. What differentiates Trump is not what he says, or how he says it, but why he says it. The unifying thread running through his seemingly incoherent policies, what defines him as a candidate and forms the essence of his appeal, is that he seeks to speak for America. He speaks, that is, not for America as an abstraction but for real, living Americans and for their interests as distinct from those of people in other places. He does not apologize for having interests as an American, and he does not apologize for demanding that the American government vigorously prosecute those interests.  What Trump offers is permission to conceive of an American interest as a national interest separate from the “international community” and permission to wish to see that interest triumph. What makes him popular on immigration is not how extreme his policies are, but the emphasis he puts on the interests of Americans rather than everyone else. His slogan is “Make America Great Again,” and he is not ashamed of the fact that this means making it better than other places, perhaps even at their expense. 
His least practical suggestion—making Mexico pay for the border wall—is precisely the most significant: It shows that a President Trump would be willing to take something from someone else in order to give it to the American people. Whether he could achieve this is of secondary importance; the fact that he is willing to say it is everything. Nothing is more terrifying to the business and donor class—as well as the media and the entire elite—than Trump’s embrace of a tangible American nationalism. The fact that Trump should by all rights be a member of this class and is in fact a traitor to it makes him all the more attractive to his supporters and all the more baffling to pundits. 


“A city with homeless on its streets is a city that has no love of its people. The so-called “progressive” view, that people have a right to live on the sidewalk, is not only legally devoid of any merit but is inhumane, indecent and dangerous. As is the case in many other policies — redistribution of wealth, social engineering, weak national defense — it’s a contradiction to describe this stance as progressive. It should properly be regarded as retrogressive. People living on the street, urinating and defecating there, marked the Dark Ages of Western civilization. In a humane, decent
            -Rudy Guiliani

Christian movie War Room kicks Straight Outta Compton to the curb as it tops US box office over long holiday weekend

President Obama hiked to Exit Glacier in Alaska last week, with photographers in tow, to send the world a message: The glacier is melting. Obama blames it on the increasing use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, which he wants to restrict not only in the United States but worldwide. The photo op was designed to build support for an international climate agreement he’s pushing hard to sell, so far with little success. Trouble is, the president needs to get his facts straight. Exit Glacier has been shrinking for 200 years — since 1815 — long before widespread industrialization and automobiles. As the president ended his trip, he sounded the alarm again: “This state’s climate is changing before our eyes.” News flash, Mr. President: Alaska has been buffeted by cyclical swings in climate for thousands of years.

Radical leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn on Saturday won the crown of Britain's main opposition Labour party in a landslide victory, becoming the nation's most left-wing political leader for over 30 years.

Very few would have predicted on September 11, 2001 that the headlines 14 years later would feature an American president arming Iran; that there would be millions of Middle Eastern Arabs flooding into the heart of Europe. Or Saudi Arabia, while refusing to accept any refugees from an Islamic civil war in Syria, would instead offer to build 200 mosques in Germany, one for every hundred who has arrived to spare the Germans the trouble and expense of building the mosques themselves.

How Democrats Created America´s Social Caste System

Murder rates are skyrocketing in large U.S. cities, but President Obama´s progressive pro-crime policies and endless racial provocations have nothing to do with it, the New York Times predictably declared in a recent article. Nowadays Americans are being killed and maimed explicitly because of their race. Execution-style cop killings are becoming distressingly common. Killings and vicious assaults based on the skin color of the civilian victim are also becoming common. That any of this is happening shouldn´t surprise anyone who follows public events. For years media outlets have acted as uncompensated publicists for the Obama administration´s ongoing campaign to turn America into

"It is an object of vast magnitude that systems of education should be adopted and pursued which may not only diffuse a knowledge of the sciences but may implant in the minds of the American youth the principles of virtue and of liberty and inspire them with just and liberal ideas of government and with an inviolable attachment to their own country."
                        -Noah Webster