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op ed review 12/31

Tax reform:  143 million will pay less in '18...
Holiday spending record
The Left is angry about all the corporate tax cut bonuses to employees.
Trump rolls back Obama legacy
Trump Sets Off Democrats With Epic Global Warming Tweet
Trump approval matches Obama at end of first year: 46% approve, 53% disapprove
Pretty good considering only 5 percent of MSM news stories about Trump are positive.

CNN ignores stories like the defeat of ISIS, but obsesses for two days over a white truck that blocked their view of the Trump golf course.  Turns out it was a Sheriff’s Dept. truck.

Alan Dershowitz on defending Trump: 'My liberal friends don't invite me to dinner anymore'

Celebrate LGBT or else:  California has become the first state in the union to mandate the use of LGBT textbooks in elementary schools and have given parents no way to opt out.
Oregon appeals court rules bakers who refused to make lesbian wedding cake will have to pay $135,000 in damages.
Mueller witch hunt now targeting the Republican National Committee

Ambassador Nikki Haley tells the United Nations what they can do with their resolution to condemn the U.S. over the Jerusalem announcement: US to cut the UN operating budget by $285M.
If U.N. officials didn’t like that, they’re certainly not going to enjoy this New York Post cover:

Another group of weasels:  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued yet another ruling Friday blocking most of President Trump’s latest version of his travel ban, finding that the White House exceeded its powers.

China carried out the first flight-tests of a new kind of ballistic missile with a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV). “The missile successfully made impact “within meters” of the intended target…. Hypersonic glide vehicles delivered by ballistic missile boosters are an emerging threat that will pose new challenges to missile defense systems.”
China dominates the global drone hardware market, which is forecast to surpass $11 billion by 2020.
China to Overtake U.S. Economy by 2032 as Asian might builds

The number of US-born children who were given birthright citizenship despite at least one of their parents being an illegal alien now outnumbers one year of all American births.

How Democrats build their Machines: “Guess where high school dropouts can earn $400/hr.”

Sundance, 12/25

As the year winds down there will be lots of reviews of all things political. Lists of shifts and outlined accomplishments will be compiled to either show the advances or declines depending on tribal affiliation of the pundit. However, not many people ever ask the questions behind the “why”.  Why is there so much opposition to President Trump?

In the larger analysis, Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) proposition is a daily reminder that citizen inspired government can eliminate the decades-long notion of politics as a profession. There are hundreds-of-thousands of people within the institutional system known as politics. Each member carving out a specialty and selling their expertise as necessary within the opaque organization known as government. From city council, through state legislature and into federal representation, the primary selling point of each participating member is to declare their operational skill within the institution. Heck, the professional political enterprise is so accepted as ordinary you can even go to college and earn a degree in how to be a politician. Why?

Boil down government to its most basic of institutional objectives and the entire premise is about operating common systems to the benefit of the aggregate assembly. The only thing that changes is the scale of the assembled constituency, local, state or federal. In the private sector success or failure is measured on competence in achieving the objective, usually financial growth. In the public sector success or failure is measured in how effectively the individual retains the perception that governance is necessary.

When businessman Donald Trump arrived in Washington DC he represented a wrecking ball to a decades-long Potemkin village that only politicians can govern. As a direct consequence, if Trump succeeds in solving problems or making things better he’s essentially embarrassing an entire profession; and fundamentally changing the dynamic.

Now, if your core purpose, and evaluation by your peers of success, was to convince people that only a specifically trained group of people could govern effectively, and along comes Trump and does it better than… well, see the problem? If a team of little people showed up to the winter Olympics and easily won the bobsled competition because their physical stature meant they could remove half the weight of the sled; well, the next winter Olympic year the entire field of bobsled teams would be midgets……Then what happens to the ‘regular-sized‘ career bobsled professionals?

Never has there been a more brutally obvious intention on display, than with President Trump’s cabinet selections.  Toward the end goal of MAGA, President-Elect Trump assembled his cabinet; these would be the subject matter experts to whom he assigns specific responsibilities.
Now, unlike most ‘politicians’, the filter of cabinet selection qualification did not include political repayment for campaign support rendered. Indeed, all previous political presidencies used cabinet positions to repay political favors; generally, it has always been thus.  However, for POTUS Trump the intensely mapped-out MAGA objective is the primary filter. He was looking for results oriented doers not politicians. Within this cabinet, the level of competency and skill is stunning.

President Trump hired the most traveled business executive on the planet to be the COO of the administration. He actually hired the Chief Executive of the largest private business in the world.  to be the Secretary of State….With economics as the backbone to MAGA, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is as comfortable dancing through the fine print of international trade contracts as Fred Astaire gliding in a Viennese Waltz……An odd duck within the international finance world, also considered a rain-man of sorts by those who tried to figure out his mental algorithms for currency exchange…is Steven Mnuchin, and President Trump took Wall Street’s mild-mannered rain-man to be our Treasury Secretary…Rain-Man Mnuchin scared the left-coast elites so much Hollywood made a movie about their perception of him but they never credited the origin of the screenplay…….Knowing China was the dominant threat to MAGA on the trade front, the filter for USTR consideration would be depth of knowledge, scale of understanding the Chinese psyche, and willingness to confront an opponent that will never come to equitable terms. That’s why Robert Lighthizer is our combat wolverine US Trade Representative…..Trump hired an eagle-scout, Navy SEAL, outdoors-man to be Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke; a life-long Georgia farmer to be Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue.  The list of exceptional qualifications goes on, but hopefully you see the larger picture.  The Trump Administration is a strategic assembly of the most inherently competent people ever put together within a U.S. cabinet.  And yes, I do mean so much more so than even President Ronald Reagan was able to assemble.

All prior presidencies needed to balance politics with the assignment. Political debts owed, to whom, what party, for what reason, etc. all of this was part-and-parcel of the prism of cabinet nominee selection. But not Donald Trump. For this administration there is one objective: Make America Great Again.  That’s the nucleus, the core, the central goal that radiates outward into the concentric circles of the cabinet and aggregate Trump administration. That central objective, in combination with the competency currently in place to accomplish that mission, is why Donald J Trump is considered an existential threat to the system.


The Left is scrambling to explain how record breaking cold weather is consistent with global warming.

BuzzFeed is being slammed for a racially charged article it published Wednesday titled, “37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018,” which lists “America” among the things that whites are supposedly ruining.

Leftists declare war on Thomas The Tank Engine and Paw Patrol for being racist or fascist.
It’s a Wonderful Life is now a sexist movie that must be suppressed.

Obama adviser Ben Rhodes crossed the line with many Americans when he tweeted that he hopes for the death of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence.

Krugman: “Lets make pink pussy hats the symbol of our deliverance from evil.”

Linda Sarsour, the new Islamist face of the left: ‘you have no right to tell us we can’t kill Jews.’

“Inconvenient Facts: The science that Al Gore doesn't want you to know” by Gregory Wrightstone.  Easy to read and even easier to understand narrative using sound scientific evidence disproving many of the climate change opinions…..An excellent read for all those interested in meaningful discussion.”

The new Steven Spielberg historical drama The Post is a celebration of how Democrats turn lemons into lemonade via their control of the media. A prequel to the 1976 Watergate movie All the President’s Men, the new movie recounts how the Democratic Washington Post used an embarrassing 1971 Democratic scandal—Daniel Ellsberg’s leaking of the Pentagon Papers, the LBJ administration’s secret history of its own incompetence and insincerity in Vietnam—to take its first tentative steps toward eventually teaming up with the Deep State to overthrow the elected Republican president.

Here’s proof Democrats don’t believe in private property.

Provocative article: “The most important lesson from Judge Roy Moore's U.S. Senate loss to Doug Jones in Alabama is that the reliable red state is dead. What, then, turns state red?  The answer is so simple that it's often overlooked: turnout, turnout, turnout.  Showing up and turning out is all that ultimately matters in politics…..Alabama's tally confirms….Two million registered voters stayed home, and Jones won by 21,000 votes.

On Christmas Eve, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a tweet wishing Christians around the world a Merry Christmas, pointing out that Israel is a tolerant nation that protects the right of people from different faiths to worship at their holy shrines…Netanyahu then offered to personally lead Christians next year on a tour of their most holy sites.

Tucker Carlson’s list of “100racistthings”

Sharyl Attkisson’s list of 10 times the intel community has violated the trust of US citizens, lawmakers and allies with illegal surveillance.

“A rigid economy of the public contributions and absolute interdiction of all useless expenses will go far towards keeping the government honest and unoppressive.”
            -Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, December 23, 2017

op ed review 12/24

President Trump signed tax cut legislation on Friday, the most significant piece of legislation since he took office. While not the biggest tax cut in history, White House staff argues that the tax cuts together with the tax reforms make it the most significant tax policy bill in the history of the United States.
Five Key Facts About the Republican Tax Reform Bill Signed by President Donald Trump
Five ways the media tries to convince us tax cuts are bad.
Democrats plan tax cut protest, have to cancel when no one shows up.

In response to the tax cut, Comcast announces 100,000 employees will get $1000 bonus; will spend $50 billion on investment…
AT&T announces 200,000 employees will each get a $1000 bonus in response to tax cuts.
Boeing announces $300 million in initiatives in response to tax cut.
Wells Fargo says it will boost its minimum wage to $15 an hour, and will target $400 million in donations to community and nonprofit organizations next year.

Economic optimism soars, boosting Trump's approval rating
“….polling measures of economic optimism are reaching new records. …..a specific choice of words (in the CNBC survey was) used to describe the economic conditions being measured: …”We’re not measuring a marginal change in the economy, we’re measuring a different economy.”…

Trump Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed. Here’s the list:

Dow rises 5,000 points in a year for the first time ever
Black unemployment rate lowest in 17 years.
US home sales hit 11 year high.
Trump makes regulations disappear.
Environmental Protection Agency officials are “leaving in droves”, reports the New York Times.
Congress opens Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration.
Here's how much ground ISIS has lost since Trump took over

Does illegal immigration cost us money?  DOJ has released new quarterly numbers, requested by President Trump, detailing how many foreign born individuals are currently incarcerated in the U.S. federal prison system. The answer? One in 5.  The majority are here illegally.
Liberals tell us we can’t afford a border wall. Would it surprise you to learn that another country built a 1,700-mile wall to keep illegal aliens out?......a small, impoverished country with only a fraction of the resources of the United States?

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook.

Seattle Seahawk Players Account for More than Half of NFL’s Anthem Protesters in Week 15

The deadly train derailment near Lacey WA was on tracks built with Obama stimulus money.  $187 million to shave ten minutes off commuter time.

Legalizing ‘Dreamers’ would cost $26 billion, says the Congressional Budget Office.
The Democrats’ draft Dream Act amnesty would likely add as many chain-migration foreigners to the United States population as are added by the total number of Americans who are born in four years’ time.
California Democrats Proposing Spending $1 Billion Giving Health Care To Illegal Immigrants

We Now Know Trump Accusers are Paid $750,000 by Dem Donors to Say Trump Abused Them

Investor’s Business Daily
As tax cuts become a reality, Democrats have gone ballistic, claiming that the GOP's sweeping tax plan will rob the middle class and the poor, line the pockets of the rich, and tank the economy. It's all false, class-warfare clap-trap, and they know it.

Following passage of the Republican tax reform, Democrat politicians and leftist media celebrities have become nearly unhinged, and that may be an understatement.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the tax cuts a "scam" and "simply theft, monumental, brazen theft from the American middle class and from every person who aspires to reach it." She added that it was "not a vote for an investment in growth or jobs," but "a vote to install a permanent plutocracy in our nation." Plutocracy?

Not to be outdone, former Democratic presidential candidate and millionaire socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont called it "a great day for the Koch brothers and other billionaire Republican campaign contributors who will see huge tax breaks for themselves while driving up the deficit by almost $1.5 trillion."

Celebrity leftists fared no better. "Woman, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, you have betrayed us all," former comedian and TV host Rosie O'Donnell tweeted at Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, who voted for the tax cut plan. "Dear god, ask for forgiveness, redeem your soul tomorrow." She even offered her $2 million in cash to vote "no."

This is how desperate the left has become, and how divorced from reality. For all the talk of how tax cuts will line the pockets of the rich and destroy the economy, virtually no one in the mainstream of the economics profession, left or right, agrees.

The Tax Policy Center (TPC), a liberal think tank, noted that more than 80% of Americans will get tax cuts under the plan just passed. And the benefits will go to every income group, not "billionaires." This, by the way, is bolstered by other recent analyses by Congress' Joint Committee on Taxation and by the widely respected nonpartisan Tax Foundation. TPC estimates an average tax cut of about $2,140 per person. By the way, some 16% of the richest Americans — those in the top 0.1% of incomes — will face an average tax increase of $387,610.
Brian Riedl of the Manhattan Institute, further crunching the TPC numbers, found that while the top 1% of incomes now pay 27% of all federal taxes, they will get just 21% of the tax cuts. The bottom 80%, including the middle class, pays only 33% of all taxes, but will take home 35% of the tax cuts.

Of the 12% who will face tax hikes, they're overwhelmingly among the rich — not the middle class. So, no, it's not "tax cuts for the rich." That's a totally bogus argument. For that matter, so are the arguments that tax cuts tank the economy. History is replete with examples of why that isn't true.

The tax cuts on corporations and small, pass-through businesses, along with letting companies immediately expense the cost of new equipment, should lead to more business investment. So should shrinking the death tax, which should encourage more small-business investment.
How much more is an open question, but the Heritage Foundation, which employs a widely used economic model, estimates that the tax cuts will tack on 2.2% to long-term GDP, or roughly $3,000 per household.

That estimate includes a 4.5% jump in capital investment, mainly in equipment, and a hefty 9.4% gain in business structures. Along with expected rises in both the number of jobs and hours worked, after-tax wages for the average worker will be 3.5% higher than they would have been without the tax cuts. Others see more modest, yet still significant, gains. The Tax Foundation, for instance, forecasts a long-term permanent rise of 1.7% in GDP and 1.5% for wages. It also sees 339,000 new jobs.

These aren't pie-in-the sky guesses. As history clearly shows, growth-oriented tax cuts such as these almost always have major benefits for the economy and for average workers. During the 20th century, big tax cuts in the 1920s (Harding, Coolidge), 1960s (Kennedy) and 1980s (Reagan) all yielded major growth dividends for the U.S. economy.

What's more, those past major tax cuts were to varying degrees bipartisan. Sadly, not this time. Not one Democrat voted for them. Not one. That's why the Democrats and progressive left have become so utterly unhinged. They've failed to stop the one thing that might deny them a chance to retake both houses of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections: an economic boom.

When the economy really begins cooking, with the economy growing close to 3%, hundreds of thousands of new jobs being created and workers seeing more in their paychecks, how will they explain that to their constituents?

Another good read:  “Defending country, not climate:   Trump’s ‘principled realism’ prevails over radical environmentalism”

“I like when the poor get tax cuts. I like when the middle class get tax cuts. I like when the rich get tax cuts. I like when the super rich get tax cuts. I like everybody keeping the money they earned.”
             -Frank Fleming

“What are the lessons for the nation from 21st-century California? Fix premodern problems before dreaming about postmodern solutions. Loudly virtue-signaling about addressing misdemeanors does not excuse quietly ignoring felonies. Learn how an entire culture is fed, housed and fueled before faulting those who address such needs…….Remember that voting progressively in the abstract does not automatically translate into living progressively in the concrete.”
              -Victor Davis Hanson:

BuzzFeed science editor:  “All I Want For Christmas Is Full Communism Now”

Twitter Leftists Beg Baseball Shooter To 'Finish The Job' After Rep. Steve Scalise Votes For Tax Cut.

Portland’s Disgraceful Anarchy:  A city’s besieged businesses close rather than deal with unchecked urban degradation.

As socialist Venezuela Collapses, Scores Of Children Are Dying Of Starvation–And The Government Is Trying To Hide It

University teaches white employees how to cope with the ‘discomfort’ of being white.
Liberals Celebrate Christmas with ‘I Am So Sick of White Guys’ Coloring Book
Student at UCSD accused of racism and hauled into the Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination for posting pictures of Kate Steinle with the caption “She had dreams too.”

Branded “hate chicken” by the left, Chick-fil-A feeds Atlanta's stranded travelers at the airport during the power outage last week.

Muslim convert and would-be domestic terrorist Everitt Aaron Jameson, who planned to carry out a Christmas Day massacre on Pier 39 in San Francisco, was a supporter of Antifa and counted amongst his favorite news organizations CNN, BuzzFeed and Al-Jazeera.

Chappaquidick trailer

Record snows in Alaskan mountains.

Too many polar bears, not too few.

“The Democracy Dies in Darkness CafĂ© is located conveniently near the Capitol, the Hill and the FBI headquarters. It’s open all night and I stopped in for a late-night coffee with my friend, a fiction novelist who was depressed. “I spent a year writing about a coup attempt against an outsider who by strategic brilliance defeated the handpicked candidate of a cabal of establishment powerhouses. It involved the highest officials of the FBI and Department of Justice. They manipulated a FISA Court into letting them electronically surveil the candidate and all who worked with him, unmasked their names, leaked what they found, and they still couldn’t beat him. Then they engineered the recusal of the attorney general, got his deputy to appoint their bestest pal to be special counsel. Given free rein, he hired fierce partisans of the defeated candidate, used the ill-gotten information against her opponents to prosecute three people with minimal connection to the campaign -- one for a dubious process crime dependent on the notes of an FBI agent who had earlier orchestrated lies about Benghazi, covered up for the misuse of classified information by the losing candidate, and oversaw the investigation into the president.” “Sounds great,” I said, so why are you depressed?” “Every publisher I sent it to rejected it as being too implausible to sell to readers.”
Trump offers a daring program to restore US dominance…..US President proposes a muscular kind of global activism, fostering new alliances while reinforcing America’s existing commitments; plus a layered missile defense shield

Never Trumpers: The good (who have re-evaluated), the bad (who can’t get over themselves) and the ugly (who have thrown in with the Left)
…it is time for the remaining NeverTrumpers to apologize for a reason far more important than self-castigation or merely to make things "right."… More conservative goals have been achieved or put in motion in eleven months than in any time in recent, or even distant, memory. It's an astonishing reversal for our country accompanied by the beginnings of an economic boom. The next year seems poised to be an ideological duel as close to the death as we have seen in a long time.  If the right does not win, the gains of 2017 will be stymied by the election of 2018 and completely washed away in 2020. It's an all-hands-on-deck situation and we need the NeverTrumpers' help. We need -- to borrow a hoary leftist term – a united front.

Thousands of students attend conservative boot camp.

Why I quit teaching (college)..

“There is no part of the administration of government that requires extensive information and a thorough knowledge of the principles of political economy, so much as the business of taxation. The man who understands those principles best will be least likely to resort to oppressive expedients, or sacrifice any particular class of citizens to the procurement of revenue.”
           -Alexander Hamilton