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op ed review 11/17

As Impeachment Fizzles, The Stock Market Soars
Exclusive–Tony Sayegh on Impeachment Hearings: Dems ‘Went 0 for 3’
Trump Campaign Raises $3.1M in Donations During Impeachment Hearings
Sad Dems Switch Impeachment Narrative to Focus on 'Attempted' Crimes
First Public Impeachment Hearing Flops, Drawing 13 Million Viewers

President Trump Greeted by Loud Cheers at Bama-LSU Game

Trump Surges Among Women in Suburbs
Poll: 53% of Black Voters, 60% of Other Minority Voters Say Media Are Trying to Help Impeach Trump

IG Report Expected Before Thanksgiving, Contains Several Criminal Referrals, Including One for Comey

Nearly 80,000 immigrants approved for DACA have arrest records, USCIS report finds

Google has been collecting people's health records

Report: Hollywood Adds More LGBT Characters to TV, Cable, Streaming – Now 488 Total
T-Mobile Forces its Employees to Use ‘Transgender Language’
APA Demands Using Plural Pronouns For Nonbinary Individuals
LGBTQ Activist Students Walk Out of Class to Protest Chick-Fil-A Food Cart at Football Games
Parents in Virginia’s Loudoun County Protest Against LGBTQ Books in Schools
GLAAD: We Want ‘20% Of Series Regular Characters’ To Be ‘LGBTQ By 2025’ | The Daily Wire

Trump Supporters Donate Thousands to Man Accused of Slashing 'Baby Trump' Balloon
Man Who Slashed 'Baby Trump' Balloon: 'First Time' Liberals 'Mad About Chopping Up A Baby'

Almost 80,000 People In California Are Collecting Six-Figure Taxpayer Funded Pensions
San Francisco Voters Elect Radical District Attorney, Son of Cop-Killing Terrorists

Conservatives aim to convert convicts at 'Prison CPAC'

Female Gun Owners: We Prefer the AR-15

Less than 2 weeks ago, the mainstream media gloried in telling the world that President Trump is a man without much popular support anymore, based on his being booed when attending a World Series game at Nationals Park (seating capacity: 41,339) in Washington, DC.  Members of the crowd could be heard chanting “Lock him up, lock him up.” The District of Columbia gave Hillary Clinton 90.86% of its vote. The same media didn’t have much to say when Bryant-Denny Stadium (seating capacity: 101,821) erupted in sustained cheers for President Trump when he appeared at the football game between the University of Alabama and Louisiana State University.

Robert Curry  11/10
Has the Coup Already Happened?

Democrats in Congress, Democratic operatives in the deep state, and co-conspirators in the corporate leftist propaganda conglomerate are attempting to drive Trump from office. This hyperpartisan process rightly has been called an attempted coup. It is also a brazen fraud. In the immortal words of Woody Allen’s Fielding Melish, “it is a travesty . . . a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.”

But in a deeper sense, isn’t it clear that the coup has already happened? By trying to overthrow the results of a presidential election, the political elite is merely showing its hand; America has an elite that believes it now rules in America. We have an elite that does not accept the American idea of government—government by, for, and of the people.

According to our self-selected rulers, the election of Hillary Clinton was the whole point of 2016.  They had designated Hillary to succeed Obama. She was to continue the project of fundamentally transforming America that was the focus of the Obama Administration. The voters were supposed to ratify the elite’s selection of Clinton.

But voters failed to do what they were supposed to do. From their point of view, if you voted for Trump, you let them down. By voting for Trump, you enraged the people who have designated themselves to rule you.

They are far beyond merely disappointed in you. You are a deplorable if you voted for Trump or if you have come around to supporting him. The people who are asserting that they rule America intend to teach you a lesson: “You have disappointed us, and we are going all out—with this fraudulent attempt to impeach Trump, with hyperpartisan ‘journalism,’ and by means of open borders, ballot harvesting, armies of dead people voting, whatever it takes—to make certain that this never happens again. Let this be a lesson to you about what voting means and what voting does not mean in the new, fundamentally transformed America.”

The truth about those who intend to rule us with or without our consent is that, instead of putting America first, they have been using the power of government to advance an anti-American agenda—open borders, hollowing out our economy to the benefit of the Chinese, drowning the American voter in a flood of Muslims and people from the Third World; the list goes on and on.

Trump, of course, represents a threat to the elite’s project of selling America down the river. He has to be stopped, and those Americans who have not gotten with the program for America the elite has chosen for us must be taught a hard lesson about who now rules in America.


“The question Democrats won’t answer: Should the top 1% pay half of all income taxes? Two-thirds? Three-fourths? Where does their ‘fair share’ end? If Democrats sweep the 2020 election, we are sure to find out.”
          -Wall Street Journal

Trump Jr. 'Triggered' Book Hits Number One on NYT Bestseller List

The new documentary “No Safe Spaces”, starring conservative thinker, radio host, and writer Dennis Prager and liberal, comedian, and podcast host Adam Carolla, is a must-see for anyone concerned with the long-term viability of the First Amendment's free speech protections.  

Stanford professor who changed America with one study was also a liar

'Climate migrants,' the left's tool to pry borders wide

Left’s new spin: The Soviet Communists ‘saved democracy as much as Gen. Patton and Iwo Jima’

Senator Patty Murray is distressed by the number of Trump judges confirmed:   “We Must Stop This Parade of Unqualified, Ideologically Rigid Nominees to Our Federal Judiciary”

Elizabeth Warren Will Never Be President because she says things like this:  “Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy”

Hillary Clinton explains why she didn't include Margaret Thatcher in book of gutsy women

Democrats really don’t like America and think it’s time to move on from the culture that got us here. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 38% of Likely Democratic Voters believe American society is generally fair and decent. Fifty-one percent (51%) say it’s unfair and discriminatory. By comparison, 74% of Republicans and unaffiliated voters by a 49% to 36% margin view American society as fair and decent.

'Alliance of World Scientists' climate emergency declaration hit for fictional signers.  One “scientist” was named “Mouse, Micky” from the “Micky Mouse Institute for the Blind, Nambia.” Another was Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts. And then there was “Araminta Aardvark” from the fictional University of Neasden.

Warmists now saying that giving birth is the worst thing for global warming

What the University of Alabama's Football Stadium Tells Us about CO2

“Obama clearly left the White House booby-trapped” with Obama holdovers, especially on the National Security Council

The Russia Hoax was never about Russia.  It was always a cover story to unleash a legal assault on Team Trump, the sole aim of which was to look for, and create, secondary crimes (e.g., decades-old loan applications [Paul Manafort], a misremembered timeline [George Papadopoulos], raiding the son of a top-tier target [Michael Flynn] to compel a guilty plea, or the ever-reliable "lying" charge [Roger Stone]). That's it in the shell of a nut.

What Happened to California Republicans?
The Sad, Sad State Of Virginia:  With a Democratic governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, both United States senators, seven of 11 representatives, and now both State houses, the Commonwealth of Virginia is now officially a blue state on par with the socialistic dystopias of California, New York, and New England. It’s been a long time coming, albeit a slow, gradual march to the abyss, but the land of the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and “sic semper tyrannis” has now become the land of the snowflakes and social justice warriors.

It may be the most dangerous bill no one's really talking about. But if becomes law -- this radical grab bag of social extremism -- all of America will live to regret it. Meet the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). It's not just about women anymore. In fact, it's not really about women at all. How much damage can 52 words do? Trust me, you don't want to find out. The House majority's new ERA may be short, but the list of consequences is never-ending.

4 Feminist Lies That Are Making Women Miserable

Bozell:  The networks are always and forever going to try and beat this president senseless with negative coverage. It's out of control…..The negativity is both bombastic and shameless.

Walter Williams: Young People Ignorant of History
“Universities in America have finally accomplished convincing young adults to abandon the most successful and free form of government in favor of a system that has a historical failure rate of 100%.” 

Why Pete Buttigieg Is The Most Destructive Candidate For Christianity “His real problem is that he calls good things evil and evil things good”

VDH:  Like it or not, 2020 is going to be a plebiscite on an American version of Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four. One side advocates a complete transformation not just of the American present but of the past as well. The Left is quite eager to change our very vocabulary and monitor our private behavior to ensure we are not just guilty of incorrect behavior but thought as well.
The other side believes America is far better than the alternative, that it never had to be perfect to be good, and that, all and all, its flawed past is a story of a moral nation’s constant struggle for moral improvement. One side will say, “Just give us more power and we will create heaven on earth.” The other says “Why would anyone wish to take their road to an Orwellian nightmare?” The 2020 election is that simple.

The Mexicanization of American Law Enforcement: The drug cartels extend their corrupting influence northward.

“The great principles of right and wrong are legible to every reader; to pursue them requires not the aid of many counselors.”
           =Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, November 9, 2019

op ed review 11/10

The latest polling from Monmouth shows that President Trump enjoys a higher favorability than every serious 2020 Democrat candidate. (In spite of the impeachment frenzy)
Democrats worried: New York Times Upshot (LV) Poll: Trump Sweeps Battleground States
Steven Moore: Trump economy is really experiencing a middle-class boom -- this data doesn't lie
President Trump launches a 'black voters coalition' in Atlanta.
President Trump to Make History as First President to Attend NYC Veterans Day Parade
Trump restores Navy SEAL Gallagher to rank of chief again
Trump takes formal step to pull out of Paris climate agreement; Left goes nuts.

Former CIA Analyst Says Brennan Created Secret 'Task Force' To Destroy Trump
Former Czech Ambassador: CIA, FBI and Democrats Are Working Behind the Scenes to Remove President Trump, "It's a Thing of Dictatorships"

Nancy Pelosi Says ‘The Growing Climate Crisis is the Existential Threat of Our Time’
Green New Deal Dems Toss Their Support Behind Report Pushing To Fast-Track Population Control
Bernie Sanders: “Trump Is Racist, Sexist, Xenophobe, Homophobe, Bigot”
Elizabeth Warren calls for freezing deportations until congress agrees to mass amnesty
Sen. Sanders Says U.S. Will Admit ‘At Least 50,000 Climate Migrants in His 1st Year in Office’

Republican Tate Reeves wins Mississippi governor race
Tucson voters soundly reject 'sanctuary city' initiative.
Texas Voters approve constitutional ban on state income tax
Washington voters reject affirmative action proposal
Republican Daniel Cameron makes history in Kentucky attorney general race, amid Bevin drama
Kentucky's Real Lesson for Conservatives
The people of Seattle have spoken and what they’ve apparently said is that they want more socialists on the city council.
Virginia is lost:  Dems Ride Big Money to Full Control of Virginia Legislature
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) (“blackface”, “keep the infant comfortable”) says he will reintroduce gun control measures after Dems take over state government.
Newly elected Virginia state senator (D), jailed in 2014 for having sex with a teenager, wins with 60% of vote.
Fair question: Actor Rob Schneider mocks California voters: 'Would you vote for a bowl of s--- if it had D next to it'

Report: 84% of Women Fail New Army Combat Fitness Test

Child Rape Stories Are Too 'Stupid' for ABC News to Cover

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy mocks Nancy Pelosi: 'It must suck to be that dumb'

Pompeo to formally unveil Reagan statue in Berlin

Sanctuary County Rolls Back Its Anti-ICE Policy Following String Of Illegal Aliens Charged With Rape
House of Representaties Votes to 'Enhance the Border Security' of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia -- Not the USA

A pregnant woman is credited with saving the lives of her husband and daughter after she used an AR-15 to fatally gun down a home intruder,
Politicians seeking to confiscate guns from Americans shouldn't share their plans with the public beforehand and should seek to maintain an element of surprise, Joy Behar said on "The View" Monday.

Secret Service: President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. No. 1 and No. 2 highest death threats.

Victor Davis Hanson  11/7

Multiple forms of socialism, from hard Stalinism to European redistribution, continue to fail. Russia and China are still struggling with the legacy of genocidal communism. Eastern Europe still suffers after decades of Soviet-imposed socialist chaos. Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea and Venezuela are unfree, poor and failed states. Baathism -- a synonym for pan-Arabic socialism -- ruined the postwar Middle East. The soft-socialist European Union countries are stagnant and mostly dependent on the U.S. military for their protection. In contrast, current American deregulation, tax cuts and incentives, and record energy production have given the United States the strongest economy in the world.

So why, then, are two of the top three Democratic presidential contenders -- Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren -- either overtly or implicitly running on socialist agendas? Why are the heartthrobs of American progressives -- Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) -- calling for socialist redistributionist schemes? Why do polls show that a majority of American millennials have a favorable view of socialism?

There are lots of catalysts for the new socialism. Massive immigration is changing the demography of the United States. The number of foreign-born U.S. residents and their children has been estimated at almost 60 million, or about 1 in 5 U.S. residents. Some 27 percent of California residents were born outside of America. Many of these immigrants flee from poor areas of Latin America, Mexico, Africa and Asia that were wrecked by statism and socialism. Often, they arrive in the U.S. unaware of economic and political alternatives to state socialism.

When they reach the U.S. -- often without marketable skills and unable to speak English -- many assume that America will simply offer a far better version of the statism from which they fled. Consequently, many take for granted that government will provide them an array of social services, and they become supportive of progressive socialism.

Another culprit for the new socialist craze is the strange leftward drift of the very wealthy in Silicon Valley, in corporate America and on Wall Street. Some of the new progressive rich feel guilty about their unprecedented wealth. So they champion redistribution as the sort of medieval penance that alleviates guilt. Yet the influential and monied classes usually are so well off that higher taxes hardly affect them. Instead, redistributionist taxation hurts the struggling middle classes.

In California, it became hip for wealthy leftists to promote socialism from their Malibu, Menlo Park or Mill Valley enclaves -- while still living as privileged capitalists. Meanwhile, it proved nearly impossible for the middle classes of Stockton and Bakersfield to cope with the reality of crushing taxes and terrible social services.

From 2008 to 2017, the now-multimillionaire Barack Obama, first as candidate and then as president, used all sorts of cool socialist slogans, from "spread the wealth around" and "now is not the time to profit" to "you didn't build that" and "at a certain point you've made enough money."

Universities bear much of the blame. Their manipulation of the federal government to guarantee student loans empowered them to jack up college costs without any accountability. Liberal college administrators and faculty did not care much when graduates left campus poorly educated and unable to market their expensive degrees. More than 45 million borrowers now struggle with nearly $1.6 trillion in collective student debt, with climbing interest. That indebtedness has delayed -- or ended -- the traditional forces that encourage conservatism and traditionalism, such as getting married, having children and buying a home.

Instead, a generation of single, childless and mostly urban youth feels cheated that their high-priced degrees did not earn them competitive salaries. Millions of embittered college graduates will never be able to pay off what they owe -- and want some entity to pay off their debts. In paradoxical fashion, teenagers were considered savvy adults who were mature enough to take on gargantuan loans. But they were also treated like fragile preteens who were warned that the world outside their campus sanctuaries was downright mean, sexist, racist, homophobic and unfair.

Finally, doctrinaire Republicans for decades mouthed orthodoxies of free rather than fair trade. They embraced the idea of creative destruction of industries, but without worrying about the real-life consequences for the unemployed in the hollowed out red-state interior.

Add up a lost generation of woke and broke college graduates, waves of impoverished immigrants without much knowledge of American economic traditions, wealthy advocates of boutique socialism and asleep-at-the-wheel Republicans, and it becomes clear why historically destructive socialism is suddenly seen as cool.

Regrettably, sometimes the naive and disaffected must relearn that their pie-in-the sky socialist medicine is far worse than the perceived malady of inequality. And unfortunately, when socialists gain power, they don't destroy just themselves. They usually take everyone else down with them as well.


“Elizabeth Warren is the Sheriff of Nottingham in a Robin Hood mask, self-justified in her robbery because it victimizes only the richest of the rich, all the while playing the part of the tax tyrant who endlessly oppresses all the peasants.”
          -Kylee Zempel

“When you put the word ‘social’ in front of another word, you’ve created the opposite of what that word originally meant.”
          -Steve Green

History, someone once said, is a lie agreed upon, and nowhere is that more self-evident than in accounts of America’s racial history as told by Democrats. Republicans are the party of racism and slavery when the historical record shows just the opposite to be true. Harriet, just released in theaters, tells the story of Harriet Tubman, an African-American slave who frees herself and then returns south to retrieve 70 others and bring them to freedom. Oh yeah -- Harriet Tubman was a gun-toting Republican and the people she liberated these slaves from were Democrats.

San Francisco Supervisor Chants 'F*** the [Police Officers Association]' During DA Candidate's Campaign Rally

London billboards call on White Britons to ‘get sterilized’

Protesters denounce Melania Trump's visit to Boston hospital promoting cuddling program for babies born on drugs.

Ex-Planned Parenthood Trainer: Sex Ed Book Seeks ‘to Groom Children’ for early onset of sex.

Fake whistleblower’s lawyer bragged about starting a coup d’etat against Trump in 2017. “We will get rid of him”, then he predicts CNN will play a key role.

UC Berkeley instructor calls rural Americans 'bad people who have made bad life decisions’

Guess Who's Blaming Trump For a Lack of Civility? Jerry Springer!

Fake news frenzy:  “In the 50 days since news consumers were told that a federal whistleblower was expressing his disapproval of a presidential phone call, CBS News has aired or published more than 100 stories on President Donald Trump and Ukraine. Counting stories from local affiliates, the number rises above 200….But CBS hasn’t come close to the wall-to-wall coverage offered by rival ABC News……687 results for the last 50 days.”

Earlier this week, the world’s news media reported breathlessly that 11,000 scientists had issued a report contending that the Earth faces a “climate emergency.” Actually, there was no study, just a press release. And it wasn’t 11,000 scientists, it was 11,000 random people who put their names on a web page.

Archaeologists find the world’s largest ‘mass child sacrifice’ site in Peru.  Children were sacrificed in the hopes it would prevent climate change.

Impeachment a winner for Democrats? Don’t bet on it

The reasons the IG report has been delayed will delight Trump supporters

Great list, Democratic platform for 2020:  "Fred Stevens, a welder and Joe Frisco, a bartender, neither of whom went to college will have to pay off the student loans for Eric, an Art History major and Emma, a Gender Studies major because they cannot get jobs (Warren)…..Yusef Hussein, who killed 23 children by bombing their school will be allowed to vote from prison. (Sanders)… Billy White, age 16, who has trouble with subject/verb agreement in English class still has trouble with fractions in math class and who thinks Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court will get to vote(Gillibrand)….. Stan Billings, an avid deer hunter, will have his semi-automatic rifle taken away, or go to jail, because it looks like an AR 15….. Sven Johannson, whose grandfather immigrated to the U.S. in 1953, will have to pay reparations to Sha'lyndia Jefferson because she THINKS her great-great-great grandfather MIGHT have been a slave.(Booker)

Economist Jonathan Gruber famously attributed the passage of Obamacare to “the stupidity of the American voter.” The MIT professor’s assessment of the electorate’s collective intelligence is clearly shared by Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren if she expects us to take her “Medicare for All” funding plan seriously.
The health care industry employs more Americans than any other—more than manufacturing, more than retail. The 18 million health-care employees include 2.3 million who work for the health insurance industry…..the Massachusetts senator has just proposed, in a stroke, to upend a huge industry and the lives of all those who work in it. She has drafted them, willing or not, to serve her vision of the common good.
“Warren is peddling a health plan that, if it were actually enacted, would devastate the economy, wreck the nation’s health care, and put the government in control of just about every business decision.  And she has a good chance of claiming the Democratic party’s nomination. That’s frightening.”

The AR-15: The Real Story

Steyn must read:  Internal Contradictions of the Multicultural Utopia: “Nine years ago I was interviewed on Danish TV by one of the country's most eminent media bigshots, Kurt Strand. I well remember the look of astonishment on his face when I gave my assessment of Malmö, the first Christian city in what was then Denmark and now on course to be the first Muslim city in Sweden. I in turn was astonished that he appeared to be entirely unaware of what was happening just a half-hour train ride across the Øresund Sound from where we were sitting…”

Important column by VDH: “The Military-Intelligence Complex…..Many retired high-ranking military officers have gone beyond legitimately articulating why President Trump may be wrong on foreign policy, and now feel free to smear him personally or speak openly of removing their commander-in-chief from office. And the media and the bipartisan foreign-policy establishment are with them every step of the way.”

10 Reasons I Like Donald Trump, From A Former-Democrat Immigrant

Twitter makes fun of Washington Post 'Austere Religious Scholar' obituary headline for al-Baghdadi. “Voldemort, austere wizard who overcame a severe facial deformity to achieve dark lordship, dead at 71”.  “Darth Vader, disabled single father of two, passes away.”  “Jeffrey Dahmer, connoisseur of exotic and locally sourced meats, dies at 34”  “Psychologist and Wine Connoisseur Hannibal Lecter Dies After Lengthy Battle With Flesh Eating Disorder.”

“A group of angry penguins gathered today outside Warner Bros. in Burbank to protest the movie studio's rumored decision to cast Colin Farrell as The Penguin in the upcoming Batman flick. The penguins complain that penguin actors are underrepresented and that it is not OK for a biological non-penguin to play the role.”

“When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.”
             -Thomas Paine